15 WWE Superstar Net Worths You Won't Believe

At the end of the day, working for the WWE offers the most secure contract out there. However, we must give props to the indie scene that’s booming nowadays; today, indie wrestlers are able to make a living without the WWE, and this notion was impossible just years ago.

Though, when it comes to making millionaires, there’s no company that does it better than the WWE. Commitment is huge for the company. The longer you stay, the more your salary raises. In this article, we take a look at the WWE’s millionaire club and examine net worths that’ll likely shock you. From current WWE stars like Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns, to past talents like Mick Foley and Ric Flair, all sides of the spectrum will be examined in the article. Some you'll be baffled at how much they're worth, while others you'll be quite surprised to find out how little they've earned.

Enjoy this list and like always, be sure to share the link with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 WWE Superstar net worths that’ll shock you. We begin the article with the three hottest Superstars in the entire WWE who are otherwise known as, The Shield!

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15 The Shield - $16 Million

As of the end of 2017, these figures are subject to change, especially for Roman Reigns who became one of the top earners in the company working a full-time schedule. As of now however, his net worth is lower than his fellow Shield members at $3 million, but again, expect that to change once the 2017 figures are released.

As for the other two Shield brothers, they’ve done pretty well for themselves with both cashing in nicely on WWE Championship bonuses. As for Ambrose, being the workhorse that he is, he’s earned a lot of extra dough as well for his troubles. Both wrestlers almost have the same value with Dean holding a respectable net worth of $6 million while Rollins, has an impressive net worth of $7 million. With all members still having so much left in the tank, you can expect these numbers to only grow larger and larger in the next couple of years, particularly for Roman.

14 The Bellas - $8 Million

Joining the WWE in 2007 with no prior experience, perhaps nobody could have predicted that these two females would become millionaires (and huge stars) not only for the company, but for the mainstream audiences as well. After a fallout between the two sides, the twins were welcomed back into the company with a reality TV proposal attached to their contracts as well. The twins not only took the WWE by storm in their returns but they also took Total Divas to new heights, in large part due to their participation on the show.

The twins continue to thrive. They got their very own spin-off and Nikki’s now a cast member on Dancing with the Stars while sister Brie has started her own clothing line. These women are hustlers and you can expect their net worths to continue to shoot up.

13 Sheamus - $7 Million

The Celtic Warrior isn’t necessarily someone you associate with being a millionaire. But, his commitment and loyalty to the WWE has paid off in a big way over the years and he’s now making a top-of-the-line salary due to his longevity in the business. Starting with the WWE in 2006, the almost 40 year old is still going strong. We praise Sheamus for not missing a beat despite his age. The guy still looks incredible and not to mention, he can go in the ring despite nearing his 40s.

Wrestling as a tag team wrestler since 2016, there’s no doubt that Sheamus has conserved his energy working in a team as opposed to flying solo. With the company for over a decade, we can expect the Dublin native to stay with the WWE for at least a couple more years given his talents which are still undeniable.

12 Big Show - $20 Million

Speaking of longevity, we now turn our attention to a Superstar that’s been in the business since 1995, joining WCW as Andre The Giant's son. Due to his large size, Big Show was not only booked as a force early on, but he was also well accomplished winning both WCW and WWE World Titles.

Big Show’s salary would start off on the right track signing with the WWE in the late 90s. He was encouraged to jump ship based off of McMahon’s lucrative contract offer for a term of ten years. Who could have predicted that almost 20 years later, he’s still competing with the company, although even the big man admits that retirement is in fact looming. Despite his in-ring days coming to an end sooner rather than later, we give Big Show major props for being in the best shape of his life at the age of 45.

11 Ric Flair - $5 Million

This one might hurt a bit, but yes, despite the fact that he’s been in the wrestling business since 1972, the Nature Boy is in fact worth a mere $5 million and that’s due to several factors. For one, Ric enjoyed the party life and really didn’t care all that much about money. He rented limousines every show at one point, along with purchasing new suits on the regular. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Ric even admitted to drinking 15 alcoholic beverages a day. So yeah, his spending habits were pretty bad and really didn’t do him any favors.

However, what really dented Flair’s wallet was the amount of divorces he went through. Since 1971, the Nature Boy has been divorced a total of four times. He even admitted to asking his own boss Vince, for help at one point in time when his financial situation was in total disarray.

10 Daniel Bryan - $8 Million

Most would assume that Daniel Bryan had a higher net worth given the amount of fame he sustained during the 'Yes! Movement'. However, what many tend to forget is the fact that Bryan’s popularity was very short-lived. It wasn’t till right around 2014 when Bryan finally started to make serious money with the company. Only two years later, he was forced to retire due to concussion-related issues.

The good part about this, however, is the fact that Daniel can really care less about money. Bryan is fueled by passion, which is why he’s likely to leave the WWE at some point despite his contract and work for much less money on the indies, but the difference is, he’ll be doing what he loves to do, and that’s wrestle. In terms of his financial life, Bryan’s good for an entire lifetime especially with his minimal spending habits. With that in mind, him staying with the WWE for financial reasons is not an issue.

9 Mick Foley - $15 Million

If you didn’t know who Mick Foley was, you certainly would not have thought that he had a net worth of over $15 million. Mick has done well for himself not only generating revenue in the wrestling business, but by also becoming a successful New York Times Best Selling author. Nowadays, Foley also continues to make a healthy living by meeting the fans at various wrestling conventions, due to his popularity during the Attitude Era, he remains a sought-after face at such conventions.

It also doesn’t hurt that Mick was one of the cheapest dudes around (as mentioned by a variety of Foley’s peers). When it came to riding to the next show, Foley would often hitch a ride with the other wrestlers, not to mention his eating habits which Mick was also quite cheap with. It all worked out in the end as he’s got a pretty stable net worth!

8 The Undertaker - $16 Million

Despite his part-time status, Taker is still making a fortune with the company earning a salary of close to $2 million per year. When it comes to longevity and commitment to the company, the WWE isn’t afraid to pay up and reward a Superstar for their dedication to the brand, and Taker is the perfect example of that.

He started with the WWE way back in 1990 and who would have thought that in 2017, he would still be wrestling in the main event of WrestleMania; truly remarkable stuff, folks! His time might finally be up with the company, however, don’t expect the payments to stop as the WWE will likely employ The Deadman under a legend's contract, similar to what they do with other high profile alums like HBK Shawn Michaels, for example.

7 Chris Jericho - $18 Million

The fact that Chris Jericho has a higher net worth than Taker and Mick Foley really tells you about his longevity in the business which is often under-looked. Starting on the indies in the early 1990s, Chris would make a name for himself during his brief ECW stint in 1995. He transferred his talents to WCW but would really make a name for himself inking a deal with WWE in 1998.

Two decades later, Chris is still going strong with the company, working a part-time schedule due to his commitment to his band Fozzy. Nonetheless, when he returns to WWE, Jericho works a full-time schedule which is truly something, given the fact that he’s inching closer and closer to his 50s at the age of 46 (turning 47 on November 9th). Without a doubt, Jericho has enough cash to call it a career, but why retire when you’re performing at such a high level?

6 Brock Lesnar - $22 Million

We now turn our attention to the heavy hitters in the article who have a net worth of $20 million or higher. As of 2016, Lesnar was the top earner with the WWE, making $12 million a year along with his own flight accommodations. Yeah, Lesnar’s truly living the luxury life with such terms in his contract.

He’s also made money with the UFC, taking part in various fights, however most of the money he’s collected is in large part thanks to the WWE and their aggressive way of business giving Lesnar a contract offer he simply could not refuse. Given his limited schedule, it seems like highway robbery that he’s making such money but again, when you’re a draw, you make money no matter how many days a year you work.

5 Triple H - $25 Million

When you consider the many hats Triple H wears with the company, his salary might even be a little too low. Hunter makes close to $4 million a year. His duties come in different forms such as an on-screen talent, Executive in the boardroom and of course, the brain child behind WWE’s developmental brand, NXT.

His responsibilities will only continue to pile up the older Vince gets. One thing we know for sure is that when the time comes for Hunter to take over, you can expect the WWE to be in good hands under his watchful eye. Hunter has proved his abilities down in NXT and most fans are excited to see that translate onto the main roster one day. Who knows, under H’s guidance, Raw might even revert to its old format of a two hour program.

4 John Cena - $35 Million

John Cena has a staggering net worth of $35 million, which of course is a lot, but let’s be honest here, the guy is the top draw the company has. Whether it be selling merchandise or drawing in viewers, John Cena was and still is a complete draw for the company. He’s now expanding on his empire working with the WWE on a part-time basis, walking in the footsteps of The Rock and taking his talents to Hollywood.

Just getting started under the Hollywood lights, Cena has an entire other market to penetrate and at the age of 40 - he’s got a lot of time to do so. He’ll also continue to be a part of the WWE for quite some time. According to John, he’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. We can expect his net worth to be at $50 million in the not-so-distant future, especially with his WWE salary being close to $10 million.

3 Shane McMahon - $35 Million

Despite his lengthy hiatus from the WWE, Shane was still making a living investing in an On Demand service overseas. He would ultimately put his company days behind him and join the WWE in early 2016. His return was welcomed by the WWE Universe.

Shane hasn’t come cheap however. It has been reported that Shane makes a cool $2.2 million a year, and that’s a heck of a lot for a guy who’s in his 40s and someone that rarely wrestles. However, on the wrestling side of things, he’s earned his money by jumping off a cell alone, as not many have the guts to pull off such a stunt. It’ll be interesting to see how Shane’s role will evolve in the company moving forward with Stephanie and Triple H both being pegged as the next in line.

2 The Rock - $125-$150 Million

Who would have predicted that 'The Great One' himself would out-earn the likes of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Johnny Depp. According to the 2016 figures, The Rock was labelled as the highest paid actor in the world with a cool $64.5 million in salary. The figure isn’t too hard to understand, in truth, Dwayne is the hardest working actor in all of Hollywood and he deserves all his good fortune.

Comparing his salary to the rest of the WWE isn’t even comparable. However, he does get out-earned by one certain individual which we’ll feature in the next entry. Regardless, The Great One continues to impress outside of the WWE, and the company can only hope that Cena can somehow walk in similar footsteps as Dwayne.

1 Vince McMahon - $1.36 Billion

Despite the fact that the WWE gets ripped constantly by the online universe for their on-screen product, Vince isn’t losing too much sleep due to the fact that WWE remains extremely profitable. Ratings have become a thing of the past for the company, especially with the rise of technology; the WWE isn’t losing much sleep over bad television ratings.

Instead, they continue to prosper as a worldwide brand, entering deals with several new countries. Say what you must about Vince’s creativity but in terms of business, he continues to kill it with no other wrestling company even coming close to the WWE. For that reason, proper competition remains a huge hurdle, unless a wealthy investor enters the picture, out of nowhere, kind of like an RKO... Still going strong and still very hands-on with the company, Vince isn’t going away anytime soon.

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