15 Whisper Confessions From Ex-Cult Members

Cults tend to be a group of tight-knit people who have strong religious beliefs and take part in activities that are deemed sinister by most, using their religion and “God” as an excuse for their behavior. There is usually a leader of the group and the other people in the cult usually appear somewhat brainwashed by the leader. Some very horrible things can go on inside of these groups that are better left unspoken. There are a lot of children who are born into and raised in cults without any say. They grow up never knowing that there is another way of life and often they do not get an education or experience things that the average kid should experience.

The kids of these groups tend to get the short end of the stick and if they are female, then they have it even worse. Girls and women of cults tend to be treated with little to no respect, a lot of them end up abused and taken advantage of in the worst possible ways. It is for these reasons that we wonder why anyone would ever be willing to partake in such a horrible group. The children may not have been given a choice, but the adults entered into it by choice. There are a lot of people who have changed their minds and managed to escape, as well as children who grew old enough to escape on their own. In this article we will look at 15 whisper confessions from people who managed to leave their cults.

15 Kidnapping

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This Whisper user goes on to confess that she had been kidnapped at a young age and forced to become pregnant. The cult that she was kidnapped into probably used young women to bear children to expand their cult, a practice that is unfortunately not that uncommon among cults. Luckily, though, this girl was rescued, but her pain and suffering did not stop there. It is hard to say how she might have handled going through with this pregnancy and giving birth to a child that was forced upon her, and her parents might have made the right choice in having her get an abortion, but she might also regret the decision. Hopefully with some therapy this girl can learn to live with what has happened to her and be happy again. No one deserves for this to happen to them, but she is lucky to still be alive because often when a cult kidnaps a girl, they usually do not get to make it out alive.

14 Runaways

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This woman confesses that both her and her husband were in a cult together. After realizing just how terrible it was, they managed to escape together, but they have not discussed being in a cult with anyone other than each other. It is a good thing that they were safely able to escape together, but they should probably at least look into going to therapy in order to deal with some horrible things that had happened to them. There is no shame in talking about what went on in their past life and it is never good to bottle things up inside. Hopefully now they are living the life that they were meant to live and never choose to go back. There have been cases of people who left cults only to go back into one because they did not know how to live their life outside of it.

13 Bottling Things Up

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It is sad that this girl grew up in a cult, because obviously she had no choice; she was just born into it. It is even sadder that she feels that she has to live a lie. Therapy would do this girl a lot of good because not only would she be getting everything off of her chest, but she would also be getting the help that she needs, and everything that is talked about in therapy remains confidential, so she would not have to worry about anyone else finding out about what went on inside of the cult. It sounds like she is really suffering in silence and like a lot of bad things happened to her while she was in the cult. It makes us wonder how any parent could let stuff like that happen to their own child. This is something that most of us will never be able to wrap our minds around.

12 Hardcore Atheists

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It is very unfortunate that these children were all raised in such a strict religious cult, but it seems as though it has shaped the way that they think in terms of religion. There are tons of people who were brought up in cults that you would not even realize. While living within a cult can become pretty harsh at times, the absolute hardest part of it all is trying to escape it. For people who are very young, or at least under 18 years old, their only way out, if their parents are set on staying active members, is to run away from their family and everything that they have even known to be true. It’s scary, but I have to give the people who did manage to break free a lot of credit. Most likely, they left without money or food, and with only the clothes on their backs. Surprisingly, there are quite a few celebrities who we raised with a cult as well, such as Joaquin Phoenix, Rose McGowan, and even Michelle Pfeiffer.

11 No Childhood

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Seven years is a long time to be in a cult, but it could have been a lot worse. Most people are born into it and have no choice but to be raised in the cult, never knowing that there is another way of life. It sounds like this person missed out on a pretty important part of her life and did not get to experience things that most teenagers got to experience. She should however be happy that she got out of there while she could, so that she was able to have those experiences regardless of how much later in life she may have had to have them. We are unsure as to what type of cult she was a part of, but seeing as how she was only in it for seven years, it seems as though she probably joined it voluntarily, so hopefully she does not ever feel the need to go back to that way of life after having learned everything that a normal person should.

10 Love Yourself

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Growing up in a cult has got to be hard on a kid. A lot of these people get used for inappropriate things that children should never be subjected to and so it is easy to see why this woman is having such a hard time now that she is on her own. With time and some help she will most likely learn to love herself and gain a sense of responsibility that she did not have before. Life for her will eventually get better. Things will be more normal, and she will likely start to strive in the real world. They say time heals all wounds, and hopefully for her sake this is true. She will need to learn everything that she missed out on as a child, and it will probably take a long time before she can truly be an adult living on her own, but it will eventually happen for her.

9 It's Never Too Late

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Our hearts break for this young woman who had no choice but to be in a cult as a child. It is hard stepping out, as an adult, into the real world with no education and not really knowing the rules of society or how things work. This woman was able to get out, but will things ever really be normal for her? It is hard to say whether or not she will get to live the life of a normal person, but it is going to take a lot of work to get to where she needs to be in life and it is no fault of her own. Perhaps her parents were brainwashed and that is why they did not think that there was anything wrong with raising their child in a cult, but they should be happy that she got out because now she can be totally free.

8 Letting Go

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Knowing the difference between right and wrong can be so hard, especially when you are taught incorrectly your entire life. It is easy to understand why this Whisper user finds themselves still thinking the way that they had to think in the cult, because that was all that they ever knew, but they knows that way of thinking is wrong and that is a good sign. It means that they can learn to think differently, and they can start to accept that things are not how they once thought that they were. They can now establish right from wrong and begin to truly live their life. Knowing that way of life is not healthy is a big step in moving on and it seems like they have all the tools needed to go forward and put that part of her life in their past. They seem to be very smart and sensible, despite growing up in a cult.

7 Define "Normal"

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It is true that when someone decides to go against the cult's beliefs and start to venture out on their own, they will then be shunned from the cult and unable to talk to or communicate with any of the members, and sometimes things that a lot worse than that can happen. Not being given the choice of being a part of cult like this must have been horrible. Deciding to be a “normal Christian” was probably a wise move on this person’s part, but having to say goodbye to the only family that you have ever known cannot be easy. Hopefully after realizing that this meant that she could no longer see her parents, she still stuck with her decision to lead a more normal life, because she deserves to be happy and live her life any way that she wants to. Anyone who tries to get in the way of her happiness does not deserve to be a part of her life.

6 Wishing You Could Go Back

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It is hard to imagine why someone would want to go back to something that they know they did not like. This Whisper user admits that they were in a cult for two years after high school had ended. Perhaps that is just where they felt safe and the most accepted; whatever the case may be, they also admit that it really sucked for those two long years. So why they would want to go back is beyond me. Hopefully they are able to find their place in the world without putting themselves into a situation that they do not actually want to be in. Being in a cult is no joke, and some of them can be very dangerous. Hopefully she does not choose to go back. Another reason this Whisper user may have liked the aspect of belonging to something bigger than herself, is because she may have never felt alone as long she felt she had a place she belonged in, or maybe she was already “brainwashed” as many people say they were while being part of a cult.

5 Believing

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Still believing that there is a God even after having been treated so poorly is truly amazing. It is hard to imagine how anyone who calls themselves a person of God could harm another individual and think that it is perfectly OK. Perhaps the people of this cult think that asking for forgiveness will save them from the unspeakable sins that they have committed within their cult. Perhaps this person just really needs something to believe in after going through such a tough time, but hopefully she is able to let go of what happened to her in the past and start living in the future. This person deserves a life of happiness and no stress, not a life of regret and nightmares of what they used to endure. Two years is not that long of a time to be in cult, when we take into account how long some of these other people have been in them, but it is definitely long enough to cause some serious mental damage.

4 Free For Once

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This is another case of a young life ruined by being born into a cult. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) seems to be a very common thing among people who break free from lives like this, and it can be a very hard thing to deal with. No one really knows for sure what goes on in these cults, or why it leaves people so traumatized. That is mostly because the people who break free are afraid of what might happen to them if they speak out about the things that went on. This Whisper user has a long road to recovery ahead of them, and hopefully they will eventually be able to sleep at night without all the nightmares that tend to be associated with PTSD. With this disorder that they have, it is usually a lifelong thing that happens to people who have been traumatized, but while there is no real way to cure it, there are things that make it easier to live with, such as therapy and anti-anxiety medications.

3 Feminist And Proud

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Good for this woman for breaking free from the hold of both the cult and her husband. It is easy to why she has become a feminist after having been a servant to men for such a long time. Unfortunately, many cults usually do see women as inferior to men and because of that, they tend to be abused and treated like worthless disposable people who have no meaning and serve no purpose. Addressing someone like this  should only be done to people of authority. If you ever have to address your husband or your wife in that manner, then that is a good sign that you need to get out of your marriage as soon and as safely as possible. After being in a cult for a whole 22 years, it was probably very hard for this woman to move on with her life and start all over, but it seems like she knows that she made the right decision.

2 You Can't Choose Your Family

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We have all heard that saying, "You can’t choose your family," and it could not be any more true, especially in this case. This person had no choice but to be a part of a cult. They were raised in it, under the care of their parents. It is unfortunate that they will have to say goodbye to their very own parents, but unfortunately, when you leave a cult, you do not get to see or talk to the people that are part of it ever again. It’s hard to leave something when it is all you have ever known. Usually the people who are in cults don’t tell others they are leaving because it is basically like risking your own life. In some cults they are not too kind to people who say they are going to leave. It can actually be fatal at times. This person had some major courage to be able to tell people they are leaving, It could have turned out so much worse.

1 Time To Live My Life

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This Whisper user confesses that they spent their entire life in a cult, until the age of twenty-three when they were wise enough and old enough to get out of it on their own. Coming out into the real world was probably scary and overwhelming at first, but they are probably in love with their newfound freedom. Hopefully now they are able to get an education, a job, date around, and do the things that the average person in their mid-20s would do. It has been found that people who escape from religious cults usually wind up becoming atheists, so it is probably safe to say that religion no longer plays a part in this person’s life and there is nothing wrong with that. Not being given the choice of what religion you want to be, or how you go about your daily life probably got the best of this person, who for the longest time did not know that there was any other way to live.

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