16 Young Stars Who Will Hit Rock Bottom Soon (And Why)

Hollywood is a tough and unreliable industry for anyone who is involved with it, but when you look at the history of entertainment workers from the early days up until today, it seems like the youngest people in the Hollywood machine seem to have the hardest time coping with the ups and downs of their jobs (or the ups and downs of whatever is happening outside of work). Young stars are more susceptible to all the temptations and risks that come along with being rich and famous, and as a result, many of them get overwhelmed or get in a little over their heads.

Some of them rally and go on to further success, some of them fade from the spotlight completely, or some of them wind up going down much darker, sadder paths. But even though every entertainer goes through their own highs and lows, they all have their lowest low point. I mean, everyone has their lowest low point, but young celebrities tend to experience them on a much grander scale. So out of the current crop of Hollywood young celebrities (or relatively young celebrities), who looks like they might be close to hitting their own personal rock bottoms? And how did they even get there in the first place? Here are 15 celebs that are way too young to be heading down this slippery slope.


16 Bella Thorne Is Partying Too Hard And Going Through Romantic Partners Too Quickly

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Bella Thorne got her big break as a child star on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up (which is coincidentally where Zendaya got her start too), but like many still young former Disney child stars, Thorne seems to be going through a bit of a rough patch lately. The actress seems to do a lot of public acting out in order to drum up some publicity for herself, but it all seems like it's a bit too much too soon, and Bella is unfortunately giving off some serious "Lindsay Lohan pre-flameout" vibes. Thorne is constantly going out or posting pictures of herself in risqué, revealing clothing, seems to be partying pretty hard, and burning through boyfriends and girlfriends so quickly that it's honestly becoming a bit difficult to keep track. There are some former Disney kids who have their moment of going wild but then go on to be relatively normal, but Thorne is unfortunately building more of a name for herself as a Hollywood wild child than as an actual entertainment professional.

15 Aaron Carter Has Been Spending A Lot Of Time In Rehab Centers

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Aaron Carter has been in the entertainment industry for so long that it's sometimes hard to remember how (relatively) young he is. And his most recent physical appearance doesn't make it much easier. The younger Carter brother has already filed for bankruptcy in his mid-20s, dealt with rampant rumors of drug use, and already has two drug related arrests under his belt. His latest arrest raised more alarm bells than usual, though, because of Carter's shockingly sickly appearance. Many speculated that he might have a serious drug addiction, but Carter denied that and announced that he was suffering from a hiatal hernia and lactose intolerance that were severe enough that he was basically being forced into anorexia. Some said that he was addicted to facial fillers because of his discomfort with his appearance. Carter never admitted drug use and passed a drug test that he took publicly, but eventually he went to rehab anyway to improve his overall health and wellness.

14 Sofia Richie Is Partying Hard With Disreputable People

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You may not have heard of 19-year-old Sofia Richie before, but she's a moderately successful "model" who, like the Kendall Jenners and Hailey Baldwins of the world, basically started getting modelling jobs because she comes from a famous family (she's the daughter of Lionel Richie and sister to Nicole Richie). But she wasn't really well-known in the entertainment or tabloid scene until recently, because a few months ago she started dating Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and general train wreck Scott Disick. The 15-year age gap between the couple is way too big considering that Sofia is only 19 (making Scott almost twice her age), but Scott has a roller coaster history that has been going on probably almost as long as Richie has been alive. Little is known publicly about Sofia as a person, but as the old saying goes, "like attracts like," and given wild child sister Nicole's history, the fact that the younger Richie is drawn to someone like Scott Disick seems like a massive warning sign.

13  Ed Westwick Has Been Accused Of Abusing Several Women

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Ed Westwick first came on the scene when he started playing the role of Chuck Bass in the CW's flagship soap opera Gossip Girl, but his post-Gossip Girl resume hasn't been particularly impressive. That's not a huge shock considering the general talent level and career trajectory of most CW actors, but Westwick recently started making headlines again for all the wrong reasons.  Last week an actress named Kristina Cohen made a Facebook post accusing the actor of r*ping her in 2014. Westwick responded to the allegations by not only denying them, but claiming he didn't even know who his accuser was. But of course the internet did some snooping, and it turns out Westwick for sure knew Cohen's producer boyfriend, who was supposedly in his apartment during the attack. And to weaken Westwick's denials even further, another former actress named Aurelie Wynn came forward with very similar claims of assault, which Westwick claimed were "provably untrue." It's not a sure thing that Westwick is guilty, but no random women would make up such an accusation for attention and use a washed up CW star to do that.

12 Honey Boo Boo Being Forced To Star In A Weight Loss Documentary

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Alana Thompson, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo, made a name for herself after her hilarious appearance on the TLC documentary series Toddlers & Tiaras, and she wound up making such an impression on audiences that TLC gave her and her family their very own reality show. Things seemed to be going well for a while, but scandal hit the family when it was revealed that Alana's parents had split up and her mother was apparently dating a man who was convicted of and imprisoned for abusing a child, who just happened to be one of Alana's older sisters.

Their TLC show was canceled and the family was out of the spotlight briefly, but Alana's mother got her very own TV show on WE TV documenting her weight loss surgery experience. That in itself was a bit of a surprise because she seemed to preach body acceptance on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but what's even more cringe-worthy is that she is apparently now considering having Alana participate in a weight loss documentary series as well. A twelve-year-old absolutely should not be worrying about their weight at that age, let alone having the world rubberneck at her on TV. And clearly a middle schooler isn't going to be educated on proper nutrition and exercise, so it's exceptionally repulsive to realize that her parents did nothing to keep her health on track and are now trying to capitalize on their own failure.

11 Jenelle Evans Should Get A DUI Lawyer Just For Her Boyfriends

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Jenelle Evans (or currently Jenelle Eason) is kind of a tough nut to crack, because when it comes to actually hitting rock bottom, she's like a Weeble that wobbles but never, ever seems to actually fall down. Or she has just become so accustomed to living at or near rock bottom that it's just her normal state of existence at this point. But even though Jenelle has a long and colorful history with boyfriends/fiancés/husbands who are crazy, or abusive drug addicts, her current husband and father of her third child seems like an extra manipulative and frightening person. At least in her previous relationships, none of the men had the wherewithal to actually hide their alcoholism or abusive tendencies or whatever else was wrong with them, but David Eason seems to be doing an exceptional job of alienating Jenelle and exerting control over her life, while not doing anything absurdly stupid like getting arrested for DUI or drug possession. But the grandmother of her second child Kaiser recently filed for emergency custody of her grandson on the grounds of Jenelle's drug abuse and Eason's alleged abuse of the toddler.

10 Ariel Winter Needed To Be Legally Emancipated From Her Crazy Mother

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Ariel Winter has been a working actor since she was a kid, but she really hit it big when she scored her gig as Alex Dunphy on Modern Family. The success was obviously life-changing, but apparently Winter had been dealing with some serious family problems since her childhood and filed for emancipation from her mother at the extremely young age of 14. Ariel claimed that her mother was physically and emotionally abusive to her, and clearly those claims had some merit because in 2015 Winter was granted permanent emancipation from her mom. Things seemed to be looking up for Winter after that, but more recently she seems to have hit a rough patch. Winter recently became a staunch advocate for body positivity, but she seems to promote her "agenda" simply by constantly wearing incredibly revealing outfits in public or posting pictures of herself online. And she's only 19, but currently has a live-in boyfriend who is 11 years older than her, so her life seems to be a series of "too much too soon" moments.


9 Sophie Turner Is Only 21 Years Old And Engaged To A Nearly 30-Year-Old Disney Star

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In reality, there are few actresses who are as young as Sophie Turner who have as much opportunity for success as she does. She's on one of the biggest TV shows in decades, is playing a young Jean Grey in the newest X-Men franchise, and she basically has her pick of any job (or anything) she wants, which is an astounding and rare position to be in at 21 years of age. And let's not overlook the fact that she's like eighteen feet tall and stunningly beautiful to boot. And okay, we all know what it's like to be young and have a romantic and dreamy idea of what life and the world is actually like, but good god, when you have the world at your feet, why would you decide to permanently hitch your wagon to former Disney kid who's almost thirty years old? I mean, Joe Jonas isn't ancient by any means, but he's considerably older than Turner, and I think anyone over the age of 25 realizes that marrying someone at 21 is more than a bit too young, especially if your life is brimming with opportunity.

8 Millie Bobby Brown Has Pushy And Controlling "Stage Parents"

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Millie Bobby Brown is the cute as a button tween who plays iconic character Eleven on Netflix's smash hit show Stranger Things. And despite the fact that she's only 13 years old and has skyrocketed to fame practically overnight, she generally seems to be a pretty sharp and down-to-earth kid. However, child stardom is full of possible pitfalls, and it seems like Millie is in danger of falling into (or being pushed into) a few of them. Millie seems relatively normal, but her parents are quickly gaining a reputation for being classic nightmare child star parents. What makes things even more uncomfortable is that the Brown family actually moved from England to Los Angeles specifically so Millie could pursue acting, and since hitting it big with Stranger Things, Millie is now the main breadwinner of the family, which is an enormous amount of pressure to put on a kid. And because of Stranger Things' popularity, a lot of creeps are now saying inappropriate things about the shows young stars, and since Millie was the only girl of the squad, she seems to be bearing the brunt of that creepiness.

7 Chris Brown Is So Abusive He Needs His Criminal Lawyer On Speed Dial

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Chris Brown is one of those people who has really been spinning in a downward spiral for years now, and it's not clear when exactly he's going to hit bottom. Anyone who is remotely familiar with celebrity news knows about Brown's laundry list of arrests and outrageous behaviors, but despite constantly encountering these "problems," Brown seems to demonstrate no awareness that these problems are all his doing. He seems to perceive himself as a victim of the media and of a world that just doesn't understand him, instead of the abusive jerk that he actually is. The fact that he beat up his most famous girlfriend and his other longterm partner filed for a restraining order speaks for itself, but in a move of absolutely exceptional obliviousness, Brown recently released a Netflix documentary about himself called Welcome to My Life. The documentary was promoted as a look into the "real" life of Chris Brown beyond the "media spin," which is a hilariously tone-deaf misunderstanding of his own public image and himself as a person. And you can't fix a problem if you don't admit there's a problem.

6 Shia LaBeouf Is Always Getting Arrested For His Bad Behaviour

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Shia LaBeouf has been hitting the skids for quite a while in his personal life, seemingly because of a drinking problem. He has been arrested quite a few times for alcohol-related crimes ever since he turned 21, but his latest arrest had a new and bizarre twist to his behavior that hasn't been a part of his previous crimes. LaBeouf was on location filming a movie in Georgia and was arrested when he was apparently drunk, asked a stranger for a cigarette, and when the person refused his request, he got very aggressive and went on a racist tirade about it. LaBeouf tried to flee the scene later but was arrested anyway, for obstruction of justice, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. Shia plead guilty to the charges and apologized for his bad behavior, but was sentenced to a year of probation and anger management classes. LaBeouf has been having a rough go of it for a long time, but it seems to be getting worse instead of better.

5 Tomi Lahren's Career As A Conservative Political Commentator Is Crashing And Burning

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Tomi Lahren took a pretty hard shot at trying to become an ultra right-wing pundit, sort of  like a younger and prettier Ann Coulter, and it seemed to be working out pretty well for her for a while. But the problem with Lahren in particular seemed to be that firstly, she knew very little about politics, or really any of the subjects she was talking about, and that the entire basis of her shtick was manufacturing outrage over misinformation. Secondly, she didn't seem to be quite as conservative as she liked to pretend to be, and she slipped up and admitted that she was somewhat pro-choice, which caused a huge portion of her conservative following to turn on her almost immediately. She was fired from her job at Glenn Beck's The Blaze and moved on to smaller pastures to continue her journalist pantomime. But recently Lahren tried to use the recent shooting in Texas to drag liberal questions about gun control rights, which went over exceptionally badly with nearly everyone.

4 Jaden Smith Does Not Seem To Be In Touch With Reality

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Jaden Smith hasn't done anything particularly offensive or illegal before, but when you hear the kid talk, he just seems massively unprepared for anything and everything that could possibly go wrong in his life. As far as entitled children of super rich celebrities go, he seems like the pinnacle of someone who was born on third base and not only thinks he hit a triple, but has been told by everyone in his life that he hit a triple. His relationship with the reality that most of us live in seems to be pretty tenuous as well. He seems to live in a different world in his own mind and I genuinely don't know what would happen if he had to deal with something other than "speaking Jaden" or "doing Olympic-level things." He doesn't seem like an ill-intentioned person, but he gives off the vibe that he believes wholeheartedly in his own artistic genius, but in reality, if you sent him into a grocery store by himself, he'd probably just stand there befuddled for eight hours before the security guard called the cops or something, so his "rock bottom" is always just one normal human experience away.

3 Kylie Jenner Is 20 Years Old And Pregnant

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To say that Kylie Jenner has had to grow up fast because of her family's visibility and position in the entertainment industry is an understatement, and quite frankly, Kris Jenner seems to have been grooming her daughters for fame because of their hotness for at least a decade, so Kylie's life trajectory isn't that big of a surprise. However, it's really sad to see how quickly she has dived into (or been drawn into) inappropriate relationships and behaviors. The fact that she has already cosmetically altered herself into a completely unrecognizable person is actually really sad, and speaks to how damaging her family's expectations for "beauty" have been for the girls. She also started a "relationship" with Tyga when she was only sixteen, and he seems to have been laying the groundwork for that even earlier, which essentially means that she was being groomed by a predator as a teenager and her family did nothing, and she expressed a desire to marry the deadbeat as soon as she turned eighteen. Their relationship did not last long, though, but when they finally broke it off for good, Kylie hooked up with another barely-known rapper and apparently got pregnant with him within a few months.

2 Mark Salling Is A Registered Offender

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After Glee ended, Mark Salling didn't seem to have a lot of career momentum to work with. That by itself isn't a huge deal. However, shortly after the show ended its run, Mark was outed and arrested for possession of inappropriate child content, which understandably and rightfully put a quick and brutal end to his entertainment career. Salling tried to stall the court proceedings and work out some kind of deal that was in his favor, but his maneuvering failed and the prosecution pushed forward with his trial. Within three weeks of the trial's beginning, Salling decided to plead guilty to the charge, but he reportedly slit both of his wrists in a suic*de attempt shortly before making the plea. By taking a plea deal, Salling reduced his prison sentence prospects from a possible 20 years in prison to 4 to 7 years in prison, but he's still required to pay $50,000 in restitution to any of his victims that demand it and will be a registered s*x offender for the rest of his life.

1 Meek Mill Has Violated His Probation So Many Times, He Was Sentenced To 2-4 Years In Prison Again

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Meek Mill is a moderately successful rap artist, but honestly, he got on most people's radar by being Nicki Minaj's fairly serious boyfriend. But in 2008 before he became more well-known in the entertainment industry, Mill was arrested on drugs and weapons charges, sentenced to eight months in prison, and put on probation for five years afterwards. Apparently, Mill had some trouble adhering to the rules of his probation, though, because after a violation in 2013, he was sentenced to another five months in prison along with another five years of probation. After violating probation again in 2016, he was put on 90-day house arrest, but apparently those previous lessons didn't quite stick. Meek was arrested twice earlier this year, and as a result has been sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for his most recent violations.


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