15 Ways To Avoid Marriage (But Still Score With Her)

Men are always the main source of confusion. It’s certain! If there is something more confusing than men, girls are interested to know what it is. What might be depressing for the girl is when she is attracted to a guy but later finds out that he is not interested in telling her that he has mutual feelings. Do you know why that happens? We will tell you why. When a man finds out that a woman likes him, he loves to play games with her, which allows the woman to become more attracted to the man. Even if he likes her, he will not bow down and commit to her. Not being committed is exactly what makes men mysterious, and women never understand what they're thinking. Men only allow women to see a certain side of them. Keeping secrets is what happens to both men and women, and when they do that, it happens to make the other side fall for them much harder. Because there are new studies that say that if men did not reject women, women would consider them apprehensive or unscrupulous. So, if you'd like to know how to reject a woman and score than this article gives you 15 ways to do it right.

15 Be Both Hot And Cold Towards A Woman

Ways To Reject Her And Score

So, you know that she likes you, and the feeling is mutual. But, you are not 100% sure how she feels. You need to be unpredictable and not fixed on a certain position. Love her and tell her that she’s beautiful sometimes, but at other times don’t speak a single word. You want the girl in your life and you obviously have to reject her in order for an attraction to happen. It may sound sickening when this happens, but this must take place in order for a woman to start chasing you. You might want to see another girl, because you don’t want to give her the feeling that you’re the only one. It may seem like you’re giving an attitude that you don’t care for her, but this is why you have to be hot and cold towards the woman you like.

14 Text Her In Irregular Intervals

Ways To Reject Her And Score

You’re in a new relationship and one of the things you want to do is to occasionally text her at irregular intervals. This keeps the woman on her toes, and she wonders when you will text her again. Not texting her too much might seem wrong, but this is a great way to get a woman to be highly attracted to you. Give her the attitude that you’re not truly falling for her and don’t make your feelings known right off the bat. Text her enough times to make sure that she stays interested in you. Don’t contact her too much because she might get bored with you. We can’t deny that irregular texting on this basis always draws a woman in and makes her chase you.

13 Make Her Feel Insecure

Ways To Reject Her And Score

You are the one that controls your life. So, in order to make a woman fall deeply in love you need to make her feel unconfident and unsure of herself in your relationship. This is a form of rejection that will draw her closer to you. Be careful because the woman might want to take control of her feelings in the relationship so that she stops being drawn to you. You control her with her thoughts. It may seem like to her that you don’t care but show her in sporadic ways that you do. Along with making her feel a little bit insecure also make her feel amazing, because this is a way to hook her and not have her running into a different direction. Hooking her this way will in turn make your relationship stronger. No matter how much you try to deny it, texting at irregular intervals is a great way for a woman to feel attracted to you.

12 Talk About The Future In A Sporadic Way

Ways To Reject Her And Score

It might be maddening to the girl when you start talking about your future together in a strange way. Talking about the future in uncertain terms will make a woman fall for you effortlessly with no actions. Talk to her randomly about how lovely it could be for the both of you but with a certain form of uncertainty to see how she acts towards you. Talk about things in the future just once and never bring them up again. Bringing things up about the future will make her wonder what’s going on and if there is security in the relationship. Watch what you say and don’t let on that you’re playing a rejection game so that the woman will in turn chase you.

11 Do Not See Her Too Often

Ways To Reject Her And Score

One of the things to do is to start texting her often and show a heavy interest in the girl at the beginning. You can still play the rejection game. Let me tell you how this is possible. For example, if you only text her and you avoid going out with her and only see her once in a while, this is how to get a woman on the hook and bring her closer to you. Be adorable, lovely, kind and nice, because this is a way to get a woman to be so totally into you. Make her do more of the work and you don’t do as much. This is a subtle form of rejection that draws a woman closer to you. You see, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

10 Don't Share Things About Your Past

Ways To Reject Her And Score

Women are always attracted to mysterious and unknown things. So, no matter how hot you are and how sweet you two are together, the most important thing is keeping your past and your background to yourself. When you don’t talk about your past the woman isn’t going to know very much about you. This is a clever form of rejection that will have her running towards you all the time because she wonders what’s underneath that smiling personality of yours. Not revealing too much of yourself is a great way to get a woman to ask questions about your past. When she asked questions only give her a little bit of the answer. If you really want to have a solid and stable relationship, don't get too personal about your past. Make sure this is the kind of girl you really want in your life before you take that step.

9 Keep Your Girlfriend A Secret From Your Family And Friends

Ways To Reject Her And Score

At the beginning of any relationship, it can be a total secret. As a new guy in a love you should keep your relationship a secret from your friends and your family. There’s nothing wrong with doing this because it makes her want to get a little bit more personal with your friends and your family. The relationship doesn’t have to be open for both of you to socialize with family and friends. Women want to get closer to men, and they expect an introduction to happen. But when this doesn’t happen right away, the woman will be drawn to you and want more. When a woman wants more from you than you are willing to give in the relationship this might cause the couple to grow closer to one another. A woman is attracted to a man when she can't always get what she wants.

8 Be A Little Bit Obnoxious Or Weird

Ways To Reject Her And Score

When you meet a new girl, you might like her and fall for her extremely fast. You’re not sure why this is happening to you because your feelings might not be that obvious. When you’re dating you want to be a little bit obnoxious and weird so that your girlfriend can’t quite put a finger on what you’re really all about. Don’t be a total loser and a weirdo, because you’ll never get past the first date. Make sure that your personality is incredible  but leave a little bit of mystery and something for her to want. Acting a little bit strange is a rejection game that really works with women. You have to hide what you really like and not show that you're completely interested in her to get her interested in you. Rejection means she chases you instead of the other way around.

7 Be A Little Annoying

Ways To Reject Her And Score

It’s okay if you are playing some sort of rejection game with women. Playing the rejection game is one thing that attracts women to men. As the relationship progresses, be a little bit confusing. This might make her feel a little bit angry and uncomfortable because she would like to take the next step and become a little bit more serious. This is the type of play that attracts women to men more so than anything else. Make her want to find more out about the things that you’re interested in. When you are a little annoying to a woman, you make her confused, and she feels that she is more interested in you than you are in her. So, you need to have some annoying quirks in order to attract the perfect girl.

6 Give Her The Attention She Needs, Not The Attention She Always Wants

Ways To Reject Her And Score

You need to know how much attention your girlfriend needs and know how much would be too much. Giving her the right attention will always make her want you more. If you give her what she needs and not what she wants the attraction towards you will grow stronger. Will she become attracted to you when she stops working for your attention and care? Possibly. It just depends on how you work this rejection plan. You have to know her limits and give her enough attention, not much, just enough. If one of you feel that they don’t get the attention deserved, that person will quit. You can pay her the attention and care she needs but only make it one kind of attention. When she wants a different kind, this is when you play the rejection game, and that will make her attracted to you more.

5 Don't Be Exclusive To Just One Girl

Ways To Reject Her And Score

Women always want to have that talk to see if you are going to be exclusive just with her. Having the talk and getting serious can be a frightening moment for the both of you. Being mysterious about the position a woman can take in your life is really a good way to keep her attracted to you. When a guy is shady and shows a woman that he is not exclusive, he wants to know how far she will go to win him in her life. What will she do to be with him exclusively? Take your time and make her feel special. Talk with her but don’t get too serious. Have her chase you. This is a form of rejection that really works with women.

4 Make The Girl Work For It

Ways To Reject Her And Score

You want the individual you're courting to constantly be making an initiative. This doesn't mean that your girlfriend should always be on top of everything, and making sure she gives you the attention that you need. But you don't want to put an enormous amount of effort into making her feel good either. That's backbreaking. The key is to make her want to do things for you while she is happy putting in just a little bit of work. Playing the rejection game is an art form, and this is one played by two people. You don’t want to be too extreme. Simply having a little bit of tension will make things a little bit more exhilarating. It might be a little bit manipulative to entice a woman to want to put in an effort for you while you do next to nothing, but doing this will increase her attraction to you.

3 Don't Get Intimate Right Away. Make Them Wait For It

Ways To Reject Her And Score

In caution, there is safety. But, when you rush into things you regret what you did. This is 100% true especially when you’re talking about being intimate. It’s good to be ready to get more into the relationship and take a bigger step. But, be patient and don’t rush because things will get more wonderful when it takes time to grow. Of course, you can do simple little intimate things like hugs, kisses and holding hands. Just let the relationship take it’s time to get deeper and more stable. Getting to knowing each other needs a lot of time. So, don’t get intimate too fast. On the other hand, if you were intimate with each other, don’t constantly do the same thing at the same time. Intimate get togethers should be spontaneous. If you get into a routine no matter what it’s like it can become boring.

2 Give Her Access To Your Life Slowly

Ways To Reject Her And Score

When it comes to your own life, you need to be wise and patient. If you want to have a stable relationship, then you have to see who really deserves to get to know you. When you deal with a girl, don’t let all the doors open, don’t let her enter your life until you make sure that she is the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. You want to make sure she is the one that will be able to provide your relationship with the warmth and stability it deserves. If you find that the relationship is not going to be the one that you wish it to be, don’t let her sneak into your life. Take your time and get to know each other more deeply. Taking your time will make her fall for you.

1 Give Her Affection, But Keep Your Space

Ways To Reject Her And Score

Why do you think most relationships fail? What is the main? When you’re in a relationship, things can fall apart if you get too personal and don’t spend enough time by yourself. It is said that when two people come together they become one person, however this isn’t really the case. Both of you have to maintain separate lives as two different individuals. Doing things by yourself and also doing activities together with your partner will be more meaningful. When you do things this way a woman tends to be attracted more. The best thing about spending time alone is that you become a complete person and know what you want. Space allows you to long for the person that you are not with. You can’t long for someone if they’re constantly around.

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