15 Wild "Bedroom" Fantasies Only A Woman Can Have

When it comes to sexual fantasies, men and women generally have different ideas of what’s hot. It seems like society is far more open to accepting the fact that men have strong sexual wants and needs and portray such images in the media. Women are the “playthings,” and the men are the focus of the majority of the pleasure. Sex sells, and that’s what people seem to “make it rain” for.

But women have sexual fantasies as well, and some are what you may expect, while others are a bit more out there. And just because the majority of online p*rn and sexually explicit movies seem to cater to men – or at least that’s the perception – it doesn’t mean women don’t have a sexual drive and a taste for the hornier things in life, too.

Fantasies are make-believe and a great way for women to explore their innermost desires, so why shouldn’t they be embraced? As long as nobody’s getting hurt, some of these fantasies can even be played out in their real lives. Others are probably best left to linger in their imaginations.

Check out these 15 sometimes strange and other times hot bedroom fantasies only a woman could have. Sure, a man or two may also think up something similar, but let's give the lovely ladies their time to shine when it comes to sultry sexual scenarios. Now, you'll be better able to guess what sort of naughtiness is running through your woman’s mind while you're getting hot and heavy in bed!


15 Pleasuring a Cop to Get Out of a Ticket

“Sorry officer!” But how sorry is she really? A woman may fantasize about getting into a little trouble with the law and making up for her bad judgment by doing something just as bad… offering the cop a little lovin’ in the hopes she'll get out of a ticket. Of course, no decent cop would take her up on the tempting suggestion, but in this lady’s fantasy, he’s all for it. As they sneak into the backseat of his patrol car, they play with his handcuffs and she wears his badge. Let’s hope the cop remembered to turn off the body cam, or else, he’s going to be the one with a lot of explaining to do. No chance this lady will ever get ticketed again, but she may get pulled over for something else!

14 “Doing It” with the Pool Boy


There's something ever-so-tempting about a handyman ‘round the home that a woman (usually older) can’t seem to resist. Be it the youthful pool boy with his shirt off getting all wet in the water or the bronzed and buff gardener trimming her bushes, a woman may fantasize about paying him with sex rather than a check. Of course, word may get around that she was found nude in the yard with a 20-year-old, but this evidence may make the woman more desirable around town. Hey, if the pool boy is down to get a little wet and wild with a curious cougar, what’s the harm in a little poolside petting? She may be the dirtiest dame on the block, but at least her pool will be the cleanest!

13 Getting Spanked By Her Boss for Being Late for Work

Maybe she was stuck in heavy traffic or pressed snooze one too many times on her irritating alarm clock, but this lady is late for work, and she knows her boss is going to be plenty upset. But that was exactly what she had in mind in this office-based bedroom fantasy. She knows she’s been a bad employee, so rather than getting fired or being docked of pay, she’s all for a good old-fashioned spanking to remind her to get to work on time the next day. Naturally, this is a fantasy, and if this ever happened in real life, this boss would be in some serious hot water, but a woman can dream up such a scenario if it turns her on. Let’s hope she can do her work standing up because sitting all day at a desk may not be too comfortable!

12 Getting it on with Her Dad’s Friend


We’ve heard of “MILFs,” but what about DILFs? While it wouldn’t be something a woman’s dad wants to hear, some ladies fantasize about doing the nasty with her dad’s best buddy. When her dad and his pal go out for beers or for a round of golf, she’s always full of flirtatious smiles and stares headed in the direction of dad’s best bud. Dad pretends not to notice, but he can tell that his daughter is behaving badly. Of course, dad’s hornball friend is all for this fantasy coming to life. Let’s hope he's single or divorced so dad’s bud doesn’t get into hot water with his wifey. Dad may want to strangle his pal, but if his daughter has her sights set on him, he may have to turn a blind eye. And his pal better never tell the other fellas about this encounter!

11 Cheating on Her Man with Her Boss

Unless a guy’s boss is a super-hot woman (assuming this is a heterosexual fella), then most of them wouldn’t have much interest in sleeping with the office bigwig. The sexy secretary, maybe, but a stuffy suit and tie type? Not likely. But ask a woman if she’s ever thought of banging the boss, and the answer may be yes. Even if the boss is a pretentious jerk, is hideously unattractive, or is a total nerd, there's something about a man in power that turns a woman on. She may fantasize about getting it on in his office while the other workers are in their cubicles right outside the door totally unaware of what’s going down. Or maybe, she'll stay after work for some one-on-one time with the head honcho. Heck, she may even be paid overtime! Perhaps, she'll meet him in the office lunchroom before work starts for a little breakfast meeting that suddenly becomes hotter than a stack of flapjacks. But she wants her boss, and he wants her too – in fantasy world, of course.

10 Hiring a Gigolo in Vegas


We've all heard about men hiring prostitutes for pleasure while they're out of town (or in town, for that matter), but it's far rarer to think of a female hiring a male hooker for some lusty hanky panky. But women may fantasize about meeting up with a gigolo for some companionship… and more, especially when they're out of town in a sinful place like Las Vegas. They say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” so what better place to explore a little lovin’ from a total stranger? Sure, this won’t be real romance, as the guy’s getting paid, but then again, the woman can order up exactly what she wants, no strings attached. There's more than one way to hit the jackpot in Vegas!

9 Rewarding Her Man with S-x for Cleaning the House

Hey fellas, want a little nookie from your cookie? Then start mopping the dirty kitchen floor and take out the trash to the curb. Lots of women fantasize about having someone else do the household chores for a change – so much, in fact, that she may reward you for all that hard work with some “adult” bedroom fun. All you need to do is a little ironing and folding, and she’s all yours. What’s a little dirty work ‘round the house when you can get down and dirty with your sexy siren after the job is done? Not only will the house be perfectly spic and span, but you’ll be well-taken care of, too. It’s a win-win, and you don’t even have to hire a housekeeper. Unless that’s part of the fantasy, too!


8 Phone Play with Her “Side Piece” While Her Man is Asleep Next to Her


When a woman is bored with her man and he's not fulfilling her longing desires in the bedroom, a little phone sex may just be the key to keep her satisfied. A woman may fantasize about ringing up a hot number and talking dirty with another fella while her main man is snoring the night away right beside her. Of course, this is isn’t any way to treat her main man, but while he's dreaming late at night, she's making her dreams come true by calling her lusty lover and talking about all the things her man won’t or can’t do. Cheating? Some may say so, but this is a fantasy, after all. So, a little time on the wire isn’t all too detrimental to the relationship, even in fantasy world.

7 Sleeping with the Groomsman During Her Best Friend’s Wedding

It's one thing to meet a fine-looking man at a friend’s wedding and hit it off and hook up afterward, but what about slipping out of the ceremony to get it on with the groomsman mid-wedding? While the bride is saying her vows and dancing the night away with a piece of wedding cake in hand, her best friend has taken off and is back at the hotel getting it on with her new hubby’s best bro. Hoping her friend won’t discover they're missing, they sneak out a side exit and rip one another’s formal evening wear off. Perhaps, all the romance of the wedding made them do it, but it was probably all that champagne! Does “for better or for worse” apply to the bridal party, too?

6 Getting Caught with Another Man


Men may cheat, but there's no way they ever want to get caught. That’s the whole point… cheat and pretend like nothing happened. But a woman may get pleasure from being caught red-handed with another man. Maybe it's the idea that two men are fighting for her affection, or she wants to be a “bad girl” and get in trouble with her man. Perhaps, her fantasy will include getting it on with her affair partner when her husband is just about to return from work so he catches them in the act. Or maybe she's being followed by her man who knows that she'll be meeting her lover at a seedy motel and barges in on them in bed. Whatever the scenario, this woman wants to be found out, and it makes her fantasy all the better.

5 Finding a Man Who's Turned on by Her Love Handles

Women often feel the pressure to look “perfect” while they're in the nude, so a female may fantasize about letting herself go and finding a man who loves all of her lumps and bumps. She can eat whatever she wants, forget about hitting the gym, and toss those skinny jeans in the trash. She knows her fantasy man loves her “plus size” figure and is more turned on the more she weighs. She can feel at home in the sack as she reveals her “rolls” and folds with reckless abandon. No more sucking in her belly or making love with the lights off. Not only is her large and in-charge shape sexy to her man, but she also feels comfortable in her own skin. She may not look like the typical Playboy Playmate, but she's just as ready to hop to it to do it!

4 “Doing the Deed” with Her Kid’s Principal


Talk about being sent to the principal’s office! When a woman is thinking about a naughty fantasy, what’s better than getting it on with the man in charge of our kids’ bright futures? As a child, nobody wanted to wind up sitting scared in the principal’s office, but now that she’s all grown up and ready to see what’s behind that ominous wooden door, a woman may want to take things one step further than simply being “hot for teacher”… she’s going full throttle for the fella in the corner office. Of course, if her kid ever found out, he’d be mortified, so this principal action must be kept under wraps. But if the teachers at school catch wind of this school-related fooling around, the PTA meetings will surely become a gossip fest!

3 Dressing in Her Man’s Clothing and Swapping Roles

Sometimes a woman wants to see what it might be like to step into the stereotypical male role, so why not test out the sex swap in the sack? She may fantasize about donning her man’s boxers or briefs, his necktie and shirt, and even his business suit or sports jersey. She can forget about her skimpy thong panties and push-up bra and pretend to be the fierce fella that she's always wanted to explore. While this bedroom fantasy may not put her man in the mood for lovin’, it'll be fun once she removes all of her male-style clothing and reveals the feminine woman beneath the oversized button down and sagging slacks. Guys, give it a go! She never said you had to wear her nightie or stockings...

2 Kissing Her Best Girlfriend


We’ve all heard of “bromance,” but that never involves getting physically intimate with a dude you're super-close with. But a woman may fantasize about taking her relationship with her best friend to another level – one that involves kissing… or perhaps something more. Perhaps this woman has never taken a “dip in the lady pond” and is curious what a same-sex romance might be like. And who better to test the waters with than the gal she’s closest to? Of course, lots of men would be all for this girl-on-girl fantasy coming to life in the real world, but 9 times out of 10, this best-friend-kiss scenario remains in fantasy land. But what if her bestie’s lips taste like cherry ChapStick? Then she might really like kissing a girl.

1 Being Whisked Away by a “Fabio” Type

Most men find Fabio to be a total tool and would never want to be anything like him. But they may want to reconsider. Some ladies find the Fabio type to be super-sexy and romantic. They fantasize about the idea of a strapping and strong man coming to their rescue and making passionate love to them somewhere on a secluded island. It may seem sappy to the fellas, but sometimes, a woman wants to feel like she's being taken care of and protected, and a hunk of a man like Fabio is just what she's dreaming about and longing for. Aside from the goofy "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter" commercials, females consider Fabio to be a fox. They would happily leave you for him in a heartbeat.

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