15 Women Who Posted A Dirty Selfie And Got Fired

When selfies first came onto the scene, they weren’t what they are these days. At first, it started off as simple pictures obviously taken by the person, but there was almost a sense of embarrassment to them. People tried to act like they were in justified locations so that they wouldn’t look stupid. They were usually coy pictures of people who were trying to appear as if they weren’t taking pictures of themselves.

The first time we ever saw the word "selfie" was in an Australian chat room, and it was to describe a terrible picture that someone took of themselves back in 2002. That’s what selfies used to be all about. Nowadays, we have Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities making selfies far more glamorous than we ever thought possible. These days, people have no problem taking selfies in any location and sometimes without any clothes on. There are sex selfies, dirty selfies, and some just plain inappropriate selfies. The sky's the limit these days; it’s as if people have no boundaries. Everything is available for anyone to see.

There are millions of selfies posted daily, and some of them are way over the top. They're the ones that make our mouths drop open as we wonder what these people are thinking. Unfortunately for these people, sometimes, posting your business can get you into trouble. These women were more than willing to post a dirty selfie, and it cost them their jobs.

15 The Racist Tweeter

Justine Sacco posted this horrendous post on her way to Cape Town. The shocking part was that she was a Public Relations Chief. She was having a drink at the airport before her flight and thought it would be funny to send out this Tweet. She had no idea the windstorm that was going to follow that Tweet. With only 200 followers on her Twitter account, the post was retweeted multiple times and even ended up at the news station before she even got off the plane. The world knew all about her racist comment, and she was trashed on social media. Not only that, but she didn’t have a job to go back to either. Things got so bad that she had to delete her Twitter account, but by then, it was already too late. It just goes to show you how easy it is to ruin your life with just one Tweet. We're pretty sure that she's having some serious regrets now.

14 Playboy Model gets Ugly

Former Playboy model Dani Mathers thought it was cool to Snapchat a naked woman in the shower at the gym and bash her for the way that her body looked. Not only did it show the true ugly side of the model's personality, but it also exposed the random woman on social media. The photo went viral, and not only was the playmate fired, but she also faced criminal charges for taking a nude photo of a woman who was completely oblivious to what was going on. The caption for the photo was “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either!” People were outraged over the photo, and she was bashed repeatedly on social media. She took the photo down immediately, but the damage had already been done. She then went on to give a public apology, but everyone had already seen the ugly side of her personality. “I just want to acknowledge a photo that I accidentally posted,” said Mathers in a Snapchat video. “It was absolutely wrong and not what I meant to do. I chose to do what I do for a living because I love the female body, and I know body shaming is wrong; that’s not what I’m about, and this is not the type of person I am.”

13 S--y Police Officer

This sexy Chinese police officer decided that it was a good idea to take sexy pictures of herself in uniform. She then posted them on her social media accounts, and her superiors weren't amused by them. The sexy pictures were sent all over social media in minutes, and it wasn’t just China viewing the images anymore. He superiors felt that she wasn't upholding the integrity of her uniform, and they quickly fired her. It was probably the booty shorts that did it, but that’s just our opinion. It’s just another example of why you should think before you post pictures. For some reason, people still have the idea that it’s only close friends who see the stuff, but anyone can share pictures, and then, it becomes an animal. She'll probably think twice before she takes selfies in her work outfit again.

12 Soccer Mascot with Nice Booty

Female soccer mascot Tracy Chandler was only trying to raise money for charity when she posed in sexy lingerie with the head of the team’s dog mascot. After all, it was just harmless fun. Unfortunately, Chandler, at the time, had been Britain’s only female mascot, and she had the job for four years when she decided to pose for the photos. Her goal was to raise money for a child-abuse charity called NSPCC. The soccer club, however, didn’t care what she was raising money for; they fired her immediately without any explanation. She didn’t go down without a fight, however. She made a stink over her firing because she complained that male players had often posed nude for a calendar, so what was the difference? She then got lucky because the soccer club decided to see her point and offered her the job back.

11 Teacher and Her Little White Dress

You would think by now that teachers would know better. It’s the same thing that happens when teachers have affairs with students. It happens over and over again, and you would think by now they would've learned their lesson. Lydia Ferguson is yet another teacher who posted a photo that the school board felt was too racy. When the school board discovered the photos, they not only fired Ferguson but also escorted her off of the property. Students had to hear about how their teacher was considered to be “provocative” and “sultry.” Ferguson hit up Facebook once again, defending herself, "I don't think it's seductive or inappropriate either. I've always stuck to a rule on FB and Insta that if my Grandad bless his heart would look at any of my pictures in disgust, then I would never post them." She does have a point.

10 S--y Firefighter

Who wouldn’t want to see these pictures? That’s obviously what 26-year-old Clare Deloughrey thought when she decided to post some sexy shower-scene photos. We’re not even sure how she took these photos, but it got her in some hot water at work. A fellow firefighter saw the photos and reported Deloughrey to their employer. The single mother suddenly found herself out of a job over the racy photos. The problem that the fire department had wasn’t necessarily the nude photos but that some of the photos online had the department’s logo in them, and that’s where they felt she had crossed the line. They told her that their “brand” was used without their permission. Deloughrey thought her dismissal was sexist because as we all know male firefighters regularly pose in calendars and then sell them off. The fire department sent out a statement against her claims of sexism: “What our staff do in their private lives is a matter for them – however, when they do so using our brand, they are representing our organization. It would not matter if they are male or female, paid or unpaid; we would not want our brand used in any commercial venture without our permission.”

9 Marijuana-Smoking Teacher

This sexy teacher made the mistake of posting sexy pictures in various positions as well as a photo of her smoking marijuana in the parking lot of the school. Not only was she smoking weed, but she was also sitting naked in her car, so when she posted the collection of photos, it really didn’t go over so well with the school board. She was a tenth-grade teacher at the school, and we could just imagine what her students must've thought of those pictures, especially the parents. They're not exactly the images that you want to come to mind when you think of who's teaching your sons and daughters. She tweeted the photo with a caption that said, “Naked, wet and stoned.” That was all the parents needed to become very upset with the teacher. The school board fired her, saying that although she was on her own time, she was supposed to be holding a higher standard than others when it came to being a teacher.

8 Posing with a Dead Man

When it comes to being a paramedic, you're supposed to be the utmost professional at all times. There's no time for fun and games when you're on the job. Apparently, however, a Russian paramedic by the name of Tatiana Kulikova didn’t get the memo because she posted a selfie with one of her patients. She’s already committed an inappropriate act, but what made it 100 times worse was that the patient was dead. We don’t know what this woman was thinking when she posted the photo because we're sure that even friends and family would have something to say about a selfie like that. She not only gave the dead patient bunny ears in some photos but also held up the peace sign and stated, “Oh how I hate my job.” She was immediately fired, and we're probably all grateful that she’s not out there when we happen to need some care.

7 Teacher Turned Model

Another 26-year-old teacher gets in trouble after posting sexy “model” pictures. Olivia Sprauer taught English at Martin County High school in Florida, and in her spare time, she was also an X-rated model for xxxtremevisionradio. Although Sprauer never posed nude, she was always in racy lingerie; that was still enough to make the school board unhappy. She was the mother of two small children and was also married, and at the time, she was thinking of resigning from her position as a school teacher and go full time with her modeling career. She didn’t get the chance because she was called into the principal’s office where her boss showed her the photos. They asked her if the photos were of her, and she confirmed that they were. She was fired, and although her friends and family rallied around her with support on her Facebook page, the decision was final.

6 Racist Zoo Worker

We've all had our moments when we didn’t want to get up and go to work, but this girl took the cake with her opinion of going to work at a Chicago zoo. Not only did she post selfies at her job, stating that she didn’t want to serve “rude ass white people,” but she also stated that she had no intention of doing any work once she got there. For some reason, this girl thought that her photos were protected from the outside world, but she soon found out that they weren’t. When the Chicago zoo got wind of her racist post, she no longer had to worry about going to a job that she hated. It’s another case of people believing they can say and do whatever they want without consequences. She lost her job and was scandalized on social media.

5 Ballerina Posing In The Buff 

This gorgeous Russian woman was a prima ballerina, and she was part of Austria’s high society. Well, she sent shockwaves through the high society when it was discovered that she had posed for two adult magazines. The Vienna State Opera was outraged by the photos and announced that they were firing their prima ballerina because of the nude photos. It wasn’t the first time that she had posed nude, and at first, she was given a warning by the opera. So, the second time, they had enough and fired her immediately. What made it worse was that the magazine posted her photos on the cover with the caption “The ballerina nude, the ballet as we love it.” Dominique Meyer, the Vienna State Opera director, made a statement, saying, “The ballet corps has been shocked by these new images, which appeared in the sex section.”

4 Police Sergeant Posting Pics

Sergeant Penny Dane was a mother of two who worked in the police department for seventeen years. While she was part of the Daytona Beach Police Department, she got herself in trouble, not once but twice. She seemed to like to do whatever she pleased on the work computer and was even caught tanning herself at work. That was the least of her worries when she decided to claim sexual harassment on a co-worker. When the investigation of her case started up, the department ended up finding 247 pornographic photos of Dame in her police uniform. She was using them on virtual sites as well as sending them to men she met on a sex site. It caused a huge scandal, and Dane didn’t wait around to get fired; she immediately resigned her post as Sergeant, and her employers have worked really hard to make sure that she's never in law enforcement again.

3 Dirty Guidance Counsellor

What if the images you were fired for were seventeen years old? That was the case for a Manhattan high school guidance counselor. She got a job as a guidance counselor, but that didn’t last long when the New York Department of Education found out about her former career as a lingerie model. Sadly, she was known as a great counselor who was approachable and dedicated to her students. One day, one of her students found her photo on the web and brought it into the principal’s office. The principal was unhappy and filed a complaint, which eventually led to Webb being fired. Webb complained that most of the photos of her online had been manipulated and photoshopped, that some of the images of her body weren’t even hers. She decided to sue, but the case is still in the court system, and she now works at a school in New Jersey.

2 Abusing a Partygoer

New England Patriots cheerleader Caitlin Davis was fired from her job when disgusting photos of her at a party appeared on Facebook. The owner of the Patriots didn’t appreciate seeing photos of Davis beside a passed out girl. The girl was covered from head to toe in racist statements made with a sharpie marker. The girl was covered with swastikas, phallic symbols, and even had the words “I’m a Jew” written on her. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the last nail in Davis’s coffin was the fact that she was holding a sharpie marker in her hand in the photo. She couldn’t have looked more guilty in the photo, and it caused quite the media storm on Facebook. The New England Patriots didn’t want to be associated with someone who would do something so awful.

1 Fetish Model Gets Fired

Sarah Hunter was once a restaurant hostess and bartender for a few months when she was fired from her job. It turns out that they found out that the bartender was also posing nude for a bunch of print publications and websites as a fetish model. She complained after she was fired that she was being discriminated against because she worked in the adult entertainment industry. “I know plenty of very educated, very intelligent women, myself included, who get into the sex industry because it's what they enjoy, it's what they like, and they're good at it,” Hunter said. “But that doesn't, in any way, make someone less capable of doing any other kind of job.” That didn’t seem to matter to the restaurant, which claimed they had every reason to fire her. Hunter continues to look for new work as she continues to model.

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