15 Worst Things That Happened To Megan Fox After Being Fired From Transformers

Remember that time when Megan Fox compared Transformers director, Michael Bay, to Hitler? Understandably, her comment made headlines and she was soon fired from the franchise under the command of Steven Spielberg. Fox was promptly replaced with Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to play Shia LaBeouf’s new and more nurturing love interest.

Unfortunately for Fox, after this unfortunate episode in her life her career never recovered. She has been cast in one bad film after another. No truly successful franchise has been willing to take her on, probably because no director wants to have to deal with the demanding actress.

Furthermore, it seems like Fox is growing increasingly uninterested in the film industry and is currently more focused on her family than anything else. Recently, in a Cosmopolitan interview, the actress revealed that she is planning to quit acting for good because she knows she has another calling in her life.

15 Steven Spielberg And Other Directors Took A Dislike To Her

It was only natural that after Megan Fox likened Transformers director Michael Bay to Hitler she was going to be fired.

Fox was not very nice to Bay in an interview and said – “He’s like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is. So he’s a nightmare to work for.”

Apparently, it was the film’s executive producer, Steven Spielberg, who demanded that Fox be fired. Bay said – “You know the Hitler thing? Steven [Spielberg] said, fire her right now.” That’s a shame – Spielberg is one of the most popular film director and producer in history so that closed a lot of doors for Megan Fox.

14 She Received A Nasty Letter From The Transformers Crew

After Megan Fox insulted Transformers director Michael Bay, three of Bay’s crew members posted an open letter on Bay’s website defending the director. The letter shamed Fox for the awful comments she had made about Bay. The letter also declared that Fox is not at all professional as an actress and that she’s actually very unpleasant to work with.

The letter said – “We’ve had the tedious experience of working with the dumb-as-a-rock Megan Fox on both Transformers movies. [...] Sadly she never smiles. The cast, crew, and director make Transformers a really fun and energetic set. We’ve traveled around the world together, so we have never understood why Megan was always such a grump of the set? [...] When facing the press, Megan is the queen of talking trailer trash and posing like a porn star. And yes we’ve had the unbearable time watching her try to act on set, and yes, it’s very cringe-able.”

The letter is quite long and mentions all of Fox’s faults, such as the fact that she never took interest in anyone else on set, never said hello, and never said thank you to the crew for their hard work.

13 People Realized That She’s Difficult To Work With

After Fox complained about Transformers director Michael Bay, the gruelling hours on set and how dangerous the shooting really was (“Shia [LaBeouf] and I almost die when we make a Transformers movie. He has you do some really insane things that insurance would never let you do”), Bay fired back at Megan by saying – “I’m sorry Megan: I’m sorry I made you work 12 hours. I’m sorry that I’m making you show up on time. Movies are not always warm and fuzzy.”

As for the lack of safety Fox complained about? Transformers crew wrote Fox a long letter which also included a response to her safety remark – “Megan says that Transformers was an unsafe set? Come on Megan, we know it is a bit more strenuous than the playground at the trailer park, but you don’t insult one of the very best stunt and physical effects teams in the business! Not one person got hurt!”

12 The Film Jennifer’s Body Was A Failure

After Fox was fired from Transformers franchise, she went on to star in the black comedy horror film Jennifer’s Body. The film turned out to be a complete and utter failure – after two weekends it pulled in only $12 million, which must have disheartened Fox greatly after the success she had received with Transformers.

The actress had also predicted that the film could be a failure before it premiered – “It might be a complete failure on my part. But the fact that I had to really put myself out there is totally different than being able to hide behind the magic of ILM [Industrial Light and Magic, used for Transformers special effects]. That’s no hiding from anything. There’s nothing there to distract you from my performance. So if it’s bad, it’s going to be f***ing bad for me. And if it’s good, then I will have achieved something on some level.” Unfortunately for Fox, it was bad.

11 Jonah Hex Was Also A Failure And Was Named 'Worst Picture Of The Year'

After the failure of Jennifer’s Body, Megan Fox went on to star in another film that failed spectacularly. In 2009, Fox began shooting Jonah Hex in which she played a Victorian-era prostitute.

Jonah Hex was declared total failure even though it had all the ingredients of a good film, such as wonderful costumes and seemingly good actors. But the terrible performances and the lack of storytelling destined the film to be named “worst picture of the year” by Houston Film Critics Society.

Even Fox herself hates the movie and has confessed that she won’t let her kids see it – “Something like Jonah Hex I’m not going to let them see ever, no one should ever see that movie.”

10 Passion Play Was Also Terrible And Only Got 3% On Rotten Tomatoes

After starring in two terrible films – Jennifer’s Body and Jonah Hex – Fox was unlucky enough to end up cast in another awful film, Passion Play. The film was extremely poorly received at the Toronto Film Festival – viewers mocked it as they watched it and then walked out of the screening. This led to the usual theatrical distribution being sidestepped. Instead, the film went straight to DVD.

Mickey Rourke also starred in the film and said that it was “terrible”. He was, however, full of praise for Megan Fox, saying that she was “probably the best young actress I’ve ever worked with” and that “at 23, I couldn’t do half of what she’s doing.” But in a later interview with Vulture, Rourke smirked when asked about his praise for Fox, clearly indicating that he had lied.

9 She Was Boycotted By A Number Of Men’s Websites Such As AskMen

After Megan Fox was fired from Transformers and took on terrible films, it seemed like she was everywhere – news portals, late night talk shows, magazines. She became so overexposed that some men’s websites decided to boycott her and dedicated a special day called “A Day Without Megan Fox.”

Fox said that her overexposure was created by Transformers – “I was part of a movie that [the studio] wanted to make sure would make $700 million, so they oversaturated the media with their stars.”

Fox also confessed that she doesn’t want to be on the internet and in magazines every single day – “I don’t want to have people get completely sick of me before I’ve ever even done something legitimate.”

8 To This Day, People Talk About Fox Being Fired From Transformers Instead Of Her New Projects

Unfortunately for Megan Fox, when Megan Fox was fired from Transformers, the news spread like wildfire. Everyone was talking about the event and the fact that she had compared the Transformers director, Michael Bay, to Hitler.

Fox thought that the world would eventually gloss over the juicy news. Perhaps she believed she’d be cast in another big franchise or that she’d get an award for acting.

But of course that never happened and almost every film that Fox has appeared in so far has been a failure. So it’s no surprise that people talk about Fox being fired from Transformers to this day. And it’s unlikely that they’ll stop anytime soon.

7 Her Marriage Almost Failed

Nowadays Megan Fox talks about her family being her priority. As we all know, her family comprises of her husband Brian Austin Green and their three children. But a few years ago Fox’s marriage almost failed.

Apparently, Fox and Green had been arguing over her career and the fact that she is always away making movie after movie. Back then, a source close to the couple revealed – “They fight about her career. She was obsessed with getting roles.”

Thankfully, Fox and Green eventually got back together. Fox explained their decision to give it another go – “If you want it to last, you just have to stick it out. I know my karma isn’t done. And so we’re in it until the universe releases us. We’re not completely in control of it. And he is a hunk.”

6 She Was Typecast

Unfortunately for Megan Fox, the film industry has typecast her as a pretty face. This means that Fox, just like Marilyn Monroe and other beautiful actresses before her, is rarely taken seriously when it comes to going for real, dramatic roles with a little bit of substance in them.

And Fox herself knows that she has been typecast – “You have these stereotypes that still dominate films: the nag, the trophy, the escort... I haven’t been sent a nag script yet, but I do get plenty of, like, ‘interesting stripper.’ Or, ‘She’s super funny, but she’s also an escort, but that’s what makes it funny!’”

5 Her Comic Book Movie Project Stalled

Years ago, there were rumors that Megan Fox might be playing the lead actor in a film version of a 90s comic called Fathom. The comic, created by Michael Turner, focuses on Aspen, an aquatic heroine.

In 2014, Fox said that if the film is going to happen and she is going to be the lead then they better film it soon before she gets any older – “Who knows, that’s a property I got my hands on, thank God, because I was a fan of the comic books and I love Michael Turner bless him, he’s passed on, but I don’t know. I was joking the other day because I forget how old she is but she’s mid-20s and I’m passing that soon so we gotta jump on that horse quickly if we’re going to do it. Logistically it’s just difficult because a lot of that takes place underwater so unless James Cameron is going to direct it I don’t know how we’re going to make it happen.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the project is ever going to go ahead.

4 She Became A Mother And Doesn't Seem To Care About Anything Else

Becoming a mother is not a terrible thing, but what happened after pregnancy for Megan was not a good thing.

Now that Fox has three children she is no longer as interested in her acting career, or any other career. Fox has said – “I’ve never been an extraordinarily ambitious girl or career-oriented, but especially once I got pregnant with my first son and now (having) my second, it’s so hard to be a working mom especially when your heart is not in your work, when your heart is with your family.”

We’re glad that Fox is happy with her personal life but you have to admit that you have to have something else in your life too. After all, children eventually grow up and leave.

3 She Never Got Into Another Successful Franchise

Unfortunately, after Megan Fox was fired from Transformers, she was unable to get into a successful franchise ever again. Perhaps this failure was just bad luck or perhaps no film director wanted to hire the actress who trash-talked Transformers director Michael Bay.

Plus, let’s not forget that Fox is considered a difficult actress to work with – apparently, she’s a grump on set and is constantly late to filming.

Transformers crew members have also said that it didn’t even look as if Fox wanted to be in the film anyway, even if she said she did. Recently, Fox has kind of confirmed that by basically saying that she’s in it solely for the money – “I have to make one movie a year because I have to invest in their future and I have to be able to pay their way through college and be able to provide for them.”

2 She Became Disheartened By The Movie Industry

Megan Fox has also said numerous times that she has become disheartened by the movie industry and especially of gender inequality in Hollywood – “Women are undervalued. Equal pay for equal work.”

In addition, Fox has revealed that film directors and studio executives care very little for human life and health because money is just so much more important to them.

Apparently, Fox has been injured countless of times on set, including the Transformers set, but nothing was done about it – “You can’t shut down a movie set – it’s $2 million a day halted – even though insurance covers it. We usually fight through the injuries. As long as your face looks OK, they don’t care and they want you to keep shooting anyway.”

1 She Realized That Her Hitler Comment Was Way Out Of Line

Over the years, Megan Fox has realized that her Hitler comment and other mean things she said about Transformers director Michael Bay were way out of line. And she knows now that the stupid remark has literally cost her a successful career.

In a recent interview, Fox called the episode in her life when she was fired from Transformers as the “low point” of her career – “That was absolutely the low point of my career. But without – ‘that thing’, I wouldn’t have learned as quickly as I did. All I had to do was apologize – and I refused. I was so self-righteous at 23, I couldn’t see [that] it was for the greater good. I really thought I was Joan of Arc.”

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