15 Ways Puma Used Selena Gomez By Putting Her In Their Stylish Campaigns

In the consumer industry, marketing is more than half the battle. Preparation is integral to the success of a business. Knowing who to target and expanding on current business structures is a must to keep up with the times. This goes tenfold for multi-million dollar businesses because one wrong move can set these companies back an extremely large sum.

Considering the amount they invest in the research and development process, it would be a shame if all those efforts (and money obviously) go down the drain. Sure, designing your merchandise to be the best in the business is a top priority, but with so many competing brands in the market today, having the best product doesn’t necessarily equate to success.

Marketers have to make sure they hook consumers. Without a successful campaign, odds are that the project will flop. Choosing an endorser is critical to maximizing the impact your product has on the public.

Businesses have to be smart. Businesses have to be selective about those who represent their companies because these will be the faces consumers will see on television, magazines, billboards, and just about everywhere else. In their latest venture, Puma has selected the ever charismatic Selena Gomez for their spring 2018 collection.

With Selena Gomez’s continued rise to fame, there hasn’t been a better time to choose her as the next ambassador of the sporting goods giant. The young celebrity’s massive appeal to the public, along with her obvious good looks could launch Puma’s products to the top of consumers’ shopping list. But how have they exploited Selena Gomez? Well, read the following list to find out.

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15 Used Her Followers

Via: hyprbrands.com

Selena Gomez has an ever-growing fan base. Be it Instagram or Facebook, the young star has no shortage of followers. Social media plays such a big role in our lives today that Puma surely gets to benefit from this. Selena Gomez’s social influence is tremendous as it reaches millions of people of different genders, races and age groups.

With millions of these people following her, the sporting company gets free advertisement from Selena Gomez’s online posts. In this day and age, having her as a celebrity endorser is really a sales and marketing dream come true as they are not only promoted on television and in print ads but also globally through Selena Gomez’s social media accounts.

14 Used The Race Card To Broaden Their Celebrity Endorsers

Via: popsugar.com

Famous Puma endorsers range from Olympian gold medallist Usain Bolt, who is of Brazilian heritage, Italian footballer Mario Balotelli, renowned Barbadian singer Rihanna and a lot more.

While Selena Gomez is technically an American, there’s no denying her Hispanic roots. The fact that she is Latin American appeals to the mixed-race market. At this time, the mixed-race market is a very wide and profitable clientele.

Having Selena Gomez among their celebrity endorsers is a step in furthering and strengthening their global market. It shows that they cater to any race in the consumer industry. No discrimination, just good business ethics.

13 Perfect Symbol For The Sporting Brand

Via: instyle.com

Let’s face it, Puma first and foremost is a sports company. Most of their gear is lined up for athletic use like sports, running, cross-training and gym use. Puma’s 2018 spring collection is a testament that the company isn’t going to forsake its roots.

The sporting company maintains the tried and tested formula that has seen it grow as one of the most recognizable brands in the sports market. Selena Gomez, fresh from a workout, can be seen wearing comfortable shoes, shorts and a sports bra. Having an ambassador who is a health junky sure has its benefits and Puma has a winner in Selena Gomez as their next big celebrity endorser.

12 Caters To The Ballet Crowd

Via: sawfirst.com

Puma, in collaboration with Selena Gomez, went out in full swing and took on the ballet market. Puma is going all in and decided their latest gear offers not only great style but does so without compromising flexibility which dancers require during rehearsals.

The collection has been designed from the ground up with ballerinas and dancers in mind. The collection features mesh inserts, satin and other lightweight materials to ensure freedom of movement isn’t hindered in the process. It is obvious Puma, with the help of Selena Gomez, is confident that their product is ready to capture a wider target market.

11 Used Her Athletic Figure

Via: tamtam.news

Soulful eyes, luscious lips, Selena Gomez has the face every advertising team would fight over for. Let’s not forget her alluring physique as well. Selena Gomez has the face of an angel but the body of a woman no one can resist.

Puma decided to take advantage of this in their latest campaign and shot a photo of her men can’t stop staring at and women around the globe aspire to be like. With perfect skin and shapely legs, Selena Gomez tickles the audience’s interest. The latest Puma endorser is the perfect blend of sporty and hot.

10 Blurring The Lines Between Sports And Fashion

Via: flipboard.com

Puma, primarily being a sporting brand has decided to expand their design by creating their new line of shoes and clothes that capture the eye of the fashion crowd. Their products are no longer the typical athletic look; Puma is widening their target audience as evidenced by their new selections.

Selena Gomez dazzles in this pink top and tight fitting leggings which exude a presence that hits Puma’s signature appearance yet pushes towards a look that thrills the fashionistas as well.

Puma’s new collection is so versatile that you can easily pair clothing items with accessories. Alternatively, you can choose not to wear any accessories at all and you’d still end up looking fabulous!

9 Used Her Youth

Via: wattpad.com

Selena Gomez’s fame dates back to her days as a young Disney star. A lot of those kids who watched her shows are still to this day loyal fans of the now established recording icon. Having grown up viewing the Disney star, those kids are now young adults and that kind of influence trickles down to their sense of style as well.

Selena Gomez is also blessed with a face that doesn’t seem to age. After more than a decade, she still has that baby face we’ve come to love since her Disney projects. Selena Gomez’s youthful looks can also be attributed to her sense of style that is always fresh and classy.

8 The New Year’s Resolution Effect

Via: people.com

Puma’s En Pointe collection is the perfect sportswear for the new year. You hear it all the time; people wish they could start a new health regimen and lose all that holiday weight. It just makes sense: a new year, a new start.

Everyone turns into a health buff at this time of the year. With every laborious undertaking at the gym, we need some motivation. Imagining wearing that sportswear makes us want to exercise. It’s no secret either that people want to look attractive while they sweat away in the gym. Puma’s sensible design gives consumers confidence paired with comfort to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

7 Edgy Is In

Via: celebscool.com

Velvet for spring? Unitard in 2018? These fashion ideas clearly sound crazy. Spring collections have always been associated with cotton, linen, eyelets or tropical wool. And the unitards are so '80s that the last person we saw wearing them was the big-haired lady giving aerobic instructions on a VHS tape.

Selena’s edgy fashion style, wearing a velvet Puma unitard paired with classic grey workout shorts, oozes an aura of sensuality with a splash of sophistication. The outfit works for several occasions be it a trip to the gym, a quick sprint to the mall, or just grabbing a drink from the coffee shop.

6 Used Her Boldness To Break Barriers

Via: noizz.pl

Wearing your workout clothes to the mall or to get your morning java fix at your local coffee shop two blocks down has been almost taboo for quite some time now.

Recently, with the growing “going healthy hype”, yoga pants are one of the many gym wardrobe items to transcend into street fashion. People, who are bold and adventurous like Selena Gomez can spend their days hanging out with friends wearing a Puma sports bra, along with yoga pants and then accessorize it with gold hoop earrings and some over-sized eyeglasses. It’s the perfect mix of comfort and sass.

5 Took Advantage Of Evolving Fashion Sense


There was a time when you had to worry about matching every piece of clothing to make an outfit work unless you want to be teased because of your fashion sense. Traditionally, people have been critical of what people wear depending on where they go.

Gone are those days and Puma makes it easier for you to throw an outfit together. In a recent interview with Vogue, Selena Gomez mentioned that she shared clothes with then-boyfriend The Weeknd. Puma’s spring collection makes it easier than ever to mix and match. With shoes and clothes this stylish, it’s hard to be pulled over by the fashion police.

4 Let Her Personality Shine Through

Via: twitter.com

Selena Gomez has got such a bubbly personality that it would be silly of Puma not to take advantage of it. Big name companies always make sure that their brands will be associated with personalities or celebrities that have a squeaky clean reputation and are a positive image for their target markets.

It is a great thing that Selena Gomez has these along with her great personality. Her sweet and cheery personality that a lot of her followers and fans adore shines through her photos and ads. Certainly, just like the animal their name is based on, Puma knows that they have the perfect ambassador with Selena Gomez, and they definitely will not let her slip from their clutches.

3 The Kidney Transplant Incident


Selena Gomez recently confirmed that she has had health issues. The young star has actually been diagnosed with Lupus. Complications with the autoimmune disease required her to undergo a kidney transplant.

Raisa Francia, Gomez's best friend, supported her through thick and thin by offering her own kidney. The life-saving operation was deemed a success. Selena Gomez overcame adversity and bounced back to full health.

It never hurts to have the advocate of your company be someone who has suffered a grave illness and come back healthier than ever.

2 Spark Up A Little Bit Of Controversy


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been spotted spending time with each other again. Selena Gomez can be seen fashioning Puma’s bright blue leggings after a workout session. It seems the two could possibly be back together.

Selena and Justin recently have been spotted riding bikes and drinking coffee together. These recent activities are sure to hit the headlines. While Selena maintains the two are just friends, Justin expressed that he wants to get back together with her.

1 Sky's The Limit

Via: elle.abril.com.br

Entering the entertainment industry wasn’t all that easy for the young Gomez. It took her a few years before she finally landed in her own TV show, The Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel. Despite the little challenges Selena encountered while starting in showbiz, she didn’t let these hiccups get the best of her.

Eventually, Selena grew up to be a lady who has a strong and big heart and who continues to look at and reach for the skies.

At the ripe age of 25, Selena Gomez has nowhere to go but up – as long as she keeps playing her cards right. With Selena’s go-getting attitude, Puma definitely made a good call when they chose her as the face of their new campaigns.

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