15 Weirdest Things Celebs Spent Their Millions On

When it comes to spending money, people everywhere are different, especially when it comes to choosing what items to buy and how much to spend on them. However, regardless of how different normal people might be, celebrities always have a way of shocking us.

If you track some of these celebrities' spending habits, you might be tempted to think they're just spending colossal sums on items they really don't need in order to attract attention, or so someone can write an article just like this one. However, regardless of the reasons they have to explain their spending, all of them need to understand that their actions have consequences.

The celebrities in this list range from sports superstars, movie stars, musicians, and even business executives. What is common about all of them is they all, except one, spent at least a million dollars on an item we would never buy.

Of course, when all these celebrities were spending these millions, they were on top of the world and they had enough money to repeat the same purchases a dozen times over without going broke. However, some continued to spend and waste even more money to the point of bankruptcy.

If you ever become famous and make millions of dollars as the people on this list had, please be as responsible as possible, because you wouldn't want to lose it all and end up far worse than you began. However, if you have a constant supply of money, go ahead and get weird. Someone will write an article about you one day. Here are the weird things these celebrities spent their millions on.

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15 Elon Musk: Spent Almost $1 Million To Buy An Old Car That Probably Doesn't Even Work

via: jalopnik.com

Elon Musk, Tesla's founder and tech billionaire, bought the Lotus Esprit used in the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me, for a staggering $997,000 at a London auction. This billionaire was so impressed by the car's ability to transform into a submarine in the film, so he decided to buy it.

Spending almost a million dollars on a car made in the 70s for a film is ridiculous on so many levels, especially if you expect it to work as it did on screen after all the editing that had been done. However, Musk bought the car with the intention of making it work the way it did in the film, and since he has the resources and the guts to actually take on such a project, we can only wish one day he will succeed.

The most outrageous thing about the purchase was the cost, since he could have easily taken a Tesla from his factory and paid nothing for it, or simply designed a much better car with the features he was going for.

14 Shaquille O'Neal: Bought 3 Bentleys He Couldn't Fit In At $1 Million

via: youtube.com

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and his body size and strength played a huge part in the success of his career. Arguably, his time in the Los Angeles Lakers was one of the highlights of his career. Although he retired a few years ago, we have continued to see Shaq in the NBA giving his opinions on particular games as well as on TV in different shows.

Unlike some sports celebrities who make colossal sums during the prime of their careers, only to lose everything and go broke, it seems Shaq is making all the right decisions and is growing his wealth every year.

However, early in his career, Shaq went out to a car dealership and asked the price of a Bentley. Since the salesman had no idea who he was, he asked him if he could afford it. Impulsively, he bought three Bentleys on the spot, spending a million dollars in cars he couldn't even fit inside.

13 Tamara Ecclestone: Paid $1.5 Million For A Bathtub

via: alchetron.com

We cannot overemphasize the value of showering at least once per day. When you're clean and smelling fresh, people around you will feel comfortable interacting with you and you'll generally feel great for hours. However, if you're the daughter of the billionaire Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, showering is not just about the soap and water; you need a classy bathtub. Tamara Ecclestone spent a whopping $1.5 million on a crystal bathtub back in 2011, which is just a drop in the ocean of her father's wealth.

To 99% of the world's population, this purchase was too extravagant, senseless, and wasteful, since the purpose of a bathtub is just to hold water for a period, before flushing it down the drain as soon as you're clean. However, when you consider she was living in a $72 million house back then and was planning to buy another house in Los Angeles with a budget of around $153 million, you can't help but wonder what you're doing with your life.

12 Nicolas Cage: Spent $1.6 million On A Comic Book Collection

Via: rssing.com

Nicolas Cage is famous the world over thanks to just how great an actor he is. Cage has been part of successful films such as Face/Off, National Treasure, Kick-Ass, Ghost Rider, and so many others. Since he is a very successful actor, it goes without saying that he is a wealthy man, but he has been battling a terrible habit of spending too much money.

Some of the purchases he made we're convinced he didn't think about include buying three homes costing $33 million, 22 cars, and 47 exotic artwork collections. In addition, he bought four yachts, two castles, a $276,000 Mongolian dinosaur skull, and comic books worth $1.5 million. Although he disposed of some of these purchases when he was going through serious financial challenges, we can all agree that the above purchases were weird and exaggerated.

11 Celine Dion: Spent $2 Million On A Humidifier

via: cnbc.com

Celine Dion still has one of the best singing voices out there, and it would only be right for her to do everything in her power to care of it, right? Back in 2002, when Celine landed a three-year multi-million dollar contract to entertain guests at Caesar's Palace, she found a way to protect her singing voice from the harsh desert climate in Las Vegas.

Celine bought a $2 million humidifier and had the device hung above her every time she would perform on stage, as well as in her hotel room. We appreciate the value of a humidifier to a singer, but isn't $2 million a bit much? Some people came up with theories to try and explain how a humidifier would cost so much, claiming it was made of solid gold or built by a god.

This outrageous spending is weird and absurd because humidifiers should not cost millions of dollars, and normal people would just drink a lot of water.

10 Mike Tyson: Spent $2.2 Million On A Solid Gold Bathtub

via: therichest.com

In the late 80s and early 90s, Mike Tyson was the king of boxing, and boxing fans all over the world loved him. During the prime of his career, Tyson made approximately $400 million and sadly squandered all of it within a few years and filed for bankruptcy in 2003. Tyson would have been a multi-millionaire today had he not wasted all his money on pointless luxuries and things he didn't need.

Tyson wasted millions on cars, houses, motorcycles, jewelry, clothing, and other personal expenses. Of course, you will remember that he owned two Bengal tigers, which were extremely expensive to maintain. He also threw expensive parties, but possibly the most ridiculous purchase of all was a $2.2 million dollar solid gold bathtub for his wife. Thankfully, Tyson is out of debt and can still afford a good life, but he is an example many athletes should be careful not to follow.

9 Tyrese Gibson: Bought His Daughter An Island

via: ibtimes.co.uk

What is the most expensive gift you have ever given or received? If you're lucky and absolutely blessed, you've probably received a car or a house, and that’s pretty cool. However, celebrities often think differently and do things normal people wouldn't do, which is the reason why it's so much fun keeping up with them.

In 2015, Tyrese claimed to have bought his daughter an island for Christmas. Yes, an island. This is such a weird gift for an eight-year-old. What is she supposed to do with it? This makes you wonder just how many other gifts this girl has received over the years from her father if she just got an island.

Tyrese did not disclose any information concerning the location or the cost of the island, but we can all rightly assume it didn't come cheap. Who would need Santa on Christmas if we all had dads like Tyrese?

8 Floyd Mayweather: Bought An Outrageous Amount Of Planes And Cars Worth Millions Of Dollars

via: youtube.com

Floyd Mayweather is without a doubt one of the wealthiest athletes in the world today since he has topped the list of the highest paid athletes on several occasions. It's unbelievable how Mayweather made approximately $300 million in his fight against UFC champion Conor McGregor, which he made in less than half an hour in the ring.

However, since he can make so much money over such a short period, it seems as if he feels the need to spend as much as he can on things he doesn’t need in record time. For instance, Mayweather bought his ex-fiancé a diamond ring worth $10 million, his collection of watches is worth well over $10 million, he once bet $5.9 million on a Miami Heat game, and he never wears underwear or shoes twice.

Mayweather has two planes: one for himself and another one for his security detail and entourage. He has also bought over 100 very expensive cars, most of which he never uses. Mayweather might have a lot of money, but he needs to check his spending and invest even more if he does not want to end up like Mike Tyson.

7 Johnny Depp: Spent $5 Million On A Cannon

via: vulture.com

Johnny Depp is an amazing actor, regardless of how you feel about him since his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence when they were together. Arguably, Depp's role as Captain Jack Sparrow is what propelled him into greatness. However, it seems as if Depp is so into his pirate character that regardless of which movie he is starring in, it always seems as if he is still playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp is on this list because he once bought a specially built cannon for what his business managers claimed to be $3 million, but Johnny insisted was $5 million. The cannon's sole function was to blast the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson over Aspen, Colorado, a wish he had expressed when he was still alive. Regardless of how much it was, spending so much money on a cannon is absurd.

6 Terrell Owens: Spent $2 Million On An Alabama Entertainment Complex

via: deadspin.com

Terrell Owens used to be one of the best wide receivers a few years back, and his skills on the field earned him a cool $80 million throughout his career. However, in this business, a pro footballer can fast lose his fat paycheck as soon as he starts to slow down and age starts to catch up. Therefore, in an attempt to sustain his lifestyle or simply pay the bills, a former football player has to look for ways of wisely investing the money he is left with.

Terrell is on this list because it seemed as if he was on a deliberate mission to go broke since he bought an Alabama entertainment complex for $2 million, which soon collapsed. In addition, he apparently sold his New Jersey home for $1.7 million, which is great, except that he had bought it at nearly $4 million. We only hope Terrell's financial planning will get half as good as his playing was.

5 Kim Basinger: Bought A Town For $20 Million

via: herbeat.com

Kim Basinger is an actress and former fashion model who rose to stardom in 1983 by playing a Bond girl in Never Say Never Again, and has since had a very successful career. Some of her other successful roles have in in films such as Batman, 8 Mile, The Nice Guys, Fifty Shades Darker , and more. She is the recipient of a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe award, and an Academy Award, among other awards.

However, Basinger is on this list because in 1989 she bought a town for $20 million dollars. Although her intentions were good since she wanted to transform it into a tourist attraction and a film festival with movie studios, she encountered financial difficulties and had to sell the town for $1 million and later declared bankruptcy. She later claimed that nothing good came out of her purchase since, in addition to losing $19 million, it caused a great rift in her family.

4 Bill Gates: Bought Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebook For $30.8 Million

via: cnbc.com

Bill Gates has been the richest man in the world for so long, and at the high speed at which his wealth is growing, it almost seems impossible that anyone will ever catch up with him now. Bill Gates' attitude towards money seems as if it's so different from what many celebrity millionaires have, since he gives so much to charity and you would never find him boasting about his wealth.

If anyone had the right to buy dozens of the most expensive cars, multiple jets, numerous islands, and engage in the most prestigious luxuries it would be Gates, since it's almost impossible for him to lose all his wealth in one lifetime.

Gates is on this list because he bought Leonardo Da Vinci's "Codex Leicester" for a whopping $30.8 million. In other words, he bought a notebook for an amount of money over 95% of the world's population will never get to make. Weird, isn't it?

3 Curt Schilling: Lost $50 Million On A Video Game Venture

via: cnn.com

If you are a baseball fan, you need no introduction to Curt Schilling, because he is arguably a baseball living legend. He is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who helped the Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series in 1993 and won championships with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001 and the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and 2007.

Schilling is on this list because after his retirement, he decided to invest in a gaming company called Green Monster Games, which he later renamed to 38 Studios. In February 2012, the company released its first game, Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, but had to close down within three months, owing to financial troubles. Schilling lost $50 million to the sinking company because he had put everything in his name. Although he tried to fight, he claimed he was trapped, but was not asking for any sympathy since he chose to do it.

2 Michael Jackson: Billion-Dollar Shopping Spree

via: huffingtonpost.com

Michael Jackson was without a doubt the King of Pop, owing to the contributions he made to the music industry. Michael had a huge impact on dance and fashion, making him one of the best and most popular entertainers on the planet for many decades. At the time of his death, Michael was the best-selling musical artist, and his music continues to sell even today.

Michael was involved in many controversies during his lifetime, some of them surrounding assaults and others concerning how he spent his money. Since he was a celebrity superstar, he used to make a lot of money, but his spending was so high that he was in serious financial troubles. Michael was spending over $8 million a year for antiques and travel, which is insane.

Michael had made over a billion dollars throughout his career, but he had wasted it all up until the final months leading up to his death. He was over $100 million in debt, and he needed to pay it all back. However, in the year he died, Michael made a billion dollars and his estate continues to earn millions every year.

1 Donald Trump: Bought A $100 Million Jet With An All-Gold Interior

via: bravotv.com

Donald Trump is by far the wealthiest president of the United States to date. Going by how rich he claims to be, he definitely has more money than all the other US presidents in history combined. Therefore, it's safe to assume he didn't want to become president because of the salary.

Since he can afford almost anything he pleases, Trump is not afraid of luxury, which is the reason he made it to this list. One of his most prized possessions is his $100 million plane, which has almost everything plated in gold. The man loves gold and if he had his way, the White House would probably have to look a bit more golden for him to feel at home.

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