15Making Women Have Kids

polygamists force women to have children at a young age
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With marrying at a young age comes the responsibility of bearing children at a young age, even if the mothers are practically kids themselves. A young girl named Susan was led to believe that it was normal to get married and have kids at a young age. When she was still

a young woman, she became an elderly man's sixth wife. From that point on, her only duty in life was to give birth to and raise as many kids as she could.

Susan gave birth to her first child quickly, and had four more shortly after. As a result of forcing these young women to have children, many babies are born stillborn. The mother's life is also put in danger because their bodies are not ready for such strenuous repeated childbirths. It does not help that a lot of these children are born as a result of inappropriate relationships, but more on that later.

polygamists marry relatives
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