16 BTS Photos Of The Walking Dead Cast Being BFF

Sure, The Walking Dead can be difficult to watch sometimes. Hm, did I say just difficult? I meant excruciating torture. At times, watching this show is not fun at all. Sometimes, fans wonder why they

Sure, The Walking Dead can be difficult to watch sometimes. Hm, did I say just difficult? I meant excruciating torture. At times, watching this show is not fun at all. Sometimes, fans wonder why they keep coming back for more.

Well, the reason people keep tuning in is because of the camaraderie shown on the show. Yes, we have to watch our favorite characters (Glenn, you beautiful man) die brutal and unjust deaths, but we also get to see a group of survivors come together as a family. While there are many low points, there are just as many high points. In the first half of season seven, we had to watch Glenn and Abraham be beaten to death with a baseball bat, a low point obviously, but we also got to see Daryl and Rick share the most heartfelt hug of all time, a high point if there ever was one.

One of the reasons this show works so well is because it seems like the characters do genuinely care about each other. While some of that may be acting, the cast does seem to genuinely care about each other on and off-screen. They play a family of orphans, who have all lost someone or multiple people. They have all suffered and come out on the other side. For this reason, they’ve become each other’s loved ones. This love isn’t too hard to buy since the actors really do love each other. Yes, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln are tight in real life, and it's the best thing in the world. In fact, this whole cast seems to be pretty tight in real life.

As if you needed another reason to love The Walking Dead, below are 16 photos of the cast being so tight it'll make you forget Glenn died. Okay, you probably won't forget that Glenn's dead, but at least Steven Yeun was BFF with everyone during his time on the show.

12 The Greatest Friendship Of All Time

It’s impossible not to love the friendship between Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon. They’ve both been on the show since day one and have lost important people in their lives. Rick lost Lori, which sent him spiralling into his Emo Rick phase. Daryl had only Merle as family while growing up, so putting down Merle proved to be trying. Oh, and no one can forget Daryl’s reaction to Beth's death. Like we said, they’ve been through it all. The two have grown close, with Rick even calling Daryl his brother. I know, it’s seriously the sweetest thing of all time.

In real life, the duo have a little bromance going as well. In fact, the two have been engaging in a little prank war, during which Reedus put glitter in Lincoln’s air conditioner and filled Lincoln’s trailer with chickens. This prank war sounds like the greatest thing of all time. In the above photo, they've clearly called a truce to their prank war. In between takes, the pair looks like friend who are just hanging out.

11 I Spy The Governor

This photo is awesome because it features so many cast members. Whether your favorite character is Daryl, Michonne, Carol, Rick or even Carl, they are all present in the photo. This photo is also great because of how goofy and fun everyone looks. Between shooting intense scenes, the group can shake off their serious characters and have some fun. The fact that Andrew Lincoln can turn on his badass Rick Grimes then, after cut, just be a guy who makes a fake gun with his thumb and pointer finger makes us love him even more.

Lincoln, Yeun, and Lauren Cohan are all using their hands as fake guns. Meanwhile, Laurie Holden is playing around with her prop gun. Reedus is sticking out his tongue right by Yeun’s head. The right half of the photo didn’t get the funny memo, though. Danai Gurira is even posing with her hand on her hip.

One thing is for sure, on the show, none of their characters would be posing this close to the Governor. The cast seemed to like David Morrissey, despite his evil onscreen persona.

10 Sun's Out, Tongues Out

Here is Norman Reedus, yet again, sticking his tongue out. This time, both Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson are getting in on the tongue action too. We’d love to know who suggested posing like this, though we’re guessing it was probably Reedus, who seems to have an affinity for sticking his tongue out.

While Lincoln and Reedus are still on the show, Scott Wilson’s days have been up for a while now. He portrayed Hershel Greene, the patriarch of the Greene family. Poor Hershel was the Governor’s victim, as he gruesomely used Michonne’s katana to behead Papa Greene. During his time on the show, Hershel was an extremely likable character. He was a levelheaded veterinarian, who used his medical experience to treat humans. There was that one time he was hoarding zombies in his barn for a bit, because he thought the zombie thing may be reversible. Once he got the whole zombies = bad thing, he was good.

9 Post-Wolves Attack

Here’s another group shot that we love. This one is extremely fun, and a little bit eerie, since the cast is still covered in fake blood. While this photo may be lacking some cast members, like Reedus and Lincoln, Melissa McBride, a fan favorite, is in the photo. The fact that both she and Michael Cudlitz are staring straight at the camera with blank expressions is pretty hilarious against everyone else’s grins.

Perhaps the goofiest and eeriest of them all is Seth Gilliam. He’s still in his Father Gabriel costume, holding a machete and smiling. It’s creepy. A solo photo of Gilliam could totally be used as a poster for some horror movie about a priest who loses it. Meanwhile, Christian Serratos is taking a page from Reedus’ book and sticking her tongue out.

Also in the photo is both Ann Mahoney (Olivia) and Austin Nichols (Spencer), who sadly won’t be returning for the second half of season seven. RIP, Spencer. You sure had guts.

8 Sibling Bonding Time

The Grimes kids are bonding, guys! In this photo, Chandler Riggs is having some fun with the baby who plays his little sister. Throughout the series thus far, many young actresses have portrayed little Judith. Because of labor laws, The Walking Dead pulls a Full House switch and has a set of twins play the single character. Unlike Full House, it has not been a single set of twins playing Judith the entire time. The twins changed as many as four times during the filming of one season. That being said, we have no idea which baby Riggs is actually playing with, but it’s a cute photo nonetheless.

In season seven, Rick revealed that he’s not Judith’s father. (Mind. Blown.) Before getting pregnant with Judith, Lori had slept with Shane as well, believing that Rick was dead. While the paternity of Judith has been a mystery for much of the series, Rick revealed to Michonne that he believes the baby is actually Shane’s. Of course, living in the zombie apocalypse, Rick has no scientific way to know this with 100% absolute certainty. Yes, he may have a gut feeling that Judith is Shane’s baby, but it may also be the fact that Lori’s affair put doubt in this mind. Doubt is a powerful thing, Rick.

7 A Farewell Hug For Beth Greene

We wish that this was a reunion hug between Rick Grimes and Beth Greene... but it's not. That hug never happened, and we're still pretty bummed about it.

When season four ended, the fate of Beth Greene was up in the air. She had last been seen driving away from a zombie infested house, leaving Daryl behind. In the first half of season five, the group learned that Beth was, indeed, alive and being held at Grady Memorial Hospital. The group planned an elaborate scheme to rescue Beth, which worked… but, Beth still ended up dead. She was killed by Officer Dawn's trigger finger bullet. It was such a sad death that fans threatened to protest the show. Spoiler alert, fans, it wouldn't be the last time you'd threaten to protest.

Obviously, Emily Kinney's fellow actors took her exit from the show hard too. In this photo, Andrew Lincoln is giving her quite the goodbye hug.


Christian Serratos and Michael Cudlitz’s Rosita and Abraham may have broken up on the show, but the two still looked pretty tight off-screen. In season six, Abraham dumped his longtime girlfriend Rosita, proving that guys can be assholes in the zombie apocalypse too. Normally, we love us some Abe, but the way he dumped Rosita was brutal. If you’re forgetting the break up, Abe said this, “When I first met you, I thought you were the last woman on earth. You’re not.” Ouch. Also, has he seen Rosita?

Despite that harsh Abe line, the pair were still loving off-screen. Cudlitz’s time on the show has since come to an end thanks to Negan. Serratos is still around and is always a reminder of Cudlitz’s character. Rosita seemed to be on a war path (who just shoots Negan like that?) due to her grief and anger over his untimely death. While Abraham is gone, Rosita and Sasha carry on his legacy.

There is a huge group of fans who are hoping for a Daryl/Carol hook up. Being that they have both been on the show since season one, they’ve shared quite a few tender moments. Remember their reunion hug in season five? It gave everyone a lot of feelings. There was also the way that Daryl looked tirelessly for Sophia, Carol’s lost daughter. Let us also not forget the way they both broke down in tears when Sophia was found, as a zombie. How about the time Carol told Daryl, "I can't lose you too." The pair have shared many warm moments throughout their long time on the show, which has fueled the fandom for this relationship.

Unfortunately, Reedus has said, “Even this season, I’m the last in line for love. I like not going through that door one way or another. I like that mystery.” We can’t blame him for this way of thinking. For the most part, it seems once you couple up in zombie world, that’s it. You’re with that person forever. That aside, doesn't this behind the scenes photo of Reedus just hanging on McBride's shoulder give you a lot of Carol/Daryl feels?

6 Just A Friendly Chat... And An Easter Egg

In this photo, Steven Yeun and Andrew Lincoln are talking with Greg Nicotero. If you’re unfamiliar with Nicotero, he has been in charge of the special effects department since pretty much the beginning of the show. Long story short, Nicotero is who you can thank for all the gruesome scenes looking so brutally real.

In this photo, Lincoln and Yeun are all smiles, but Nicotero is giving Lincoln a WTF face. Our guess is that Lincoln is once again pitching the idea of Rick losing a hand. Yes, Andrew Lincoln wants Rick to be handicapped, but there's a reason. In the comics, the Governor slices off Rick’s hand.

Being that the Governor is long gone, they clearly adjusted this storyline, even though Lincoln was totally down. When it comes to the hand, Lincoln has said, “You know, I campaigned two seasons ago when the Governor was around... I was saying, 'You've gotta do the hand guys!'” Rick may be in charge on the show, but Lincoln is clearly not in charge on the set. Because of the extensive special effects it would take to make Rick an amputee for every day of shooting, they forewent this plot point.

One plot point they didn’t skip? Glenn’s death. It played out pretty much the same as it did in the comics. If you check out Glenn in this photo, he’s holding a baseball bat. Weird!

5 Zombie Photobomb

Eugene and Tara are close on and off-screen, and it couldn’t be cuter. Alanna Masterson plays Tara, the badass who was first introduced as a supporter of the Governor. When she realized that the Governor was a real baddie, Tara was quick to jump that ship. She’s since proven to be a vital part of the group. Josh McDermitt plays Eugene, the intellectual wimp. He used his brains to survive thus far, even lying about having the cure to the zombie virus to elicit the protection of Abraham.

By the way, if you had any doubts about Eugene’s survival, his character is still alive in the comics. Of course, the show has taken some liberties. For example, Andrea died a while back on the show, but she’s still very much alive in the comics. Eugene's survival in the comics, unfortunately, does not guarantee that he won't be killed off the show.

Masterson and McDermitt look about as close as their onscreen characters. By the way, we have to love the zombie photobomb in the background. That is one cool extra.

Some fans were really rooting for a Daryl/Beth hook up, but the hopes for this relationship died along with Beth. Their two characters were about as different as two characters could be, but that benefited both of them greatly. Beth learned to be more cutthroat and survivalist, while Daryl lightened up and smiled for the first time ever. Some argued that their relationship was purely that of a brother-sister type bond, but we’ll never truly get the chance to find out, since Beth was killed off the show in season five.

Kinney and Reedus were also tight off-screen, as seen in the above photo. Also, there’s Reedus with his tongue out, again. After her time on the show ended, it was reported that Reedus supported Kinney by showing up to a few concerts of hers. This, of course, started dating rumors, which have since been put to rest. So sorry, shippers, Beth and Daryl aren't going to happen on or off-screen.

4 Selfie Time For Maggie, Sasha, And Tara

You know what they say, "Girlfriends who selfie together, stay together." That is a saying, right? Well, even if it isn’t, here’s a photo of Alanna Masterson, Lauren Cohan, and Sonequa Martin snapping a selfie. While the three are still in their costumes, they certainly aren’t in character because Maggie and Sasha would never do the duck face.

The three have all have long standing roles on the show. Maggie was first introduced in season two, when the gang went to the Greene’s farm. Sasha first appeared in season three, when her group found their way to the prison. Tara was the last to join the gang, being introduced in season four. Being that the show is willing to kill off major, fan-favorite characters, none of these ladies are exactly safe. However, we give them all props for lasting this long on the show.

We apologize if this picture of Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun is just too much to handle emotionally. We get it. It’s been rough.

The actors played Glenn and Maggie, the show’s major couple. Getting together in season two, no other two characters have been in a serious relationship for this amount of time. Throughout the seasons, the pair continued to show just how much they loved each other, even getting married. To be so in love that you want to be husband and wife, even during the zombie apocalypse, is true love. The romantic gestures didn't stop there. Glenn snapped a photo of Maggie while she was sleeping, in one of the sweetest moments on the show. They were the It Couple of the zombie apocalypse, if there even is such a thing. Then, in the season seven premiere, Glenn’s last words were a heartbreaking, “Maggie, I’ll find you.” Like we said, all the feels.

In this photo, they are between takes, but possibly still in character because that’s totally the look of love between them.

3 Negan And Glenn, Guys!

This photo was snapped at Comic Con and not technically behind the scenes, but we included it to make you feel better. If Glenn’s death got you down, just look at this picture! Steven Yeun is alive and well, and also totally cool with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Yeun is also totally cool with his death, even saying, “I think Glenn died in a very Glenn way.” We have to agree with this one. Negan originally wanted Maggie to be his victim, and Glenn crying out in protest was what saved her. After that Negan said if anyone cried out again, he was going to shut that shit down. Abraham was the first victim, but when Negan taunted Rosita with the bloody bat, Daryl lunged for Negan. This meant Negan had to shut that shit down, and so he killed Glenn as punishment. If you think about it, Glenn’s saving Maggie put into motion a series of events that eventually got him killed, but he essentially died for saving Maggie. It was the perfect ending to his story.

2 Maybe The Saddest Goodbye Hug Of All Time

We included a photo of Emily Kinney hugging Andrew Lincoln, but this goodbye hug is even sadder. Here are Kinney and Lauren Cohan saying their goodbyes. The actresses played the Greene sisters on the show and clearly got along in real life as well. When Beth died on the show, Daryl’s crying face was sad, mostly because Daryl’s crying face is always sad. The only thing sadder, though, was Maggie’s reaction. When she sees her sister’s lifeless body, she literally falls to her knees sobbing. It’s a heartbreaking scene.

While on Jimmy Kimmel, Cohan actually spilled the beans about a cast secret. They have death parties – yes, death parties. When a character dies on the show, they throw a party for the actor leaving the show. It’s a sweet, albeit morbid, gesture.

1 A Selfie With The Dearly Departed Greenes

This picture is just hilarious because it’s Rick Grimes taking a selfie, of all things. This is the guy who straight up bit someone’s neck open in the season four finale. Also, you’re welcome for reminding you of that vicious scene.

Clearly this cast is tight. In fact, there are times when they may be too close, if that’s even possible. Remember when Andrew Lincoln cut his beard during the course of the show? Well, Reedus claims that he’s keeping the bread clippings in a baggie in his freezer. He has even posted photos of the baggie of hair to his social media. When asked what he’s going to do with a bag full of Lincoln’s discarded hair, he said that he’s planning on cloning him. Yes, my friends, that might be too tight.

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