15 Young Girls Of Hollywood Who Try Too Hard On Snapchat

Social media has taken many forms today. Facebook seems to be the most common one and Twitter has been much in demand by celebrities. It’s easy to see why, just a few quick notes and the world knows you and your brand amazingly well. In terms of photos, Instagram is common as well with celebrities loving to show off. However, Snapchat is also gaining popularity thanks to how easily it’s hooked to Twitter. The app allows for videos and photos and allows for funny stuff like adding in filters. Thus, several celebrities use it for nothing but pure fun, offhand candid moments that they can enjoy with fans. That’s especially true for the younger generation who grew up with this technology and boost themselves up.

Some ladies do use it a bit more than others. It’s clear some gals are addicted to social media and using it to flaunt themselves majorly, including often risqué pics. Others just overload on constant pictures to the point of burning folks out. And some just seem to not grasp it all even as they keep using it. A few ladies are clearly trying to make themselves bigger deals than just their acting and/or singing while others add it to their already busy social media calendars. It’s remarkable just how easily such things can be pushed hard by some starlets and how some are clearly trying too hard. Here are 15 young ladies of Hollywood who seem to be trying too much on Snapchat despite some fun accounts.


15 Sabrina Carpenter

The young actress is already getting some attention for herself. Pretty much a no-name, Sabrina Carpenter got the attention of viewers as Maya, the tough-talking best friend on Girl Meets World. While seemingly one-note and selfish, the character was deepened with Maya wrestling with a missing father and a rough home life. She grew up in the part with sass and appeal that she used for the Disney Channel remake of Adventures in Babysitting. She's also a good singer with some hit albums to her credit. As she hits 18, Carpenter is doing her best to move onto bigger projects and taken more seriously as an actress. Yet her Snapchat account shows she's a kid at heart in various ways with pics of her with images and outfits like a princess or unicorn, not quite what you'd expect of an adult. Carpenter still tries to appeal to young female fans but might be going too far with a "girly" image to rob the adult appeal that can lead to better success.

14 Sofia Carson


With her sultry looks and amazing voice, Sofia Carson was destined for some Disney stardom. After appearing in a few shows like Austin & Ally, Carson hit major fame as Evie on the hit Descendants and its sequel. She followed that with the Channel’s remake of Adventures in Babysitting and has since carved out a great career as a singer. Carson enjoys Snapchat, selfies with her signature move of a finger to her lips and a “shush” expression. That gets some nice attention although Carson does seem to push it a bit. She often shows off in very tight tops pushing up her chest and trying to make herself look older than she is. She also goes more for the additions like dog ears or other bits so one day you’ll get a pic of her like a model and the next her goofing off. While Carson can be magic on screen and in singing, her Snapchat seems to push herself too hard in different ways.

13 Peyton List

Not to be confused with the actress of the same name from various CW shows, this Peyton List is a rising star from Disney. She got her breakout as the rather selfish Emma on the hit Jessie that got big attention for her. She reprised the role for a spin-off, Bunk’d and has been growing a lady with very nice legs. Like other Disney starlets, Peyton has been doing some singing in between her acting gigs and getting attention on social media. Her Snapchat isn’t as common as her Instagram but still packed with slews of selfies from radio shows to her own home. Some may be a bit obtrusive and she goes a lot for the “decorations” stuff to flaunt herself. Given how she’s still young, that may seem off-putting to some although List continues to pack them in almost daily. She also piles in videos of singing, dancing and impressions whereas many just stick to photos. You can’t argue List going out of her way to make herself distinctive but may be trying too much to be her own person.

12 Bella Thorne


A lady who has definitely grown up into a sexpot, Bella Thorne has taken off well. She got her start on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, showing a fun style even at a young age. As she’s turned 18, Thorne has gotten bigger in the TV series Famous in Love and some movies. She’s also gotten massive attention on social media. Thorne has proven herself a genius posing pics, often in as racy an outfit as possible without baring it all. Her Instagram page sure pushes that but Thorne also saves a lot for Snapchat. That includes some steamy pics that can offer tops with clearly no bra and often even topless with arms covering herself. Thorne does Snapchat as well and likewise likes to post some rather risqué images of herself which some think hurts her standing. It distracts from her acting career and gives her too much an image as a “party gal” à la Lindsay Lohan. So she might go a bit too far but it gets Thorne’s name out there to make her a hot lady in any media.

11 Nicola Peltz

It’s well known that The Last Airbender was a huge bomb that was a total mess in casting and writing. Many were baffled at the casting of Nicola Peltz as heroine Katara as she lacked both the ethnicity and talent to pull it off. Reports were that her studio chief father pulled strings to get her cast which didn’t help her standing in Hollywood. As if overreacting to that, Peltz has gone out of her way to be a big deal in social media while working in roles in movies like Transformers and the TV series Bates Motel. Peltz really goes off on Snapchat with numerous selfies, most of them with stars set around her hair as if trying to sell herself as a bigger deal than she is. Other pics show off hotter styles and goofy stuff as well. It’s not bad but it does appear as if Peltz is trying far too hard to make herself seem a star and that comes off desperate.

10 Chloe Grace Moretz


From the start of her career, Chloe Grace Moretz came off amazingly grown up. That was due to her breakout role as Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass movies. The sight of a ten year old carving up guys with a sword while cursing like a sailor was remarkable and got her huge attention. Moretz was soon rising up in various movies like The 5th Wave, Neighbors 2 and others, respected for her great talents and showing off more in modelling and other work. She tries to be more goofy and in that respect, she can be fun but her over-indulgence in putting up pics with superimposed dog ears or other items seems to be making it too nutty to get into. True, Moretz comes off fun in person but sometimes less is more as her incessant need to make every Snapchat post a funny bit is distracting from the attractive and fun person the former Hit Girl truly is.

9 Ariana Grande

There’s a big division about this woman. Ariana Grande came to fame as the scatter-brained Cat on Victorious and a spin-off, Sam & Cat. But that latter show ended with reports of Grande acting up on set and more of a diva. That’s continued as Grande has begun a great career as a singer with some acting gigs. No one can deny her tremendous voice and great stage presence. However, Grande is criticized for her egotistical behavior. The height of this is undoubtedly the vide of her licking a donut, throwing it down and saying she hated America. Her comment on being “the hardest working 23 year old” in the world didn’t make many fans either. Grande still shows off on Snapchat, some hot outfits, playing around and that famous pout of hers. While her beauty is undeniable, it seems Grande is going a bit far when trying to win back fans and apologize for her actions, thus making her account seem a tad desperate despite her great looks in it.


8 Hailee Steinfeld


At just 13, Hailee Steinfeld won the role of a young girl out for justice in the remake of the classic Western True Grit. She won massive acclaim for her work, including an Oscar nomination. Since then, Steinfeld has carved out a career as a fine starlet, including the Pitch Perfect movies and has also become a successful singing star. Her Snapchat account has marked her evolution from just an attractive girl into a truly beautiful and beautiful young woman. But her account does seem to go a bit far as, while some pics can be fun, others can show a bit too much. They can flaunt skin and some revealing outfits which can seem uncomfortable given how young Steinfeld still looks. She seems to be putting on too many attempts at a sultry look. Steinfeld is a great actress and rising up more, but her attempts at coming off as a vixen on Snapchat seem lacking.

7 Hailey Baldwin

When your uncle is an actor well known for both an outrageous temper and a huge impression of the President of the United States, it’s natural you get some attention. Hailey Baldwin is rising up as a model known for her striking beauty and fun style. She keeps that up in her social media accounts, including Snapchat, flaunting her body although some may argue that she goes too far making herself look impressive. But it has led to success with some very fun bits like hosting modelling award shows and her pics do look fun. Even in a tank top and jeans, Baldwin has a hot style and a cool smirk that she shows off quite well in her pics. However, the sheer volume of the pics may seem huge, too many at a time and coming off “look at me” at times. Some say that’s something of a habit for the family and while Baldwin hasn’t moved to acting like her dad and uncles, she does seem to have gotten the Baldwin tradition of making sure to get plenty of attention.

6 Dove Cameron


A very hot and growing blonde, Dove Cameron is another success story from the Mouse House. She gained fame in the title role of twins in the hit comedy Liv & Maddie and then much bigger success as Mal in the smash Descendants movies. Cameron has kept it up, showing a great style with a fantastic singing voice. That was on display in Hairspray Live and other projects, and she’s showing off more on social media. That might be a bit much, her photos often showing a wild side to herself and going a bit out of her way to win fans over. But it is working with Cameron joining Agents of SHIELD and various movies on the way. While some can argue about her merits, Cameron continues to rise up and show her hot side off more often. So while her Snapchat may get a bit wild, it’s also a good way for Cameron to get her name more out there beyond her roles.

5 Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter is a girl who’s had to grow up fast. She was only a young teenager when cast as brainy Alex on Modern Family and won over viewers with her fun humor. She was made out as a nerd with glasses and bulky clothing but when puberty hit, Winter had an amazing growth spurt. So much so that she needed a breast reduction to keep things better for her health. That was followed by an ugly row with her mother that led to her emancipated. Even the show has needed to showcase Alex much sexier than she seems thanks to Winter’s amazing beauty and heat. She shows that off big time in social media with some thinking it might be a bit much. Many of her photos show her very risqué in tight outfits to flaunt her curves and the occasional topless photo. There’s no denying Winter has an amazingly curvy body and looks sensational in a swimsuit. But some can be concerned she’s doing too much flaunting it and growing up too fast even if it means some hot photos.

4 Miley Cyrus


It’s hilarious to remember the huge fuss when a then 15 year old Miley Cyrus did a shoot in Vanity Fair that showed a bare shoulder. That’s downright tame compared to what the former Hannah Montana has been up to. Since hitting 18, Cyrus has been acting up majorly from wild performances to showing off a lot (including fully bare) on magazines. With social media, Cyrus loves firing up fans with pics of herself in very little and often doing that famous tongue sticking that’s become almost iconic. Indeed, there were concerns over Cyrus going too far with rumors of some drug use and the worries she would become another young burnout at her age due to her antics. Thankfully, Cyrus has been toning it down, winning acclaim as a judge on The Voice and a new more adult album. This means her Snapchat pics aren’t quite as wild although many believe it’s still a bit much and trying too hard to make herself “relatable” which just makes it harder to see Cyrus as more grown up.

3 Gigi Hadid

Modelling is truly a family business for the Hadids. Bella got her start to show off for Victoria’s Secret and other places, a fantastic body and great style. Gigi has been rising up before that and doing great in various shows. Gigi is not a dumb lady by any means as she studied criminal psychology in college and has great smarts. But it’s her body that gets her the big bucks with numerous shows and offers to push herself up more. Naturally, like any model, Gigi uses Snapchat and Instagram to her advantage to push herself up more. That includes Snapchat as she does seem to get a bit wild with pics, making nutty faces and other stuff. Some of them might be a bit much with Gigi going too far making herself look like a nutty gal and relatable rather than a classic supermodel. That adds to her young age and appeal yet one wonders how she’ll keep it up and be as hot on media as on the runway.

2 Kylie Jenner


She had a slow start but the youngest member of the Kardashian clan has gotten into the family “business” well. She was just a kid when Keeping Up with the Kardashians began and boosted them to major fame. Since then, Kylie has grown up nicely, not as outgoing as her sisters but as she’s hit 18, she’s getting her name out more. Like the others, her “career” is mainly just her promoting stuff, a fashion line and promoting herself on social media. She also has her own reality show Life With Kylie that keeps her family name going majorly. Of course, she got in hot water trying a line of shirts based on famous rock stars with said rock stars slamming them majorly for using them. But Kylie continues on her antics, including slews of social media posts on every medium possible. For Snapchat, some say she shows off a bit too much at still a young age, not as outgoing as her sisters but still unique. Still, it’s another way for Kylie to keep up the family tradition.

1 Zendaya

Her last name is Coleman but she’s already turning into a “one-name star.” She got attention first on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up opposite Bella Thorne, showing great talents as both a singer and dancer. Later, she had some more Disney movies and eventually another series, K.C. Undercover. Zendaya is also rising up on the big screen with her turn in Spider-Man Homecoming and The Greatest Showman. While she’s not as huge on social media as Throne, Zendaya is taking off with red carpet turns showing her great style and fantastic vibe. On Snapchat, she prefers more “down to Earth’ photos, her lounging around and not flaunting skin. She does have a major push for goofy faces, flaunting her glasses and more, often showing herself tired out after a long day. While that’s fun in a candid way, it also shows that there can be too much on the “just one of the gals” routine, especially someone doing movies with mega-stars. Some can love her laid-back vibe but pushing it so much on Snapchat takes away from Zendaya’s success.


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