15 WWE Divas You Didn’t Realize Have A Certain “Not So PG” Asset

So you’re probably wondering, what does it mean to have a “Not So PG” asset? The meaning is simple; it’s having an asset that might be a little too hot for WWE television. With the new PG rating, the WWE might not be too comfortable with showcasing these women in such a manner or highlighting such a body part (unlike the late 90s/early 2000s).

Of course, every Diva has the specific asset we know them for. Stephanie has her “puppies”, Nikki Bella has her “money-maker” and even Lana has those hypnotic legs. In this article however, we step out of the norm and take a look at other “Not So PG” assets the current crop of Divas have at their disposal, and in truth, even you the viewer, might not have noticed. In all likelihood, you were too busy staring at their top assets (like for Sasha it's her booty, but she might have another “Not So PG” asset you didn’t notice).

Enjoy the article featuring these 15 beautiful women currently on the WWE roster. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. So without further ado, here are 15 WWE Divas you probably didn’t realize have “Not So PG” assets. We kick off the article with the boss; no, not Sasha, but the actual legit boss, Stephanie McMahon and her lovely booty gains! Ring the bell!


15 Stephanie McMahon – She’s Got Booty

Let’s be honest, when we think of Stephanie McMahon and her assets, the first thing the mind likely races to is her chest area, which was on full display during the Attitude Era. During that time, Stephanie got a little enhancement surgery, and man oh man, did it ever stir things up!

We’ve appreciated the cleavage for years and years, but another McMahon asset we rarely discuss is, well, her backside. Steph has been putting in the work outside of the WWE and it's really been paying off as she appears to be in the best shape of her life, undergoing midnight workouts in her own basement alongside hubby Triple H. Seems like she’s getting in an extra couple of squat sessions, as evidenced by her booty gains over the years. She’s the total package folks, both front and back.

14 Sasha Banks – Cleavage


Similar to Stephanie, when we think of Sasha, a certain asset quickly jumps in our minds and that’s her booty. Heck, Banks even has a Twitter account dedicated to her fine backside. Whether it’s inside the ring with her tightly fitted ring attire, or outside of the ring rocking a stunning outfit, that darn booty always comes across as the true hero.

However, during a recent addition of Raw, some might have noticed a little extra cleavage when it came to Sasha’s attire. Admit it, your eyes were wondering a little bit looking at her white, “Not So PG” cleavage filled attire for the night. Like McMahon, it proved that Banks is also the total package, front, back and heck, even side-to-side. At the tender age of 25, you can only expect those fine “assets” to improve as the years go by.

13 Charlotte Flair – Queen Of The Cleavage

It’s still truly surreal to fathom all the success Charlotte Flair has gathered since entering the WWE a couple of years back. She picked up the trade with ease, and she’s now regarded as one of the, if not the, very best in the world. It isn’t everyday that you see a female that is nearly six feet tall, perform a big boot and moonsault during the same match. She’s truly something special.

Something that has flown under the radar due to her in-ring success is her natural beauty. In terms of assets, Charlotte has it all going on, from excellent facial features, to even some major glute gains in the past years, in large part thanks to her rigorous squat sessions away from the ring. Another “Not So PG” asset, is, well, her chest area, which appears to be on full display as she enters the ring with her breathtaking attire.

12 Cathy Kelley – The Total Package


One can make the argument that the WWE’s social media correspondent Cathy Kelley, is the hottest female in the entire WWE. Although, that rarely gets mentioned given her role as a non-wrestler and more of a personality.

She signed with the company back in 2016, and she’s been working short skits via the head offices in Stamford. Take a quick look at this underrated beauty, and you’ll realize she’s the total package from head-to-toe. In terms of fine assets, her booty is the true hero of the Riddler Halloween costume above, however one can even say that she’s blessed in the chest as well. Rumor has it Finn Balor is dating the 28 year old and we applaud The Demon King for scoring such a gem. Look for the WWE to showcase the Oak Park, Illinois native more in the future as she gains experience within the WWE system.

11 Renee Young – Eating Them Booty O’s

Speaking of backstage correspondents, we now shift our attention to the lovely 31 year old Canadian, Renee Young. The Toronto native has been with the company since 2012, and it looks like her role just gets bigger and bigger throughout the years. In truth, she deserves every bit of the success as she’s hands down, the top backstage personality in the company. Like truly, it isn’t even close.

Along with having the wits, Young also has the look. Dean Ambrose is a lucky dude to have married such a looker that appears to have a certain underrated “asset”. Whether she was shaking it on Total Divas (in a bikini), or in a photoshoot as you see in the picture above, we can all agree Young is blessed with quite the derriere. Outside of the ring, it’s evident she’s hitting the gym and likely, eating them New Day products.

10 Becky Lynch – LASS Kicker


Lass Kicker is actually a pretty accurate nickname for Becky Lynch. Not only does she kick some serious booty in the ring, but she’s no slouch in the department herself. Like most of the others on the list, Lynch undergoes an intense training style during her days off. Seems like those gains are going straight to booty-ville!

Just entering her 30s, the Dublin native still has quite the road to travel with the company. The WWE obviously knows what they have in the talent, crowning her the first ever SmackDown Live Women’s Champion. She’s the most over female performer on the Tuesday Show and you can fully expect that to continue as we head into the next couple of years. In truth, the Women’s Division is undergoing a special time with such talents, so in the words of Chris Jericho, “Let’s drink it in, mannn”.

9 Brie Bella – Chest Gains

It’s truly hard to believe but it’s almost been a year and a half since we last saw Brie Bella on WWE television. She competed in her final match before her hiatus at the WM 32 Pre-Show back in April of 2016. Bella left the company with the mindset of starting a family alongside husband and WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

Brie has done exactly that during her time away, recently giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, Birdie Joe Danielson, born on May 9th. Brie now plans on raising the child and returning to the ring in the near future, alongside her sister who’s also vowed to return at some point. For now, Brie continues to enjoy her time off as a proud mom, and some would say, she looks more like Nikki nowadays because of the growth of a certain “Not So PG” asset.


8 Summer Rae – She’s Got Legs


Move over Stacy Keibler, cause this Diva has got some legs as well! In truth, you probably forgot about her “Not So PG” assets cause she’s been MIA for quite some time. Her last noteworthy matchup took place at the WM 32 Pre-Show, to put things into perspective. After getting drafted to Raw in the 2016 selection process, we’ve yet to see her back.

Yup, we do live in a world that sees the likes of Lana and Tamina getting television time, while the beautiful Summer continues to wait on the sidelines with nothing in the works. We understand that she isn’t the most gifted in the ring, but she has the charisma and personality to back things up, better than Lana and Tamina that’s for darn sure. For now, we’ll just keep ogling at her Instagram pics and “Not So PG” assets.

7 Dana Brooke – Bench Press Power

Dana Brooke is likely another name you’ve forgotten about recently. Wrestling pundits mocked the WWE for calling her up so early, and like usual, the pundits were right on the money as Brooke just wasn’t ready for the pressure of live TV. She’s said to be a pro backstage but in truth, that shouldn’t have validated a debut onto the main roster so early.

At this point, her career remains in limbo as she’s rarely showcased in a match, aside from the odd time Dana’s putting someone over. More time off can only do her some good as she works on her craft in the ring. She doesn’t need any extra gym time that’s for sure with those glutes looking like they are made out of steel. In addition, she has another underrated pair of “Not So PG” assets. Let’s just say, it looks like her bench press skills are pretty darn good...

6 Maryse – Glute Gains


Maryse’s return to the WWE has worked wonders, not only for herself, but even The Miz, who seems to be taking his character to another level. Heck, the duo even elevated the likes of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas to main event performers on a recent edition of Monday Night Raw. She’s just elevating everyone as it seems!

Along with her excellent managerial skills and breathtaking accent, Maryse is obviously quite the stunner visually with several “Not So PG” assets at her disposal. The first thing we instantly think about is, well, that cleavage typically featured on Raw. Although, she’s also got some “Not So PG” booty gains, as evidenced by the picture above taken off her Instagram account. You can ogle a variety of other similar pictures on her social media page! Sorry, Miz.

5 Emma – Booty For Days... And Days

Similar to Summer Rae, Emma’s booking has been a disaster as of late. It seemed like the WWE was finally giving her a huge push with the Emmalina gimmick, but once that inexplicably fell through the cracks, it was back to a stale gimmick, not doing anything relevant on Raw.

Unlike Summer, Emma can also back it up inside of the ring, which leaves us wondering how the hell she’s being so under-utilized at the moment. Emma also seems pretty down and focusing on other things as evidenced by her Instagram account which has a slew of modelling type of photos. You’d think she was a perfect ten model and not a WWE Superstar. The photo above likely dropped your jaw to the ground as Emma poses in this “Not So PG” picture, via her Instagram account.

4 Naomi – Got Cleavage? Yes...


We’ve seen this more times than not in the WWE; sometimes, a lackluster character can plague a wrestler to the point that there’s no turning back. Taking part in the Funkadactyls group, it seemed like Naomi would be out of the WWE following the demise of the angle.

Instead, she turned things around by focusing on her in-ring work. She’s now a multiple time SmackDown Live Champion, and we can say she deserves every bit of that recognition given her incredible improvements over the years.

In terms of appeal, we know Naomi for a certain asset (of course), however she’s no slouch in the front either as she rocks a top filled with cleavage in the “Not So PG” shot above. Naomi has it all going on from the look to the in-ring ability. Not hard to realize why she’s on top of the division at the moment.

3 Alexa Bliss – Thick Lower Body

Of course, everyone admires Bliss’ fine looking booty, but what about those “Not So PG” legs? Looking at Alexa throughout the years, she’s certainly filled out quite a bit, particularly in her lower booty... Sorry. We mean body. We applaud her glute gains, along with those stunning hamstrings and quads. Well done Alexa, now go pound some more carbohydrates please!

Along with eating carbs and growing her body out, Bliss is enjoying a push of a lifetime as the current Raw Women’s Champion. Along with the thrill of holding the title, she’s the first ever female to win both the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championships. An accomplishment nobody can ever take away from her.

2 Eva Marie – T & A Action


Absent since the summer of 2016, Eva has been a major bust. The company had high hopes for the 32 year old given her tremendous physical features. However, in this day and age, you need the skillset to back it up and Eva hasn’t responded in that regard. Her time with the WWE is likely up, making her one of the biggest busts of the 2000s given her high ceiling.

One thing we can’t take away from her are those stunning good looks. From the red hair, to the “Not So PG” chest area, Eva has it going on visually that’s for darn sure, hate or love her. Another “Not So PG” asset she maintains but doesn’t flaunt as much is her backside. Eva has seen her booty increase dramatically throughout the last couple of years and for that, we applaud her efforts in and out of the gym. But in truth, the applause ends there.

1 Bayley – BGB: Bayley Got Booty

We end the article with a WWE Superstar you wouldn’t associate with anything “Not So PG” related, and that’s the beloved fan favorite Bayley. Her persona and gimmick was made for the younger audience, thus sex appeal really wasn’t the goal of her look. Given her hard work outside of the ring, however, she’s developed a certain asset.

Fans have taken notice at a certain “Not So PG” asset, and that’s Bayley’s booty. Like her fellow Four Horsewomen stable-mate Sasha, fans went as far as to create a Twitter account dedicated to her glute gains. Judging by the candid photos, the fanbase is truly onto something as Bayley has undergone quite the noticeable changes to her backside in the last couple of years, and we're not complaining...

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