15 Ways How Every American Horror Story Season Is Connected

If you’ve watched dramatic television in the 2010s, then you’ve probably come across a series that transcends comparison. It’s a series that challenges the audience to come with them on a wild ride. The show runners, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, created the series with an end goal in mind in terms of themes. The show has caused some controversy for its shocking content. It’s also earned acclaim for its fantastic plot twists and its outstanding acting. This show, of course, is none other than American Horror Story.

AHS began its run to fame in 2011. Audiences weren’t sure exactly what to expect, but they weren’t disappointed. With great ratings, it was clear that audiences were hooked on the premise of the show. Going forward, every new season of American Horror Story focused on a different set of characters and situations. While the audience enjoyed this anthology format, they were more intrigued by the small details that they began to see.

These details would begin to form the connective tissue between each season. People began to pick up on the fact that some seasons and characters were connected to each other. The stories weren’t just individual tales within the same universe. Instead, they were connected. But, how do these seasons connect? Which characters know of each other and have even interacted with each other? How about locations? If you’ve ever been curious about these connections, then you’re definitely in for a treat. Here are 15 mind-blowing ways that each season of AHS connects with one another.

15 Charles Montgomery Ended The Countess' Pregnancy

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The ways in which AHS connect seem to be unbelievable. And it seems as if every detail is intricate and placed on purpose. Take, for instance, the character of Charles Montgomery. Known as a “celebrity surgeon” in the canon of the show, Mr. Montgomery did some pretty despicable things. He ended up hurting many patients and most of them wouldn’t live to tell the tale of the horrors they endured.

Montgomery built the focal point of the first season, the Murder House. However, as his legacy is mentioned briefly in other seasons, a stable connection is found with the Hotel season of AHS. When the Countess gets her abortion, guess who was the lucky doctor to work on her? That’s right.

Charles Montgomery performed the procedure. Connecting these two characters may be difficult at first, but binge-watching the seasons sure makes this connection easier to follow.

14 Lana Winters Interviews Lee Harris

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American Horror Story’s second season was hotly anticipated. Coming off stellar ratings from the first season, fans and critics alike were wondering where the show would go. After all, announcing the show to be an anthology makes people wonder exactly how the show continues with a fresh set of characters and a brand-new setting. AHS responded with "Asylum," which was set in a mental institution in 1964.

Turning the clock back proved to be a success, and the beloved actors and actresses from the first season once again dazzled the audience. One of the main characters from season 2 is Lana Winters. She’s a journalist who gets too close to the truth of Briarcliff Manor (the mental institution) and ends up locked in.

Her connection is shared with one of the later seasons, Roanoke. Winters interviews Lee Harris. The ability of the writers to make these connections is superb and creates an intense and intriguing atmosphere for the show.

13 The Roanoke House Was Built By A Great Ancestor Of Dandy And Gloria Mott

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AHS’s fourth season, "Freak Show," was able to hold over some of the fans. When a television show reaches three seasons, the writers should probably begin to change some things up. If they don’t, the show is in danger of becoming stagnant. However, AHS has a new story every year and this doesn’t seem to be a problem for the show. Introducing some interesting and unique characters, "Freak Show" pushed some buttons when it introduced Dandy.

A psychopath that has no remorse for anyone or anything, Dandy is a character that you love to hate. He is obnoxious and often acts out like a child. So, how does this controversial character connect with the rest of the AHS lore? A great ancestor of Dandy and Gloria Mott ended up building a house that pops up two seasons later. And that house is the Roanoke House. It seems connections can be strong throughout history, even for psychos who idolize evil clowns.

12 Elsa Mars Recruits Pepper As Her First "Monster"

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Jessica Lange is one of the regular cast members of AHS. She’s starred in a handful of the AHS seasons and her star power is unmatched. To cast an actress of her caliber, and to keep her returning, must mean that show runners Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy are doing something right. Not only does the content of the show challenge the audience, but the intense plot twists and cliffhangers keep them coming back for more.

Out of all of Lange’s performances in the AHS seasons, she may not shine brighter than in the fourth season. "Freak Show" introduced a cavalcade of interesting characters. And Lange’s character rounded them up for the circus. However, one of these “freaks” may jump out at you.

Going all the way back to Asylum, Elsa recruits Pepper as her first “monster.” Pepper had a great supporting role in "Asylum" and helped the show continue its ratings dominance.

11 Lana Winters Interviews Ally From Season 7

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Lana Winters is a character that tends to keep popping up. Not only does she appear in the 1964 version of AHS in "Asylum," but she also comes up in one of the shows more recent seasons. It’s a little odd for Lana Winters to show up in the latest season. Why? Well, "Asylum" takes place in the 1960s. And the most recent incarnation of AHS takes place in 2016. Any way you slice it, Winters shows up and does what she does best.

With the storyline of "Cult" dealing with the widely divisive presidential election of 2016, you may be wondering which characters could show up. But, it makes the most sense that it ends up being Lana Winters. She ends up interviewing the survivor of the show’s events, Ally.

Winters doesn’t seem to age a whole lot, but it’s still interesting to see Winters pop up season after season.

10 The Haunted House From Season 1 And The Hotel Have The Same Realtor

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Being connected with any part of the events that occur in any AHS season is sure to leave you with some nasty scars (both physically and metaphorically). Whether it’s dealing with cults, psychopaths, or a boarding school full of seemingly innocent girls, no one and nowhere is safe. But, if you’re a realtor, you may not even realize your life may be in danger.

That’s what happens with the realtor from AHS’s first and fifth seasons. Marcy is the one who ends up selling the house to the unsuspecting and doomed family. They didn’t know what they were walking into when they signed up for the Murder House.

Marcy, the realtor, also comes into play in the fifth season of AHS. She’s the realtor that helps broker the hotel deal. While she may think everything is OK, the audience knows quite the opposite. It just goes to show you that you aren’t safe anywhere in this AHS universe.

9 Madison Montgomery Shares Her Name With The Builder Of The House From Season 1

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AHS hit its stride during its third season. After featuring a house full of tragic ends and ghosts and a second season going back in time into a mental institution, the stage was set for AHS’s third season. Bringing back a few of the ladies who brought star power to the first couple of seasons, show runners Murphy and Falchuk decided to focus on a boarding school full of girls. The twist? These girls had a dark secret. Namely, they were witches.

American Horror Story's "Coven" did stellar numbers for FX and earned a heap of critical praise. Keeping with the tradition of small connections between the first and second seasons, the third iteration brought back a familiar name from the first season. One of the witches, Madison, has the last name of Montgomery. Where have you heard this before? That’s right, the first season with the surgeon of the same last name. The connections just seem to grow!

8 Queenie Is Taken Out By Romana Royale In Hotel

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Throughout the seven seasons AHS has been on, viewers have been treated to a host of creative, interesting, and grotesque characters. Featuring new characters every season, the list only grows after each new season airs. If you try and keep track of them all, you’ll probably get lost. But, one of the most memorable characters you’d have a tough time forgetting is that of season three.

While all the witches in "Coven" are memorable, none stands out more than Queenie. Always ready for a fight and eager to beat someone up who disrespects her, Queenie ends up being a fantastic character. As the story of the third season reveals, Queenie acts as a human voodoo doll, which ends up meaning it’s hard to take her life. However, that’s exactly what happens in the fifth season. Romana Royale is the culprit who finally figures out a way to get rid of Queenie once and for all.

7 Billie Dean Howard Uses Her Psychic Abilities In The First And Fifth Seasons

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In the first season of AHS, the audience is introduced to the family that would soon meet an untimely fate. Along with the core family, the neighbors played a prominent role in the season. Even the ghost of a boy ends up being a key part of the story. So, when all the strange happenings begin to appear in the home, the family is at a loss for words. They can’t explain what’s happening. The neighbors know there’s something going on, but can’t quite explain it in full. That’s where the psychic comes into play.

The character of Billie Dean Howard helps shine a light on what exactly is going down in the debut season of AHS. The house is an active site, and that’s exactly what Howard finds when she uses her psychic powers. She also ends up using this same ability in AHS Hotel. It seems as if the two seasons share more than meets the eye.

6 The Doctor Who Worked On Elsa's Legs Appears In Asylum

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With a show like AHS, you should expect the unexpected. Cliffhangers and unique character twists make the show that much more interesting. The character twists are truly superb. You learn things about characters you never even thought was possible. Throughout the history of the show, reveals about certain characters have shocked and stunned the audience. One of the most unforgettable moments of the show occurs in the fourth iteration of AHS.

"Freak Show" sees the character of Elsa Mars rounding up a group of freaks for her circus. These freaks hold secrets, and Elsa is no different. It’s revealed during the season that Elsa had her legs amputated. She wears prosthetics. While this is surprising in its own right, the connection it has with another season may surprise you more.

It turns out that the same doctor who cut off her legs later finds at a job at a familiar location. He gets a job at the mental institution of season two.

5 Scathach From Roanoke Is The Original Supreme Mentioned In Coven

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With a lot of variety every season, AHS continues to scare, shock, and even make people laugh. Ranging from witches to mental institutions, the show has covered a bunch of different subjects. Tying these together is difficult, but the writers have made it work. Things really began to tie together after the second season.

One of the connections that you may not know is between "Roanoke" and "Coven." But, what could it be? How do these two seemingly unconnected seasons end up crashing into each other? Well, the answer lies within history.

The witches in "Coven" talk about the history of their clan. They mention how there has always been a Supreme that has ruled over all the other witches. While a battle ensues during the third season of AHS to become the most powerful witch, one witch ruled far before all the others. Scathach, the witch from "Roanoke," is the original Supreme.

4 The Name Jack Colquitt Shows Up In Season 1 And Season 4

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American Horror Story has had its fair share of weirdness. In fact, the show thrives on this concept. Weird ghosts in latex walking around the house? Check. A bearded lady and the world’s smallest woman? Check. It’s safe to say that when it comes to the bizarre, AHS has it covered. However, when does coincidence become something more?

This is what you need to think about when you hear the mention of the name Jack Colquitt. Wait, who? If you’re a casual viewer of the series, you may not even remember this character. But, it turns out there may be more to this name than what is first seen.

When the events at the house from season 1 begin to spiral out of control, Detective Jack Colquitt is assigned to the house. And when the tragedies begin occurring in Florida for "Freak Show," none other than Detective Jack Colquitt is sent to investigate. Is there time travel going on? You may never know.

3 Massachusetts Shows Up In Four Seasons

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AHS take place across multiple decades. Jumping around from the 2010s to the 1950s and even the 1960s, AHS has taken viewers on a wild ride around time. For the eagle-eyed viewers out there, a common thread runs through the show that you may not even realize.

The seasons of AHS take place in various locations and the themes of each season even intertwine. Theme-wise, each season focuses on a different concept. For instance, "Freak Show" focuses on outsiders while "Cult" focuses on the hive mind and the ways in which modern culture intersects with politics. With these themes in mind, it’s important to realize that one location also connects throughout the seasons.

Massachusetts is the one state that pops up throughout the seasons. It appears in "Murder House," "Coven", "Freak Show," and "Asylum." Whether taking place in the state or causally mentioning it, this state must have a penchant for drawing in evil.

2 Sister Mary Eunice Appears In Asylum And Freak Show

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Sister Mary Eunice is a complex woman who works and lives as a nun. Her mission in life is to help those who are wandering and are lost. She’s there to help and even save those who seem lost forever. She’s known to be fiery while also keeping her compassionate side. Along with many other characters in the series, she has been known to appear in more than one season. While the seasons are connected through various means, one of the best ways in which seasons are connected is through characters. After all, they are the blood and flesh of the series.

This is especially true when Sister Mary Eunice is seen in "Freak Show." She plays a major role in the second season, and it would seem as if you wouldn’t ever see her again. However, this doesn’t prove to be the case. She appears in "Freak Show" to take Pepper away to Briarcliff Manor.

1 Every Season Represents A Different Circle Of The Afterlife

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This is the crown jewel of the connections. And it doesn’t even have to do with hard connections in the television shows. Instead, it focuses on the abstract themes of the show and the loose connective tissue that they share. A little backstory will help you understand just exactly where the show runners are coming from and how much thought they put into each season of the show.

So, each season deals with a theme. While the themes the causal audience member may think include outsiders ("Asylum," "Freak Show") and groupthink ("Cult"), there’s an overarching theme that encompasses all the seasons. That theme? The 9 circles of Hell.

Written in the 14th century, Dante Alighieri wrote Inferno. This story delves into the 9 circles of Hell and the varying levels within it. The nine circles of Hell each have a different theme. For instance, Limbo, Anger, and Greed are three circles of Hell.

How does this concept connect to AHS? Each season represents a theme. "Murder House" stands for Limbo and "Hotel" represents Gluttony. It’s an interesting connection that lets you analyze every season of AHS in intricate detail.

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