15 WTF Celebrity Stories Of 2016 That Nobody Saw Coming

What a year of surprises! In January of 2016, Brangelina was all loved up in happily-ever-after land. Donald Trump for President? No way, Jose. Even President Obama had joked about the prospect. Back then, Taylor Swift was hand in hand with Calvin Harris and Kim Kardashian posted her every move (and most of her expensive jewelry) on Instagram. And on and on and on. Some of the surprises have been happy ones. Some developments have been sad. And some? Just plain out shocking. There's lots of nudity, scandal, love, s*x, lies and videotapes. It was a roller coaster of a year that kept the tabloids and gossip hounds everywhere very happy. It makes us wonder what the heck 2017 can possibly bring. Did you hear the one about Leonardo DiCaprio running for President some day? Interesting. Or maybe Miley Cyrus becoming a nun. Relax, we're kidding on that one. Here are 15 WTF totally real celebrity stories that nobody, but nobody, saw coming.


15 Donald Trump Elected President

All the pollsters were so sure. Hillary Clinton would be elected President and Donald Trump would lose. Well, that's what they said. Newsweek had the "Madam President" cover all set. Reportedly, she had even signed a copy. On election day, Hillary's camp prepared for a celebration. Early on, they were in a partying mood. But the later it got on Tuesday, November 8th, the more the laughter and certainty turned to tears and anguish. Some reports suggest that Hillary had a meltdown. According to, "She was in a 'psychotic drunken rage'..." Some say she was later sedated. Viewed from the outside, it appeared strange that she didn't address her supporters until the next day. After the fact, Trump's camp said they knew it all along. Others said that there was nobody as surprised as Donald Trump himself. A true WTF moment in spades.

14 Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Divorce

Brangelina was tabloid nirvana, a happily ever after couple with six kids in tow. We couldn't get enough of them and their growing brood. It all started back in 2004 when the two starred in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, back when Brad Pitt was married to America's sweetheart and star of Friends, Jennifer Aniston. Everything seemed happy in Brangelina-land and after ten years and six kids, came the fairytale happy ending when they married in 2014. Okay, so we get the "happy family" vibe. But behind the scenes? There were reports of the out-of-control children running wild and of Angelina Pitt and Brad arguing about Angie's tendency to let the kids do as they please. Then in September of 2016, there was an "incident" aboard their private jet when Pitt "argued" with their oldest child Maddox, and some whispered the dreaded phrase: child abuse. Angie's camp demanded full custody, with only visitation rights for Brad, "for the health of the family". And what about those rumors of Brad's affair with Allied co-star Marion Cotillard?

13 From Bruce To Caitlyn Then Back To Bruce?

It seems like only yesterday that Bruce Jenner and then-wife Kris Jenner, were mooching around sex shops together. Those were the days. If Bruce Jenner's transitioning from male to female was 'THE WTF' story of 2015, maybe equally bizarre are persistent reports all through 2016 that he, she, whatever, is experiencing "sex change regret" and wants to go back to being Bruce. According to author Ian Halperin, our Cait "still has an attraction to women and wants to meet the right woman." WTF? Seems all those reports of her maybe hitting the sack with guys were premature. In public, she says that she is very happy living on the other side. But maybe she's realized that being an old guy may be a heck of a lot easier than being an old woman. The grass is indeed always greener. Like, how do you get all the male bits back is what we want to know...

12 After That Offensive 2005 Tape, He Can't Possibly Win

The Trumps gave us three separate WTF moments in 2016, well four if you count Trump actually winning the Republican nomination last summer. In early October, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were fighting it out and pulling no punches. Then came the "leak" of a 2005 audio tape of Trump, making some "sexually aggressive" remarks about women and where he grabbed them. The Republicans panicked. They had struggled with the Trump candidacy from the beginning and some in his own party were calling on Trump to withdraw. Nope, Trump says. Not over some "locker-room" talk. The result? Clinton went into a double digit lead and everyone assumed it was all over for The Donald. Besides, after the tape's release, women started coming out of the woodwork, claiming harassment or assault by kiss or worse. Democrats were certain it was all over and that Clinton was a shoo-in. Yeah, but a month later we had President-Elect Trump and Hillary was in meltdown. What a difference a month makes.

11 The End Of Living Life In A Social Media Fish Bowl: Kim Kardashian Robbed In Paris

It's early October of 2016 and in Paris, Fashion Week is drawing the rich and famous. Including Kim Kardashian. When the Paris police chief got the late night phone call about the now infamous robbery, he didn't know Kim K. from a hole in the wall. Like, where has she been? Some uncharitable souls said her free-wheeling social media presence had been like an engraved invitation to the armed robbers. "After being robbed at gunpoint in a Parisian hotel, the Instagram-loving, paparazzi-friendly star faced a grim reality: her glamorous life was all too easy to track," said Vanity Fair. Before the robbery, she enthused on Instagram, even posting a picture of a huge diamond ring. After a hard day of sitting front row center at yet another fashion show, she was chilling out in her luxury room when armed robbers disguised as police, tied her and the concierge up and made away with millions of dollars in jewelry. Kanye West went nuts and rushed offstage when he heard the news. And Kim was flown back to the States. Since then, she has not exactly been laying low, but she is definitely cooling it social media-wise. See, some good comes out of even the worst situation.

10 Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston

If, a year ago, somebody had told you that center-of-the-universe twenty-something singer Taylor Swift would become all loved up with thirty-something British acting hunk Tom Hiddleston, you would have waited for the punchline of the joke. Of all the out of left field, WTF stories, this ranks right up there with the demise of Brangelina and the election of billionaire Donald Trump. The first the world knew was when they were spotted dancing at the Met Gala Ball back in May. What followed was a world-wind romance that some said was so improbable that it had to be a publicity stunt. Taylor's private jet jetted them off to England where they strolled on a beach with his mum. Taking her home to meet mother? Sounds serious. By the 4th of July, she was frolicking in the sea with Tom and a whole bunch of "pals" at one of her "estates" in Rhode Island. He was the designated adult, we think. But if it seemed too good to last, it was. By the end of the summer, it was over, finished, kaput, dead in the water. Then came "Better Man", Taylor's song about a bitter breakup. Wait, are we talking Calvin Harris or Tom Hiddleston?

9 "Leaked" Pictures Of Illegal Immigrant Melania Trump?

Okay. Another Trump WTF story. We all know Melania Trump was a "model". Don't think Vogue. Think s*xy spreads in GQ or FHM. When The Donald and the Slovenian beauty were dating, GQ did a pretty edgy photoshoot with Melania aboard Trump's private jet, complete with fur, handcuffs and very little to no clothing. So what? We already knew that. And? And, what about a twenty-something Melania in New York doing a nude photoshoot in 1995? Did we mention no work Visa? Aha. Something new. In July of 2016, The New York Post splashed her pictures across the front page of its Sunday edition under headlines such as "Menage a Trump" and "The Ogle Office". This wasn't just glamour model stuff, it was, well more than a little raunchy and kinky. Think woman on woman, black gear and a whip or two. It was a WTF moment in spades. The photographer is still proud of the pictures and the "15 of fame" they brought him. Then came the debate on Melania's path to citizenship and whether she was illegally working in the U.S. back in 1995. More to the point, what did Donald say about illegal aliens taking American jobs? Hey, he can't possibly win now, can he?


8 Prince Dies

Word in April was that he was battling the flu. But nobody was prepared for the tragic news that hit the world on April 21st: Prince, one of the most iconic, quirky and unique rockstars that there ever was, was dead at 57. Other than the fact that he had been seen out and about on April 20th and that he had been found unresponsive in an elevator at his Minnesota home Paisley Park the next day, little concrete information emerged, leading to tabloid speculation in overdrive. And the whole thing took on an even more bizarre tone, as it took around two months for the April autopsy results to be released. WTF was going on? Stories about the "clean living" Prince calling in an addiction doctor fueled speculation and then the bombshell autopsy results: Death was due to an accidental overdose of an opioid pain killer. And there was another big, big problem: The man who gave the world "When Doves Cry" and "Kiss" had died without a will. Reports are that around 700 people came out of the woodwork claiming to be his child or brother or sister or some such. We hear lots and lots of DNA blood test followed.

7 Richard Simmons Being Held Hostage By His Housekeeper

WTF warning: The next two stories are weird. Like seriously weird. Back in the Spring, The Daily Mail ran the story that seriously odd fitness guru Richard Simmons had not been seen in public for two years and (it gets better) he was being held captive by his housekeeper, Teresa Reveles. Seems friends were concerned when Ms. Reveles appeared in public toting a $1,800 Louis Vuitton handbag. Simmons tried to quash the rumors by giving phone interviews where he kept saying over and over the reports were "very silly". "No one is holding me in my house as a hostage," Simmons told The Today Show in a telephone interview. "I do what I want to do as I have always done, so people should just believe what I have to say because I'm Richard Simmons." Right. That makes us feel a lot worse about the whole thing.

6 Bobby Brown Says He Had A Relationship With A Ghost

Okay. Here comes a Bobby Brown-style WTF moment. In a TV interview, he said he had s*x with a ghost. See what we mean? Now lots of celebrities, including Lucy Liu, Ice-T's Coco Austin and Kesha have made the same claim. We're not kidding. Even Anna Nicole Smith claimed to have done it with a ghost. Brown did a 20/20 interview in the summer of 2016 in which he claimed that after he bought a "really, really spooky" mansion in Georgia, one night he woke up to a big surprise: "I woke up, and yeah a ghost. I was being mounted by a ghost". No, he says he was not drunk or high at the time. Sure, Bobby, we believe you. Not.

Now, do yo think the fact his memoir, Every Little Step was about to come out had anything to do with what became a bombshell of an interview? We'll leave it to you to decide.

5 Kanye West Goes Mental (Even For Him)

Perhaps the only people in the world who can out-WTF the Trumps are the Kardashian/West/Jenner crowd. Kanye West has given the world so many WTF moments. After the presidential election, he said he would have voted for Trump. He has rudely and crazily interrupted just about every Awards show out there, had feuds with Taylor Swift (who hasn't) and told the world that he is a bona fide genius. Rumors are that he is impossible to live with. Reports also say he had freaked out after Kim was robbed at gun point and had been taking all sorts of meds for unspecified mental challenges. Then in November there was that 911 call, after which he was taken to hospital, handcuffed to a stretcher. Breakdown? Freak out? Well, who knows. One minute the tabloids are saying loyal Kim is sticking by her man. The next minute she has moved out and wants a divorce. So, maybe it won't be such a WTF surprise if she does file for divorce. That won't stop it from being a great tabloid feeding frenzy.

4 Ryan Lochte's Robbery Lie

The guy who beat swimmer Michael Phelps for Gold at London's 2012 Olympics is described as "free-spirited" and a "loosey goosey " prankster. Other words which come up a lot are brash and whimsical. What does it all mean? He's a bit of a handful. Rio's 2016 Olympics started well for Ryan Lochte, when he won his twelfth gold as part of the American freestyle team. Then when Ryan and his teammates went out to celebrate, it got a little (or a lot) weird. Lochte and his pals told police they had been forced from their taxi and robbed at gunpoint after leaving a party in the wee small hours. The truth? They had played rough when they were refused entry into a bathroom at a gas station and had fabricated the robbery story as a cover. Lochte got a lot of pretty embarrassing press and a ten-month ban. But, hey, he and his free-spirited whimsy made the roster for Dancing with the Stars.

3 David Bowie Dies

David Bowie was 69-years-old when he died in January of 2016, after a secret 18-month-long battle with cancer. Looking gaunt, but still smiling, he greeted fans outside a theater in December of 2015, only a month before he died in January of 2016. In spite of years of smoking and drug use, the iconic singer/songwriter seemed to defy the odds and the world was shocked and more than a little saddened by his death. According to The Independent, "Bowie's followers initially rejected the statement as a hoax, perhaps out of shock and disbelief, but the sad news was confirmed by his publicist". He lived long enough to see the release of his 25th album Blackstar, on January 8th.

2 The Prince And The Actress

Prince Harry (of royal fame) and Meghan Markle (of Suits fame) met in Toronto where she lives while filming Suits. Almost immediately, rumors of a romance began circulating. By June, the American actress was spotted in the Royal Box at Wimbledon. Still no confirmation or denial was to be had from the Royals. Then after an Autumn of scandalous tabloid stories claiming Markle was a selfish social climber who came from a poor, crime-ridden and gang-ridden part of LA, not to mention the odd rumor of nude online pictures, and Kensington Palace issued a back-off statement to the press that also confirmed the romance. The fact they did that was a real WTF moment in England. Going public in that way is (almost) unheard of in Kensington-Palace land. To add insult to injury, the tabloids (some of them very unkindly) had made much of the fact that Markle's mother is black and that her father and brother are both bankrupts, asking if the Queen would be dropping in for tea. As of early December, the WTF romance of the century was still going strong, with Harry stopping off in Toronto on his way home from a Royal tour.

1 A Selection Of Justin Bieber's 2016 WTF Moments

Justin Bieber is what they call a serial WTF kind of guy. He's urinated in public, feuded with poor little Selena Gomez (some say driving her into a hiatus from the public spotlight) and thrown a fit when he didn't get VIP treatment at a Drake concert. See, he generally believes it's good to be bad. So, when he was in Cleveland for the NBA finals and standing outside of a hotel, he was approached by an eager fan asking for an autograph. So, Justin Bieber decides to pick a fight and says "no autographs tonight motherf*cker". Okay, he held his own in the street brawl that followed, but ended up at the bottom of the pile of bodies. Do we hear cheers coming from the crowd?


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