15 Weather Girls We'd Move Down South For

What is it about weather girls in the South? Is there something about the warm weather that makes all of them ridiculously busty and hot? Whatever it is, I'm not complaining, and you won't be either after you check out these photos.

I live in the Northeast, and up here, we have nerdy meteorologists named Joe, and even if we do get lucky enough to get a chick doing the weather report, she'll be all covered up in a sweater and a blazer.  This is not so down South. Whether it be Mexico, Florida, Texas, or California, they have just a ton of busty babes doing the weather every single night. Now, I'm not complaining, mind you. Who really needs to hear a whole lot about the weather anyway? Someone could come on and tell you what the weather was going to do over the next few days in a matter of seconds.

So, why do people from the South watch the weather? Because of all the ridiculously hot chicks. Here in America, our hot weather babes at least kind of pretend that they're news people who just happen to be hot, but of course, we know better. When it comes to anything below the border, they don't even fake it. They're basically like, "Hey, we know you don't care about anything, but check out this babe and her busts; go at it." And for that, Mexico, we thank you.

Here are the 15 bustiest Southern weather girls we could find.


15 Sugey Abrego - Fun on Rainy Days

I know this piece is about busty weather girls, but when smoking hot Sugey Abrego had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, people noticed. As one story said, "Eagle-eyed viewers noticed the 37-year-old had a camel toe. Stunning Sugey’s shorts had pulled slightly too tight across the front, but the pro didn’t seem to notice as she carried on giving her forecast." She didn't seem to notice? Are you kidding me? I might be crazy, but I don't think that Sugey cares a whole heck of a lot about things such of this nature. If she did, she would probably not do the weather dressed like she was about to hit up the nearest stripper pole. Again, I'm not complaining, Sugey, you do you -- don't go changing on my account.

14 Jackie Guerrido - Use Your High Beams When it Rains


Jackie has long been one of the hottest, as well as bustiest, weather girls out there. She's originally from Puerto Rico and, over the years, has worked for numerous stations throughout her career, including ones in Miami and for Univision, where she was on a show called Wake Up America, which was one of the most popular shows with Latinos in America. She even has done a little acting. Well, the thing is when you're as smoking hot as Jackie is, then you can do a little acting, you can do a little modeling, you can be a weather girl when it comes right down to it -- you can do anything that you want. I don't want to look out my window and see if it's raining; I want to turn on my television and have Jackie tell me the score.

13 Marilu Kaufman - Pair of Nice Weekend Days

Marilu Kaufman is just unbelievably hot. How do they come up with these women? Do they have scouts who go around and look for the chicks with the biggest chests and butts and go up to them and go, "Hi, I'm a scout for Channel 6 news. Would you like to be our new weather girl?" If you think Marilu is hot -- and if you don't there's obviously something very wrong with you -- check out her Instagram in which you can see her doing all sort of different things and looking super hot in all of them. The thing is, though, if you want to see her looking all sexy, you might as well just watch her on the news, as she's wearing way less clothing doing that than she does in real life. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

12 Susana Almeida - Good Weather Day


Some of these women are just outright ridiculous, and one of them is Susana. Many claim that she's the hottest weather girl in the entire world, and while I wouldn't argue against that, it does seem that she does have some pretty stiff competition if you go by the other hotties on this list. It isn't even fair for a woman to be this hot in any manner, let alone having her standing in front of a weather map. I defy anyone to watch her weather reports and have any idea at all what she's saying. I honestly wouldn't even care if there was a hurricane coming if I was checking her out. She's another woman who had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction, although again, that kind of implies she didn't know what she looked like, and I'm sure she did.

11 Zelenny Ibarra - Headlights On in Bad Weather

Zelenny Ibarra is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. If you look her up on the good old Internet and after taking a look at this photo -- you almost certainly will -- you can find a few mentions of her as a weather girl and a photo and a video or two of her standing in front of a map. You can also find her all sorts of other places just looking smoking hot. So, not that I'm complaining, mind you, but it appears that Zelenny is basically some super hot chick that they just threw out there on camera just so people would watch the news! Oh man, talk about awful. I would complain a little more about it, but I just found another video of her, and I need to check it out. Man, she is hot. Don't you think?

10 Angie Gonzalez - Angel in the Sun


Next on this list of ridiculous smoke shows who get paid to stand in front of a map is the gorgeous and busty Angie Gonzalez. While at least most busty American weather girls do seem to at least have gone to school or at least received training in reading the news, Angie has pretty much nothing online that says anything about her experience, just a Twitter page that doesn't have anything to do with weather and a few Youtube videos showing how hot she is. I may be wrong, but I think when Angie's looks fade just a tad, she probably will not have much of a career in the news anymore. Until then, Angie can enjoy all of the cash that she's making, and we can still enjoy watching her point at things on television.

9 Mayte Carranco - Sunrise Over the Mountains

Are you kidding me? Is this some sort of competition to see who can wear the least amount of clothes on air or something? If it was, Mayte might win. As much as this photo is rather revealing, at times, she's worn even less while on television. Mayte has the absolute definition of an hourglass figure, and she sure as heck doesn't mind showing it off, not even a little bit. Of course, why would she? It's already been pretty much established that when it comes to the other side of the border, they want their weather girls to have a killer body, and if Mayte didn't have one, she almost certainly wouldn't be on television. So, she gets to make some good money showing off her body, and we get to look at it. That means we all win.


8 Cristina Blackwell - Busts Are the New Black


Christina Blackwell has been in the weather business for a long time. Currently, she works at a station out of San Antonio, Texas. Now, once we get North of the border and back into the good old United States of America, some of the clothes get a little more conservative than they are in Mexico, but now that I think of it, how could they be less conservative? But make no mistake: even if the clothes are a little less revealing, a lot of these weather girls are all about the showing off their bust, and Christina fits into that category without a shadow of a doubt. And when you think about it, how could she not show off something like that? A wise man once said, "If you've got it flaunt it." Christina has it, and she definitely likes to show it off.

7 Chita Craft - Time to Plan A Summer Vacation

Chita Craft used to be known as Chita Johnson, but she got married a year or so ago to a very lucky guy. Sadly, the rest of us aren't so lucky. Now, her Facebook page has a whole bunch of photos of her and her husband holding their baby. Listen, Chita, we're all happy for you and everything, but let's not forget what put you on top of the heap in the first place, and it's not how good you are with kids. It more has to do with some other assets that you have going on. By the way, her name is pronounced "Cheetah." Isn't all of this just a little bit too much? It's almost like every once in a great while, we all get tested by a higher power, and some busty weather chick named Chita is the test.

6 Bri Winkler - Forecasts a Good Time


While Bri Winkler is totally gorgeous, she also is way more "cute" than most of these other women. While the others almost all have this totally smoking hourglass thing going on, Bri kind of looks like the girl that you would take to your high school prom. So, why is she on the list? Haven't you been paying attention? Bri totally holds her own in the chest department against all of these other women. On her Instagram, Bri says, "When I'm not forecasting/storytelling, you'll find me on my yoga mat or hiking." Bri, I have to be honest: it's hard enough seeing you do the weather; do you really think we all want to think about you doing yoga or hiking? Come on, have a heart, Bri... you're killing us.

5 Elita Loresca - What Are We Watching Again?

Elita is originally from the Philippines and has worked for a variety of different news stations all over the country over the years. Unlike many of these women, Elita went to school for broadcast journalism as well as meteorology. She currently works at a news station in Texas. Elita is widely known as one of the hottest weather girls in America, but she still manages, or at least attempts, to keep a bit of a low profile, which is obviously hard because of her amazing assets. Elita is a true professional, so she'll probably still be around quite a bit longer than many of these other women. She was married a few years back to a very lucky man, and they have a couple of children now.

4 Jackie Johnson - How Much Snow in the Hills?


Jackie is originally from Michigan, then went to college for broadcast journalism, before getting a job as a weather girl at stations in Florida and before landing in her current position in Los Angeles. She also has had a few acting roles, including a role in Battleship, in which she played herself. Jackie is another of those types who present themselves as competent meteorologists while, at the same time, wearing things that are ridiculously low-cut to show off her assets. In this way, the weather girls from Mexico have it going on. Sure, they look kind of trashy, but they don't pretend they're anything but that; they're not pretending to be competent professionals while, at the same point, showing off all of their assets.

3 Irene Sans - Distraction at its Best

Do you think Irene Sans is just a pretty face and a totally hot body jammed into skimpy clothing? Yeah, me, too. But anyway, this is what she had to say about her training: "The last two years were focused on atmospheric physics, atmospheric dynamics, weather analysis, Synoptic lectures, their corresponding laboratories, and math classes applied to the atmosphere/meteorology. I also took a computer science/programming class, which was focused in meteorology." Wow, Irene, that's totally cool. You know what else is cool? How you do the weather without hardly any clothes on. Because let's face it: I could go to school and take all of that training, too, and I'm still not going to look quite as hot as you do on air, and that's what counts.

2 Evelyn Taft - Makes the News Fun


Evelyn is a California girl. She even went to school there and started working as a weather girl in San Francisco before she moved on to Los Angeles although both of her parents were born in Russia. You know what else she is other than being a woman who's a native Californian? Smoking hot and totally stacked. Evelyn is another obvious difference between American Southern weather girls and those south of the border.  Evelyn is attempting to appear professional while, at the same point, showing off her rack as much as she possibly can, while weather girls from Mexico try and look unprofessional while showing off their rack as much as they possibly can. Either way, the viewer wins.

1 Yanet Garcia - The Best Weather Girl Ever

Of all of the weather girls out there, none are more ridiculously hot than Yanet Garcia. It isn't just her chest that has it going on; it's what's going on from the back as well. Yanet has an insane 5 million followers on Instagram, and when you think about it, why not? She has an absolutely amazing body -- this is something that no one in the world could possibly argue. So, is there anything wrong with using your body to get a job as a weather girl? Heck no! Weather is boring, and in my mind, Yanet is nothing less than a hero, using her body to keep people interested enough in the weather to check it out. When Yanet comes on the screen, there's nothing but good times in the forecast, and, in my mind, there's nothing wrong with that.


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