15 WWE Divas We Wouldn't Mind Seeing Get Hacked

The leak of Paige’s personal photos and videos was part of a larger leak allegedly featuring photos of celebs like Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson

While everybody else was out partying and won’t remember the specifics of their day depending on the amount they drank, for Saraya Jade Bevis, best known as WWE women’s wrestler Paige, St. Patrick’s Day 2017 will be remembered as the day her most private moments were made public for the world to see. A collection of intimate photo of Paige were posted on the Internet showing the former champion in various states of undress and performing sexual acts on herself and a couple of other WWE wrestlers.

To her credit, it only took about 12 hours for Paige to confirm it was her on Twitter, although that’s all she said on the matter. It’s believed the photos were years old since they featured the NXT women’s championship, a title Paige hasn’t held since before early 2014. The leak of Paige’s personal photos and videos was part of a larger leak allegedly featuring photos of celebrities like Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson similar to the large one that happened in the Summer of 2014.

Yes, it’s an invasion of privacy. But it’s also what happens when you’re dumb enough to be famous, take pictures of yourself naked and store them in a way that you can be hacked. It’s not an excuse for the hackers, but there are ways to not make their job easier. If there is going to be more releases, who on the current WWE roster would we be the females we’d be most excited about? Let’s dream about the possibilities. Here are 15 Other WWE Divas We Wouldn’t Mind Seeing Get Hacked.

15 Renee Young

We know the Dean Ambrose “unhinged” character is just that - a character, but based on what we’ve heard other people say, he is a little bit of a different cat behind the scenes than your average wrestler. He’s quiet, keeps to himself and oh, yeah, is dating one of the hottest, most charming interviewers in the history of the business. When you’re able to travel with your girlfriend, you’re able to have more intimate time with your girlfriend, so you’ve got to keep things interesting, right? She’s in broadcasting, having actually been a real-life sports announcer under her real name Renee Paquette before joining WWE, so she knows her way around a camera. She’s cool doing the Total Divas thing and started to participate in a storyline for 5 minutes before the whole Miz/Dean thing was dropped in favor of Miz/Cena. It could happen.

14 Alexa Bliss

Lexi Kaufman plays her character so well, the angry, bratty little entitled beauty that if she came out with a sex tape or a folder full of deviant naked photos, wrestling fans probably wouldn’t be all that surprised because they’d see Alexa Bliss. However, if you do some research and learn about the former fitness model who had crippling anxiety and a horrible eating disorder, you’d probably put her more into the category of somebody who wouldn’t make a tape like that. Her boyfriend is Buddy Murphy, who had some success in NXT in a tag team with Wesley Blake although after she left as their valet and went onto success on SmackDown. Before becoming a wrestler, she did appear in very skimpy outfits, including thongs, as a fitness competitor. The Holy Grail would be if photos turned up when she was going through her Harley Quinn phase.

13 Emma

She was supposed to reappear in late 2016 under the new character of Emmalina, but apparently scriptwriters never figured out what to do with her so vignette after vignette aired..17 weeks of them total, until she appeared in full fancy evening gown and announced Emmalina was dead and Emma was soon to reappear. It’s been a rough ride in WWE for Emma, bouncing between NXT and WWE in between injuries and stints dating Zack Ryder. If there was one wrestler who might actually benefit from having a release of adult-oriented photos - assuming they didn’t get fired - it might actually be Emma. The quicker people forget about the whole Emmalina debacle and move onto other things, even something as scandalous as this, the better it could be for her career. Or maybe we’re just trying to rationalize.

12 Sasha Banks

Sasha is another one of those wrestlers like Bayley whom we would be very surprised to see any kind of sex scandal to come out of because she just seems to have a combination of "too nice" to do anything like Paige is seen doing in her photos and videos and "too smart" to get nabbed by hackers even if she did something in the first place. Sasha was on the Internet not long ago admitting to getting married but not wanting to admit it for months out of fear of how her fans might react and treat her husband. If she has that kind of advance thought about things, it’s hard to believe we’re ever going to find out someone has their hands on explicit photos of Sasha because she’d never be dumb enough to let somebody take one.

11 Summer Rae

If somebody needs to take to Twitter multiple times in the days following Paige’s photo and video release to make sure that everybody knows she doesn’t have anything that is going to be released, it immediately makes us think this person has a lot of things hiding and is praying they aren’t going to be released. Much like Emma, we think a photo release might actually help Summer Rae’s career. She got caught in that weird time period between the transition from models to wrestlers where a lot of women fell through the cracks. It’s kind of amazing she is still employed. In NXT she had a decent run, but aside from serving as the longest partner of Fandango, very little has happened in her career and it shows no signs of life. We’re not encouraging her to shoot some nasty selfies and leak them, but...well, yeah, we are.

10 Alicia Fox

When the WWE announced that their summertime cruiserweight tournament was going to be made into a weekly television show on the network, you would have needed a crystal ball to guess one of the biggest stars on that show was going to be Alicia Fox, who was lost in the shuffle. The whole “Divas’ Revolution” thing with teams of three had played out and her role on Team Bella never morphed into other things. Somebody got the bright idea to pair her with Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar in a love triangle and she’s been the object of affection as the only female on the show. She’s been in WWE for years and you’d think since the writers love having elements of real life on the show, there might be something to the crazy character who needs a man. Maybe she needs a camera, too?

9 JoJo

There are always women who come into the WWE and years later seem to be in a much diminished role than they were originally destined for. We were introduced to JoJo the same time we first met Eva Marie, during the first episode ever of Total Divas. As we know, both have been total fails as wrestlers and with the charisma of a wet paper bag, JoJo was sent packing from the show after one season, landing in NXT as an interviewer and ring announcer. When Cody Rhodes and his SmackDown ring announcer wife Eden Stiles left WWE, it opened the door for JoJo to be a full-time main roster ring announcer, but there’s very little we know about this woman. She could be a saint or the ultimate sinner. Maybe that’s what makes her so interesting and keeps us wondering if there could be a photo scandal in her near future.

8 Charlotte

If there isn’t at least a half-dozen videotapes and shoeboxes full of Polaroids of Charlotte Flair’s father Ric from his life on the road from back in the day floating around the South somewhere, we’d actually be very disappointed. With all that talk of riding Space Mountain, wining and dining, stylin’ and profilin’ - we’d hate to think it was just for promos. Charlotte claims she’s superior because of the DNA and maybe she got the party gene from her dad. We know she’s already been married twice and there has been at least one occasion where police have been called to her house to handle domestic issues. Does this equal having a sex tape? No, but it shows someone who isn’t always making the best decisions, which is a key factor in being willing to make a sex tape in a first place.

7 Dana Brooke

We can’t figure out exactly who Dana Brooke is and it might be because the woman behind the character, Ashley Sebera, is such a horrible actress...or maybe she’s a great actress. Maybe in real life, she’s a one-dimensional person who is among the most boring people on earth to be around because since arriving on Monday Night Raw, first with Emma and then as Charlotte’s sidekick, we can’t figure this woman out. She’s not good at talking, she’s not very good at wrestling, her timing sucks and we really don’t care what happens with her or her character at any point she’s on our screen. The only screen we’d ever care to see her on is our computer screen after having been hacked. And hopefully those photos would be a few years old because the former fitness model looked a whole lot more toned during her NXT days than she ever has while working for the main roster.

6 Naomi

If somebody came running up to you and said, “Oh my God! Did you hear? Naomi got hacked and she’s got all kinds of photos you’ve got to see!” there’s a natural follow-up question that must come out of your mouth before you get too excited. “Well that sounds wonderful, however, is her husband in any of those photos and will I be forced to see him without clothing?” Naomi is married in real life to Jimmy Uso, which means if there is any kind of sexy photo leak coming from her over the last several years, there’s a real good chance you’re going to get a giant naked Samoan dude as part of the package, no pun intended. We would have to pause for a few seconds and ask ourselves if it was worth it and then we know a few seconds after that, we’d be looking at pictures of Naomi we thought we’d never see.

5 Bayley

If you were going to take a poll of who would be the most unlikely woman to end up having a bunch of photos that could cause a sex scandal, Bayley would probably run away with it, but wrestling fans seem to forget what we see on the screen is not who these people are in real life. Bayley is played by Pamela Jean Martinez and maybe she’s exactly like the Bayley character, or maybe the two are night and day. We’re only privy to what the script writers want us to see. Paige once told Renee Young on her Unfiltered show that she was “boring between the sheets.” We certainly have photographic proof now to suggest otherwise. Like so many others on this list, Bayley’s significant other is a wrestler. Stranger thing have happened. After all, she's hanging out with Xavier Woods in the picture above and he had a major starring role in Paige's video. Hopefully if she has done anything like this, she at least knows how to store them to avoid hacking now.

4 Lana

This is kind of an interesting case because if you want to see naked photos or video of Lana, they’re out there. The real life CJ Perry did at least one non-sexual artistic nude photo shoot prior to joining the WWE and did a guest appearance on the Showtime series Banshee which involved her breasts being exposed for several seconds. Still, there’s something sort of forbidden about seeing selfies or photos taken by a partner and Lana is an amazingly hot woman. The drawback here is that there’s going to be a big chance that, like with Naomi’s pictures featuring Jimmy Uso, any photos leaked of Lana would feature Rusev in his birthday suit. That’s almost not worth the trade-off. Almost. She’s proven she’s willing to pose for a real photographer. Hopefully Rusev enjoys taking pictures and we all get to see them someday.

3 Becky Lynch

If Paige were active in a WWE ring at the time of the photo leak, we’re curious how she would have handled it since she portrays a punk rebel who doesn’t care what people think. However, a couple of failed WWE drug tests and neck operation kept Paige out of the ring the second half of 2016 and the first several months of 2017. The closest thing to the character Paige plays currently in the ring in Becky Lynch. If there was a leak involving the Lass Kicker, we’d like to see her step out to the ring and say, “That’s right, I shag! I shag like you shag! And I’m good at it! I hope you enjoyed your eyeful!” After she owned it, people would probably forget. We wouldn’t though. That’s Becky Lynch naked!

2 Carmella

For whatever reason, as you’ve probably noticed on this list, most women who work in wrestling end up hooking up with guys who work in wrestling and in many cases end up marrying them. There are quite a few (Natalya/Kidd, Cena/Nikki Bella, Bryan/Brie Bella) who didn’t even make the list because we kept it to 15. Carmella is yet another one of these women, having met her man during her NXT days. While she’s been stuck pretending to be James Ellsworth’s girlfriend on the SmackDown brand, she’s actually been together with Big Cass of Monday Night Raw for several years and she even served as his valet for a while in NXT. Their relationship was documented on the fantastic WWE Network series Breaking Ground, although there wasn’t the kind of video shown that falls into the “leaked on the Internet” variety.

1 Maryse

It’s hard to believe, but long before she was Maryse, the Miz’s wife, she was known as Maryse Ouellet, two-time WWE Divas champion. Prior to her time in WWE, she was a Hawaiian Tropic model and was photographed by Playboy multiple times, although the highest-profile gig she got was the cover of the 2007 Girls of Canada calendar. She left the WWE in 2010 to pursue other business ventures, but returned the day after WrestleMania in 2016 after agreeing to be a featured player on the latest season on Total Divas. She also helped revitalize her husband’s career and it was probably nice to be able to be on the road with each other. They’re often taking breaks to make movies, but aside from straight-to-video crap like Santa’s Little Helper and The Marine 4, have they made any videos the WWE wouldn’t be fond of promoting, and if so, will we ever get to see them? It seems unlikely, but we also said that about Paige.

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