15 Whisper Confessions About People Who Cheated At The Gym

These confessions will make you feel nervous about your GF going to the gym.

People have been working out for centuries but going to the gym has only become widely popular worldwide in the last decade. And it’s so popular that it actually has its very own culture now. Now, most people regularly visit the gym, especially since the fitness culture has become huge for both men and women. For many people, it is a hobby that takes up a sizeable portion of their time. As a result, gyms are much more populated than ever.

Going to the gym has undeniably become a huge part of our culture, with tons of celebrities promoting it, along with healthy diets and stress reduction techniques. It’s no wonder that gyms are practically everywhere now and it’s a very common conversation topic in our everyday life. And this is very much a great thing — living a healthy lifestyle and keeping in shape are vital for one’s happiness, not to mention it helps us prevent undesirable lifestyle conditions and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Despite this, however, we can’t deny that it’s also brought something negative, although not necessarily its fault: cheating at the gym or with fellow gym-goers or even trainers. Check out these 15 confessions that may cause you to not want your partner to go back to the gym ever again.

15 Worst Motivation


As we all know, most people either go to the gym to become better versions of themselves or to look more attractive to their partners. But these are not the only reasons why people go to the gym. Some people go there because they think it’s trendy and they want to look cool. Others hit the gym simply because their partner does and they would like to accompany them, either because they want to support them or because they want to make sure they’re not flirting with anyone at the gym. And there are more ridiculous reasons for going to the gym, too, such as this guy’s motivation. Instead of getting in shape for himself, or for his wife, he actually wants to go to the gym so he can get a ripped body and then cheat on her. Now that’s just awful.

14 Double The Problem


A lot of married people go to the gym to work out not because they want to be healthier, but because they want to look more attractive to their spouses. It’s a little sad that people are working out for other people, but it’s also pretty impressive that they’re willing to go through all the pain and exhaustion just to become a better — or more accurately in this case, sexier — person for their beloved. It’s all good until the gym-goer spouse spots a fellow gym-goer they’re attracted to who is also attracted to them, and both of them act on this attraction. Perfect example is this married person who cheated with someone at the gym. To make matters worse, the person they cheated with is also engaged. Seems really complicated — we can only wonder how this will end.

13 The Gym Is The New Bar


While the bar is probably still the most popular place to look for people to hook up with, the gym is steadily catching up to it. And it makes total sense. If you want to hook up with attractive people, you’ll have better chances at the gym where it’s bright, you’re sober and people are showing off their gym bodies. The ladies probably have less makeup on, too, since working out with a lot of makeup just isn’t the most practical. It might be harder to approach people at the gym when you’re not under the influence of alcohol, but it can be more rewarding since you know you’ll be meeting someone attractive. This lady is not afraid to admit that she goes to the gym to meet hotter guys, on top of keeping her figure. But she should be afraid of one thing: her partner finding out and dumping her. Clearly this woman is not exactly the nicest person, and her deceit is pretty terrible.

12 Gym Trainer, Home-Wrecker


Seriously, what is it about gym trainers that make them irresistibly attractive? Is it their gorgeous, sculpted bodies that we can mostly only dream of having? Is it their impressive self-control and their ability to say no to unhealthy food like fries, soda or cake? Or is it the way they motivate and inspire us to become better versions of ourselves? Whatever it is they’re doing, they’re obviously doing it right. They’re one of the most desirable groups of professionals in this day and age. In fact, gym trainers are so desirable that many husbands and wives are willing to jeopardize their marriages just to spend one night with them. Just take a look at this married woman who did just that with her trainer, and can no longer stop thinking about him even when she’s with her husband. Clearly having an attractive trainer can be very dangerous.

11 Can't Stop Cheating


When you’re a regular gym-goer, it’s not uncommon to have a gym partner. Sure, you can do many of the exercises on your own, but some of them require another person’s help. Plus, having a partner may actually motivate you more to reach your limits or even surpass them. But if you’re new to this and you don’t have any friends who go to the gym, finding a gym partner may be a little difficult, especially if you’re introverted. But luckily for this girl, a gym partner isn’t something she will have trouble finding, especially since she already found a partner to do one activity with that she definitely shouldn’t be doing: cheating on her significant other with another man in her car. Although she can’t stop, she at least feels guilty. She really must be a sucker for pain, dilemma, and agony.

10 Woman’s Intuition


When a woman strongly feels that her man is cheating, chances are that he is. We’re not saying that women are always right when they accuse their partner of cheating, but when the woman isn’t inherently jealous or insecure and is more objective rather than being consumed by her feelings, then she’s probably right. Women are emotional and observant creatures — when their partner is acting weird, they can tell right away most of the time. Even if their partner is just a little bit distant, they’ll know that something is off. That’s probably what this girl in this confession is feeling. Not only does she think her man is cheating on her with other people at the gym, she also thinks it’s with other men. It’s pretty shocking, but for her sake, we hope it’s all just a misunderstanding.

9 Girlfriend Cheated With Personal Trainer


You have a few options on how you want to go about your training at the gym. The most recommended option is probably to get a personal trainer, but you can also do it yourself or, as previously mentioned, find a gym partner. Getting a personal trainer is obviously the most expensive option — unlike working out by yourself or with a gym partner, you actually have to pay them for their time. But having a personal trainer may be the most efficient way to reach your fitness goals. Not only do they know what they’re doing, they can also provide some tips on how to do other healthy activities more effectively, like what food to cook and how much of it you need. But if you’re going to get a trainer, make sure you don’t end up like this dude’s girlfriend who cheated with her trainer and got pregnant by him. What a messy situation.

8 Easily Swayed


We’ve talked about the benefits of having a gym partner. They can help you do certain exercises that you otherwise won’t be able to do and they can also help with increasing your motivation. But that’s just the benefits, and as we all know, every single thing in the world has both benefits and disadvantages. We don’t know how often this happens, but sometimes a gym partner can make you lose motivation if they’re not really trying. You could also get injured if they don’t know what they’re doing. But one of the worst things that could happen is that your gym partner successfully convinces you to cheat on your girlfriend or boyfriend with the trainer. That’s exactly what happened to this guy’s girlfriend, and he could only counterattack by posting the trainer’s number on gay dating apps. That doesn't seem like a particularly good friend, nor does the woman in question seem to have much self-control.

7 Hooked On A Hot Bod


The gym is a big place that can sometimes make you say, “It’s a small world, after all.” There’s always a chance you’ll meet someone you know at the gym, like someone you hated in high school, your college professor, your third cousin, your annoying neighbor or even your ex-partners and hookups. And of course, there’s a chance you’ll meet your future significant other, or if you’re not looking for that kind of commitment right now, your future hookup. That’s what happened to this one girl who hooked up with a gym-goer after she saw his hot body. The gym isn’t really the best place to find a hookup, but we’re not gonna judge her for that. What we’re judging her for is the fact that she did this even though she’s already in a committed relationship with someone else. Some people have no ability to control their desires.

6 180-Degree Turn


After the honeymoon phase, married life will usually start to get boring. Eventually, it will get exhausting and stressful, which is why many married couples divorce. One of the many reasons for divorce is cheating, and if you think about it, the root cause is probably that the cheating spouse is no longer attracted to the other. Knowing that this is a possibility, many married women hit the gym in the hopes of getting back the allure they once had. Some of them succeed, others fail, while some get more than what they bargained for, like this married woman who got fitter after going to the gym and is now making her husband jealous at home by cheating with other people at the gym. I guess that sometimes, when you go to the gym, you don’t only lose pounds. You also lose relationships.

5 Walk The Talk


You may be surprised to know that even couples who go to the gym to work out together can have infidelity problems in their relationship. You’d expect their bond and relationship to be stronger than that since they spend extra time together and support each other to achieve their fitness goals. But the world is ugly and happy endings are rare. The proof is the situation this girl is in. Her boyfriend is cheating on her with some other girl at the gym, and she even heard him say negative things about her to this other girl. If he’s so unhappy with her, why not just leave her instead of staying with her? Maybe he has reasons, but if he’s gonna talk like that about his girlfriend, he might as well just dump her. He clearly does not know how to treat his girlfriend well.

4 She’s As Flexible As She Is Fickle


Yoga has truly taken the world by storm. More and more women from all over the world are practicing yoga, and it’s actually not just the ladies who do it. Men, too, are starting to realize the great benefits of practicing yoga. As yoga helps stretches the body, it can be a good physical activity to combine with more strenuous physical activities or exercises. Yoga is a great stress-reliever as well and can really help with improving one’s moods. And maybe the same goes for yoga instructors. Maybe this person’s yoga instructor relieves their stress so much that they’re willing to cheat on their partner with their yoga instructor. And not just about anywhere — they specifically chose to do the deed at the gym. Clearly no place is safe from temptation.

3 BFF No More


It’s always heartbreaking when we hear stories about people who got cheated on by their partners. Maybe it's because we’re sympathetic creatures, or maybe because the same thing has happened to us in the past. If you’ve never cheated, it’ll be hard to wrap your head around the fact that people have the guts to cheat on their partner. If you have, you will probably still sympathize, although maybe not as much, because you probably know that each person has their reason for cheating, and sometimes in your eyes, the reason is justified. But justified or not, we can probably all agree that the situation this person is in is nothing short of horrible. Not only did his wife cheat on him, she also cheated with his very own best friend. That's a terrible betrayal.

2 Not That Kind Of Cheater


Even without hearing stories about people cheating with their fellow gym-goers, some individuals already have a problem with their partner going to the gym to work out. It’s hard not to worry if you know that your partner is going to a place filled with many scantily-dressed people. And if they’re also attractive, all the more reason to worry about it. But the truth is that not everyone who goes to the gym cheats on their partner. In fact, only a small percentage of the whole population does this. But this didn’t stop this guy’s girlfriend from tracking him, thinking he was going to meet with the person he’s cheating with. While he’s in fact cheating, according to him, he’s actually cheating with none other than hammer curls. Now that’s not so bad anymore, is it?

1 Steamy Encounter


One of the important factors to consider when looking for the best gym is the locker room. It may not seem important at first, but once you’re all sweaty and exhausted from working out, you’ll realize just how important it is to have a locker room you’re comfortable using. Because if it’s too dirty for your taste or if the ambiance is just weird, you’re most likely not going to use it, and really, who would ever want to leave the gym all sweaty and stinky? This lady, however, may have gotten way too comfortable with the locker room — so comfortable that she actually cheated with a man in the shower on her clueless boyfriend. Poor boyfriend. We can only hope he finds out about this in the future.

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