15Walt's Cryogenically Frozen

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He wasn't. Well, it seems very unlikely that he was at least. But it isn’t as crazy a suggestion as some make it seem. In late 1966, Walt Disney was dying of lung cancer and cryogenics was just getting off the ground. The legend started when, in 1972, three years

after Disney died, the President of the California Cryogenics Society (now called the American Cryonics Society), Bob Nelson, did an interview with the LA Times:

“’Walt Disney wanted to be frozen,’ he says, as casually as if he were talking about municipal bonds. ‘Lots of people think that he was, and that the body’s in cold storage in his basement. The truth is, Walt missed out. He never specified it in writing, and when he died the family didn’t go for it. They had him cremated. I personally have seen his ashes. They’re in Forest Lawn. Two weeks later we froze the first man. If Disney had been the first it would have made headlines around the world and been a real shot in the arm for cryonics. But that’s the way it goes.’”

Then there's that video from the American Cryonics Society from 1967. It mentions a California man who died from cancer that had been frozen. All that was needed for a major legend about a legendary man was there. That’s why the legend exists.

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