15 Burning Questions From The New Season Of Attack On Titan

There are only a few anime series that have garnered the popularity of Attack on Titan, and love it or hate it, that admiration is very well deserved. There's something about this series that speaks to people, regardless of what anime genres are their cup of tea. Take me, for example. I'm a person who will generally pass on bloody, gory, dark anime fare in favor of the more psychologically chilling anime instead. However, I found myself quickly becoming enamored with Attack on Titan, much like the world did. I also found myself waiting with bated breath for every new episode of season 2, which is still ongoing at the time of this writing. We're coming up on the end of season 2 very quickly, and while questions have been answered in glorious fashion, those answers are just giving way to more questions!

While I'm pretty certain that a lot of the questions I'm going to pose will have been answered in the manga, I'm making it a point to pose questions here that just relate to the anime. Bringing the manga in to answer the questions the anime is posing will only serve to spoil the anime for those who aren't reading the manga or keeping up in some other way, which isn't fair to those people. Some of these questions are pretty straightforward and are brought up during season 2, while others are burning questions that are driving fans of the anime crazy. Here are just fifteen questions that are eating me up at the moment, and I'm sure are eating away at the minds of other anime only viewers.

It should go without saying, but SPOILERS ahead for the anime. 


15 What's The Deal With Connie's Village?

The first major mystery of season 2 was all about Connie Springer's village. By the time he, Reiner, Bertholdt, and company had gotten to Ragako, the village was destroyed, by deserted, with no evidence that anyone had ever been eaten. To make matters even creepier, a deformed Titan was basically sitting on top of his house, trying to talk to him. That's when Connie realized that that particular Titan on his house looked like his mom! While that mystery was quickly buried by other, groundbreaking revelations, we still need to know what happened to Connie's village and the people in it. They certainly weren't eaten, so that answer's out. Whatever the answer is, I'm pretty certain that it's going to break his fragile human heart. That's really sad because Connie Springer didn't really deserve this, not that anyone ever does.

14 Will Sasha Get To Do More Awesome Things?


Sasha Braus is a gift that was mercifully given to us by the writers of Attack on Titan, to allow us a shred of light in this world full of darkness. She's funny, she's a lovely person, but most of all, the girl is a badass. She managed to take on a Titan with nothing but a bow and arrow, and she lived to talk about it. That's a feat that even Levi hasn't done on screen, which is saying something considering he's the world's strongest man. Unfortunately, this show tends to shoo out their funny characters every so often to give us more things to be disturbed by, so I'm wondering if my favorite character is going to get to do more awesome things like that during this season. She's a great character who'd be wasted out of focus, so hopefully, the writers hear me on this one and let her in more scenes.

13 Will Annie Come Out Of Her Shell...Literally?

Since the end of the season one finale, Annie Leonhart has been hanging out in a crystal cocoon, protecting herself from being interrogated by the Scout Regiment. That's all well and good considering she's good and out of the way of everyone else and not making yo-yos out of people, but this raises a big question: is she ever going to come out? On top of that, can she die in there? Is her body in stasis, leaving her effectively immortal until she comes out on her own, or is she slowly dying of starvation and thirst in there, unbeknownst to the other characters? Is she aware of what's happening around her? How much could Annie have told us about the nature of the Titans and why people can shift in the first place? Annie Leonhart was fascinating, so it's a total shame that she was never on the side of humanity.

12 What's The Deal With Pastor Nick?


I've never actually liked Pastor Nick. He always seemed shady to me, not to mention crazy for worshiping the Walls. However, this season has focused a lot on Nick and let us know to watch him closely since he knows a lot more than he's been letting on. While we know that he knows something, there's no way to know what he knows, how much of it is relevant, or even how much of it is even true. Even if Pastor Nick doesn't know all that much, we know that his wall cult has been getting in the way of defending the walls because they don't want them to be touched. The only things we can really confirm that he knows is that Titans were in the walls and that there's something up with Krista Lenz. He might not know why any of that is relevant, or he might know why both of those things are relevant. It's just too ambiguous to really know what he knows without accidentally running into spoilers.

11 Where's Jean Kirstein?

Jean Kirstein might be one of my favorite characters in the whole series. Unlike a lot of the main characters, he's just a guy who wants to live long enough to not die between the jaws of a Titan. He's another character whose hometown was overrun by Titans, but unlike other members of his squad, his hometown was actually saved. His part in the anime is to serve as a foil to main character Eren Yeager: to be the cynical leader who wants to save humanity versus the human weapon who wants to kill titans. Unfortunately, we haven't seen very much of Jean this season. We've been following everyone else as they try to find the hole in the Wall, so we've only gotten glimpses of him through flashbacks or small scenes. Hopefully, we get to see more of him in the final episodes, or we get a flashback filling in the gaps of his particular timeline, so we know what he's been doing while revelation after revelation piles up among the other members of the 104th.

10 Why Are Titans In The Walls?


I'm not going to lie: I'm kind of stumped on this one. Sure, we know that there are Titans in the walls, and we have an idea of how they got there thanks to the combined brainpower of Hange and Armin, but we don't know why they're there. According to Hange, the walls are made of hardened Titan skin from the Titans unlucky enough to be rendered dormant inside the Walls, but this raises a lot more questions. For one thing: how were the Titans put in the formation of the Walls in order to form them in the first place? For another thing: who would have the power to make the Titans do that? On top of that, why hasn't anyone figured out how to fix the walls in the event that they do crumble? How are the people behind the Walls able to make lots and lots of blades for their 3DMG gear, but unable to fix the walls? What is hardened Titan skin made of? If humanity has only been behind the walls for a hundred years, why does no one remember how they arrived there?

9 Why Is Krista Using A Fake Name?

Krista Lenz was one of those characters in the periphery who served as a source of levity for the audience because she was just so sweet and kind. She's almost impossibly benevolent and cute, to the point that everyone, regardless of gender, seemed at least a little in love with her. However, Pastor Nick let the Scouts know that there's more to her than meets the eye. Even if he hadn't, the flashback scenes in the snow let us know that Krista isn't who she says she is. From what we know from the anime, we know that Krista's real name is Historia, and she's an illegitimate child of someone very important who was forced to join the Cadets to stay out of the way. Because of this, she's quite broken under her cute exterior and was looking for a way to die while being seen as a hero before getting snapped out of her despair by Ymir. However, we don't know why she's important, or what role she's going to play in the narrative of the anime.


8 What's The Deal With Ymir?


Ymir is one of the few main characters who doesn't have her last name revealed. We know that she's madly in love with Krista (and that love is reciprocated because they're girlfriends), and we know that she deliberately slacked off so Krista could get in the top ten instead of her. Oh, and we also know that she's not only a Titan Shifter like Eren, but she's the one who ate Reiner and Bertholdt's friend when they were kids! This is a huge deal because unlike Annie, we don't know where Ymir's loyalties lie. She could be working for the Titans, but her genuine love for Krista might leave her on the side of humanity in the end. On top of that, she's the only Titan Shifter that we know for a fact ate someone, but we don't know why she ate him. As of this writing, Ymir's still a prisoner of the Armored and Colossal Titans along with Eren, so we still don't have any answers on this. Personally, I'm really looking forward to finding out who Ymir really is and what she wants out of all of this.

7 The Armored And Colossal Titans

I'm going to try and keep this section as brief as possible because this has been the biggest reveal of the anime so far, and it's still a little unbelievable wrapping my head around this one. Basically, the Armored Titan is Reiner Braun, resident big brother to the 104th, and the Colossal Titan is Bertholdt Hoover, his best friend. Not only were they children when they knocked down Shinganshina and let in the Titans, they're actually horrified by what they've done.

On top of that, Reiner seems to have taken leave of his senses and Bertholdt seems like he's at the end of his rope trying to keep him sane. While we initially thought that these two were at the top of the Titan chain of command, the fact that the guys piloting these terrifying Titans are kids suggests that they're pawns in a much larger game. Why are they doing this? Can they be redeemed in the grand scheme of things? Where do they fit in the overarching story? Are there any adults piloting Titan Shifters out there? Why are the Titans using children to commit genocide? There's just so much to talk about here!

6 What On Earth Is In That Basement?


Ever since Eren Yeager became a Titan, we've been talking about using the key he's been wearing around his neck (that he didn't remember having until he became a Titan, mind you) to get back to Shinganshina to get into his basement to find secrets of the Titans that his dad left behind for him. For one, how does his dad know things about the Titans? What kind of secret about the Titans could be left lying around in someone's basement for anyone to find? Does that basement even exist anymore considering the piece of the door the Colossal Titan kicked in landed on Eren's house? Why hadn't Eren ever tried getting into the basement before? He lived in that house and was a curious enough child who liked to get into trouble. Will they ever actually get there considering they have to traverse all of Wall Maria to get to Shinganshina, then close the big hole that the Colossal Titan kicked in to even get to the point where they can access his house? I don't see us getting here anytime soon, but I thought I'd bring this up because this is a major long-term mystery.

5 Why Is Eren Such A Big Deal?

Eren Yeager isn't just a Titan Shifter, he's humanity's greatest weapon. Unlike the other Titan Shifters, Eren is a novice who's still trying to get a handle on his new Titan abilities. He also just so happens to have a goal of killing every last Titan walking the earth so he can avenge his mother and the imprisonment of humanity. While this makes him important and someone to root for in all of this, one has to wonder why the bad guys are all focusing in on him. Sure, he's a Titan Shifter, but so is Ymir, who has no real allegiances other than Krista. There are a lot of characters to focus on in the series, yet our main protagonist is this guy. I think there's a lot to learn about Eren that even he doesn't know yet, and the thing that sets him apart isn't his abilities or backstory, but his devotion to killing titans and saving humanity, in that order. That one trait of his alone could throw so many of the bad guys' plans off balance.

4 What's The Deal With The Titans?


The Titans are an enigma at this point, albeit an enigma that likes to eat people. We know that some people can change into Titans at will, but we don't know why. We know that there are some that are considered "variant" Titans that have weird abilities like jumping or big, creepy anime eyes, but we don't know why those Titans have those abilities over others. We know that they've been eating humans, but that they don't digest them. In fact, they eat humans until they have no more room in their bodies for them, then puke them back up so they can eat more humans. We know that Titans are mindless zombie types, but that some Titans are really humans in disguise that are pulling the strings to destroy humanity for some unknown reason. There's a lot to talk about with the Titans that we just don't have time to get into, but just know that once we answer questions about the Titans, we'll have a much better idea of where the story itself is going.

3 Are We Ever Going To See The Garrison And Military Police Again?

While the Scouts are out main characters and they're all pretty great, we have two other facets of the military that are interesting in their own way. The only glimpse we got of life in the Military Police in the anime was that one day Annie was hanging out in Stohess before she was captured for being the Female Titan. We know even less about the Garrison Corps: we know they man the walls, they're the biggest, and Hannes, the guy who saved Eren and Mikasa, are with them. While this is by no means a major priority, I would love to see more members of the Garrison and Military Police taking part in the story. The Garrison were a pretty vital part of the victory at Trost because of their cannons and sheer manpower, and they have some pretty great characters in their ranks. Meanwhile, the Military Police is made up entirely of top ten cadets, which a lot of our main characters are. Basically, people get really good at killing Titans so they never actually have to see one. It would be pretty cool to see the Military Police fighting alongside the Scouts to show how good they are.

2 Can Our Heroes Ever Catch A Break?


Attack on Titan is a great anime that can really hold your attention and make you think, but this is by far one of the most depressing animes ever. The fan community is pretty upbeat and happy, but you'd never know that if you just looked at the show itself. This is a show where people get eaten on a regular basis, and on top of that, main characters are continually getting injured, being put in impossible situations, and generally getting the opposite of what they want at all times. Apart from the battle at Trost, which was very hard won, there were no real victories in the first season of this show. While season 2 is still ongoing, things started off bleak and are only getting worse. Basically, these characters have never caught a break in their lives. It would actually be pretty great for everyone in the show if they got to take a breather every once in a while, and maybe, just maybe, have a victory that isn't ultimately a hollow one.

1 Who The F– Is The Beast Titan?!

Arguably the biggest game-changer first introduced in season 2 is the Beast Titan, a highly intelligent Titan who's capable of human speech, commanding mindless Titans, and lord only knows what else. He's the only one so far that looks less like a human and more like a monkey, and he gives off the air of being the real bad guy in charge. His introduction basically made us rethink everything we know about the series. In every appearance, he's raised more questions than he's answered, and we still don't know anything about who he is. We can argue that he's a Titan Shifter because he can speak and shows intelligence, but other than that, we know nothing about this guy except that he's very, very good at killing powerful Scouts. Who is the Beast Titan? Why does he look like a malformed monkey? What does he have to do with the Armored and Colossal Titans? Is he their boss? Why does he want to exterminate humanity? What parts of the show has he had influence over that we didn't know about because we didn't know him? Are there other Titans that don't look like humans? Is the Beast Titan even a he, given the gender ambiguity of every Titan except the Female Titan? Where is he right now? These are just a few questions we could ask about the Beast Titan, and chances are we're going to get a lot more questions before we get answers.

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