15 WWE Superstar Ages You Won’t Believe

Nowadays in pro sports, age is absolutely everything. Back in the old days of the NHL, the mid 30s were considered a player's prime. Man, oh man has that ever changed. Today, entering your 30s is considered old in the sport and more times than not, once you reach your mid 30s, you’re out of the league. Today, mid 20s is considered to be your prime window.

In the WWE however, that is not the case. With age, comes experience and wisdom. We’ve seen a great amount of wrestlers thrive in the later portions of their careers proving that age is in fact just a number. Keeping the conditioning levels high is quite important and doing so, can prolong a career into the 40s.

On this list, we take a look at some wrestler ages you truly wouldn’t believe, especially given their talent inside of the ring. We have a plethora of Superstars featured in this article that you wouldn’t suspect are in their late 30s and even 40s. We also have an entry that’s on the other side of the spectrum that’s in their early 20s holding a prominent position with the company. Can you guess who?

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to let us know your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to share the article with a buddy. Without further ado, here are 15 WWE Superstar ages you won’t believe. Enjoy!


15 Lillian Garcia – 50

We start off the entries with a throwback as we felt the need to include former WWE employee Lillian Garcia, who just recently left the company in 2016. The long time WWE ring announcer began with the company way back in 1999 and stayed on board till most recently as she departed due to her ailing father. Looking like she hasn’t aged a day since her debut, Lillian’s age might be the most shocking out of all the entries.

Today away from the ring, Garcia is 50 years old, if you can believe it. If you follow the former ring announcer on social media, you know that she still looks fantastic and nothing close to 50. Although Lillian wasn’t a talent throughout her career, she still emphasized staying in shape and that’s carried over to her later days. Garcia keeps up with her strong routine and it’s certainly paid off as she looks great.

14 Tye Dillinger – 36


For the casual WWE fan, Tye Dillinger seems relatively new with his “Perfect 10” gimmick. However, recently turning 36, many do not know that the Canadian’s been doing this for quite some time. Going back to 2002, Dillinger would make his pro wrestling debut. He would catch his biggest break in 2006 joining the WWE’s developmental system. He would finally get his chance to shine, however, that chance would be on the ECW brand as a lackluster pushover Superstar that lost more times than he won.

Once that fell through, Dillinger went back to the indies looking to gain some confidence. Most would have thought he’d never return but in 2013 that all changed. After another rough start as a tag wrestler in NXT, he would finally strike gold with his Perfect 10 persona. Crowds love the guy and it’s quite the rarity to see a Superstar finally blossom in his mid 30s. At the age of 36, it seems like Tye is finally set for a main roster call up following WrestleMania 33.

13 Sin Cara – 39

Ever since the departure of Rey Mysterio, the WWE has tried to replace his excellence numerous times only to see the plan fall straight on its face. Replacing a talent like Mysterio is a frightening task and one that’s pretty much impossible, but the WWE didn’t get the memo.

The Sin Cara gimmick was labelled as a big deal although it flopped instantly with the initial perpetrator Mistico failing miserably. Surprisingly, the WWE would opt to prolong the gimmick choosing veteran Hunico to take over the reins. Born in El Paso, Texas, the veteran was safer inside of the squared circle compared to Mistico. He was very experienced spending time in AAA Mexico, TNA, Chikara and then signing with the WWE’s developmental brand of FCW back in 2009.

The vet is still with the company, although his stock seems to be sliding. Set to turn 40 in September, many believe Hunico might not make the milestone age as a part of the WWE. It remains to be seen what’s going to happen with the 39 year old.

12 Karl Anderson – 37


Similar to Tye Dillinger earlier, Anderson seems new because of the fact that he recently joined the WWE in 2016, however, hardcore wrestling fans know that the North Carolina native has been around for quite some time.

He’s been wrestling for 17 years now which clearly indicates that he’s been around the block and back again. For the early part of his career, Anderson was a singles guy wrestling with promotions such as NWA, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and ROH. His biggest move however, would be heading overseas to work with New Japan. His career trajectory altered overseas as he became a dominant Tag Team wrestler alongside Luke Gallows. The two rose to superstardom, so much so that the WWE signed the two after Styles. Quite surreal to think that at the age of 37, Luke is enjoying his first taste of WWE success carrying the Tag Team Title around his shoulder. Despite being in his late 30s, one can assume he’ll be with the company for another couple of years at least.

11 Samoa Joe – 38

The recently turned 38 year old finally made his roster debut. Hardcore wrestling fans will call it a long time coming for Joe. The wrestler began way back in 2000 and would spend the bulk of his career away from the WWE, making a name for himself in Ring of Honor and of course, TNA Wrestling, staying with the WWE alternative company rival for more than a decade. Finally, in 2015, Joe shocked the world by joining NXT seemingly out of nowhere. Due to his age, many thought that ship had sailed but Joe made the wise decision to join the big company.

Like many others that are older in age, age is just a number for Joe who’s still performing at a high standard. He’s currently on the main roster showing no signs of slowing down going on the road with the company for not only live shows but even the house show loops. We expect Joe to be well into his 40s once he opts to finally leave the WWE and likely retire from wrestling.

10 JoJo – 23


We throw a curve ball into the article looking at a WWE employee’s age that will likely shock you due to how young she is. The WWE’s current ring announcer is just 23 years old, if you can believe it. What’s even more shocking is the fact that she was signed to the company in 2013; pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?

We first saw her on Total Divas and later alongside the Funkadactyls. She would rise as the announcer with NXT and later, due to several ring announcer releases, she would get the promotion of her life at such a young age. Stardust’s wife Brandi Rhodes, had taken over from Lillian, but once she decided to leave with husband Cody, a new door opened for the young JoJo. She’s done a great job thus far even working the live event loop. The company is said to be very high on her and it appears like the youngster will be staying for quite some time.

9 Erick Rowan – 35

Some would assume Rowan is still quite young given his lack of work lately and quite frankly, throughout his WWE journey which began back in 2011 as he was recruited to join FCW. Believe it or not at that point, Rowan already had a plethora of experience from his days on the indie scene, he would catch heat with the Wyatt family and join the main roster rather quickly.

Most wrestling fans will agree, his contributions have been rather minimal. With Bray as the leader, Strowman as the future and Harper as the talented worker, Rowan was pretty much left in the dark as the sacrificial lamb of the group. It hurt his value quite a bit, and he’s now on the shelf nursing an injury which has him out for four to six months. Yikes. Set to turn 36, his future’s in serious doubt as some believe we’ve seen the last of the Minneapolis, Minnesota native.


8 Austin Aries – 38


Another unlikely signing saw long time indie star Austin Aries, join the WWE. Set to turn 39 in April, he was another wrestler that many thought was destined to not make the WWE. He spent the bulk of his career with ROH and TNA, before finally making the jump in 2016 joining the NXT brand.

With so much experience, the WWE called up Aries rather quickly. After sustaining an injury, the WWE wanted to keep Aries relevant so they decided to put him on commentary given his tremendous mic skills. Aries thrived in the role on 205 Live and it seems like he has another career waiting for him at the commentary booth if he decides to hang them up inside of the ring.

For now, the Superstar is keeping up with the young, fast talents from the Cruiserweight Division as he’s set to take on Neville at ‘Mania for the Cruiserweight Championship. If he’s scheduled to win the title on the grand stage, it’ll surely be a career highlight for the veteran.

7 Bobby Roode – 39

It seems like 40 is the new 30 for the Canadian Bobby Roode, who’s currently enjoying the greatest run of his career. Not only did he defeat Shinsuke Nakamura to become the NXT Champion, but he’s even creating waves outside of the ring with a feud with Kurt Angle, as the two continue to jab at each other about a possible match in the future. All the WWE smells out of this guy right now is absolute money.

Looking at his allure and in-ring work ethic, you wouldn’t fathom to think that he’s set to turn 40 on May 11th. His current work looks rather spotless, leading many to believe he’ll be wrestling with the WWE well into his mid 40s. He’s still not on the main roster and looks to have at least another couple more months down in NXT, meaning we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the upcoming years.

6 Sheamus – 39


Turning 40 next January, you certainly wouldn’t think the Celtic Warrior was that old. Yes, he’s been around the WWE for a while, but his work ethic and in-ring movement hasn’t missed a beat despite his older age. Say what you must about Sheamus’ lackluster pushes late in his career, but the guy can still go with the best of them, combining his power and athleticism inside of the squared circle.

He joined the developmental system back in ’06 and he would go on to accomplish pretty much everything since then. Sheamus is probably one of the most underrated talents of this era especially when you take a look at his accomplishments. Four-time WWE World Champion, two-time US Champion, KOTR winner, Money in the Bank winner, Royal Rumble winner and his most recent accomplishment, Tag Team Champion with Cesaro. With all that in the bank some would think Sheamus would call it a day soon, but looking at his work ethic, it seems like he’ll be working well into his 40s.

5 Kofi Kingston – 35

You wouldn’t think it just by looking at him, but Kofi is in fact considered the old man of the New Day faction. His fellow stable members Xavier Woods and Big E, are both in their early 30s with Big E recently turning 31, while Xavier is just entering his 30s. Kofi on the other hand, is nearing the age of 36.

The faction has put an extra decade to his career as he seems younger now than he did five years ago. The light spirit of the faction has made them big fan favorites, and by far, one of the most popular groups in recent memory. Had it not been for the group, who knows where Kofi could have been today. Working with the WWE since ’06, Kingston desperately needed something to stay relevant and thankfully, that calling came in the form of a stable. Looking at his work ethic in the ring and draw ability on the microphone, Kofi’s another name that’ll stay with the company for at least another couple of years.

4 R-Truth – 45


45 years old and still going strong, what a career it has been for Ron Killings. Nowadays, Truth is featured more so on pre-shows and live events but that doesn’t take away from how great his work rate still is and how darn impressive he looks well into his 40s.

What makes it even more surreal is the fact that he’s been doing this since the 90s and yet, he’s managed to stay in such great shape. Google search other wrestlers from the 90s time period and you won’t find very many that still look decent, never mind looking as good as Truth does. At this point, it seems like Truth will hang on a little longer before calling it a career. Killings shares a good relationship with Vince and is extremely well liked backstage, which probably explains how he’s been able to stay on board for so long. He’ll continue to work live events till he finally rides off into the sunset.

3 Cesaro – 36

Set to turn 37 at the end of the year, it’s quite crazy to think that fans are still trying to push this guy despite the fact that he’s nearing his 40s. That tells you a lot about his in-ring skills which haven’t faltered one bit despite his rise in age.

Looking at his talent, it’s remarkable that he hasn’t had a single run with the title. Vince confirmed that he’s not high on Cesaro compared to the fans, claiming he lacks a certain “it” factor. Fans still hope for the best, but at this point, a title run seems more and more fat-fetched but that has nothing to do with his work, which is still spotless at this point.

Inching closer and closer to his 40s, something’s got to give for Cesaro. Whether it’s finally winning a WWE Title or finding success elsewhere, particularly overseas, fans can agree that Cesaro leaving the WWE if nothing prominent comes up might be the best idea for the final stages of his career.

2 Finn Balor – 35


Balor turning 36 in a couple of months is quite mind blowing to think about. The casual fan would think that the guy was in his late 20s given his abilities inside of the ring and his body that still looks lean as hell. Instead, the Demon King is in his mid 30s and has been wrestling since 2000; do the math, that’s a decade and a half of in-ring work.

Balor seems new particularly because of his rise. He spent years away from the North American wrestling scene performing with New Japan. Even when he finally made the jump to the WWE in 2014, he would have a lengthy stay with NXT only joining the main roster on the day of his 35th birthday, in late July. His run was short lived as he sustained an untimely injury halting his rise to the top. Set to return after WrestleMania, you can expect Balor to pick up right where he left off as a dominant performer.

1 A.J. Styles – 39

Hardcore wrestling fans know A.J.’s been around the block for a while, but for the casual WWE fan, it’s absolutely mind blowing that Styles is set to enter his 40s in just a couple of months. Regarded as the best in the entire WWE, it’s truly hard to believe that a 40 year old is head and shoulders above everybody else in terms of in-ring work.

Without a doubt in A.J.’s case, the experience has only made him better. Wrestling since the late 90s, Styles made a name for himself with ROH and TNA. However, he would undergo a career resurgence leaving TNA for New Japan. Some would argue that had he not taken that route, we might not have seen A.J. in a WWE ring. He added years to his career with the New Japan stint, reinventing himself as a performer. He brought that momentum to the WWE, and he’s now thriving as a standout for the company. Similar to Shawn Michaels, you can expect A.J. to continue on into his late 40s and retire while still being regarded as one of the very best inside the ring.

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