15 WWE Stars Who "Revealed” Too Much And Likely Regretted It

With such a reach on social media, the WWE no longer makes ratings a focal point of the product. The WWE has an insane worldwide reach online, making the TV numbers second fiddle. Nowadays, the lives of WWE Superstars outside of the ring are exposed through the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Although that’s great and all, technology has proven to cause some problems in the past.

A recent hack has rocked the WWE Universe as numerous revealing pictures were made public pertaining to some of our favorite Divas. Some like Paige were still a part of the WWE, but some others like Victoria, Melina and Kaitlyn are no longer with the company, but were still affected by the hack, seeing their personal content go viral. Without a doubt, they wish they could have these private belongings back.

Along with that, we also include other revealing pictures that were intentional at the time, but we have reason to believe the likes of Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman and Maryse, likely regret taking such photos or videos. What all these WWE stars, current and former, have in common is their regret for such revealing pictures going viral. So without further ado, let us begin. Here are 15 WWE stars that had “revealing” pics go public and likely regretted it. Enjoy and be sure to share the article!


15 Melina

The hacks affected several Superstars in 2017 and that even included former WWE star Melina, who had a plethora of revealing pictures go viral. As of April, websites were still reporting on new pictures being leaked. Thankfully, at the age of 38, the California native is somewhat out of the spotlight working the indie circuit with an all new look. For what it’s worth, the pictures posted appear to be from years back but that likely doesn’t change the fact that it invaded her privacy.

Like Victoria, Melina was another terrific worker during her WWE run. The likes of Bret Hart referred to Melina as one of the most impressive performers he’d ever seen. Had it not been for backstage disputes, Melina would have likely enjoyed additional success with the company. However, she wasn’t the easiest to deal with behind the scenes and that shortened her run dramatically. Nowadays, she appears to be much different and humbled, leading to speculation that she might return for one more at some point.

14 Victoria


A former bodybuilder turned pro wrestler, it seems like Victoria made the transition with ease becoming a mainstay on the WWE roster during the early 2000s. Her work inside the squared circle was extremely underrated playing the perfect villain against the likes of Lita and Trish Stratus. The company rewarded her contributions, giving her two Women’s Championship reigns. Those that watched Victoria knew she was worthy of much more.

She left the WWE for TNA and her run as Tara was short-lived due to pay disputes. She would end up leaving the business altogether entering the restaurant industry. Nowadays, she’s still attending wrestling conventions worldwide meeting the fans. At the age of 46, we truly believe she’s worthy of a HOF induction at some point.

As for the revealing pictures, Victoria was unfortunately part of the leak. Some graphic photos were posted, including one of Victoria getting intimate. They didn’t make the headlines like her other peers, but still, they were posted without her consent, making them photos she regrets and obviously, wants deleted.

13 Maryse

Seeing Maryse back in the WWE is quite the sight visually, as the French Canadian looks beautiful and some would even say, she looks better than ever today. Prior to her WWE days, Ouellet served as a model working for companies like Playboy, appearing on the 2007 cover representing her Canadian roots. Looking at all her fame and success today, she might regret taking part in such a revealing shoot.

If she doesn’t regret that, there certainly is another revealing instance she surely would love to have back. An amateur intercourse leak was made of Maryse, where she pretty much bared it all while getting intimate. It’s a moment she likely wishes never happened, and one she wants the fans to completely forget about given her upper echelon status nowadays alongside her husband, The Miz. Although she’s been in multiple revealing situations, she was not a name that surfaced during the recent leaks.

12 Dana Brooke


For decades upon decades, the WWE has had an obsession with the recruitment of bodybuilders given their larger than life physiques. Although the company puts less of an emphasis on that today, it didn’t stop them from recruiting Dana Brooke, a former Arnold Classic Competitor.

With no experience whatsoever, Brooke was welcomed into the Performance Center. Her character work improved dramatically but her in-ring skills were still rather choppy. Nonetheless, the company was high on her and it led to a premature call up. She hasn’t done all that much since, aside from taking part in some awkward one-on-one encounters.

During the leak, Dana’s name did surface, although the pictures weren’t too graphic compared to her counterparts. With a career as a bodybuilder, Dana taking such photos shouldn’t be all that surprising but still, it invaded her personal space and she likely regrets them being posted to the public without her consent.

11 Kaitlyn

Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn, is only 30 if you can believe it. Like her fellow Diva Eve Torres, Kaitlyn chose to leave the WWE at a young age in search for a fresh start in another industry, which turned out to be the fitness industry.

Living life under the name of Celeste Bonin, the former WWE Diva looks quite different in comparison to her WWE days. With over half a million followers on Instagram, Kaitlyn is rocking social media with her stunning and revealing pictures on the regular. The pictures she posts today are okay, however, numerous pictures were posted recently without her consent and were quite revealing.

Yes, Kaitlyn was another unfortunate name to be part of the recent leak. Kaitlyn had several revealing photos get leaked, with new ones still being added without her consent. Without a doubt, we truly believe she regrets these pictures going viral as they're quite revealing and ones she surely didn’t want to see go public.

10 Mickie James


Entering a storyline with Trish Stratus, Mickie James rose to superstardom early on in her WWE days becoming a big time fan favorite and later, a great heel. The WWE booked her as such, putting her on the forefront of the division for years. She held the Women’s Championship five-times, along with a Divas Title run. A six-time champion sounds great, but even Mickie knows she could have achieved even more had it not been for backstage drama.

You all likely know the story, with a love triangle that included John Cena, James booked her ticket out of the company. She would join TNA after that and it seemed like the WWE Universe saw the last of her. However, after an NXT return, the company decided to offer her a contract and one that’s been well warranted to this point.

As for the leak, it wasn’t a recent leak like the others; instead a plethora of revealing shoots that took place before her WWE career. The photos are quite revealing and seeing that she’s a proud mom nowadays, James likely regrets taking the photos.

9 Gail Kim

This entry is quite surprising given Gail’s professionalism as a brilliant in-ring performer throughout the years. However, during her WWE departure, Kim took part in a revealing shoot that certainly turned a couple of heads. Rumor has it that McMahon failed to push Kim because of his inability to find her “appealing”. However, no disrespect to Meekmahan, but these pictures indicate otherwise as Kim looks absolutely stunning while barring it all.

Not only did she prove Vince wrong with the shoot, she would even prove him wrong in the ring becoming a stud for TNA. Becoming a six-time Champion, Kim is arguably the greatest female performer in TNA history. What makes it all so hard to digest is the fact that the WWE made her walk for absolutely nothing. Kim has vowed to never return, but we hope that sentiment changes at some point. Given all her great accomplishments in the ring, she likely regrets taking the revealing photos.


8 Seth Rollins


This is a name nobody expected to see on such a list, but back in February of 2015, a revealing picture was posted of Rollins. No, it wasn’t done by a hacker, but instead, his ex that posted the revealing photo on Twitter. Seth’s ex-fiancée saw red after she found revealing photos of Schreiber (a former NXT talent) that were sent to Seth. Schultz put the revealing photo of Zahra up on Seth’s Twitter, and later proceeded the onslaught by posting pictures of Seth. Luckily for Rollins, the situation eventually quieted down, with the WWE not opting to punish their golden boy.

Those days are now officially a thing of the past as Schreiber’s not only out of the company, but she also split with Rollins soon after. At the age of 30, Seth is currently in the prime of his career and we truly believe the WWE is quite happy that he has no more distractions. However, Seth certainly wishes the pics were never posted, especially with the amount of memes that were made following the leaked images.

7 Brad Maddox

Going off script and using the term “c*cky pricks”, Brad was released by the WWE. Following his departure, many fans thought that would be the last we ever heard of Maddox. He briefly worked the indies and later, decided to change career paths entering the world of acting.

He had a new name on his social media accounts and became an afterthought. However, after the leaked Paige content, his name was brought back into the forefront after he was revealed to be in most of the videos taking part in intercourse antics with Paige. Instead of addressing the situation, Maddox chose a different route by not addressing anything, and deleting all his social media. Not being in the spotlight any longer, it seems Brad didn’t feel the need to address the situation. Whatever the case might be, we have reason to believe that he wishes such private content was never made public as it hurt his image pretty badly, even if he wasn’t in the limelight any longer.

6 Sean Waltman


Before we begin, we’d like to send out our very best to Waltman, who’s currently dealing with some personal issues. Fans worried when Sean no-showed an indie event in the UK, deeming he had gone missing. Waltman’s status was recently updated as he’s dealing with some issues and he’ll speak about them in the next couple of days. We wish nothing but the best for the 44 year old Minneapolis native.

For X-Pac, things weren’t always the easiest growing up. He lived with a single mom, pretty much raising himself. He found massive success in pro wrestling, but later, that success would cause a downward spiral. Things hit a big low for ‘Pac when he put out a revealing video with Chyna, that later turned into a DVD entitled, One Night In Chyna. The two would continue their toxic relationship but thankfully, it would eventually come to an end.

Heeling his wounds, Waltman has expressed that he regrets the situation. We hope nothing but the best for the former WWE Superstar as he continues his recovery nowadays.

5 Paige

Becoming the youngest Divas Champion in history at the age of 21, it seemed like Paige was set to rule the company for a very long time. However, things would start to spiral once she embarked in a relationship with Alberto Del Rio. Everything that could have gone wrong truly did, as Del Rio was out of the company shortly after, while Paige remained on the sidelines failing multiple Wellness Exams. Things reached a new low during WrestleMania season when revealing pictures and videos of Paige were made public. The private content shattered Paige and her relationship with the WWE.

Without a doubt, she regrets the content going public, and her relationship with the WWE remains in question. Del Rio continues to poke the WWE. He accused the WWE themselves of leaking the pictures only adding to the drama. At this point, it seems like Paige’s days with the WWE are over.

4 Xavier Woods


A name you’d never expect to see on such a list, Xavier Woods was implicated in a leak scandal featuring fellow co-worker Paige and former WWE Superstar Brad Maddox. One of the videos featured Paige getting intimate with Woods in an unlikely scenario which wrestling fans couldn’t even dream of. Xavier’s name went viral and surely, he regrets such a private ordeal going public.

However, to his credit, Woods dealt with the situation in the best possible manner. Woods continued on with the company, even poking some fun at himself. He’s now over on SmackDown Live, setting the table for a fresh new start. He’s also still quite active on YouTube with the UPDOWN series still gathering many fans. In truth, the revealing content was pretty bad, but we have to applaud Xavier for the way he handled it all. We can now safely say it’s a thing of the past.

3 Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels becoming a Born Again Christian seemed to be an absolute necessity judging by his way of life prior to his 2002 return. Throughout the 90s, Michaels infused his body with drugs and alcohol. Along with that, his ego was through the roof, making numerous irrational decisions which included, posing nude for Playgirl, something he likely regrets today.

Unlike so many others, Michaels would rewrite all of his wrongs, turning to faith. With a new set of beliefs and being able to put the past in the past, Michaels would endure a heroic return in 2002 adding almost a decade to his career while remarkably still performing at the very top of his game. There’s a lot HBK regrets about his life, however, we applaud The Showstopper for such an astonishing turnaround. He’s retired today, but still serving as a helping hand assisting Triple H down in NXT from time to time. I think we can all agree, this guy needs a movie on his life.

2 Hulk Hogan


Making headlines nowadays for wanting to join the Bullet Club and for his creepy used bandanna collection, we have to give Hogan some credit for overcoming that terrible storm, which started with revealing content pertaining to the Hulkster taking part in some intercourse. That was really bad, but what followed turned out to be worse as Hogan was caught using racial slurs during the revealing video. It ultimately cost Hogan his job with the WWE, but he did manage to have the last laugh taking Gawker to court, and suing them for every last penny they were worth.

The consequences of the leak were quite frankly awful, but it seems like there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Hulk, after he chose the wise decision to lay low for a couple of years. With Triple H admitting to being open for a future Hogan return, it seems like the Hulkster overcame this terrible incident once and for all.

1 Lana

Before she joined the WWE ranks, Lana was in search of stardom taking gigs in both the music and acting industries. Lana had an album release in 2009, along with appearing on various movie screens and television sets. Her most noteworthy appearance took part in the musical Pitch Perfect 2.

She also took part in a number of smaller budget shows and movies, some of which she likely regrets. Back in 2013, before signing with the WWE, Lana appeared on the TV show Banshee. Her cameo was quite forgettable as the content was quite revealing, featuring Lana topless, while getting intimate with another man inside of the bathroom of a casino and no, the dude wasn’t Rusev. Given all of her fame today as a WWE and Total Divas star, we have reason to believe she likely regrets the revealing cameo playing the role of Crystal on the HBO series.

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