15 Women Who've Reportedly Hooked Up With Justin Bieber

I don't get Justin Bieber. To be fair, I'm most definitely not in his target demographic as a woman who's passed the age of puberty, but even if I were in his target demographic, I don't think I'd get with him. Sure, some of his more recent songs have been on another level, to the point where I can hear them more than once and be genuinely surprised to find out that they're Bieber songs, but I'm in no way a Belieber. After learning a bit about him, I'm pretty sure I'm the only woman in the world who feels this ambivalent about him because many women in Hollywood have been linked to him and aren't ashamed about it. More importantly, some of the hottest women in the world have been linked to him, and I honestly can't understand why.

Justin Bieber has dated all kinds of women. He's dated models, actresses, singers, and more, and they come from all walks of life. The one thing that all of these women seem to have in common is that they're objectively beautiful people. Some of these women are a bit obscure, to the point where I had to do some Googling to figure out who they were. Others are arguably some of the most famous women in the world, with some of the most recognizable faces in the country. To make matters even more interesting, a lot of them know each other, and three of the women on this list are even related! Here are just 15 women that Justin Bieber has been linked to over the years, who they are, and how they connect to each other.

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15 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber share a manager, Scooter Braun, or at least they did until he and Grande parted ways with each other. It comes as no surprise, then, that she and Bieber have been linked romantically. They both have a legion of rabid fans (Arianators and Beliebers respectively) who don't ship them together but love them as friends, so any rumor about them taking their friendship to the next level is often shot down. However, there have been theories that he'd replaced Selena Gomez with Ariana Grande, who admittedly seems like his type. They even kissed a few times over the years. While they've never been officially linked romantically, she's still linked to him, so she makes this list.

14 Barbara Palvin

I'm going to be totally honest here: I wasn't actually sure who Barbara Palvin was when I first saw her name. She's gorgeous and all, but her face wasn't ringing a bell for me. Barbara Palvin is one of the many Victoria's Secret models who've made this list, and she and Bieber were involved back in 2012. A few months beforehand, Palvin cracked a joke on a video web chat about how she disliked Selena Gomez, and at the time, nobody cared. When the Victoria's Secret show rolled around that year, she hit it off with Justin Bieber, and Selena's fans went out of their way to let her know that Palvin talked smack about her before. We're not sure if they were ever actually together, if Justin was messing around with her behind Selena's back, or if it was all just a misunderstanding. Either way, she's one of the many women who has found herself on Justin Bieber's long list of girlfriends and almost-girlfriends.

13 Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima is another one that I'm not immediately familiar with, which makes me wonder just where Justin Bieber finds these women. She's another Victoria's Secret model, and she's been rumored to have hooked up with Justin Bieber in Cannes. While people have been speculating about this for awhile, she killed this rumor in an interview with Andy Cohen back in 2015. She was clear that she hadn't hooked up with him before elaborating on the subject in savage fashion, saying: "OK, I'm going to tell you this. Anybody below 6-foot-7, you know how I call them? Friends." Damn, girl. I believe her, though. Justin Bieber was 21 around the time these rumors were going around, which would have made the Brazilian Adriana Lima around 34 years old. While there are a lot of women dating younger guys in Hollywood, I really don't think Bieber is this woman's type.

12 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is the second member of the Kardashian clan to make it onto this list, which is probably not a good thing. Luckily, she's not as connected to the situation as Kourtney. She admitted to W magazine that she'd had a thing for Justin Bieber, but he was by no means her first choice. "I was more into the Disney kids. Like, I think I had a crush on Zack and Cody [Dylan and Cole Sprouse] from Suite Life of Zack and Cody," she explained, before adding, "Justin Bieber was like the pop star of my time. I feel like I must have had a 12-year-old crush on him." She was clear that she doesn't have a thing for him anymore, though. However, that hasn't stopped people from speculating. Bieber has gone on record saying that she's beautiful before, and they've gone on vacation together. His comments about her being beautiful came on the heels of the latest breakup with Selena Gomez, too, so the stage could have been set for a rebound relationship. I really hope this didn't happen, though, because Kourtney is also on this list.

11 Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a Victoria's Secret model that I actually have heard of. She's known for her adorable all-American look, and she spent some time married to Orlando Bloom. She, Orlando Bloom, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were involved in one of the biggest celebrity love triangles of this decade. While Justin Bieber was still with Selena Gomez, he hit it off with Miranda Kerr at the 2012 Victoria's Secret show, and in 2014, Orlando Bloom punched Bieber in the face and became a legend to everyone who hates Justin Bieber. Both sides have admitted that the fight was over her. Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez were caught making out last year, right when his thing with Katy Perry was hitting the news. While nothing was confirmed between Kerr and Bieber, it still involves her in all of this. Personally, Bieber and Bloom are lucky guys, because if I ever had to pick a girl, it would be her.

10 Chantel Jeffries

Chantel Jeffries and Justin Bieber actually dated, unlike a lot of the women on this list. They were off and on for awhile, but rumors flew back in February 2017 when a picture posted on Bieber's newly activated Instagram (more on that later) sent the rumor mill into overdrive. It turned out that the picture was of a young Chantel smiling. Nothing ever came of this rumor, and there's a chance that the picture doesn't actually mean anything about the two of them at all. Justin Bieber's Instagram had been deactivated for awhile, and he might have just been putting pictures up that he'd taken over his social media hiatus, or even just old pictures that he thought looked cool, to make his Instagram profile pop. Regardless, Chantel Jeffries also makes the list.

9 Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin is another one of Bieber's exes, and when the debacle that ended with Bieber deactivating his Instagram account happened, she came forward in support of Selena Gomez, who'd spoken up in defense of his fans who were mad at him posting photos of yet another woman that made this list. Baldwin dated Bieber earlier in 2016 and spoke out on the subject while everything was going down. "We've all had our fair share of things we've done, both good and bad. What makes the present so powerful is when we take complete responsibility for our actions, we allow ourselves self-growth," the cryptic message read. "Misplacing the blame onto someone else isn't going to get you to the next stage in life. so try not to manipulate a situation to make yourself look better." Afterwards, she walked her statement back, saying: "The only thing I 'weigh in on' is everyday life in general. Don't rope me into things I'm not a part of and please respect my privacy. x."

8 Sofia Richie

We've made reference to the time when Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram in response to his fans freaking out about him posting photos of him and another woman, and Selena Gomez fired back in defense of his fans. The woman in those photos was Sofia Richie, Lionel Richie's daughter. She was just 17 when the story broke, which shows that Justin Bieber does not discriminate when it comes to age. Sofia herself was overshadowed by Bieber's exes when the story broke, because Selena Gomez famously weighed in on the situation. She basically stuck her nose in for no reason and eventually had to apologize for it. However, Sofia Richie is more than just a relationship with a pop star. She's a model that's really cool with Kylie Jenner's squad, which is blisteringly ironic considering that many members of that squad are linked to Justin Bieber, too.

7 Caitlin Beadles

Before I get into how Caitlin Beadles fits into all of this, I need to explain who Caitlin Beadles is. Luckily, she has an entry on the Justin Bieber wiki that I had no idea existed until I sat down to write this list. Caitlin isn't a celebrity, so she's one of the few on this list who knew Bieber before he was a star. They evidently met in church when Bieber moved to Atlanta, and they dated for just about a year. They eventually broke up right when Bieber's career was taking off and she decided that she didn't want to live in the spotlight. They're still friends even now. Bieber's still close with her brother, and he's mentioned her in interviews a lot. Some of the songs in his first two albums are actually about her. Not much is known about her, but she seems quite lovely.

6 Nicola Peltz

You might recognize Nicola Peltz from her roles in Transformers: Age of Extinction and The Last Airbender. You might be surprised to know that Katara used to date Justin Bieber, which is not a sentence I ever thought I'd write. After he broke up with Hailey Baldwin, he took Nicola out on a date at a steakhouse, and the rumor mill went crazy since then. While they dated for awhile, she's not linked to him anymore: she's dating Anwar Hadid now. Ironically, she's still part of the spiderweb that is Justin Bieber's dating life: Anwar Hadid is the brother of Bella Hadid, who used to date the Weeknd, who's dating Selena Gomez now. We could all play 'Six Degrees of Separation' with this information, but instead of Kevin Bacon being the center of the web, it'll be Justin Bieber's dating life. Actually, someone should create that game. It would be like Cards Against Humanity, and we all love that game.

5 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is by no means Justin Bieber's least significant ex: she might actually be the most significant. This is why we need to talk about her first. Their history goes back almost a decade, right when their careers were just starting to take off. Their relationship has gone through more than its fair share of ups and downs, thanks to a few of the other girls on this list that we can't talk about until we talk about her. Jelena, as they were called when they were together, wasn't actually awful when it was happening, and there are points where you look back and can see that the two really did care about each other. However, when a relationship dies, it dies hard, and as far as I can tell, Jelena is done. They've simply been through too much at this point. Whether they get back together is up in the air, but there's no way it's happening right now, what with Selena Gomez dating The Weeknd and all.

4 Kourtney Kardashian

Some of the women who have made this list have been a little inexplicable, but none have shocked me quite like finding out that Kourtney Kardashian might have dated Justin Bieber. Nothing about this makes any sort of sense to me. Kourtney Kardashian is a mom, and a businesswoman of sorts, while Justin Bieber is, well, Justin Bieber. Regardless, the rumor mill was saying that Kourtney Kardashian might have been hooking up with Justin Bieber during an off period from her relationship with Scott Disick, who is kind of a gift to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewing audience. I'm not a fan of that show by a long shot, but I caught a few episodes one day when I had the flu, and he's great.

Anyway, 37-year-old Kourtney is adamant that she never hooked up with Justin Bieber, who's fifteen years younger than her. She's gone on record saying so, and a source told Entertainment Tonight that they weren't hooking up. "They're in the same group of friends and socialize together all the time," the source explained. "They have been friends for years. Justin used to live next door to Kourtney and is still very close friends with the family. Kourtney and Justin being at a nightclub and leaving together is not a story."

3 Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce isn't involved in any of the crazy love triangles that Justin Bieber has gotten himself involved in over the years, but there was a point where she could have changed his life forever. She was dating Bieber when a round of his nude photos surfaced and circulated around the internet. They never actually said they were dating, but Instagram posts have them in the same place at the time the photos were leaked, so people have basically drawn their own conclusions. However, after they broke up, rumors started to fly when she got pregnant and everyone assumed Justin Bieber was the father. Both of them deny that: the father of Pierce's baby is actually a blogger named Mike Dixon. She had baby Ayla in January, and by all accounts seems pretty happy with things.

2 Jordan Ozuna

Jordan Ozuna isn't famous, per se. She's actually a Hooters waitress from Las Vegas who found herself hooking up with Justin Bieber and according to reports, she dated him right after Chantel Jeffries did. She posted a few photos from Bieber's weird spaceship mansion that he lived in while he was in Atlanta. There isn't a ton of information on her out there, but what we do know is that she stayed with Bieber in that weird spaceship mansion for awhile and that she basically swept in right under Chantel Jeffries' nose. There's also the fact that even for a girl who likes selfies, she's very, very good at taking a racy selfie or two, or twelve. She was also married when she hooked up with Justin Bieber, but they were separated at the time. There's even a rumor that Jordan and Justin might be cousins!

1 Kylie Jenner

You might be surprised to find Kylie Jenner at the top of this list, but I think she deserves this top spot not just because she's gone on record about their "special bond" but because two of her siblings are also on this list, and that's a level of drama that I didn't think could exist in real life. Sure, two siblings connected to the same person is a little eyebrow-raising, but three? No thank you.

Either way, Kylie Jenner counts Justin Bieber among her closest friends and confidantes. "He gets me, and every time I see him he always sits me down and is like, 'Are you OK? You're amazing. You can get through this, just stay true to yourself.' He helps me a lot." He's also come to her defense when she's come under fire for certain things, like wearing cornrows. He's talked about how hard it is to be a kid and grow up with the world watching you, and no one knows that struggle better than Kylie Jenner, who basically grew up before our eyes. "Every time she’s looking around she sees a camera and that’s affecting how she’s thinking and how she’s perceiving people and why she has to do certain things." Not everyone can deal with that kind of pressure. Personally, if they decided they wanted to be together, I'd be cool with it. No matter how you feel about Bieber, at least he has his own money and doesn't need to be kept by Kylie (we're all looking at you, Tyga). Also, it'll be nice to see her get out of the crazy love square she's in with Tyga, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Justin Bieber has dated a lot of women over the years, and he'll probably date even more as his career goes on.

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