15 Women Confess What It's Really Like To Have A Sugar Daddy

You may have a certain opinion about sugar babies, the girls who have that certain support system that allows them a pampered life for a price. It’s not all fun and games, though. We all know what sugar daddies are, and whether or not you approve of that sort of thing, it’s something that happens every single day. A sugar daddy is a rich man that pays for the company, and often, the services of a beautiful young woman. Often, these women are sugar babies because they want help paying for college. These women are more than happy to service men in exchange for money or luxury items. These items often include clothing, allowance, homes, cars, shoes, and an education. Could you be a sugar daddy? It’s certainly a different lifestyle, but many rich men don’t have the time to have real relationships, and these types of situations work out better for them. Oftentimes, once the sugar baby graduates from college, she moves on with her life, and the sugar daddy will get a new girl.

We can’t help but be curious about the lifestyle of these women and why they go about doing these things. What goes on behind closed doors when it comes to the life of a sugar daddy with his sugar baby. We don’t need to wonder about it any further. Stay tuned, and you'll hear confessions of people who have sugar daddies and what goes on behind closed doors.

15 Secret Lives

Many sugar babies have more than one life; you think that you know them, but they're leading double lives. In the case of one girl, she has a corporate job, but she's also well taken care of by her sugar daddy. “Nobody in my life knows that my second job is being a sugar baby. I have this double life, and I love it. Corporate job by day, sugar baby by night.” Talk about living a double life! Imagine if her secret life were made public, it would probably ruin that corporate life of hers. She must not get a lot of sleep with both jobs keeping her busy. It certainly wouldn’t leave much time for anything else, but since she's being spoiled in luxurious ways, maybe she doesn’t care. This girl knows the true meaning of being a workaholic.

14 An Accidental Daddy

What would you do if you met someone that you really liked but they weren’t interested in a real relationship? Would you settle for something else just to be a part of their lives? Sometimes for these sugar babies, they get involved in a situation completely by accident. They meet someone and don’t even intend on getting a sugar daddy. You just meet someone you like, and it makes being in that situation that much easier. It’s definitely a plus if you're attracted to your sugar daddy because servicing him is part of the job. “I became a sugar baby by complete accident. I really liked him for who he is… Him buying me everything under the moon is a plus.” We can definitely see how something like this could happen, and she really likes the guy, so it makes a situation like that even easier.

13 She’s Not Ashamed

When it comes to being a sugar baby, it can be easy to have regrets about the life that you lead. In this case, this girl regrets nothing, and that’s probably the best way to live. She keeps a positive spirit and has her eye on the prize. It’s a hard life for a girl who has nothing, to have to support herself and her family. Getting a sugar daddy is a way for these girls to have a better life. It can be easy to judge another person, but it sounds like this girl is just doing the best that she can. “I’m a sugar baby and I’m not ashamed of it. I make enough to pay for college, support myself, and my sister and even help out my mother. I regret nothing.” This is exactly why girls get sugar daddies.

12 Some Daddies Want to Get Married

When you get into a sugar daddy relationship, the last thing you expect is for the situation to become serious. It probably rarely happens. Most guys who get into these situations don’t want any commitment at all. But now and then, love comes into the picture. In the case of this girl, she didn’t expect her sugar daddy to fall in love with her, and she didn’t feel the same way. She was the one that didn’t want any commitment. “My sugar daddy wants to marry me. This wasn’t in the plan at all. We’re great friends, but I never lied about how I felt…” We wonder if she's still with the same sugar daddy and if he’s still trying to marry her. If you're interested in the luxury lifestyle, then why not get married? But in the end, the girls probably want to have their own lives.

11 It Relieves Stress

Having someone paying your bills and giving you an allowance would certainly relieve some stress; there's no doubt about that. Living a sugar baby lifestyle is one that's all about living a better life, having your college paid for, and getting wonderful gifts. These girls are happy to live the lifestyle because it makes their lives easier, and we can certainly see why. Having no financial stress would make life a lot easier for anyone, so it's easy to see how these girls get involved in these situations. “I always thought a lot of money could reduce a lot of stress in my life. I became a sugar baby, started making a ton, and DAMN I was right!” This girl is clearly happy about the choices she 's made, and it’s rare that girls actually regret the sugar daddy lifestyle.

10 Sometimes a Heart Gets Broken

Mature man and young woman

Imagine being in a situation where you have a sugar daddy and all your needs are being met, but the sugar daddy changes his mind? It has to be really rare, but in this case, it’s exactly what happened. A girl had a sugar daddy, and he was married. He started to feel guilty, and he wanted out of the situation. The girl, of course, wasn’t happy because she ended up developing feelings for the guy. This is one downfall of being in a situation where you could potentially develop feelings for someone you’re not committed to. “My sugar daddy decided to be faithful to his marriage. Surprisingly, I’m heartbroken.” What do you do in a situation like that? It sounds pretty tragic, but it’s probably not an uncommon thing. We're guessing she had to move on and find herself a new daddy.

9 The Luxury is Addictive

When it comes to being a sugar baby, you get a taste of living the high life without really doing any work. You can get a taste for living a million-dollar life without doing any of the work involved in getting those millions. Now, that can be a hard thing to walk away from. After all, once the luxury is there, how can you say no to it? There are many times when a girl rethinks the decision to have a sugar daddy, but then, the thought of losing her allowance or her extravagant gifts makes her change her mind. “I thought about quitting being a sugar baby. Then I realized I liked being rich for no reason.” (Whisper) It’s kind of sad, but the daddies know exactly what they're getting into when they have these women in their lives.

8 It’s Just a Business Deal

Some women get past the idea of offering services in exchange for college tuition because they think of it as a business deal. It’s no different than any other transaction, right? Well, that’s what they keep telling themselves anyways. They believe their own stories because they don’t want to admit that, on some level, they're using their bodies to make money. They get a lavish lifestyle and their education paid for by being a fake girlfriend to a rich man. “I’m a sugar baby 'cause it’s easier to stay unattached when it almost seems like a business deal.” (Whisper) It’s probably the best mindset to have in these situations because it makes you feel less guilty. You also avoid the pain of being attached to someone you have to eventually let go of. Who needs to be attached in one of these situations anyways? That’s how people get hurt.

7 Sometimes They Get Too Involved

What happens when a sugar baby falls in love with her daddy and doesn’t want to see him in other relationships? Did you see that one coming? It sucks for the poor daddy because unbeknownst to him, his sugar baby is sabotaging his life so that he can’t move on from her. It’s likely that he has no idea; otherwise, he would probably end things with his sugar lady. It’s a dangerous game that she’s playing, and it’s likely that she'll end up hurt in the end. “I’m in love with my sugar daddy and sabotage every relationship he gets in so I can keep him.” (Whisper) You really have to watch out for your sugar baby and make sure she isn’t too involved in your “other” life. Many sugar daddies are already married, but this is a very different situation for sure. Be careful whom you trust in these situations.

6 They Fall in Love

There may be girls that get involved with sugar daddies thinking that it might end up like the movie Pretty Woman. Sure, it’s not exactly the same. Julia Roberts was a prostitute and not a sugar baby, but there were similar elements. For example, Richard Gere got used to having her around and didn’t want her to leave, so he suggested that he would get her an apartment and allowance, even send her to school if she wanted it. She turned him down, and then, he eventually realized he was in love with her. Maybe sugar babies feel like they can snag themselves a permanent sugar daddy and live happily ever after. That’s what happened with this girl, and she succeeded: "I failed as a sugar baby. I fell for the guy and couldn't take his money. Best thing that ever happened." (AllDay)

5 There’s Not Just One

We assume that girls in these situations just have one daddy, but that’s not always the case. This particular sugar baby has two sugar daddies, and she’s in love with one of them. She's addicted to the lifestyle, though, and doesn’t want to have to give up the luxuries that she's gotten used to. But what happens when the man she loves finds out? Will she lose him forever? "I'm a sugar baby and have two daddies. I'm desperately in love with one of them. I'm afraid if I tell him, I'll never see him again." (AllDay) It’s hard not to judge a situation like this. Why two? Why be greedy? It makes it even worse that she’s in love with one of them, but that’s the way these things work. It’s work to these girls, and a deal is a deal.

4 Her Grandmother Approves

Most girls will try to keep their secret lives secret from their families. They don’t want their parents to find out about what they're doing and certainly don’t want it to be public news. They like their secrets and often have double lives in order to hide what they're doing. They like the lifestyle of a sugar baby, but they don’t want anyone to know that they have the lifestyle. In the case of this girl, however, her grandmother found out about her former life as a sugar baby and told her she should go back to that life. Odd? Yes, definitely, but maybe grandma just wanted her to have all the nice things in life. “My grandmother called me last night and told me to break up with my bf. She likes my plan of moving up north and going back to being a sugar baby.” (TheThings)

3 Sometimes It’s Therapy

You may think that being a sugar baby is all about sex, but it’s really not. Don’t get me wrong: there's definitely sex involved with a social aspect as well, but that’s not all it is. Sometimes, these sugar babies start to feel like they're therapists for their sugar daddies. We can see that happening, especially if the daddy is married. He may go to his sugar baby to blow off steam. Maybe he’s not interested in a hookup but just needs to vent. Sugar babies are involved in these situations because they're looking for their rent or education to be paid, but sometimes, they get more than they bargained for. “I’m a sugar baby, but I feel more like a glammed up therapist.” (TheThings) Most girls would probably prefer to be an ear instead of a hookup anyways.

2 It’s Hard to Leave the Lifestyle

Becoming a sugar baby is usually a temporary thing. Some of them get addicted enough that they stay in it as long as possible, but for the most part, it’s just college students that want some help with their education. Once they're finished with college, they usually say goodbye to that lifestyle and get on with their lives. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t miss it. Some of them even eventually go back because they miss the lifestyle or even, at times, the sugar daddy. “I love my BF, but there are times that I miss being a sugar baby. I had some amazing experiences and met some great people! He doesn't even know that I used to be one." (Whisper)  Now that would be a shock for someone to find out, so hopefully, she stays strong. Moving on from that lifestyle is probably the best thing that could ever happen to such girls.

1 They Think It’s An Easy Job

When girls sign up for being sugar babies, they can get the wrong idea about what the expectations are. They think that they’ll be having Sunday brunches with their friends while their rent and education are all paid for. But that’s not really what it’s all about. A sugar daddy is essentially looking for someone to fill a void in his life whether by being on his arm at events or by keeping his bed warm. Some of them, as you heard previously, even need a shoulder to lean on. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting for sugar babies. It’s not just fun and games; there's a reason why they get thousands of dollars thrown at them. These men expect to be entertained; they aren’t just giving these girls money for nothing. "When I get asked about my experiences as a sugar baby, I always say it's more work than I expected." (AllDay)

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