15 Ways To Pick Up A Girl At The Gym

You’ve probably heard stories from your guy friends about girls they like at gym. Often,  their tactics may seem cringeworthy. The general consensus when it comes to trying to pick up girls in the gym is that it’s really creepy and just shouldn’t be done. Well, that’s what people say anyway. But inside, they probably go to the gym hoping for a bit of flirting, some harmless banter, perhaps even in the hope of picking someone up. Think about it logically. Go to the gym and you’re meeting someone who lives the same lifestyle as you. Right away, you’ve got that in common.

People are getting together as a result of what starts out as gym romances. Gyms are places people go to get in shape, be fit and fine, and so it’s likely that there are going to be some real hotties on show. But how to do you go about approaching a girl you like in the gym? Make the wrong move and you’ll be an instant turn off and your hopes of ever making anything out of it would be dashed. But approach her and try and pick her up correctly, using these tips, and you’ll be in. Formulate your game plan based on this advice, and you may end up having a gym buddy for life. The gym’s a fabulous place to pick up potential dates, but don’t be a dumbbell about it. If you’re clueless how to go about it, or just want to up your game, then don’t sweat it. Here are 15 ways to pick up a girl at the gym.


15 Don’t Sweat It

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You’ve probably heard the saying, go hard or go home. That’s all well and good, but not really if picking up a girl is your objective. Think about it from her point of view; would she be turned on if a guy walks over to her, sweat seemingly pouring from every pore of his body? The answer is no, she wouldn’t be turned on. She may appreciate the fact that you’ve been going hard at it in the gym. But she won’t appreciate the fact that when you talk, sweat’s going to be dripping everywhere. There’s a simple solution to this, and it’s to do with good hygiene. Carry a towel, towel yourself down if you get sweaty, and wipe down benches and the equipment you use too. Or, just approach her when you’re not sweating, either before or after your workout.

14 Don’t Be A Stranger

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It’s amazing how many people spend their hard-earned cash on a gym membership, but then don’t even go. Even having paid for a membership, they just can’t find any motivation to go. Well, seeing a beautiful girl you’re attracted to will hopefully change your way of thinking. Firstly, that should act as motivation enough to try and get in shape and go to the gym. It sounds fairly obvious, but if you’re on a mission to pick up a girl at the gym, you must firstly attend the gym. You shouldn’t just attend once in a while either; you should attend regularly. A lot of people in the gym tend to go at specific times and days every week, so they’re able to build up a rapport with their fellow gym users who they see week in and week out. You’re more likely to be noticed if you’re there regularly, especially when she trains. Don’t stalk her or memorize her training schedule – that’s creepy. Just be vigilant, attend regularly, and stick to a certain time.

13 Smile, Don’t Ogle

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This is a mistake a lot of guys make. Say you’re a guy pumping weights in the gym for example. The adrenaline’s flowing, the testosterone’s coursing through your veins, and you’re feeling really good, like an alpha male. Then you see this drop-dead gorgeous woman enter the gym and start working out. You give your buddy a nudge and you both start to stare. Although you might think you’re being subtle about it, the girl notices. Some girls would love to have that effect on guys. But the vast majority would just find it really uncomfortable. So, if you like a girl in the gym, as hard as it may be to do for some of you guys, don’t ogle. Catch her eye and flash a smile. If you go to the gym regularly, and you both tend to go at the same time, chances are she’s noticed you. Give her a smile next time you see her, and the bells will toll in her head that she’s seen you around. Next step is striking up a conversation.

12 Fragrant Attraction

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Even though you’re in a gym setting, don’t think it’s okay to smell bad. You might be dripping with sweat, huffing and puffing after a strenuous workout, but at least make sure you smell good. That’s not just if you’re trying to pick up a girl – that’s just general gym etiquette. You don’t want to vacate a corner of the gym because of your stench. You’ve got to be aware how you smell. If you’ve had a particularly strenuous workout and are a bit smelly, use your head – don’t even think about sauntering over to a girl and striking up a conversation. Rather than being turned on, as you intended, she’s more likely to be repulsed. Create that bad initial impression, and there could be no going back. It also depends on what fragrance you wear. Fragrant attraction is a thing, and wearing a certain fragrance could resonate with her, which she’ll forever more associate with interacting with you.

11 Ask Her To Spot You

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This is a great way to start off an interaction with a girl at the gym. Gym etiquette dictates that if someone asks for a spot, they should give you some help. It’s how a lot of guys in the gym make gym buddies with each other. But there’s no reason why you can’t ask a girl in the gym for a spot, make a buddy out of her, and then possibly take things to the next level. Asking a girl you’re into for a spot shows that you have faith in her to get you through those last few reps and save your bacon if you can’t push anymore and end up in a tricky situation. You can talk to her to ask her to spot you, then talk her through what you’re trying to achieve, when she should step in, and then talk to her when everything’s done and dusted. Then, you can repay the favor; if you see she’s struggling and might need a spot herself, it gives you an opportunity to step in. You’ll feel comfortable she can spot you, and she’ll feel comfortable about you doing the same. Pretty soon you could become gym partners, train together so you can spot each other, and from there it’s pretty easy to go to the next step.

10 Dress To Impress

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Even if you’re a hardcore gym user, you’ve got to get with the times. Even around a decade ago, the majority of people going to the gym didn’t really care about what they’d be seen to be wearing. You go to the gym to workout and push your body to the limit – no pain no gain as the saying goes. You’ve got to get through the workout, and it might not always be pretty. So, gym clothing didn’t really factor into it. But nowadays, it’s an integral part of gym culture. People think it’s just the girls who want to look good in the gym. It’s true that there’s tons of gym wear for women. But it’s now easier than ever for men to dress well too. So, ensure you dress to impress. Looking good in the gym is a sure way to get noticed. Avoid wearing certain items of clothing too. For example, ditch those really tight shorts. The girl – and the other gym users for that matter – don’t want to get to know your package, at least not before getting to know you; that should be your aim, anyway!

9 Ask Her For Help Or Advice

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A lot of guys in the gym like to act really macho and act like they’re seasoned pros. Girls will see that in an instant, and it certainly won’t help your cause. It’s really tough for most guys to ask for help or advice, especially in a setting which they feel is their domain. But the fact is that some gym equipment can be pretty hard to figure out how to use. Take cardio machines, for example. Nowadays treadmills and cross-trainers have about 100 different buttons – it can be tricky enough trying to figure out how to turn the machine on! This offers you a great way to strike up a conversation. Ask the girl you’re into for help, either when it comes to equipment or your form during an exercise. Many girls actually find that a guy asking for help is a real turn-on. First of all, it shows you’re confident enough to admit you don’t know something, and secondly it shows humility. So, ask her for a bit of help or advice and she could find it very attractive.


8 Initiate A Low-Key Conversation

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Remember where you are. You’re not in a bar or club where you can just stride up to a girl you like and start chatting her up. That’s totally inappropriate for a gym setting, and it’s unlikely you’ll get any success. Once you’ve made that all-important decision to talk to her, you’ve got to start off light. Perhaps just make a general comment about the music in the gym, or perhaps about a certain exercise or some workout equipment. If you’ve both just done a class, that’s the perfect time to initiate the conversation. Something simple like, “Wow, that was a tough session,” could lead to you both striking up a conversation. Another way to initiate the conversation is to start with a playful joke. Providing your joke is half decent, it’ll get her to lower her guard and be at ease around you. It’ll also allow you both to connect over the gag.

7 Compliment Aspects Of Her Workout

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This might sound kind of corny, but it’s certainly the way to go. Which girl doesn’t like receiving compliments? As long as it’s not said in a condescending way, compliments will go a long way in helping you pick up a girl in the gym. What should you compliment her on? Compliment aspects of her workout. If she’s going hard at it and is going through what seems like a particularly strenuous workout, say something encouraging. Make comments like this and she’ll certainly appreciate it. It’s okay to notice her workout. If you’re a gym aficionado and notice she’s using incorrect form, keep it to yourself. Don’t act like a gym maestro, go up to her and start giving her advice, unless she looks like she could end up causing serious damage to herself, of course. Don’t weigh in with your two cents. That’s certainly not going to get you far. Stick to compliments.

6 Don’t Grunt

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Grunting is a real masculine thing to do in the gym. Go to the gym, and you’re always likely to hear grunting and even shouting emanating from the weights section. Lift heavy weights and start grunting and it might impress your fellow weightlifters. But women, well, all they want to do is gag the grunters. It’s extremely unappealing to girls when they’re trying to do their workout and they have to put up with all this grunting. If you’re trying to impress a girl and are a guy who grunts, turn down the volume. It is possible to lift weights without emitting such a sound – others manage it just fine. Girls find grunting just generally unappealing. But you’ve got to remember that most girls scare easily too. If you’re being dramatically noisy, it could turn the girl you’re trying to impress off for good. Most guys think the other way. If that girl was in their vicinity, they tend to grunt louder, and think that it’s getting the girls attention and that she’s looking over or something like that. She probably will look over, but with disgust and not any sense of attraction.

5 Notice Her Outfit

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As a guy, when you see a beautiful woman in the gym, you’re probably thinking, “Damn, she’s hot,” or something along those lines. It might make you seem sleazy, but hey, guys will be guys. Just make sure those thoughts stay in your head and you don’t inadvertently blurt it out. The art of the charm in the gym is to keep compliments non-physical. So, if you’re going to make a comment, make sure you compliment her, not her physique. Take it for granted that she knows she’s hot; you telling her so in the gym setting might make her think you’ve been ogling and might make her feel uncomfortable. One way to compliment her without making you seem like a creep is to compliment her outfit. A lot of women take pride in their appearance when they come to the gym, so noticing her gear in a not-too-personal way is a great way to initiate a conversation.

4 Ensure You Still Have A Productive Workout

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If you’ve noticed a girl in the gym, chances are that she’s probably noticed you noticing her too. What she thinks about the attention – well, that depends on how you go about things from that point on. One thing that’ll stick in her mind is if she glances over to you and sees that you’re killing it in the gym. People primarily go to the gym to workout, right? So, ensure you actually workout, and not just workout by going through the motions – ensure you have a productive workout. Do your thing and although you might have your eye on a girl, don’t let her act as a distraction. Taking your workout seriously will show her that you’re serious. It’ll also show her that you haven’t just showed up to stare at her. Women want to feel safe in the gym environment, and if you’re making things obvious, it could make her feel rather uncomfortable.

3 Leave Your Ego At The Door

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This is a problem a lot of guys have going into the gym in general, let alone when going to the gym and trying to pick up a girl. Most guys, especially those who lift weights and want to get big and buff, go to the gym and see others lifting heavy weights, and try and do the same. They don’t focus on their own workouts, what works best for them, and instead look around, thinking others are watching them. Then they do things that aren’t productive in order to try and impress. A lot guys lift heavy weights even though they’re not getting a thing out of it. Why? Because they think others are looking at them and are going to be impressed. Guys do this even more when there’s a girl they like in the gym. But if you’re trying to pick up a girl, this just won’t work. You’ve got to leave your ego at the door, because acting like a brute of a man just won’t impress. It pisses other guys off, let alone girls. Don’t walk in the gym and then walk up to a girl acting all brash, thinking you’re the main man. Chances are you’re not, and the girl you’re trying to pick up won’t be impressed.

2 Let Your Personality Shine Through

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Most guys find it hard to approach a girl at the best of times. They become nervous wrecks, or even worse, they put on a front and try and act like something they’re not. That’s common in the gym. A lot of guys act totally differently in the gym. Again, it’s got something to do with the adrenaline, the type of workout that’s taken place. But it’s also just guys being guys. But this isn’t likely to impress a girl. Just like it should be as you try to pick up any girl, you need to just be yourself. Even if you get all nervous and act like a bumbling buffoon, it’s better than putting on a mask. Girls can see through a fake persona. So, if you’re not the macho type, if you don’t lift heavy, if you’re not really a gym rat and just turn up occasionally, don’t lie about it. Girls appreciate honesty. Let your personality come through, and hopefully your relationship will blossom.

1 It’s All About Timing

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Of course, if you like a girl in the gym, it’s a good idea to first build up a rapport with her. Follow the other tips in this article to strike up an interaction and get things started. But when it comes time to take the plunge and ask her out, do so carefully. Be mindful of the fact that she’s still at the gym to workout, and she hasn’t just showed up so she can enjoy a friendly chat with you – well, she might, in which case you’re in, but you’ve still got to ask her out! When it comes to this stage, it’s all about timing. For example, don’t saunter up to her in the middle of her workout. Make your move carefully. Asking her to join you for a drink at the gym café, or getting a quick post-workout meal together is a great way to make things progress.


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