15 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Ariel Winter

It seems that the now-nineteen-year-old is heading down a wrong path.

Actress Ariel Winter is best known for her role as Alex Dunphy, the brainy middle child in the comedy Modern Family. She made her debut in the show in 2009 when she was just eleven years old and has become a promising young star in Hollywood. However, it seems that the now-nineteen-year-old is heading down a wrong path. From her countless risqué clothing options to her half-naked Instagram pictures, it appears that Winter is in dire need of more attention and is doing it in all the wrong ways.

Winter has had a dramatic transformation since her early days on the hit TV show. She is known for her party-hard behavior and getting a breast reduction surgery at the age of seventeen, which made numerous headlines. Is she trying to be the new Kylie Jenner or Bella Thorne? We definitely hope not because they don't particularly seem like the best role models for young girls.

Sadly, there has been a number of worst things that have happened to Ariel Winter, and it looks like the girl just can't get it right. From having to defend her revealing outfits on social media to even having her estranged mother call her out on her dressing habits, Winter hasn't had the best of luck. But we believe in you, Winter! Hopefully, the beautiful actress learns a thing or two before more disastrous things happen to her.

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15 When She Dawned This Number - For Her 18th Birthday Bash

via Imgur

Ariel Winter went all-out for her 18th birthday, redefining the "Birthday Suit" in a sparkly leotard that just didn't make the cut. Crossing over to becoming legal, Winter decided to wear this skimpy number out on the town, which featured a number of cutouts and a bejeweled neckline all in a Thanksgiving-colored theme. This looks like Winter is showing people that now that she's 18 years old and officially legal, she can do just about anything her heart desires, and that means even wearing a bodysuit for her birthday.

14 When She Tries Too Hard On Instagram - You're Better Than That, Girl

via Pinterest

Ariel Winter is a beautiful woman, but she is trying way too hard to fit in with the likes of other young and hot celebs. This photo just screams "I Need More Attention!" Does she even know how to smoke a cigar? There is no denying that the actress looks hot in this outfit, but how many times do we need to see her overly exposed on the Internet? Isn't there a saying that goes "Don't show off every day or you'll just stop surprising people?" Well, whatever it is, Winter just wants to show it all off because if you got something to show, show it off, right? Maybe that's her mantra.

13 And Does It Again With This Photo...

via Pinterest

The shirt showing her entire stomach paired with the shorts that appear like they don't even need to be there for how little they cover, is just not a great look for a young star. Do we need to say more? If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram (or anywhere else), then you know that she definitely does not hold back. Like ever. She is also a huge supporter in women showing off their bodies and not apologizing for it. We say, "You go girl!" However, the numerous photos of her behind and scandalous outfits are kind of over doing it. She's leaving little to the imagination in these shots!

12 Defending Her Countless Revealing Outfits - Social Media Just Won't Let Her Live

Photo Via:

Ariel Winter wore this number to Modern Family's season eight finale screening and all hell broke loose on social media. Unlike her co-stars, who dressed casually for the event, Winter went full-on glam for the event. She got a ton of hate on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media networks and had to defend her outfit choice. In May of 2017, she posted, "Why TF does anyone care that I didn't dress casual like everyone else for the panel? Why do I have to be like everyone else?" Winter wrote in an Instagram post. She added, "Why can't people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want? WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT PEOPLE!"

11 Like This Shocker Too...

via Yahoo

We get it, Ariel Winter is growing up and she has every right to show off her killer bod, but she seems to be aiming for all the wrong attention. She posted this barely-there top and shorts on Snapchat and countless of other photos like this one where it has become easy for social media users to knock her outfit choices down. She doesn't let the haters stop her, though. She told Entertainment Weekly that she wants her fans to "see what I'm [she's] doing" on her Instagram page, which means that she really likes not wearing any clothes whatsoever and does not give a care in the world.

10 When She Wore This Ultra Cut-Out Bikini To A Party - She's Turning Heads Left And Right

Photo Via:

The actress donned this green cutout one-piece to the 4th Annual Just Jared Summer Bash and had many people (both fans and haters alike) turning their heads. Her body sizzles in this tiny bikini, but she really did not leave anything to the imagination yet again with this attire. Her shorts were also not doing any justice (something we have become used to seeing from Ariel). They were so short that we can almost be sure everyone at the event saw her famous derriere. At least she's unafraid to show her curves, which we give her massive props to.

9 When Her Own Mom Questioned Her Dressing Habits - Estranged Mama Drama

Photo Via:

Ariel Winter slammed her estranged mother on Twitter when her mom told her to "grow up" and "dress properly." When your own mom tells you about your outfit choices, something might be wrong. However, Winter became emancipated in 2015, accusing her mother of abusing her physically and emotionally. So, in reality, her mom doesn't have any rights to say anything about Winter's choice of clothing. After her estranged mother said all those nasty comments, Ariel took to Twitter and wrote, "What's sad is that you lie constantly. Also, why is it that you only choose to talk to me through the press? I'm doing just fine. Toxic." Ouch!

8 Is She Copying Kylie Jenner? - Same Outfits, Same Over-Exposed Clothing Options

via El Siglo de Torreon

If Ariel Winter is following in the footsteps of one Kylie Jenner, then all we could do is wish her good luck. Yes, it's true that Jenner has become a very successful businesswoman at such a young age, but it's the surgeries and constant need to look beautiful that's starting to become a little scary. Ariel Winter did have breast reduction surgery, going from a 32F to a 34D. However, she is gorgeous just the way she is, and we hope she only copies Kylie's wardrobe choices and doesn't do anything major that she'll end up regretting later on in life.

7 When She Got Dragged On The Internet On Memorial Day For This Photo - Continues To Get Bashed On Instagram

Photo Via:

People were very mad when Ariel Winter posted these scandalous photos of her in a skimpy white bikini on Memorial Day. She's no stranger at attracting attention on her social media and always hits back at the trolls who believe that she dresses too scantily. Sporting red hair and looking like she came out of a rap video, Winter knew the haters were going to get her on this one. A lot of people were angered that she posted her caption as "Happy #MemorialDay" since the day is about remembered those who served and died for this country. However, she might have saved herself just a little after she posted a second picture that she captioned, "Could not be more grateful to all of the men and women who risk their lives to protect ours and our freedom. We are all forever indebted to your service. Thank you."

6 This Snake Tattoo On Her Forearm - Symbol Of Healing And Rebirth?

Photo Via:

Getting a snake tattoo is usually a symbol of rebirth and healing. Ariel Winter appeared to go through a lot in her life, especially with the negative relationship she shares with her mother and having to get breast reduction surgery. But it looks like the actress has healed pretty quickly after getting the tattoo on her forearm. She looks quite happy on her Instagram with her boyfriend and multitude of friends, so we hope the tattoo is a reminder to her that she doesn't need to show everything off to feel loved.

5 Getting Into Twitter Drama With A D-List Star - Who Is Nash Grier?

Photo Via:

Why on earth would Ariel Winter even bother getting into a Twitter war with this guy? In January of 2016, the actress got into a nasty feud with popular Viner Nash Grier over his homophobic and ignorant video about gays that caused a lot of controversy in the past. Winter brought the video to light again, asking on Twitter why Grier has any fans over the things he has said. He has had a plethora of now-deleted homophobic tweets, but has since apologized for those. She wrote a lengthy paragraph bashing the Viner, and he didn't take it lightly. He replied via Twitter, "sorry, I just saw this! I would LOVE to talk you & explain why your opinion about others opinions are far from reality. DMs?" Ariel clapped back with a short response of "lol, i'm good."

4 Obsessing Over Kim Kardashian - Defends Kim K's 'Bare' Photos

Photo Via:

Ariel Winter clearly loves to show off her figure and the same can be applied to 36-year-old mother of two, Kim Kardashian. Remember when Kim shared that photo where she was completely naked but covered her goods with black bars? It was extremely controversial and Ariel was there to defend her for some odd reason. She clearly likes being compared to Kylie Jenner, even dressing like her, so it looks like the star has an obsession for the Kardashian women. Winter tweeted, "No one was body shaming @justinbieber when he posted his nude guitar photo so why @KimKardashian? #herbodyherchoice #InternationalWomensDay." Of course, her tweet didn't come without nasty comments. Bring up Justin Bieber in a tweet and you know his fans are all out for the kill. That's exactly the heat she got, but she asked for it, right?

3 When She Buys The Wrong Sizes Constantly - Girl, Your Behind Is Showing

Okay, we know that it must be pretty clear by now, but 'why so short'? We get that you're going to a pool party, but when you're already showing the world all the goods all over social media and when you're out in public, what's the point? These shorts are way too small on the young star, and we can clearly see everything that's going on from the backside. That must not even feel comfortable for the star either since they seem extremely tight. Again, her clothing options are just so questionable.

2 Getting Her Gun License - Wasn't She A Hillary Clinton Supporter?

Photo Via:

This photo will make you scratch your head. During the Presidential campaign, Ariel Winter showed her support to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. If you know anything about Clinton's views on gun policies, she is a firm believer in gun control and a ban on "assault weapons," which were key components to her campaign. Winter's followers were shocked at this photo and called her a hypocrite when she posted a photo and received her California Firearm Safety Certificate. Winter just continues to get bashed for anything she does, it's almost sad.

1 Her Dramatic Transformation - From Little Innocent Girl To Shocking Seductress

Photo Via: life

Ariel Winter admitted that her sudden growth spurt at the age of fifteen made her feel uncomfortable with her body. And we could definitely understand that. She was a size F at that young age (that can't be comfortable) and made the mature decision to undergo breast reduction surgery at the age of seventeen. The star went from a size 32F to 34D and has said that she feels much better in her own skin. This isn't a terrible thing to happen to Winter if it's better for her body and health, right? Maybe now she can find clothes that better suit her and fit her just right (this should also apply to the shorts she buys).

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15 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Ariel Winter