15 Ways To Become A Reality TV Star

To be on TV, you need to be who you are, but to stay, you need to have something to say.

One of the easiest ways to become famous these days is by participating in a reality show. You don't need talent, knowledge, or good communications skills to be on TV: all you need is to be yourself, a great self. Now, everyone gets the chance to be on the small screen. Could you become one of them?

Living a luxurious life, all expenses paid, taking part in challenges, and maybe meeting beautiful singles... doesn't that sound like a dream? Television used to be a way to educate people, now they use it as it was supposed to make their life better. Viewers don't want TV to be reserved for the elite, they want to be part of it too. Fame and wealth seem to make stars so happy, and viewers think they deserve this kind of attention too. However, the key to stardom might not be to key to success.

Reality TV stars are disposable. They are used for one show or one season and then thrown away as soon as anyone else is in the public eye. For many people, this is their fifteen minutes of fame and nothing more. Participating in a reality TV show makes you a product that producers rent for one show. It is easy to be on television. However, if you want to stay on the small screen, you need much more than a good personality. People will get to know you in one season and won't be interested if you can't offer anything more after that. To be on TV, you need to be who you are, but to stay, you need to have something to say.

Do you have what it takes to become a reality TV star?

15 Make Sure You Really Want It

Why do you want to become a reality TV star? For fame, for money, to find the love of your life, to live a unique experience, or because you have a message to share? You'll be disappointed if you have too many expectations, so be aware of what reality really is.

Television can change lives and one of the biggest examples in this decade is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There is no going back for them now that this show made them so famous. Reality TV can be a great experience, but make sure you are part of it for the right reasons and be ready to face the consequences. What will people think about you? Your family, your partner, your boss, your colleagues, and strangers will know about everything you've done. Worst: they might not even watch the show and simply judge you by what everyone else is saying about you. If you want to be part of a reality show, be ready to be exposed and make sure you don't care too much about your reputation.

If you really want to do it, go for it! However, if you are still hesitating, you better wait for another project you are more interested in. The fun will last for a moment, but the videos and pictures online will be there forever.

14 Look Out For Casting Calls

To be part of a reality TV show, you first need to know when they are looking for new candidates. Whether it is a new production or your favourite TV show, you'll probably find what you are looking for on social media.

Follow as many things as you can on social media, look for TV shows, channels, producers, pages posting about reality TV. Everyone could provide you new information on what is coming next on TV. There are also many Facebook groups in which members are posting castings for reality shows.  Otherwise, you can also go on the website of your favourite channel as they often have a section reserved for casting calls. Search for the right keywords on Google and sometimes, shows will even advertise casting calls on an episode of the show. For example, MTV is now looking for "fitstagrams," people who've been catfished, teenagers planning their prom-posals, and much more. Could you be one of them?

It is important to stay up to date, as many shows are only casting during a certain time of the year. You want to make sure you are one of the first to send your application so you'll be one of the first candidates they'll consider.

13 Watch And Read About The Show

The more you know the show, the more you'll know if you are ready for this adventure. Moreover, this will give you a chance to know what the judges and producers expect from you and will let you become the best candidate.

Is this a talent show? You better be good at something or willing to fail ridiculously. Are all the contestants talking about a difficult moment they had to go through? You better have a good story to tell too. Are you trying to survive on an island? You won't last long with no survival skills. Producers and directors expect many things from a reality show, and you better match what they are looking for. Moreover, learning about the host and the judges will give you the opportunity to know what they like and dislike. You'll easily avoid many mistakes and know what to do to please them. Dragon's Den is one of the best examples, as offering the right gift and knowing what the dragons liked gave many participants the chance to earn thousands of dollars.

Don't forget that knowledge is power. You won't have much control on what you do in this kind of show as producers often want it to go in a certain direction. However, if you know what to expect, you'll be aware of what you sign for.

12 Be Unique In Your Own Way

Viewers don't want to watch people they see on the street every day, they want to be entertained by different people they would never get the chance to meet in real life. Everyone is unique but you need much more to be someone they'll remember.

If all the candidates agreed on something, the show would be boring. If everyone had the same personality, most people wouldn't be able to rely on one of them. What makes a show interesting is when opposites contrast and even fight with each other. You can have a different opinion, a unique style, a wild behaviour, or an unusual passion that will help you stand out. The most important thing is to find something unique about yourself that will give you the chance to shine in your own way. If you ever felt rejected because you were different, this is the right occasion to make it your strength. And if you are a little too unique you can also try to be part of My Strange Addiction.

If you make it so there is no one else like you, no other candidate will be able to take your place. There will always be someone better than you but if you are unique, you'll always win the competition.

11 Follow The Instructions For Your Application

When it comes to submitting your application, you have to take things seriously. Producers won't be interested in people who can't even follow simple instructions to be part of the TV show.

In most reality shows, you'll have to fill a form online, send a video, and/or take part in an audition. All these steps are important to prove that you really want to be part of it and that you are willing to follow the rules. Make sure you say as many things as you can, without making it too long, so producers will know that you have a lot to offer for the show. You can also ask a friend to help you if you need good pictures or a video. If you are not able to do all the things they want now, they'll know that you won't be able to do it in the show either. If you can't make a video to be on Survivor, you probably won't be able to survive in the wild.

Unless you are already famous, they won't be running after you. You need to be running after them. Remember that they expect a lot from you because you could have a big role on TV. Every step is important because this is what will take you further.

10 Work On Your Best Talent

Talent shows are a great opportunity to become famous in a good way. However, you need to truly have an amazing talent or you'll simply end up as one of the contestants the judges will laugh about.

Many reality shows are open to singers, dancers, and performers, just like America's Got Talent or The Voice. However, you are not the only one who will be part of this so be prepared to face a lot of competition. Viewers are now more interested in learning about jobs, as there are TV shows on tattoo artists, makeup artists, and entrepreneurs. Whatever your talent is, work on it and hope that it will one day get you the chance to be on TV. However, don't make it so your career depends on this moment on television. Unless you win, you might have your 15 minutes of fame, but you'll still have a lot of work to do to prove that you are more than a reality show contestant. So many contestants are easily forgotten and you don't want to be one of them.

Don't be part of a talent show just because you want attention, do it because you can show off something that deserves attention. Fame won't last long so make sure you do it for the right reason: passion.

9 Focus On One Of Your Qualities Or Flaws

Don't make things too complicated, most people will recognize you for only one of your characteristics. You can be the good girl, the bad boy, the mean one, or the smart one. What's important is to find something that will make you stand out.

Focus on one of your qualities or flaws. You don't have to change who you are, but simply make it so people pay attention to one big personality trait. For example, if you want to be the leader, talk about your interest in working as a team, explain your strategy to make it so everyone can work together and take the lead as soon as you get in the show. Think of yourself as a character that has to be distinguished easily. A lot of different personalities are needed to create a reality show so if producers easily know who you are, you have more chances to be chosen.  One of the best examples is The Bachelor, or the show Unreal inspired by it, as producers cast girls as the cougar, the bitch, the "Wifey," or the slutty one.

No matter who you choose to be, make sure it is always part of you. People won't like contestants who fake it to be someone else. However, if you can focus on something that will make people love - or hate - you, you could become someone they remember.

8 Make Sure You Look Good

It is no secret that good looking people have more chance to be on TV. Even though physical appearance doesn't matter if you want to be part of some shows, being charismatic and confident always helps.

Know the kind of show you want to participate in. If you want to go for The Bachelor or America's Next Top Model, physical appearance will be very important. Otherwise, if you think you don't have what it takes, you better send your application to a reality show that is more about skills. Everyone has the opportunity to be beautiful as your attitude matters more than your weight or your height. Take care of yourself, know what looks best on you, and believe in yourself so people will believe in you too. Otherwise, you can always participate in beauty transformations shows like The Biggest Loser or Extreme Makeover.

No matter what you look like, there is a place for you on reality TV as long as you have the skills and personality. However, we are not going to lie: looking good gives you a much better chance to be chosen in any situation.

7 Have Fans Before The Show

This one might be easier said than done, but if you are a little famous, producers know that you will attract more viewers from your fanbase. Don't depend on a show to be known as the efforts you make before count too.

You can be a singer performing in bars, have thousands of followers on Instagram, or be recognized as a great tattoo artist. If you can prove that people already like - or love to hate - you, you'll have more chances to deserve a place in reality TV. This is why you should already try to get people to support you and be interested in what you do. There's no wonder reality shows featuring stars like Rock of Love, Celebrity Big Brother, or Dancing with the Stars are so popular. If you manage to make yourself known, casting directors could be the ones who approach you because they want to take advantage of all the fans you already have.

However, don't take anything for granted. You're not the only one who wants to be on television so you'll always have to prove that you're the one they need. Make it so they want you more than you want them.

6 Being Good Is Better Than Being Bad

Some candidates don't mind what people say about them as long as they talk about them. Even though it is easy to be recognized as a bad person, remember it is possible to be a likeable reality TV star.

It is easy to shock people to get their attention. However, being admired for your attitude, your sense of humour, or your talent gives you much more chances to be appreciated. Hate is a strong feeling for a moment but love last longer. For example, on True Beauty or America's Next Top Model, the mean girl might get a lot of attention but only the nicest one can win and spend more time on the show. If you have an awful behaviour, most people won't want to work with you. Being nice, but interesting, gives you much more chances to stay on TV and be interviewed after the show.

It is possible to become famous in a good way, but you won't earn great things without making a lot of effort. Stop thinking about your 15 minutes of fame and remember that your reputation will last for a long time.

5 Play The Game By The Rules

The crew doesn't want to waste time with someone who won't play the game. Accept the fact that you are not in control, they are. Participating in a reality show can be really fun as long as everyone knows how to play by the rules.

That doesn't mean that you should expect to do things you don't want just to please to producers. You have the right to not take part in a dangerous activity or to refuse to kiss another participant. However, if you know that you are participating in Dating Naked, you know that you are going to be dating naked. Remember that you accepted to be committed to the show, no one forced you to do that.  Be reliable before the show, pay attention to what they tell you, take part in the activities, and have fun. Breaking the rules can be really interesting for the viewers and the producers sometimes but make sure you don't ruin the show to make it all about you.

You are not the only one involved in this so make sure you respect those you are working with. The best way to take part in this unique experience is to simply enjoy as much as you can.

4 Think Before You Speak

Everything is recorded and editors will probably choose the worst thing you said to make you look mean or dumb. This is why it is important to always think before you speak or to accept that your spontaneity could have a lot of consequences.

That doesn't mean that you should be boring, no one wants to hear that. You don't have to speak like you just got your doctorate degree at Harvard either. The best thing to do is to think about different situations and the punch lines that you would like to say. Otherwise, for some reality stars, they don't even have to think too much and punch lines come naturally. Think about Keeping Up With The Kardashians: their quotes are so good that they become part of a lot of memes. Talking is like performing for a crowd and you want to say something that will entertain them without ruining your reputation.

By participating in a reality show, you are exposing yourself to the whole world. It is about you, but also about the people you might hurt by what you say. If you think that what you say might be bad for yourself or others, think a little more and you won't want to say it.

3 Do (Almost) Anything You Want To Do

You have the chance to take part in a unique adventure and you want to make sure you jump at any opportunity that is offered to you. Craziness is entertaining so it is time to do all the things you have ever dream of.

There are still some exceptions. If you want to murder the man who tried to steal your girlfriend or share your racist comments to the world... don't. However, if you want to strip naked and jump in the pool or randomly kiss your crush, do whatever you want! Producers don't want shy people, they want those who can't keep themselves from doing the wildest things just like they do on Jersey Shore. Take initiative, follow your heart, and don't be shy to do things you would never have done in real life. You can even try to talk to the director and tell him about your plans so he can help you achieve your goals.

Every reality show needs a lot of action and if you want attention, make it so you are the one who does a lot of things. And even if you are not chosen to be part of a reality TV show, it can give you the guts to live a funnier life!

2 Try Not To Be Too Emotionally Involved

You know that reality TV controls your image and what you do.  However, the worst thing to do is to let them control your feelings. Once you are emotionally involved, they can break you into pieces just to make the show more interesting.

If you want to be part of a reality show, make sure you do it for fun. Don't fall in love with someone when you are competing with ten other men. You will have your heart broken time and time again as your lover will come back to you and kiss someone else hours laters. Moreover, don't let anyone make you angry. They just want to make you lose your mind so you'll do something you'll regret. Many contestants on The Bachelor have been victims of their feelings and it ended up in the worst way. You can date someone, but don't get attached to them. If someone hurts you, make sure you react in the smartest or funniest way.

You might give them the opportunity to make you do awful things and edit you in the worst way, but make sure you don't lose yourself in this adventure. As long as you don't give your heart to someone else, they can't take it away from you.

1 Don't Take Anything For Granted

Being part of a reality show can make you live your 15 minutes of fame. However, don't think this will last forever just because a video went viral for a week. There are so many things to watch that people will quickly look away from you.

Once you are famous, you need to make sure you stay on top. A lot of people are fighting to have the same opportunities as you, and you need to make sure you are always stronger than them. Accept all the interesting interviews that are offered to you and even try to contact the media if there is something you want to share. Moreover, if your dream is to become an artist, share some of your work while there are a lot of people who want to see it. Who remembers Trent Harmon from American Idol? Not many people. But winners Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood made sure people will remember them by working really hard after being part of the show.

Remember that if you can easily become famous, someone else can do it too. Candidates on reality shows are disposable, make sure that you prove that you still have a lot to offer before the industry simply throws you away.

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