15 WWE Divas That Were Just Nasty

When one talks about a woman who's a WWE Diva, there's a certain image that comes to mind. Usually, that image is of a very sexy woman who's also athletic. Basically, when one thinks of a WWE Diva, one thinks of a total smoke show with ripped abs, amazing hair, and a perfect body. This isn't always the case, though. There have been numerous Divas through the years who are totally nasty-looking. I know, a lot of you are going to get all mad about that being said, but come on... they totally are. I mean, does anyone pretend that Andre the Giant is anything less than totally bizarre-looking? So why can't we say things like that about all the totally odd-looking Divas that are out there, too?

There are a lot of Divas out there currently, and in the past, who are hot but also are really trashy looking. This article isn't about them. This is about those Divas who, when you look at, make you just want to look away, not in awe but in disgust. Most of these women know that they're kind of nasty-looking. Some even try to look nastier than they actually are for effect. But there might be a couple Divas on this list that will surprise you.

Here are 15 WWE Divas That Are Plain Old Nasty-Looking.


15 Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano is a professional wrestler from Japan. She possibly wouldn't have been all that awful-looking if she didn't wear her hair the way she did and wore some different makeup. Let's face it: you could take the most beautiful woman in the world and dress her up that way, and she would look awful. Believe it or not, after she retired from wrestling, she became a professional golfer. If you see her the way that she is normally, she's actually kind of cute. But that's rather beside the point; no one ever did see her that way. We only got to see her in the ring where she not only looked totally nasty but also looked pretty ridiculous. She's now retired and living back in Japan, where she's opened a bar. I imagine she doesn't need to hire a bouncer.

14 Chyna


Now, Chyna may be better-looking than some of the women on this list, but she sure was nasty, and if you say she wasn't, I'm going to think that you're either lying to me or lying to yourself. She was one of the most famous female wrestlers of all time, and she sure had an amazing body, if you're into that kind of bodybuilder thing, but her face was always severely lacking, and the fact that she got into adult movies really cemented her role as one of the all-time nasty Divas out there. Did any of us want to see in her an adult film parody that had to do with being a She-Hulk? That sounds like such an absolute nightmare to watch, I'm scared even writing it. Sadly, she died of an accidental drug overdose.

13 Katie Lea

Katie Lea is, like others on this list, actually kind of attractive in real life but was totally unattractive in the ring. Is she kind of hot? Sure she is. But all of the lame makeup and the bad poses and the fact that she's just trying way too hard puts her on this list of nasty Divas. She's kind of like the chick whom you knew in high school, the one you thought was kind of hot and you might have even asked out, except that you knew that all of your friends would make fun of you. I know some of you might not think that Katie belongs on this list, but I'm going to tell you: nasty is in the eye of the beholder, and in my opinion, Katie is one of the nastiest Divas ever to set foot in the ring.

12 Kharma


As a WWE Diva, Kharma was tough as nails and also inarguably kind of nasty-looking. She also has wrestled under many other names, such as Awesome Kong, and when she was in Japan, she wrestled as Amazing Kong. The only thing truly amazing about Kharma is that she kept getting wrestling jobs looking the way that she does. Yeah, she seems pretty tough and, without a doubt, has decent enough skills inside of the ring, but come on... really? Being really big and kind of out of shape doesn't translate all that well to being a Diva. Kharma was actually a social worker at one point; she had to leave the WWE because she was pregnant but has continued to wrestle and to work as an actress as well.

11 Luna Vachon

Alright, so now we're getting somewhere. If you look up the word "nasty" in the dictionary, Luna Vachon's face appears next to it. She was the daughter of the former wrestler Butcher Vachon and was close to Andre the Giant when she was growing up. People in her family, as well as Andre the Giant, all tried to talk her out of being a wrestler, but she wouldn't listen. She was a skilled wrestler, and her body was okay if you're into that kind of thing, but all in all, Luna wasn't one to make others look at her twice, unless it was because they were scared. She had a very troubled life; she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ended up dying of a drug overdose when she was 48 years old.

10 Bertha Faye


I don't think anyone among you will argue the fact that Bertha Faye was not a very attractive woman. Bertha, whose real name was Rhonda Sing, and who wrestled all over the world under different names, supposedly lived in a trailer park and dated Harvey Wippleman. She ended up winning the WWF Women's title. In real life, Bertha actually got along way better with the male wrestlers than with the female ones and had a close friendship with Owen Hart. Sadly, she died of a heart attack when she was only 40 years old. No matter how you slice it, though, Bertha wasn't a good-looking woman. While these days, almost all of the Divas are total hotties, Bertha was someone that you really didn't want to spend a whole lot of time looking at.

9 The Fabulous Moolah

The Fabulous Moolah was cool; there was no doubt about it. At least, as a wrestler, she was. She was and still is the most successful female wrestler of all time, although there have been many rumors out there about how she took advantage of other female wrestlers in all sorts of ways. But this isn't an article about how good a wrestler someone was or what they're like as a person; this is an article about how nasty-looking a lot of these women were. Moolah wasn't a good-looking woman, not at all, actually. In fact, that helped her career, as she was often cast as the bad guy. It was one thing to root for a beautiful female wrestler, but it was even easier to root for her when you saw that she was actually fighting Moolah, whose vibe was of an angry troll.


8 The Glamour Girls


The Glamour Girls were a very successful tag team in its heyday back in the late '80s but were around for a very long time. Now, I realize that the name was supposed to be amusing, that it was supposed to be one of those things like calling a bald guy "Curly" or calling a short guy "Stretch," but the thing is, these women were anything but glamorous. Watching these two women wrestle just really makes you wonder what they were thinking back then. Had it not even occurred to them that they might do better if they had hired really hot wrestlers instead of a couple of dough balls? It really is amazing that it took the WWE as long as it did to pull together the whole Diva thing as it has today.

7 Hiroko

I know it's just a silly outfit, and I know, in reality, Hiroko wasn't all that bad-looking, but come on. In fact, if you look up what she really looks like,  you'll find that she's pretty hot-looking. But in the kimono and white face? Not so much. She's married to Kenzo Suzuki, who was also a WWE wrestler, and she started off her career as his valet. At one point, Hiriko was feuding with Torrie Wilson and wanted to fight her in a bra-and-panties match, which would at least would have gotten her out of that awful kimono. All in all, Hiroko was one of those Divas who wouldn't have been nasty at all if she weren't dressed up as an awful caricature not only of herself but of her entire culture. I hope they paid you a lot, Hiroko.

6 Mad Maxine


Mad Maxine -- quite an original name. I wonder how they thought of it. Mad Maxine is another that probably wouldn't have been so nasty-looking if it weren't for the hair, makeup, and the presentation. She was well over 6 feet tall and rather striking-looking. She probably could've been a model if she weren't so darn odd. Maxine was originally from Germany and looked to be a big star on the scene. She was definitely being pumped up by promoters, but she ended quitting the league. No one quite knew why, but the rumors were that she didn't get along well with The Fabulous Moolah, who was her manager. She wrestled a bit more in other leagues before she ended up quitting wrestling entirely.

5 Nicole Bass

Yuck. Nicole Bass is about as nasty as they come. She also is apparently a thief, according to the New York Post, which wrote, "The 50-year-old grappling diva had not paid yet and was found by supermarket workers with 152 food items worth $1,236 and 17 health and beauty aides worth $159, cops said. Bass, who recently complained on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show that she was broke, was charged with petit larceny and possession of stolen property, both misdemeanors." Nicole takes being a nasty-looking former diva to a whole other level. It isn't just the body, which is rather terrifying by itself, but the face that goes along with it is just the stuff of nightmares. Hey, don't shoot the messenger.

4 Sensational Sherri


Sensational Sherri? Yeah, maybe when it came to wrestling... but in looks? Not so much. Sherri was a true pro and one who deserved a lot of respect in the ring. Her career lasted decades, and she did pretty much everything that she could've possibly done in the ring. But let's face it: she definitely was kind of nasty-looking. Sadly, Sherri died of a drug overdose. It truly is amazing and really sad as well how many of these well-known wrestlers have had problems with drugs, some of them fatal. In fact, even when Sherri started wrestling, she had these issues. She was trained by The Fabulous Moolah but ended up being kicked out of her school for partying too much.

3 Francine

There's no doubt that Francine is more attractive than most of the Divas on this list. Some might say that she's more attractive than all of them. But for my money, there's a certain amount of nastiness that comes with Francine that simply cannot be denied. She's one of those women that you look at, and you think that you should be attracted to her, but for some reason, you just aren't. This isn't meant to be an insult to Francine or to any of you who think she's totally hot. I call them like I see them, and I'm here to tell you that in my book, Francine belongs on this list. While she didn't make it very long in the WWE, she kicked around the wrestling world for quite a long time before finally calling it quits and retiring.

2 Vickie Guerrero


Some of these women are kind of funny here and there, and they're definitely cool, so I feel a little bit bad about putting them on the list. Vickie is one of those women. She's done pretty much anything that someone could possibly do in the world of WWE and has done all of it better than most. You have to love a woman who can play a good villain, and there's no doubt at all that Vickie can do that. Sadly for Vickie, there's also no doubt that she isn't at all attractive. Again, that isn't meant as an insult; there are women that we want to see prancing around in the ring in a skimpy outfit, and there are women that we don't. Vickie falls under the category of women that we don't. She still seems cool, though.

1 Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon, as pretty much everyone knows, is the daughter of WWE head honcho Vince McMahon and is also the Chief Brand Officer of the WWE. So, to call her a Diva seems silly. Still, she's wrestled, and, in essence, that makes her a diva. Why does she make it on this list? Because she's totally overrated. She always gets so pumped up and is thought of as being hot, when, in reality, she kind of looks like your Aunt Sally if she lifted weights for a couple of months and put on a leotard on the way to a yoga class. You may not think she's nasty, but hey, I sure as Heck do, and as anyone can tell you, when it comes to WWE Divas, nasty is something that's in the eye of the beholder.

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