15 Ways Glenn's Death Could Change The Walking Dead

The premiere for The Walking Dead was highly anticipated because audiences were dying to know who Negan had killed at the end of Season 6. What people didn’t expect was that it would be one of the ori

The premiere for The Walking Dead was highly anticipated because audiences were dying to know who Negan had killed at the end of Season 6. What people didn’t expect was that it would be one of the original members of Rick’s crew. The death of Glenn was something that shocked fans to the core. How could they kill him when he had averted death so many times before? He and Maggie were in love and expecting a child. It just didn’t make sense for the show to kill him off. People were pointing the finger all over the place after Glenn died, trying to place the blame on someone for his death.

Was it Negan’s soullessness that was the cause or was it Daryl’s fault for provoking Negan? Fans are heartbroken over the death of Glenn and want to know why the show's creators would kill off a character that seemed so central to the storyline. When it comes down to things, however, the fault of Glenn’s death doesn’t lay at the hands of Negan or Daryl but that of the comic book writer, Robert Kirkman. He had Glenn’s death planned from the beginning and though he had a hard time dealing with the death of Glenn himself, he assured us that it had to be done in order to save the future of the series. After all, death not only ends Glenn’s life but it changes the course of the people around him as well. So, how does Glenn’s death affect the series now? Check out our list of the 15 ways Glenn's death will change The Walking Dead, and see how the group will deal with the passing of one of their original members.

15 Glenn Died For A Reason

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Whether you want to accept the fact or not, Glenn’s death was inevitable from the beginning. Kirkman mentioned that he felt weird about killing Glenn off because he was cast before he wrote the death scenes in the comic book, but as issue 100 loomed around the corner it was time for Glenn to go. Although the writers on the show tried to figure out a way for the series to go on without Glenn’s death, they couldn’t find a way to avoid it. The reason for this is because Glenn’s death fuels plot points well into the future of the series, especially with Maggie and how she and the rest of the crew will deal with his passing. Without his death, they would have had to make too many changes to the show that wouldn’t have made much sense. In the end, Glenn’s death will allow them to stay as close to the original plot from the comic books as possible.

14 His Death Allows For Maggie To Learn To Live Alone

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Maggie is no doubt one of the strongest female leads on the show; she has gone above and beyond in the series to prove that she has what it takes to do what needs to be done. She’s been a negotiator as well as a murderess when it came time for her and Carol to wipe out the threat of a rival group. She’s central to the show and without Glenn’s death, she would not turn into a stronger character. Kirkman said that it was essential that they stick with the original plan in the comic book so that Maggie can go on to become who she is meant to be without Glenn. Writer, Robert Kirkman, gave an interview with EW to try and explain the trajectory of Maggie's character and said, “…definitely Maggie is someone that kind of gets put on the trajectory that affects a great number of stories and a great number of characters moving forward. So it was kind of essential that that part of the scene at least remained intact, unfortunately."

13 Daryl Will Live With Constant Guilt

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Many fans blamed Daryl for the death of the beloved Glenn character. After all, had it not been for his angry outburst towards Negan, Glenn may still be alive today. Fans can feel rest assured that Daryl feels exactly the same way. Norman Reedus revealed recently that his character, Daryl, never really gets over the guilt he feels over his friend’s death. He often wonders what may have happened had he not punched Negan in the face. Reedus revealed that his character falls into a depression, going into “a very dark place” after he watched his friend get bludgeoned to death by Negan. Who’s to say that Negan wouldn’t have killed Glenn anyways whether Daryl would have stepped out of line or not? Daryl is forever changed by Glenn’s death as he carries it with him throughout the rest of the show, never able to let go of the responsibility he feels for his friend's death.

12 Maggie Gets Her Revenge

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It’s no big surprise to think that Maggie may want to get her hands on Negan after he killed her husband and the father of her child. It must have obviously been incredibly devastating for her to have to watch the man she loved bludgeoned to death by a psychopath. The shock was so severe that she almost lost the baby that she is carrying. Poor Maggie! No one can even begin to imagine the pain involved in witnessing firsthand the death of one's husband. Negan views Maggie as a weak link because she isn’t physically strong due to her pregnancy, but he doesn’t know Maggie at all. The death of her husband has only started a fire inside of her that will need to be extinguished through revenge. Maggie isn’t the type of person to seek revenge, in fact, she fights against that type of thing. In this case, however, Negan has pushed Maggie a little too far to get any sympathy from her.

11 Fear Changes The Characters


Throughout the series, the characters have all had to deal with a lot of fear and pain. They have lost loved ones and had to do things most of them never thought they would. The terrifying circumstance they have dealt with in regards to walkers and even the Governor have changed them into the people they are today. Things are a little different, however, with the death of Glenn. Seeing Negan in action and watching their friends be murdered right in front of their eyes will instill a whole new level of fear in the group. Fear like that will change them in ways that will shape who they will be in the upcoming season. There will be good changes as well as negative ones as they deal with conflict in the group and come to terms with the deaths. Many characters will become stronger through the experience, while some will inevitably pull away from the group.

10 The Death Scene Had To Be Horrific

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Many fans were outraged by the fact that two of the main characters were killed in such a horrific and gory fashion. After the premiere episode that depicted the death of Glenn, there were meme’s circulating everywhere with Glenn’s eye bulging out. It was just such a graphic scene that fans had not anticipated. Not only was it gory but it entailed the death of one of the most beloved characters in the series. It was almost too much for the fans to take. Kirkman assured fans that the violence just had to be done. Otherwise, the death wouldn’t have had the same effect on the characters as it did in that scene. Not only was the scene shocking, but watching Negan kill without a care in the world would anger and unsettle the characters to the point that it would change them. Maggie wouldn’t be the only one that wanted to seek vengeance for the death of Glenn and Abraham.

9 It Showed Negan’s Dominance Over Everyone

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Glenn had to die not only because of the future of the series but because it showed the power that Negan had over Rick and his crew. No one had any idea who they were really dealing with when it came to the Saviours. Rick has always been confident about the skill level of his group, so whenever they had to go up against someone, he assumed that it would be his group that would prevail. They were ill-prepared, however, for Negan, as they had no idea what he was capable of. They learned soon enough when Negan took matters into his own hands and showed Rick that he was really the boss and nothing would change that. Glenn’s death was shocking enough for everyone to realize that Negan wasn’t messing around, and no one was safe from his rage if things didn’t go his way. Rick and his crew would be hard-pressed to do something to go against him at that point.

8 There Was No One Else to Kill

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Kirkman knew pretty well that audiences weren’t going to be a fan of Glenn’s death, and he was well aware that there would be some backlash. Yet, Glenn has always been a death that Kirkman knew he would have to deal with. Glenn’s death has been written in the comics for some time, even after Glenn was cast on the show. The truth is, Glenn's character was so beloved that the writers of the show actually did try to find another way to carry on in the series without ever having to kill off the Glenn character. Other characters were considered as possible victims but at that point in the series, it didn’t make sense for anyone else to die. This was due in most part because these characters were intrinsically tied to a large part of the future of the series. Maggie, for example, is a character that many thought wouldn’t make it this far. She is, however, meant to be an important part of the series moving forward. In the end, the writers didn’t see a way out when it came time to pick a victim, so it had to be Glenn.

7 Fans Feel The Death Just As Hard As The Characters

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During any TV show that fans grown attached to, if a death occurs, there will inevitably be some form of a reaction to it. Perhaps it’s a character you hated because they were so evil and you actually breathed a sigh of relief when their death came around. That’s exactly what happened when the Governor died, after all, there was finally a collective sigh of relief. If it’s a character that you love, however, then you experience a smaller version of trauma and some sadness. You find it difficult to watch the show without that character. Kirkman believes that if you don’t have a strong reaction to the death of a character, one way or another, it’s because the writers didn’t do their job well enough to form a connection between the audience and the character. Glenn’s death was needed in the series to also evoke a response from the viewers and shake things up a bit.

6 The Group Is Momentarily Broken


Glenn’s death was not only unsettling but it put a level of grief on the group that they have yet to experience. No doubt this group of people have been through a lot and have seen things individuals can go through a lifetime without seeing. Seeing a death such as Glenn’s, however, is traumatic even to a hardened person. Glenn’s death was necessary for The Walking Dead because it’s the beginning of a change in the group. Where they go from here is still unknown but it’s obvious that the group is pretty shaken up by the deaths, and as they start to recover it will be interesting to see how Glenn’s death affects each individual character. We already know that Daryl carries a lot of guilt over Glenn's death but he won’t be the only character forced to go through some necessary changes to support the series.

5 Maggie Grows Stronger

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If we think about the past six seasons we will remember the momentous amount of deaths and loss that the characters have suffered through all of its episodes. Maggie, as sad as it sounds, has experienced too much loss for one person. You often wonder how she hasn’t managed to crumble underneath the weight of her loss. After all, the poor girl has lost literally every family member in her life. The only one left is her unborn child. Her father was murdered, along with her two sisters. She finally found love with Glenn, only to lose him in the most horrific way. You would think this would be enough to break a character but that’s not what the show has planned for Maggie. Instead, they plan to make her stronger and fiercer in the upcoming seasons. His death was the only way she could grow in this way. She will not be broken, but she will be different.

4 The Group Could Breakup

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It would be hard to imagine the group splitting up and making a go of it on their own, but that may be a reality that fans have to face. The death of Glenn may be the catalyst to bring about a major change in the dynamic of the group. A natural reaction for the group would be to band together and take Negan out for good, but it wouldn’t be the first time a group has left due to the violence. Carol, after all, has left a few times because she was tired of all the killing involved in being part of the group. You can’t really blame her; it’s a harsh world even on the best of days. Vengeance may not be in many of the character’s mind, however; they may just want to escape. After witnessing an act so brutal against a loved one, the incident may just end up tearing up the group completely.

3 The Show Had To Set The Tone For Negan

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We’ve all seen some brutal characters while watching The Walking Dead, but none as brutal as Negan. Sure, the Governor was no walk in the park but he still couldn’t hold a candle to Negan when it comes to doling out some raw uncut gore. Negan was a comic book character that was as close to a psychopath as you could come across. It was important to the show at this point to do whatever they had to in order to portray the madness that was inside of Negan. Rick’s group was not too worried about Negan until he cornered them and even then, Daryl was still brave enough to punch Negan in the face. It wasn’t until the brutal attack on Glenn that people realized that Negan was someone you just don’t mess with. Glenn’s death set the tone for the future of Negan’s control over the group.

2 It's A Crucial Part Of Breaking Rick


There’s no doubt about it that Rick has proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with throughout the series. He’s one of the strongest characters in the show and he has no problem with getting in and out of some sticky situations with serious adversaries. Yet, he may have met his match with Negan this season, and it will be interesting to see how Rick deals with the death of Glenn as the episodes carry on. The death was a central part of Rick’s growth because he has always been a strong character. Is it possible that Rick is capable of weakening or breaking to the point that he’s useless to the group? Look at everything he’s been through. He witnessed his son being shot, the loss of the girl he was crushing on, as well as Glenn and Abraham’s death. Seeing Maggie deal with her baby on her own may push him to the edge. We will see the effect on Rick in the next few episodes.

1 The Episode Excited Viewers


One thing that any show strives at is keeping viewers interested long term so that the show stays popular on air. The last thing producers want is for viewers to lose interest and stop watching a TV series due to a dwindling storyline. So oftentimes, writers will add in shocking events to keep things exciting and have people watching to see what happens next. Yes, Glenn's death was a shock to fans but it made the series more interesting, and now people will be watching to see how the group can manage to get free of Negan’s grasp. Will they retaliate and kill the man or will they be happy with their escape alone? How will Maggie deal with her baby alone and what does her future hold? The series has certainly offered up a new twist and fans will definitely be tuning in to see what happens next.

Sources: Forbes, EW

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15 Ways Glenn's Death Could Change The Walking Dead