15 WTF Moments From The Power Rangers

Most are so strange that they don't even need any context, but we'll try to provide it as best we can anyways.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was always a weird show. It had some questionable acting even at the best of times, the monsters were some of the strangest in history and the show's basic plot formula was repeated shamelessly every single episode for years on end. Most of the people who watched the show ridiculed it for all of these things, but yet it had a massive following and most everyone respected its success. Now that it's back with a vengeance on the big screen, we're all talking about the Rangers once again, but how well do you remember it? You might remember certain elements, but unless you were a huge fan, there are guaranteed to be things you saw but forgot you saw. Well, we want to give you a crash course on some of the odder moments in the show's history.

For all the good and the clever times in the various incarnations of the show, there's been even more strange and WTF moments. We went through and selected all those scenes that made us uncomfortable or awkward. They were glorious times but you have to wonder who was responsible for thinking these up. Since the Power Rangers had such a strange broadcasting setup, splicing battle scenes from the Japanese how, Super Sentai, with American footage to create a show a new show, many of the episodes, especially those later on in the series, were jarring and strange. But, in hindsight, we now have so many great moments to choose from when looking for WTF moments. Most are so strange that they don't even need any context, but we'll try to provide it as best we can anyways. Here are 15 WTF Moments from The Power Rangers.

15 Grooming the Blue Ranger

In Power Rangers Time Force, Ransik is the main baddy, along with his daughter Nadira. In one episode, they set the Blue Ranger up with Nadira for a date, but the Blue Ranger is none the wiser. Old Blue does notice that something's up when, during a fight in which he's getting destroyed, Ransik interjects. The villain then demands that no one touch the Blue Ranger and reprimands his henchmen. Afterward, Ransik starts to groom the Blue Ranger. Things get weird when Ransik bends down and begins to brush dirt off of the Ranger's frontal region for an uncomfortably long few seconds. Kids probably wouldn’t see anything off about this, but we adults know assault when we see it.

14 Billy and Kimberly are Punks

In on of the most embarrassing episodes of all time, "Power Ranger Punks," Billy and Kimberly have their drinks roofied, well, basically. They drink a potion that turns them into punks. At firs they're just rude to their pals, but the major moment comes when the two show up to school later on in new outfits. The hilarious bit is that what the show classified as "punk" was really just jackass. But there's a bigger question here. In a world that has paranormal stuff happen every school day, why do the other Rangers not clue in quicker? Trini even suggests that maybe they "had too much sun." This is all after Billy, the hugest nerd on the show, calls them all dorks and picks fights with them. Figure it out guys. You just watched these two Power Rangers physically assault a nerd, and Kimberly and Skull set up plans to make babies. It's not difficult to see that something's up.

13 The Dreaded Door Exercise

When Bulk and Skull learn that girls like guys in uniforms, they decide to join the junior police patrol. This requires the two to endure through a gruelling training program. The main bit is an obstacle course that is truly one of the strangest things you'll ever see. The most WTF moment of all comes near the end of the obstacle course where there is a door, which doesn't even shut, that the participants have to run through. It's just a swinging door. Where's the challenge in that? At first, when you look at it, you think that the guys are going to have to break it down, but then we see that a light gust of wind is strong enough to blow the door open. How are we going to believe the Power Rangers are real if set design is too lazy to even get a door that shuts.

12 Rocky Having Fun

In the episode, "Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun," Rocky, the worst Red Power Ranger of all, is introduced to a Pachinko game and he gets seriously addicted to it. The whole episode is a giant WTF, but we'll provide some of the highlights. First of all, Rocky plays the game for literally two seconds, like just long enough to put his quarter in, and he is jumping for joy, exclaiming, "this is too fun!" Really, Rocky? You barely even started. How could it be so fun already? Then, the damn Pachinko game is morphed into a big bad and the gang has to fight it. But this battle has to be done without the Red Ranger because the goofball Rocky is too busy running around the playground like a little kid having so much fun. Eventually the Rangers are all turned into Pachinko balls and Rocky starts kicking them around, giggling like a little girl. He figures it out in the end and defeats the machine on his own, but what the hell, Rocky?

11 Rita and Zedd as Good Guys

In the two-part season finale, "Countdown to Destruction," fans were given a crazy glimpse of Rita Repulsa as a normal person, showing a side of her that they had not seen before. After Zordon's sacrifice cleansed the world of all evil, both Rita and Zedd are turned into regular humans. Well, preppy humans. As soon as they see each other, Rita and Zedd feel an instant attraction as well, like no downtime whatsoever. This makes sense though. After all, Zedd's looking pretty fly in that shoulder cardigan and Rita is real nice, like surprisingly hot. It does spiral into madness as their first action as humans is to dance, but hey, love makes us all do crazy things.

10 TurbanShell

Throughout the years, Power Rangers fans saw plenty of strange villains, but TurbanShell was easily one of the odder baddies of the bunch. The name aside, it was TurbanShell's shell placement that was strangest. Probably meant to be some sort of hermit crab who carry their shells on their backs, TurbanShell preferred to wear his shell like a diaper. This wasn't lost on the writers either. It gets gross in some of the additional footage, when the TurbanShell eats a bundle of watermelons that the Green Ranger was hiding in. From inside the monster's stomach, the Green Ranger starts shooting, which gives TurbanShell a bad case of indigestion. As the monster writhes in pain and holds his stomach like he needs to go to the bathroom, it yells, "I knew I should have stayed away from the spicy foods." Lucky it already had a diaper on. What's even luckier is that Tommy came out of the thing's mouth and not the other end.

9 Another Song and Dance

In the second installment of the Zordon era, the Power Rangers writers tried to infuse some new twists and turns into the show, like making a musical episode. In the episode, "Another Song and Dance," Tommy asks Tanya to help him with some singing lessons. Meanwhile, Queen Machina bewitches them to have to sing everything they say from then on out. The result is horrifying. It's difficult to choose which is worse, Tommy's god-awful singing or Tanya's stupid faces. Honestly, it's not that difficult. It's Tanya faces. They were painful to watch. After about three seconds of being forced to sing, you should clue in that you're being forced to sing, yet here's Tanya, looking as surprised as ever with each new lyric. Just go with the flow and stop making those nasty facial expressions.

8 Every Time Bulk Ate Anything

Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier and his sidekick Skull, started out as the bullies in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and acted as much of the comic relief for the show. Over time, the gags about Bulk's weight got old and tired, but one of the things the show loved to do was to have him eating something disgusting. We don't mean to be rude, but watching Bulk eat while you're eating cereal was unsettling. If you like watching people eat and track food all over their face, you would have loved Bulk. Ugh. Sandwiches with slop all over his mouth. That disgusting melted ice cream that he just inhaled. Watching Bulk eat was mortifying.

7 Pumpkin Rapper

If the Pumpkin Rapper episode isn’t the most WTF of all, it's definitely the most cringe-worthy. Not only does the villain insist on speaking in rhyme, the Power Rangers themselves try to do it on occasion. Bad acting is one thing but bad acting and bad rapping in front of choreographed dance numbers is infuriating. The whole thing reminds you that rapping takes talent and not everyone can or should do it. In the end, it's really too bad it involved rapping at all because the episode was pretty decent outside of all those awful rhymes. The Halloween-themed villain design was one of the better ones in the show, but it was wasted on a stupid idea.

6 Turtle Power

If you gave up on Power Rangers after a couple of seasons, you would have missed a really odd crossover. In Power Rangers in Space, the villain, Astronema, brainwashes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to smash the Power Rangers. But these aren't your childhood Ninja Turtles, they're one of the feeble attempts to bring them back into live-action on TV, so it feels unnatural and wrong. Eventually, the two teams join up and crush the bad guys together, but not without some of the stupidest banter you could hear on daytime television. The most WTF part of this team-up is that neither of these teams know about each other. Well, they do, but they questioned their existence. Really? Many of these battles are televised on national television. Cities are left in utter ruin on the regular. Why would you ever doubt if the other group is real? This must be where Fake News got started.

5 Pursehead

When the writers had run out of original bad guys, they just started growing whatever the hell they saw around them. Thus, Pursehead was born. It sounds made up, but trust us, it's real. A villain made from Kimberly's purse, Pursehead just pulled out random things from its own head and used them as weapons. There was the mirror, the dental floss, and the side villain, lipstick, which was actually a pretty cool little enemy. While this idea is one of the more laughable bad guys in the show's run, and that's really saying something, it could have been worse. Imagine if Kimberly was on her period that week.

4 The Baby Stroller Weapon

In one of the most inhumane moments in Power Rangers run, Scott, the Red Ranger, and Ziggy try to save a mother and her baby from a bunch of bad guys, better known as Grinders. While Ziggy protects the mother, Scott jumps in and starts fighting with the baddies. Outmanned and slightly outmatched, Scott gets the brilliant idea to use the stroller as a weapon and a shield. At first, he uses it to keep separation between him and the Grinders, but soon, he's swinging it wildly, smashing the villains with baby's mobile bed, while the frickin' baby is in the stroller. All the while, the mother is crying hysterically calling for her baby, wishing she was never rescued in the first place. At one point, the baby even flies out of the stroller through the air. Luckily, the little guy was caught, but what the hell were you thinking Power Rangers?

3 The See Monster

When you see a man in a long trench coat, it's hard not to think of flashers. The two things go hand in hand nowadays. That's why the See Monster from Power Rangers was so disturbing. This nasty looking thing wore a long trench coat which it would open and flash his victims. Underneath the coat wasn't just a naked old man's body. No, inside was actually a red fleshy body covered in a multitude of eyes which would stun the onlookers with thought waves, but it's still messed up. Besides the fact that this monster was creepy looking, there's some really strong sexual implications here. Isn't flashing in Japan a big thing too? If that is true then this monster made a lot more sense for Japanese audiences. Still, there was some good that came out of this. Power Rangers fans were conditioned to think every man in a trench coat is a villain and is going to flash them. This is fair considering that anyone wearing a trench coat probably is going to flash you.

2 Zordon Kidnaps Children

Zordon has had some questionable strategies from the very beginning. It was always strange that he chose teenagers to protect the planet instead of adults, but there's been even weirder decisions than that. In the classic Christmas special, Alpha's Magical Christmas, Zordon's robotic slave, Alpha, mentions that he's lonely. To make his Christmas a little merrier, Zordon full out kidnaps several children. He just transports them to his lair without their parents knowing. Even though these kids are pretty jazzed up about being stolen from their loving families, there's surely a worldwide manhunt going on in the outside world as authorities search for the missing children and the creeps who stole them.

1 Zordon Could Have Saved The World Long Ago

Even though the show went on for a lot longer, "Countdown to Destruction," the two-part finale to Power Rangers in Space, was meant to be the end of the Power Rangers, so they wrote in a major revelation into the episode. Since evil had basically overrun the galaxy and there was no way of stopping it, Zordon tells one of the Rangers, Andros, to destroy his tube, which will kill Zordon but save the galaxy. Apparently, Zordon's tube contains pure good energy which is strong enough to defeat all evil in the universe. They destroy the tube, the good defeats all evil and everyone is saved, except Zordon. He's dead. But wait just a minute. You mean to say that if Zordon would have told the Rangers this vital information years ago all those countless people wouldn't have had to die and billions and billions of dollars of damage would have been prevented? Zordon is kind of an a**.

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15 WTF Moments From The Power Rangers