15 WWE Divas Who Look Hot While Working Out

The women of WWE have always been a common topic of discussion among wrestling fans. Even at its lowest points, the women’s division has been more than just a special attraction; it has always been shrouded in different types of controversy. In the 1990s, the Women’s Championship was completely abandoned on more than one occasion, leaving fans of women’s wrestling out in the cold as the World Wrestling Federation showed little interest in investing in its female performers.

At the turn of the century, things began to change. WWE began referring to its women wrestlers as “Divas,” and women like Trish Stratus and Lita brought the division to a new level. Soon there was the Divas Championship, which was used instead of the Women’s Championship, and an era of Divas who were used sparingly and in less physical matches. That era lasted until 2016 when the Divas title was retired in favor of two new Women’s Championships, one exclusive to Raw and one to SmackDown.

Whatever the era, however, the Divas of WWE have always been a sight to behold. Even when not marketed for their looks, the women of the wrestling ring have been an outright fascination among fans, especially the straight male audience. One sensation that has taken over the internet is an abundance of selfies WWE Divas are posting of themselves wearing yoga pants and it’s setting the men of the WWE Universe on fire.


15 Brie Bella


It can be argued Brie Bella and her twin sister Nikki have dominated the women’s division of WWE across multiple eras, making them two of the most popular and influential Divas in the history of the business. The Bella Twins persisted over the majority of a decade, continuously reinventing themselves and improving their in-ring game. If you can name any woman who has stepped foot in WWE throughout the reign of the Bellas, the twins have almost certainly feuded with her.

Despite her recent retirement from the ring in order to start a family with her husband and fellow retired WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, she continues to work for WWE in the capacity of a reality television star on Total Divas and Total Bellas. She’s expecting her first child now, but have no doubt: her trademark lean figure will still be intact for motherhood. Here is a shot of Brie before the baby bump in yoga pants, showing us all that she’s set to become the hottest mom in wrestling.

14 Natalya

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Natalya’s widely known as a member of the extensive and legendary Hart Family, a family that includes the likes of Owen Hart, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart, and Natalya’s father Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Wrestling talent must be in the blood, because for the better part of a decade Natalya has been wrestling circles not just around her fellow Divas, but also the male Superstars of WWE. She has rarely received the recognition she’s deserved, but Natalya certainly helps along the younger crops of WWE women as she competes with and against them and she does have a reign as the Divas Champion on her record.

Nattie’s not just one of the best female wrestlers of all time, she’s also smoking hot and that is evident to anyone who follows her various social media accounts. She takes a lot of selfies for Instagram, many of them while wearing yoga pants such as this one. Natalya is toned and gorgeous and will always look good in just about anything.

13 Carmella

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She might be one of the newest Superstars on SmackDown Live, but Carmella has been killing it in NXT for years with her infectious combination of charm, athleticism and good looks. The “princess of Staten Island” developed a large portion of her fan following as the manager and fellow mouthpiece of the team of Big Cass and Enzo Amore as the trio rose up through the ranks of developmental. Upon the inception of the 2016 brand extension, though, she got a chance to break out on her own when Cass and Enzo were drafted to Raw and Carmella was drafted to SmackDown.

Since joining the blue brand, she’s been involved heavily in a rivalry with Nikki Bella and has proven she’s got some wild skills on the microphone. It’s also clear to anyone with eyes just how she knows how to slay it in tight pants, like she’s doing in this photo.

12 Summer Rae


Summer Rae has been a part of WWE for quite a few years now, starting her training in NXT teaming with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks, before making her official debut on the main roster as the dance partner of Fandango. Since then Summer has undergone many character makeovers, having been the romantic love interest of Rusev and managing Tyler Breeze. Her wrestling skills leave something to be desired, but she certainly fits the bill of what the quintessential Diva was upon the time of her arrival in the company.

Lacking the in ring talents of many of her fellow Divas, Summer Rae’s true appeal lies in her charisma and ability to make other men and women look good for the camera, not to mention her good looks.

11 Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox is another woman who has been with WWE for a very long time, first appearing as the wedding planner for Edge and Vickie Guerrero but soon transitioning into an active in ring role. She captured the Divas Championship but over the years has been consistently relegated to an enhancement position, frequently being used to give other women a quick win. Nonetheless, Alicia is certainly a veteran of the ring and one of the longest tenured female performers in the company.

Despite her position on the roster for many years now, Alicia Fox knows how to hold her own in a wrestling match. Her athleticism is off the charts and she’s nothing if not easy on the eyes, too. Alicia’s got an adorable smile and a lean build, which she keeps totally ripped as seen in this photo where she can be seen wearing yoga pants after a workout with some friends.

10 Mandy Rose


The gorgeous Mandy Rose first graced the television sets of the WWE Universe during the WWE Tough Enough tournament in 2015. The former fitness model known then by her real name, Amanda Saccomanno, made an impression on audiences and came in second in the competition, just behind winners Sara Lee and Josh Bredl. Following the conclusion of Tough Enough, Mandy signed a five year contract with WWE and reported to the company’s developmental territory, NXT, where she has made remarkable strides and taken to the business quickly as a heel in the women’s division.

Mandy Rose’s blonde hair and full lips certainly have attracted a large male following among the WWE fans, and her body is on point, too. Mandy is in fantastic shape and she shows off her figure frequently on social media. Here is a photo from her Instagram account where she is looking very nice in a pair of yoga pants.

9 Eva Marie


Eva Marie is one of the most polarizing figures to ever step foot in WWE’s women’s division. Miss “All Red Everything” was brought on board solely for her good looks and immediately signed on for the Total Divas reality show which has, of course, become a big hit. Eva’s complete lack of charisma in her early days saw that she stood out like a sore thumb among more talented Divas, and as she was forced to learn her wrestling trade in front of live television cameras the world quickly realized she wasn’t exactly bringing athleticism to the table to make up for it.

After some time in NXT, Eva has again rejoined the main roster as a part of SmackDown Live, where she continues to draw the same extremely negative crowd reactions she’s received from day one. She does consistently improve her game, however slowly, and has become a draw for the Divas despite her cool receptions. Eva is active on social media and, as can be seen here, knows how to wear yoga paints with the best of them.


8 Dana Brooke


As a former model and bodybuilder who just happens to feel completely confident in front of cameras and a live crowd, Dana Brooke was an obviously perfect match for the world of professional wrestling. She signed on to NXT under a developmental contract in order to learn the craft of WWE and the company widely publicized Brooke’s participation in the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival. She fought through injuries in order to make her way to the main roster as a part of Monday Night Raw, where she currently competes.

Dana’s charisma, confidence, athleticism and beauty have brought her this far in WWE, and we can expect her to go much further as her young career has only just begun. As a fitness nut, Dana posts many full body pictures of herself on Instagram and, as can be seen in this one, she should probably always be wearing skin tight pants.

7 Sasha Banks

Not since the days of Trish Stratus and Lita has any woman captured the hearts of the WWE Universe on the monstrous level of Sasha Banks. Sasha is without a doubt the most popular Diva on the WWE roster and as young as her wrestling career is, she has given the company many of its greatest women’s matches of all time. She’s outspoken about her love of wrestling and her rejection of the notion that women should be used only for eye candy in WWE, and she notes her adoration of Eddie Guerrero as her number one inspiration in the sport, which can be seen frequently in her in ring style.

Sasha Banks may not take kindly to being seen as just a hot body, but that doesn’t mean she’s not got one of those, too. She’s beautiful and keeps herself in remarkable shape. In this photo from Instagram, Sasha shows us just how she can rock yoga pants like a true boss.

6 Nikki Bella


As we’ve already discussed, few women have been as influential for the WWE Divas division as the Bella Twins. Nikki Bella, in particular, was the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time at 301 days before that title was retired in favor of the modern Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championships. Nikki, who is one of the top stars on WWE’s reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas, has ironically been the target of accusations by fans that she can’t wrestle, despite the fact that she has consistently improved her ring game and kept it fresh over the years.

As much as Nikki is beloved by little girls who watch the sport, she’s adored by male fans for her smoking hot body, which is always adorned in small ring gear which leaves very little to the imagination. One quick glance at Nikki in yoga pants tells you all you need to know about just how lucky her boyfriend, WWE megastar John Cena, really is.

5 Emma

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Emma, also known now as Emmalina, has become somewhat known for being one of the most underrated female Superstars in WWE. Across the ring from Paige, Emma helped ignite the spark of the modern women’s wrestling revolution when the two on-screen rivals and real life friends clashed at the closure of a tournament that crowned Paige as the first ever NXT Women’s Champion. Unfortunately, Emma was stuck with a silly dancing gimmick which never went anywhere once she joined the main roster and she was forced to reinvent her game back in NXT.

Just as Emma was picking up momentum again on Raw and SmackDown, she injured her back and was put on the shelf for several months, but in her time off she kept busy with a slew of sexy Instagram photos like this one here where she shows us all exactly how yoga pants are meant to be worn.

4 Naomi


Naomi has become something of a veteran of the WWE Divas division, having competed for the company for several years now and undergone many character makeovers. She’s often put over by the commentary team as the most athletic woman on the WWE roster, and it’s obvious why once you’ve seen one of her matches. Naomi has an incredible vertical leap and is agile on a freaky level. It’s true that there likely isn’t a single woman in the division who could keep up with Naomi in these areas, and as seen by her entrance she’s a killer dancer to boot!

Naomi’s certainly a very talented female wrestler, but let’s not discount her other fine attributes. If you ask any straight male fan of WWE who Naomi is they’ll probably start telling you enthusiastically about what she packs in the trunk. As seen in this image here, posted by Naomi to Instagram during a workout, she fills out a pair of yoga pants more than sufficiently.

3 Charlotte Flair

If we’re talking about how many classic matches Sasha Banks has already provided wrestling fans throughout her very young in ring career, we’ve got to add Charlotte Flair to the discussion. It’s entirely possible that Charlotte and Sasha will go down as the greatest rival each of them will ever have, and that they’ll be known as a modern day Trish Stratus and Lita for their heated feuds. The higher powers at WWE have been so impressed with the near flawless in ring work of Charlotte and Sasha that the two women went to war inside the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match, and it was the main event of the annual pay-per-view named for that contest.

Charlotte Flair’s family history has been discussed at length, but the history her father Ric Flair made should never be used to detract from her personal achievements, of which there have been many. This multiple time Women’s Champion could out-wrestle many of WWE’s men and she would look damn good doing it, especially in pants as tight as these.

2 Lana


Lana and her husband Rusev have become one of WWE’s most consistently entertaining acts in recent years, despite a brief time when the two were separated on screen. Rusev is a great in ring performer, but the “Ravishing Russian” is his mouthpiece, a job she is marvellous at. Lana is quite popular despite the fact that she knows just how to deliver a line to draw a sea of boos and that is largely due to her on screen charisma and her remarkably hot body.

Lana is indeed a true beauty and she knows just how to rock a tight dress and drive the men in the audience absolutely bonkers. What many fans may not know is that Lana is quite athletic and was once a break dancer. She keeps herself in top shape and obviously wears yoga pants just as well as, if not better than, she delivers a heel promo.

1 Paige

When Paige, known previously on the independent scene as Britani Knight, first joined NXT under a developmental contract, fans of women’s wrestling, which at the time was almost non-existent in WWE’s Divas division, rejoiced. They were certain that Paige would bring about true change for women in the company and that’s certainly true, as she and Emma wrestled a classic match to crown Paige as the inaugural NXT Women’s Champion. Paige is one of the WWE women’s division’s best and most consistent workers, although she has recently been involved in some drama with the company following two wellness policy violations.

Paige’s entire gimmick is that of an “anti-Diva,” a hot goth chick who refuses to adhere to the expectations that she should go blonde and dress in bright colors. It’s a look she rocks to perfection, too, as we can all see in this photo where Paige shows the world how yoga pants were meant to be modelled.

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