15 Women Who Sang About "Loving" Themselves

It's something completely natural that most (if not all) people do. But it's almost like nobody wants to talk about it. That is... except these artists.

92 % of women masturbate, according to The Gossard Big M Survey, and some of them are not shy to sing about it. They can do it for different reasons, either it is to give their body the love it deserves, to patiently wait until someone is there to touch them, or to feel better about themselves. These singers love to reach the big O and want their fans to find this hidden pleasure too. Why wouldn't they be proud of sexually satisfying themselves?

However, many women are still shy to talk about it in 2017. Carly Rae Jepsen dared to write a song about masturbation but was too shy to sing it, as reported by Toronto Sun. She couldn't even say the M word during an interview for a radio show, simply telling them: "We got in the room and we were both in a really weird mood and we wrote a song about, basically being alone... Trying to find a delicate way to say this. It rhymes with contemplation." Moreover, some artists had to face controversy because the subject was too sexual and didn't please some fans.

For decades, female singers made it so masturbation was more accepted among women. They want to honour this great way to find pleasure, or simply normalize it by singing "Oh what an ordinary day, take out the garbage, masturbate." They are not doing this to please anyone else but themselves as they benefit from the safest way to have sex. Here are 15 females singers who know how to use their hands

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15 Macy Gray - B.O.B.

"B is for Battery / O Operated / B is for Better / Cuz he's not complicated / Oh yeah / He gets me so excited / I turn him on / Go baby go."

The singer dedicated a song to her vibrator called "B.O.B." She describes it as the perfect partner who fits like a glove and is always ready for love. How can she find anything better when this little gadget was designed especially for her sexual satisfaction?

In the animated music video, a cartoon vibrator walks around the bedroom while Macy sings about the benefits of her love affair. The artist hoped that it will open women up so they can talk about masturbation just like men already do. She encourages women to have a B.O.B. too, and other things like that, and stop being quiet about it. Macy hopes that people take her song seriously and understand how great this kind of partner can be.

14 Charli XCX - Body of My Own

Via Cosmopolitan

"I'm in control / My hands are shakin' / My skin's getting wetter /I'm coming close/ It's overloading / I'm walking with fire."

Charli doesn't need anyone to find sexual pleasure. She thinks her touch is better as she knows exactly what she wants and where the target is. Being on her own gives her the chance to do whatever she needs to be satisfied. Who could do it better than she does?

In an interview with The Times, she says that "It's a feminist statement more than a song telling you to put your hand in your pants, because girls should own their own bodies." She believes that women shouldn't be sexualized to please men, but to please themselves. They own their body and they are the ones who should benefit from it. Who could blame her for having fun by herself? She is a wonderful woman and she knows what kind of love she deserves.

13 DEV - In the Dark

"Close my eyes, here you are / All alone dancing in the dark / Tell me baby if it's wrong / To let my hands do what they want? / Late at night I pretend we are dance-dance/Dancing in the dark."

When she closes her eyes, DEV can live any kind of fantasy she wants. Touching herself in the dark, the singer is not alone in her head as she spends the night with the thought of this mysterious man pleasuring her.

When an interviewer told her that he was surprised to hear her sing about masturbation, she answered that this is why she wanted to make a song like that. The songs she used to write were kind of explicit, but were simply meant to be fun. However, DEV wants this new sexy song to be taken seriously as she felt the need to sing about that subject.  The artist wants to be able to sing about whatever she wants, and this includes pleasuring herself. This sexual side is part of everyone and DEV isn't shy to open up about this.

12 Toni Braxton - You're Making Me High

"I'll always think of you / Inside of my private thoughts I can imagine you / Touching my private parts / With just the thought of you / I can't help but touch myself."

Toni can't wait for the man of her dreams to touch her private parts so she finds pleasure by herself. She can touch the sky when she is around him but she gets even higher on her own. Why would she need him if she can give herself all the love she needs?

The singer of Un-Break My Heart wanted to be sexy and she achieved this goal with her song about masturbation. However, the lyrics aren't only about feeling herself but also about drugs. She said to Entertainment Weekly that she was introduced to marijuana and got high for the first time a week before writing You're Making Me High. She added that to the song, as part of her inspiration. The singer certainly knows how to feel pleasure and let go in many different ways.

11 Divinyls - I Touch Myself

Via Boudist Tumblr

"I search myself, I want you to find me / I forget myself, I want you to remind me / I don't want anybody else / When I think about you, I touch myself."

The lead singer can't stand being alone so she touches herself when she thinks about the person she loves. She doesn't want anyone else so she tries to satisfy her sexual desire with her own hands. She teaches people that to be loved, you first need to love yourself.

However, touching herself made it so the singer Chrissy Amphlett didn't only find pleasure, but some sign of breast cancer. After requesting a biopsy, doctors confirmed that she did had cancer. When she died in 2014, the "I Touch Myself Project" was created to encourage women to touch their breasts to make sure everything is normal. A group of female singers banded together to release a cover of the song to honour the lead singer of Divinyls.

10 P!nk - Fingers

Via Pinterest

"I bite my tongue because I wanna scream / I'm almost there and you turn and look at me / When it's late at night and you're fast asleep / I let my fingers do the walking."

P!nk isn't sexually satisfied with her boyfriend, but she makes sure she wakes up happy in the morning. Touching herself when the one lying next to her is asleep, she makes sure that she gets all the sex she wants, as one man doesn't have the power to satisfy her needs.

However, even though she doesn't seem to have enough sex with her boyfriend, P!nk uses it as a way to stop a fight. As she told The Advocate: “I was like, ‘You know what, will you just come here and f*ck me?’ And he was like, ‘Wha-wha-what?’ I was like, ‘Yeah! I’m done fighting, just come here and f*ck me—that’s all this is about.’ He was like, ‘OK!’ ” The rockstar never stops being wild and uses sex as a way to solve all her problems.

9 Tweet Feat. Missy Elliott - Oops (Oh My)

"I looked over to my left / Mmm, I was lookin' so good I couldn't reject myself / I looked over to my left / Mmm, I was feelin' so good I had to touch myself."

Coming back home when she was high, Tweet and Missy Elliott accidentally "loved" themselves and were so shook that they had to catch their breath. They couldn't resist themselves and decided to fall for the love that always ends with a happy ending.

However, Tweet claims that this song wasn't about masturbation, but about simply looking at herself naked in the mirror. She told Bustle that she watched an episode of Oprah where a doctor advised people to look at themselves naked in the mirror to learn how to love and accept themselves. The singer thinks that people can take their definition of what any songs means to them, but for her, the song wasn't about masturbation. What Tweet meant is that you need to learn how to love yourself.  It seems like this experience excited her more than anyone would have thought.

8 Hailee Steinfeld - Love Myself

Via Wallsdesk

"Pictures in my mind on replay / I'm gonna touch the pain away / I know how to scream my own name / Scream my name / I love me / Gonna love myself, no, I don't need anybody else."

Hailee knows how to find the pleasure hidden in herself and she doesn't need anyone else to be satisfied. This song is devoted to self-love and independence as the singer is proud to scream her name, singing about how good she feels when she is on her own.

The singer admitted during an interview for Noisey that this song is about exactly what everyone thought it was about, explaining that this is a strong self-empowerment message. She encourages women to recognize that they are able to provide for themselves and that this is an amazing power. They don't NEED TO depend on any man. Wearing her "self-service" shirt, Hailee likes to have fun and doesn't mind showing her love to herself in front of everyone. Either she is dancing in the streets or touching herself until it hurts, she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

7 Cyndi Lauper - She Bop

Via Wire Magazine

"Well I see them every night in tight blue jeans / In the pages of a Blue Boy magazine / Hey I've been thinking of a new sensation / I'm picking up good vibration"

After pleasuring herself in a car, Cyndi meets a man and rides his motorcycle. The artist has fun on this vibrating gadget on the way to a "self-service" gas station until she finally ends up at the police station because she can't stop messing with the "danger zone."

The singer of "Girls just Want to Have Fun" claimed that everybody "bops" and later said at a concert that "A bop a day keeps the doctor away. I recommend it." As usual, in the music video, Cyndi has a lot of fun, as this new sensation makes her go blind, laughing about the false beliefs on the consequences of masturbation. Cyndi Lauper wanted kids to think that the controversial song was about dancing, but it ended up on the "Filthy 15" list because the Parents Music Resource Center thought the lyrics were too sexual.

6 Nicki Minaj Feat. Beyoncé - Feeling Myself

"B*tch, never left but I'm back at it, and I'm feelin' myself, jack rabbit / Feelin' myself, back off, cause I'm feelin' myself, jack off / He be thinking about me when he whacks off, wax on? Wax off."

Who thought feeling yourself was an activity reserved for men? The singers don't mind feeling themselves in a more literal way and using an expression that defines male masturbation. After all, if men can openly talk about that subject, women can do it too.

Beyoncé proudly stated in Elle that women should be able to do the same things that men do.  She believes that we should encourage women to express their emotions, so why should anyone be shy to express their love for themselves in the comfort of their own bed? As Nicki told Cosmopolitan, she is high-maintenance in bed - she always demands to climax - so feeling herself seems to be a good idea for her to get what she wants.

5 Madonna - Into the Groove

"Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free / At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see / I'm tired of dancing here all by myself / Tonight I want to dance with someone else."

Madonna loves controversy, and this includes singing about one of women's deepest secrets at that time.  However, her hands can't keep her satisfied so she tries to find someone else... as long as he can meet her expectations and find the right rhythm.

In fact, Madonna was almost arrested after simulating masturbation during one of her performances in Toronto, as reported by Billboard. Before singing "Like a Virgin" on her Blond Ambition Tour, officers visited her crew and threatened to arrest the singer. The Queen of Pop simply answered: "I’m not changing my f***ing show" and gave an explicit performance to the crowd. She was definitely not a virgin and neither touched for the very first time.

4 Miley Cyrus - Adore You

"When you say you love me / Know I love you more / When you say you need me / Know I need you more / Boy I adore you / I adore you."

Even though the song itself doesn't seem to be about masturbation, the singer gives herself all the love she wants in the music video. Biting her bed sheets, taking a bath, and filming herself, Miley Cyrus doesn't need a man - or anyone else - to have fun.

The singer is proud to claim on Instagram that "A masturbate a day keeps the haters away." Even though this theory cannot be proven, it probably at least keeps the sadness and the boredom away. The artist really does love to film herself while touching herself, as she once did during a Facetime conversation with photographer Mert Alas. He later posted screenshots of this photoshoot, as seen in Interview Magazine.

3 Lady Gaga - So Happy I Could Die

"I love that lavender blonde/ The way she moves/ The way she walks/ I touch myself can't get enough."

The young singer devoted a song to the way another woman makes her feel. Drinking wine in a club with her best friend, Gaga keeps touching herself until everything feels alright. The story doesn't tell if she gets arrested for indecent exposure, though!

In 2009, Lady Gaga came out in an interview with Barbara Walters after she asked her if the lyrics "Bluffing with my muffin" from "Poker Face" meant that she is bisexual. The singer said that she does like men and women, even though she had never been in love with a woman. However, don't think she is doing this to get anyone's attention as she said that bisexuality for marketing is a lie. She really does like women and she considers that this is who she is and who she has always been.

If you want more of Lady Gaga pleasing herself, you can also listen to her song "Sexx Dreams."

2 Britney Spears - Touch of My Hand

Via Fashion World

'Cause I just discovered / Imagination's taking over / Another day without a lover / The more I come to understand / The touch of my hand."

Britney Spears is discovering all the pleasure she can feel with someone who will always be there for her: her own hand. No one can satisfy her more than she does and she is sure that she won't be left behind this time because she is already here.

"I think it is a healthy thing. It's not talking about going out and exploring yourself with different men or anything," she said in an interview. She said that it's a healthy thing. She doesn't encourage women to go out and explore themselves with a bunch of strange men, but getting to know their own body is good for them. Female masturbation is a reality and no one should be shy to talk about it. "Touch of my Hand" is about indulging yourself and this is a positive thing. She even inspired Lady Gaga to do the same, as the singer once said: "I used to hang pictures of [Britney] on my wall and touch myself when I would go to bed.

1 Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need a Man

"I don’t need a ring around my finger / To make me feel complete / So let me break it down / I can get off when you ain’t around."

The Pussycat Dolls don't use their fingers to wear a wedding ring, but to find pleasure by themselves! They want men to understand that they can get pieces of jewellery (and orgasms) on their own, but the only thing that they could want from men is true love.

Don't think the group of female singers were doing all this just to please men. As Jessica Sutta, one of the members, told Billboard: they stood for female empowerment. Their motto was that there is a Pussycat Doll in every woman, as everyone can be beautiful, independent, and powerful. Men do not possess them. The Pussycat Dolls possess their own body and use it to get what they want. They don't want men to make the first step, these strong women will let them know if they are interested. Never take them for granted, the singers know what they want and that's the only deal they'll accept!

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