15 Yummy Photos Of Women Doing Yoga Around the World

Did you know that yoga makes for a better sex life? It's true; in both men and women there are proven sexual benefits to be gained from practicing this beautiful but physically-demanding form of exercise. I suppose that is not surprising, when you consider that yoga can also help control hypertension, regulate a healthy heart, control diabetes, provide pain relief, reduce depression and stress, aid in weight loss, and do so many more positive things for our bodies. It is no wonder it also helps with sex.

Yet another great thing about yoga is how great some people look doing it. When you combine an attractive woman (really, aren't all women who do yoga attractive?) with tight yoga pants and a jaw-droppingly flexible pose that borders on contortion, it is downright hot. This list has all of the above, plus a backdrop. All around the world people practice yoga every day, and on this list we will see the most stunning yogini poses out there. These are not your run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen beach yoginis we have all seen a million of. Don't get me wrong; there will be beaches. But this is primarily a mix of 15 professional yoga model photos and candid, regular-people photos, all taken in different places on the earth, which is as beautiful as some of these yoginis are hot- and that is saying something.


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15 New York - Hilaria Baldwin

Let's begin our list right here at home, in one of North America's largest cities, New York City. There are many spectacular places in New York to practice yoga, of course, but none as comfy as one's own home. And nowhere else you can pose like this in your lacy panties, either. This yoga goddess is Hilaria Baldwin, the much-younger wife of actor Alec Baldwin. Even though there is really no need for her to work, she still teaches yoga in the Big Apple. In fact, she is co-founder of Yoga Vida, a yoga studio located there. If you seek her out on Instagram, you will see that pretty much everywhere she goes, she is practicing yoga. There are photos of her on a train, on the busy sidewalks of New York pushing a stroller, all over her home, and even in the middle of an aisle on a plane, mid-flight!

14 Turkey

The Eurasian country of Turkey may border some of the most hostile and dangerous places in the world, but it also boasts some of the most beautiful. It is home, therefore, to dozens of amazing yoga retreat destinations, many of which are located on Turkey's gorgeous Mediterranean coast. A popular yoga vacation in Turkey might include a yoga cruise, which sails from April to November each year along the coast, stopping at various sites to get some poses (and photos) in. The cruises feature morning and afternoon yoga sessions, special events, and enough free time to relax, meditate, snorkel, and explore the islands off the coast of Turkey. If you are not a fan of boats, Turkey has many other natural wonders perfect for yoga relaxation, such as Mount Ararat, the white cliffs of Pamukkale, or the rock formations of Cappadocia.

13 Tanzania

I imagine that Africa would be an amazing place to do yoga. In many African countries, there exist safaris, and this yogini turned hers into the ideal yoga spot. This photo is of Dana Tarasavage, a Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga teacher. She studies yearly with Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI in Mysore, India, but it seems that she loves to practice her art all over the globe, as well. On her blog, on which the above photo was posted, Dana had this to say about the peace and wonder of the Serengeti: "To the east the sky above the lake is just beginning to crack open with the first rays of red sunrise. It’s a scene I swallow up whole. I raise my arms with the first Surya Namaskar and smile towards this golden African dawn. I’m thinking suddenly that this is quite possibly my favorite place in the world so far. The deafening quiet of the stars. The simplicity of sleeping in a tent. The impossibility of this lodge's existence in the middle of hours of driving through nothing. Even the visit from some huge potentially dangerous animal in the middle of the night has charmed me."

12 Paris

Back in the Western world, these beautiful shots were taken in Paris just after the 2015 attacks, proving that beauty and peace prevail even in the darkest times. This stunning woman's name is Alba Avella, and she has taught yoga all over the world. She says she took these pictures to spread the message that, "amidst all the chaos, you can and will find peace and love." Alba had been in Paris- and only minutes away from the scene- when the Bataclan Theatre was brutally massacred on the night of November 13, 2015. 137 people were killed, but Alba firmly believes in the power of movement (in her case, yoga) to heal, strengthen, and empower us from the inside out.

11 Bali

There are tons of great, hot examples out there of people practicing yoga in Bali. These are two of them. The island of Bali is part of Indonesia, and is known for its volcanic mountains, beaches, and coral reefs. It is the definition of tropical beauty, which is one reason it so popular for yogis, and travelers seeking a yoga retreat. In fact, the island of Bali is known for (among other things) its yoga and meditation retreats. This island chick is an internationally-recognized yoga teacher, author, performing artist, and inspirational speaker, Dashama Konah Gordon. She is the cofounder of the world-famous 30-Day Yoga Challenge, and her job is basically to jet-set around the globe teaching yoga, meditation, and healthy lifestyle choices, all while looking super hot.

10 Tokyo

A bit further north and west, the bustling city of Tokyo is the scene this traveling yogini saw fit to practice her poses in. Although a brick sidewalk in the middle of foot traffic is not the traditional choice for practicing yoga, why not? It looks quite painful, but still this young lady manages to pull off a perfect "forearm stand". Smack dab in the middle of Tokyo in scarcely more than her underwear, this blonde would stick out in the Japanese city even without being upside down. This photo was taken near the busiest crosswalk in the world, called Shibuya Crossing. In the Tokyo district of Shibuya alone, an estimated 222,000 people live. At peak times, there are up to 1000 people crossing the street at the same time. So this skilled yogini, whoever she may be, is both talented in yoga, and brave for showing it off to so many in this way.

9 Mumbai 

Natasha Noel is a dedicated yogini based out of Mumbai. She has gained a massive social media following at least in part due to her crazy-cool Instagram photos that show off just how damn flexible she is. She is an inspiration not only for the health and fitness world, but for women everywhere. This is because she had an extremely tough childhood, but managed to find peace through yoga. Natasha watched her mother commit suicide by setting herself on fire at the age of three, she was abused by a male servant at seven, and was molested and abused by various family members at 15. Despite it all, though, she rose up, finding her passion in yoga. She taught herself yoga, got certified as a yoga teacher, and is now a successful yogini, dancer, health enthusiast, and lifestyle blogger.

8 The Ocean

Given that the planet's five oceans cover roughly 70% of earth's surface, it only makes sense that dedicated yogis consider practicing there. Of course, any body of water like a lake or pool would work, too. In the case of the photos above, they appear to be in a natural, deep body of water with a floor of sand, so it is likely an ocean or sea. They do not look cold, so we can surmise their location is tropical or at least warm. But really, these yoginis could be anywhere! Water is quiet, calming, and peaceful, so I can see why it would be tempting to practice yoga (which is all three of those things) there. The thing that would get me is that 94% of life on earth is aquatic... and we have only explored five percent of the oceans... and you never know what lurks in the deep ocean. Luckily, these two yoginis look like they have no fishy company, and they both stun with their underwater elegance.

7 Iceland

Contrary to popular belief, the Northern European country of Iceland is not covered in ice. And you probably do not think of yoga when you think of Iceland. It is more likely that images of volcanic rock, lava fields, quaint Nordic towns, hot springs, periods of 24/7 light or dark, hot blondes, and stuff like that come to mind. But actually, the country is home to many yogis, and many yoga retreats. The yoga retreats there are branded as "extraordinary adventures" due to the waterfalls, exploding geysers, Northern lights, ageless glaciers, quirky Iceland culture, and the "volcanic power that continues to form this island and is palatable in the hum of Reykjavik." When put that way, it sure does sound enticing- for yoga, or for anything else. In the photo above, Iceland's dramatic landscape and stormy sky are the backdrop for this yogini, who is gracefully forming the Anjaneyasana pose in the sunlight that has broken through the storm clouds.

6 New York (Again)

Like the New Yorkers who think Manhattan is the center of the world, this list appreciates the Big Apple, as well, hence the city's second spot on it. We already saw how amazing Hilaria Baldwin is at practicing yoga in New York, and now it is Claire Fountain's turn. She is also known by her social media handle CB Quality, and she is the creator of Trill Yoga, which is a fitness and wellness lifestyle that has become an international culture movement. Claire is also a holistic lifestyle educator, social media influencer, certified personal trainer, and yoga teacher (obviously). Trill Yoga is the philosophy of fusing practice and lifestyle. Trill yogis are encouraged to practice yoga in an unconventional space (hence her social media posts showing her posing everywhere- even the railroad tracks!), to wear whatever they want to workout, and do it listening to any genre of music they connect to. Claire's philosophy celebrates the human form; as she says, Trill Yoga is for "anybody and ANY body."

5 Cuba

It was just last year that the embargo imposed against Cuba by the United States was lifted, and travel there resumed. The colorful island nation is known for its white sand beaches, legendary cigars, tobacco fields, and salsa dancing. Its exotic beauty as well as its communist presidents are two reasons that for some people, Cuba has always had the allure of forbidden fruit. Or so says Lonely Planet, the world's largest source of everything travel-related. The idea of forbidden fruit only makes these two yoginis posing on a Cuban beach more attractive. Yoga in Cuba is known as "green medicine", and was promoted by the government on TV for good health. Much of the time, that included Havana's "godfather of yoga", a 70-year-old yogi named Eduardo Pimentel, who has taught over 20,000 yogis in Havana alone.

4 Paris (Again)

New York got two spots on this list, so why not Paris? The City of Love's second yoga photo boats a yogini in bright pink, wearing some impressively high heels. Although this does not look like the safest thing to be doing next to some steps and with hundreds of tourists walking around (I am seeing a fall down the steps or a kick in the face, for sure), I applaud this girl's skill. If you look closely, her face almost actually looks bored, which is crazy considering the amount of strength and effort this pose requires. Amazingly, none of the tourists around her seem too impressed or entertained, either. But I think this "forearm stand" is stunning. The photo, in so many different ways, is perfect- the vibrant color, the liveliness of the people, the Eiffel Tower in the background, and most of all, this hot yogini, front and center.

3 Dubai

The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the hottest cities on the planet, both literally and figuratively. The scorching summer temperatures average 96 degrees Fahrenheit, but rising to well over 100 frequently. To add to that heat in a different way, Dubai is a city of luxury, opulence, and lavishness. It is world-renowned for its extravagance, in fact. Finally, it is hot for one last reason: the women. Home to the world-famous Emirates Airlines stewardesses who are hand-picked from around the world for their beauty, Dubai boasts some of the most beautiful women in the world. Many of them keep up appearances by practicing yoga in one of the city's several yoga studios, and many of them pose in front of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. It does make a pretty awesome backdrop, from the beach or from the top of a skyscraper.

2 Norway

Nearly 3000 miles north of the sweltering Dubai is the arctic country of Norway, different in every way from the Middle Eastern nation we just discussed. But they do have one thing in common: hot girls practicing yoga. These two are business partners Kelsi Ludvigsen and Tonje Naess, who together run Leela Yoga in the heart of Oslo, Norway's capital city. They look like a lot of fun, and theirs has been called the finest yoga studio in Oslo by some reviewers, who also note that additionally, the business has a café and shop that sells yoga clothing, books, tea, cakes, and more. Leela Yoga, according to those who have visited, is cozy and has a friendly atmosphere. It sounds like the perfect place to practice yoga during those long, harsh Norwegian winters, although in the summertime, Norway's geography of deep valleys, fjords, mountain ranges, and elevated plateaus  would be an idyllic and serene setting for meditation and yoga.

1 Singapore

We'll end our journey around the world of yoga in Singapore, a country known for being a mix of East and West. Certainly, it is a good place to practice yoga. The yoginis in the photo above have chosen to do that smack-dab in the middle of a busy street. As with the Tokyo yogini, why not? The two women do a double King Dancer pose, and while they are essentially bumping uglies, for lack of a better term, they manage to remain elegant. These flexible ladies seem to have caught the attention of the men across the street, who have gathered to watch. But sadly, it is not all fun and games. These women are Maria Lourdes Chan and Jezrael Heng, the owners of Bikram Yoga Katong, which closed last year because they could not keep up with the $20,000 per-month rent. They were only one of several yoga studios in Singapore to close their doors recently.

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