15 WTF Photos Of Animals With Human Teeth

Yes, the wonderful worldwide web is full of oddities that we cannot help but fall victim to peering into ourselves. From viral videos to eye-popping photos, the internet is chock-full of weirdness we can’t seem to get enough of.

We will scroll through the content of our favorite celebs for hours, troll social media sites for the most “out there” trends and tales, and click on images that we know will haunt us for weeks. It is hard to control our impulses to be part of the in-the-know crowd, even though we know consuming this stuff is basically a huge waste of time.

Still, we will flick through timelines and zoom-in on paparazzi footage, but we won’t keep this heinous habit to ourselves. We’ll happily share the sheer stupidity with others. Heck, what are friends for, right?

One of the wackiest new online obsessions is the hobby of posting pics of animals with human teeth Photoshopped in place of their own. The point of this? Aside from the strangeness that ensues, not much. But they sure are fun to look at. From kitty cats to warty toads, swapping their teeth for human ones makes for some big smiles from us Homo sapiens. If the animals knew we found such humor in this ridiculous obsession, they’d have us all neutered.

Take a peek at 15 animals Photoshopped with human teeth. You will not be able to control your laughter and you will no doubt find a favorite and pass it on to a friend in need of a chuckle.

15. Toad-ally Weird

Via pinterest.com

They say kissing a friendly frog will give you a nasty breakout of unsightly warts, but what if he had a set of teeth… would he pass on his gingivitis and cavities too? With those big, round expressive eyes seen on this creature, human teeth look oddly in place. While the toad’s tongue is known to be able to dart out much farther than human tongues can ever hope to travel, this pictured Kermit may have an issue with those mighty human choppers getting in the way. Although munching on a feast of crispy crickets will be far easier with so many strong teeth ready to take a crack at ‘em! Family photos on the lily pad will have this toad’s family croaking “cheese” just so they can catch a glimpse at this little fella’s pearly whites. Maybe “being green” isn’t so bad after all, especially when some sparkling teeth are there to balance out the overall hue.

14 All Bite, No Bark

Via youtube.com

Wow, Fido! Those teeth-strengthening dental chews are really paying off. No more yellow fangs for this pearly-toothed pooch. Replace a drooling doggie mouth for a human one, and this pup looks like he is ready to tell his owner to fetch the damn ball himself. We won’t have to worry about this dog ruining another pair of high-priced stilettos or biting the neighbor’s pint-sized Maltipoo when his teeth are far less menacing than before. Sure, this pup has somewhat of a deranged look in his crystal blue eyes, but you’d be seriously panicked too if your teeth were suddenly replaced by those from another species. But even with human teeth, surely “doggie breath” will still ensue. It must be ruff being a dog when even a human smile can’t mask the scent of a handful Snausages. Now if humans start to grow tails, that’s when the joke has gone too far.

13 Shark Bite

Via ebaumsworld.com

While this unusual human-toothed shark looks fierce and freaky, the replacement of its usual teeth with human ones makes the predator seem far less dangerous. Yes, those choppers are substantial, but none are as razor-sharp as the shark’s normal killing tools. All that time under water must be what is keeping this shark’s teeth so sparking and clean, but look closely and there has got to be some residual fish scale remnants stuck between the incisors. Hey, a shark’s gotta eat! The poor parents of this shark… such giant braces and a wave of orthodontic bills must have cost a fortune. Hopefully this shark’s dazzling white smile will land him a leading role in the next Sharknado film and he can support his ocean-dwelling family. Heck, he’s got a smile even better than Tara Reid’s! If this shark can impress in this one photo, just imagine how he would steal the screen from Ian Ziering.

12 Smiling Sloth

Via pinterest.com

The sloth may be known for being one of the world’s slowest-moving animals, but with a smile like that, this little fella is sure to win over fans quickly! This photo makes it hard to recall what the real mouth and teeth of a sloth really look like. With that hairline on top of this sloth’s head, he nearly looks human when combined with the Photoshopped smile. Maybe not the most handsome human, but human no less. As the sloth enjoys his food with his new human teeth, perhaps his mealtime will go a little faster thanks to the additional teeth to help with the chewing process. Just don’t offer to share your toothbrush with Mr. Sloth here. By the time you get it back, you’ll have a case of gum disease and a set of rotting molars. And this sloth will likely spend a full day flossing before finally turning in for the night.

11 Laugh for a Giraffe

Via pinterest.com

Giraffes are unusual looking creatures to begin with. Those long necks and eyes on the sides of their heads makes them stand out from the rest of the animal world as is. But add some human teeth to the mix and you’ve got yourself a giraffe that’s really sticking its neck out from the crowd. A set of human teeth is certainly sufficient in order for this giraffe to maintain its vegetarian diet, but the sheer weirdness of this new mouth would be enough to make the trees sway in the opposite direction. The application of a sheer coat of lip gloss gives this new giraffe mouth a nice added touch. It pairs well with the lush eyelashes and pretty blue-green eyes. Who knew giraffes were so attractive? While this animal stands feet above most others, a smile aimed at the shorter ones down below will give them all a hearty laugh at the expense of this laugh of a giraffe.

10 Howl for the Owl

Via boredomtherapy.com

Who is looking extremely odd with a set of human teeth? Why it’s this majestic black and white owl that has gone from breathtaking to butchered, thanks to this strange and creepy smile Photoshopped onto his face. Owls never appear to be particularly joyful in the first place, so slapping on a smile looks particularly out of sorts. With a smile like this, it is no wonder this animal keeps out of sight during the daytime and only comes out when the sun has set. Owls are said to be wise, but this goofball grin makes this particular owl look like he has fallen on the low end of the owl IQ scale. And even those beautiful feathers and captivating yellow eyes cannot help us “unsee” that awkward human mouth smack in the middle of his face. We may howl at this owl with laughter, but he must think this whole idea is downright foul.

9 King of the Jungle (and dental office)

Via boredomtherapy.com

Roar all you want, Mr. Lion. Without those ferocious fangs, you are not nearly as scary as you used to be. Yes, those choppers are still plenty large, but the grip of human teeth is no match to those of a lion. Even the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz would stand up to a lion like this Photoshopped one. And hopefully this human-toothed lion is aware that he won’t be able to hunt down his prey in the manner in which he has become accustomed to. Whoever is the actual owner of these teeth must be a dentist’s favorite client. Clean, white, and perfectly aligned. But once they are positioned in the mouth of a wild animal, all the careful brushing and daily flossing once administered will go down the tubes. The King of the Jungle is fierce and mighty, but with a “Hollywood smile,” the lion becomes a little difficult to take seriously. Aw… good kitty.

8 Bitty Cat

Via keyword-suggestions.com

This fuzzy white cat certainly has the potential to be awfully cute, but with that freakish human grin, he looks more like a beast from a horror flick. Don’t let the cat-sized Santa hat fool you, this kitty looks like he’s been a very bad boy all year long. With human teeth, he probably not only ate all his cat food (wet and dry), but tried to sneak in some pizza and hamburgers while his owners were looking away too. If a cat really had a human mouth, it would be interesting if he could talk as well. He’d probably be pissed off about having to use a stinky litterbox and tattletale on the family dog. And would a human tongue have the same ability to clean the cat as well as a cat tongue can? Probably not. So not only does this cat look weird, but he probably smells pretty rotten too.

7 Cat Got Your Tongue… Literally

Via youtube.com

This poor fluffy kitty seems to have lost his itty bitty nose in the Photoshopping process, but at least he gained a big old human mouth to replace his with. With lips so luscious, this cat would surely give some extremely wet kisses, but at least he cannot bite as harshly since his sharp cat fangs have been replaced with far less damaging human teeth. We have all heard the expression, “Cat got your tongue?” but it is pretty clear that this picture is not what is on most people’s minds when they say it. This funny looking cat could definitely eat all his kibble in a single gulp with a mouth so huge, and his “meows” must resonate across the house. One thing’s for sure, you’ll always recognize your cat if he looks like this and gets lost in the neighborhood! Pucker up and he’ll come running to find his look-alike owner.

6 Horsin’ Around

Via wpress4.me

A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but this brown stallion is part human thanks to his perfect human grin neatly Photoshopped right in. We’ve all heard of the iconic TV character, Mr. Ed - the horse who was able to speak, but even he did not have a human mouth to chat from. This is quite a majestic horse, but those teeth - as straight and white as they are - make this fine-lookin’ fella look a bit off. He may still enjoy his crisp apples and sugar cubes, but will human teeth bite through them as efficiently? A day of horseback riding on this big boy would be quite the adventure and a real reason to take some selfies because nobody would believe you if you told them about your human-toothed riding companion. Human teeth on a horse is doable, but throw some horse teeth on yourself and you’ll no doubt look hideous.

5 Meow Mouth

Via youtube.com

The expression that shines through this cat’s wandering eyes paired with that quirky human grin makes this pic look strangely believable. The Photoshopping job is spot on and the fit of the human mouth on the feline’s face is just right. Of course we all know that when closed, cat mouths are teeny tiny, but when they open their ferocious traps, their pie holes are quite large in comparison to their cute faces. But this cat’s pleasant smile makes him seem pretty tame and ready to purr with delight as he enjoys the perks of having a human’s mouth. He can drink his water or milk without having to stick his tongue out and he can enjoy some delicious human foods he has always been shooed away from in the past. Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing the rest of this human’s face with a little cat mouth Photoshopped in place of his? Surely this cat would get a chuckle out of it.

4 All Fluff, No Fang

Via theberry.com

This white kitty cat is so darn fluffy, that if you didn’t take a moment to look very carefully, you may not realize that his cat mouth was replaced with a tiny human one thanks to the power of Photoshop. Those big yellow-green eyes and bright pink nose are certainly adorable, but that creepy human mouth throws the whole thing off-kilter. Those tiny teeth and bubble gum pink lips make this otherwise attractive cat look super weird, but that’s the whole point of these silly Photoshopped images, right? Hopefully, this cat won’t see his reflection and notice his mouth is missing, because hissing and growls would be all we would hear coming from his new human mouth. This poor fluffy kitty has no idea his pic is being used for such idiotic purposes, but hopefully his owner never finds out either. Unless he is the one creating these odd images.

3 Fishing for the Tooth

Via theberry.com

Even our finned and scaled underwater friends are not immune to the moronic habits of Photoshoppers looking for a 5 second thrill to post online. This orange striped fish looks pretty happy swimming in his natural habitat, it is just too bad that his mouth is not quite as natural. Those teeth are pretty nice and straight, but no fish needs human teeth, especially when they need to carefully and quickly catch their prey come dinnertime. The orange-hued lips on this mouth make the editing job look complete, but let’s hope that the person they used for this face swap does not actually have orange lips himself. If this is Nemo, perhaps he should not be found. Ever. The ocean waters do run deep, so this human-mouthed fish can swim forever without anyone seeing his unusual grin. Although, he’d certainly be a hit at the local pet shop. The fish bowl would be the highlight of your home with this smiling fish swimming back and forth!

2 Doggone Dental

Via the berry.com

What could possibly be cuter than a puppy wearing a doggie-sized striped shirt? One with human teeth? Uh… not really. This small dog is truly doggone adorable, but when you Photoshop a human mouth on this little guy, he looks really crazy. Where is his leash because this canine looks a tad deranged? He may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean he has to have man’s mouth as well. This pup’s breath may be bad, but at least we are expecting it. How can this dog gnaw on his rawhide bones without chipping a tooth? And he’d be a pretty lousy guard dog with no fangs to attack with. Not that this mini-pup would make for much of a security system in the first place. Doggie licks can be sweet, but not with a thick human tongue. That would really be a case of barking up the wrong tree.

1 Kool Koala

Via boredomtherapy.com

That big black nose can’t even hide the fact that this tree-loving koala bear has been Photoshopped with some odd-looking human teeth. Buck teeth at that. Koalas are known for being super cute, but this unsightly human mouth makes him look like a freak of the wild. If anyone saw a real koala with such crazy teeth, they would be the one climbing up the nearest tree just to hide from this little monster. He does look harmless though, and surely he has no idea that he’d be used as a prop for a Photoshop trick. He’s looking for his close-up, but who knew he’d be all choppers? Those teeth may actually be useful for chewing the koala’s usual diet, but they should be small enough so that he can close his mouth completely. Koalas are mostly from “down under” but with teeth like this, their notoriety will travel worldwide.

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