15 Actors Who Proved They Should Just Retire Already

You're going to recognize every single actor on our list, but that definitely does not mean you've loved their recent movies.

Because while all these actors have had their time in the spotlight, if we look at their recent resume there is no denying that they've clearly thrown in the towel.

That or they need to hire a significantly better script supervisor. Sure, Morgan Freeman has been in Shawshank Redemption and The Dark Knight trilogy but he's definitely not bragging about Ben-Hur. 

Then there's Gerard Butler who speared his way to our hearts in 300 but was nominated for not one but two Razzie awards for Worst Actor this year. If it'll make him feel any better, Naomi Watts got two nominations too.

Every actor has movies that they wish they never appeared in, but these actors really need to stop having all of their new ones fall into that category.


15 Ben Stiller - Zoolander 2

When it comes to the failure that was Zoolander 2, nobody's name can be attached to the project closer than Ben Stiller. Stiller sat in the directing chair and also helped write and produce the movie and you can imagine when he spent all of that time he wasn't expecting $30 million at the box office and 23%.

The movie was nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Stiller), Worst Supporting Actress (Wiig), Director (Stiller), Supporting Actor (Wilson), Worst Prequel/Remake/Rip-Off or Sequel and Worst Screen Combo (Stiller and Wilson).

At least the movie is incredibly well-rounded in how unbelievably terrible it was?

14 Megan Fox - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


When you consider Megan Fox made a name for herself by appearing in the Transformers series, you may agree with the sentiment that she's probably never had a great idea as to what a strong script looks like.

She's attempted to butcher another childhood franchise for many with her role of April O'Neil in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise (which is also produced by Michael Bay).

Sure, the movies make money at the box office but the 38% and Razzie nomination for Fox speak for itself.

Perhaps Fox will push hard to make sure she continues her role in New Girl, as the series is definitely successful and has already cast her in 12 episodes.

13 Tyler Perry - Boo! A Madea Halloween

If you go back to 2013, Tyler Perry has been involved in 14 different categories that have been nominated for a Razzie award. Perhaps that's because he also directs and produces most of his movies, meaning that he often gets Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Actor (or Actress if it's for his Madea franchise), but good God man.

He tripled it up again in 2017, creating Boo! A Madea Halloween which earned him a Worst Director, Actress, and Worst Screen Combo. This is now the 9th movie to be created in the Madea series.

The movie only took 6 days to film, so at least it's not like Perry is wasting a lot of time when pumping out these abominations.

12 Danielle Fishel - Girl Meets World Gets Canceled


Now when it comes to Danielle Fishel, it's really hard to make an assessment on how she is as an actress. After all, can you really picture anything she's ever done besides play the role of Topanga? I mean sure, that's the case for plenty of sitcom actors but it definitely doesn't seem like she's worked very hard to work outside of that universe.

Fishel (along with Ben Savage) returned to the Hollywood universe with Girl Meets World, but the series was recently canceled after 72 episodes.

If Fishel can't find a way to stay relevant outside of being beside Savage, retirement definitely won't be far away.

11 Rob Schneider - Norm

Rob Schneider proved long ago that he's not deserving of being a leading actor, including winning a Razzie Award for worst actor in 2005 for his role in Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.

Yet he still keeps getting work (we suppose he can thank Adam Sandler for a lot of that). Perhaps it was because the people behind Norm of the North thought that casting him as the lead of an animated movie would be enough to make him appealing, but they definitely thought wrong.

Sitting through the trailer was a chore for many people and judging by the 9% on RottenTomatoes, critics were none too pleased that they had to waste their day watching it.

10 Nicolas Cage - Snowden And Arsenal


Nicolas Cage is no stranger to being called out for some of the terrible movies that he's done. In fact, he's been nominated for a Razzie award on 5 different occasions and didn't escape their wrath this past year either.

While the movie Snowden did reasonably well with critics (61%) especially considering Cage's track record, he was still nominated for Worst Supporting Actor.

Then you also have his newest movie Arsenal which is at 4% on RottenTomatoes (1 critic saved it from being 0%) and features that absolutely horrifying moustache that you see above. Given the rating, we're sure Cage thought the only work he needed to do was growing that stache.

9 Josh Duhamel - Misconduct

Do you care what movie Josh Duhamel is in? You would definitely be far from the only one if you answered a resounding no to that question. In fact his last movie, Misconduct, was recognized with a Razzie award for its embarrassingly low $2.1 million at the box office in comparison to the $11 million budget.

Looking at Duhamel's recent movies and you also get Spaceman which got 0% of critical praise, Lost in the Sun and Bravetown which garnered 20% and You're Not You with 44%.

Duhamel may be known to you only because he spent time in the Transformers franchise but left in 2011 after 3 movies. You can imagine he was jumping for joy when they offered him a role in the upcoming movie.


8 Robert De Niro - Dirty Grandpa And Hands Of Stone 


When you consider that Robert De Niro made a name for himself playing some of the biggest badasses on-screen, it makes it all the more awkward to see Aubrey Plaza get all up on his business in the movie Dirty Grandpa and its score of 11% on RottenTomatoes made it one of the worst critical movies of the year.

De Niro also returned to the world of boxing where he previously rocked out in Raging Bull with the movie Hands of Stone but only 45% of critics appreciated his efforts.

De Niro does, however, have two promising projects in his future, a new mobster movie starring him, Pacino and Pesci directed by Scorsese and a television series helmed by David O. Russell.

7 Jennifer Aniston - Mother's Day, Office Christmas Party, And The Yellow Birds

Jennifer Aniston is absolutely gorgeous, yet her best movie in the last few years came with her animated effort in Storks. If you look at some of her physical roles, you've got the horrific Mother's Day (7% on RottenTomatoes), The Yellow Birds (31%) and the movie that was unfortunate enough to ruin anyone's Christmas holiday if they chose to waste their time watching it, Office Christmas Party (41%). Aniston has succeeded in comedies like Horrible Bosses but it seems to clearly have been due to the great script and cast around her.

Aniston has succeeded more than most of her Friends co-stars, but that doesn't mean we can give her a pass here. Especially when it's clear that giving a pass is exactly what she should have done to those scripts.

6 Owen Wilson - Zoolander 2, Masterminds, And No Escape


Owen Wilson isn't the only actor on this list who is hated on for their decision to make Zoolander 2, but his multiple movies land him a higher spot than Stiller. Making sequels is always a tricky subject and adding a decade in between movies should be a giant red flag.

Yet the movie went on anyway and was justifiably ripped by critics with a score of 23%. That's far from Wilson's only flop though, as he also appeared in Masterminds which 33% of critics gave their approval to.

Finally, critics and audiences clearly didn't buy Wilson in anything remotely serious as his action film No Escape bombed at the box office and earned 45% on RottenTomatoes.

5 Morgan Freeman - Ben-Hur, London Has Fallen, And Now You See Me 2

You might love hearing Morgan Freeman's voice, but can you honestly name a movie that he's appeared in lately that has stood out to you? One of his biggest as of late was Ben-Hur which was a huge disappointment both financially and according to anyone who had to sit through it.

Then you have to consider that he's clearly okay just appearing in terrible sequels as Now You See Me 2 also limped by with 34% on RottenTomatoes.

Lastly, one of the worst movies of 2016 was easily London has Fallen and Freeman decided it too was worth his time. Here's hoping he can pull it together.

4 Naomi Watts - The Divergent Series: Allegiant And Shut In


Naomi Watts can be an outstanding actress. In 2004, she received an Academy Award for her fantastic performance in The Impossible, but that was also over a decade ago.

Unfortunately, when Watts looks at the last 12 months, she has to face the reality that she received not one but two Razzie nominations. One coming from the incredibly disappointing potential franchise The Divergent Series: Allegiant as well as Shut In.

The latter only earned $8 million at the box office and an embarrassing 6% on RottenTomatoes, helping solidify the fact that audiences have perhaps long given up on seeing Watts.

3 Aubrey Plaza - Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates And Dirty Grandpa

Nobody should be happier that the television series Legion is succeeding more than Aubrey Plaza. If there's anything that she's proven over the last little while, it's that she definitely seems to shine on the television screen.

After all, you can't honestly tell me you love her from Dirty Grandpa or Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – two absolutely terrible movies that Plaza for some reason got behind.

Plaza was nominated for a Razzie award for Worst Supporting Actress but "lost out" on the award to Kristen Wiig.

Want some redemption for Plaza though? It's only fair that we mention The Little Hours which will be released in June but did well with critics at the Sundance Film Festival. The film reunites her with Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation and also stars the hilarious Alison Brie.

2 Gerard Butler - Gods Of Egypt And London Has Fallen


When you get nominated for a Razzie award for Worst Actor for two different movies in one year, you know it definitely wasn't your strongest. Butler clearly didn't win over audiences with Gods of Egypt or London Has Fallen. The former received a score of 16% on RottenTomatoes and the latter scored 25%.

Despite this, they announced back in October that they're going ahead with a sequel for London has Fallen.

There's no denying that Butler can succeed as a lead, after all, who doesn't love some 300 but he definitely needs to be pickier with his scripts. At least it is said that he's expected to be more heavily involved with the sequel behind the scenes. It's not like it could get much worse!

1 Julia Roberts - Mother's Day

When it comes to Julia Roberts' upcoming movie Wonder, it's the role of child actor Jacob Tremblay that we're sure is what's going to pull the movie along. Roberts has made it clear that she's stopped trying and one of the worst movies of 2016, Mother's Day, featured Roberts as the lead role.

The critical consensus on RottenTomatoes offers perhaps the best jab at the film, saying "Mother's Day is the cinematic equivalent of a last-minute gift that only underscores its embarrassing lack of effort."

Though when you consider it scored 7%, they definitely aren't going to be the nicest.

While she did not win, Roberts did receive a Razzie nomination for her effort.

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