15 Photos That Prove Ariel Winter Is Hotter Than Kim K

It's hard to believe that Ariel Winter was only eleven-years-old when she first hit our TV screens playing Alex in Modern Family. She's grown up before our eyes and has gone from an awkward adolescent

It's hard to believe that Ariel Winter was only eleven-years-old when she first hit our TV screens playing Alex in Modern Family. She's grown up before our eyes and has gone from an awkward adolescent to a smoking hot young women. And this year marks a turning point in her life and career.

In January of 2016, she turned 18 and put all those family squabbles over custody and rumors of an abusive mother behind her. And she has declared 2016 as the "Year of the A**". But her loyal followers on Snapchat and Instagram might well think that as far as Ariel is concerned, it is more the "Year of the 34Ds". She's only 18. And that body. She's a 34D, having had reduction surgery on her 32Fs in 2015. Apparently, she had backaches. All that weight, you know. The Modern Family star has taken to Snapchat and Instagram in a big way, getting increasingly raunchy as the year of her 18th birthday has progressed. And nobody's complaining. We get shots of her almost daily, usually displaying that amazing cleavage or backside. Sometimes if we are very lucky, we get Daisy Duke shorts as well.

Here are 15 ways Ariel's social media keeps fans coming back for more. She's 18, legal and possessed of potent triple threat assets of monumental cleavage, pert backside and killer legs. Then there's her gorgeous face. And she's a pretty darn good actress as well.

15 Her Posts Are Full Of Sexy Innocence

Her followers certainly weren't snoozing when Ariel posted this snap to Snapchat. She is most famous for playing Alex Dunphy on TV's long-running hit Modern Family. Back in 2009, we had Ariel, the awkward adolescent. But that was then and this is now. It's a happy fact: Things have changed in her real life, and that is reflecting big time on her social media accounts. See, there is Ariel "Before She Turned 18" and Ariel now. She's emancipated, both legally and social media-wise. Turning the big "1-8" means no more custody battles that have consumed her mother and siblings. And, even if she plays goody-two-shoes Alex on TV, on Snapchat and Instagram, delighted fans and followers get a hot, s*xy young woman who is not afraid to show off her considerable assets. An added bonus: As the year has gone on, we have seen an increasingly daring Ariel showing us what she's got.

14 There's Plenty Of Jaw-Dropping Cleavage


She was posting selfie after selfie as she got ready and arrived at the 'Glamour's Woman of the Year (WOTY)' Awards in Los Angeles, on November 14, 2016. And the paparazzi were out in force when she stepped onto the red carpet in this belly-baring, deep cleavage little black and white pant suit, complete with an Ariel signature piece: The black bra top. Fresh from her Winter weekend vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, she had a nice, bronzed glow. Did anyone notice that nice sparkling necklace? What necklace? Oh yeah. The Awards honored Gwen Stefani, Simone Biles and Miuccia Prada, among others. Let's get back to top. And wait until you see those Cabo shots.

13 Bikini Shots Galore: Clean And Fresh Faced In Cabo, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is the kind of place rich and famous people flock to. On the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, it's a short flight away from L.A. Luxury hotels and villas, sea and sand, warm weather and rocking nightlife attract young well-heeled celebrities big time. Even with hair dripping wet and apparently no makeup, this selfie is just plain fresh, clean and sexy. She was vacationing with (probable) boyfriend, 20-something Canadian actor Levi Meadan, and some pals. After breaking up with long-time boyfriend Laurent Claude Gaudette, in June, she said, "I'm chilling. I'm a single pringle. I've just been spending a lot of time with my friends..." Now, it looks at if chilling on her own may be a thing of the past. Maybe the pair took a bikini-friendly stroll down Playa del Amor (Lovers' Beach).

12 There's Plenty Of T&A: The Feminist Bunny

Can you believe it? The girl gets trolls body-shaming her all the time. Like other hot young celebs such as Miley Cyrus and Scout Willis, Ariel believes in body self-acceptance and baring it all in the name of feminism. Some doubt the spin and say it's just a way to get attention by posting racy pictures and videos. In this picture, she is living body self-acceptance in spades, by displaying her assets in a modern bunny costume, complete with those ears and a big puffy tale. Looks pretty good. By the way, the tat on her back was her third. It's a tiger. She's also got the initials of her nieces and nephews tattooed on her ribcage, close to her heart. Others? Greek writing on her hip and Roman numerals on her arm. More on that later.

11 Lots Of Scoop Neck Cleavage That Nearly Makes It To Her Belly-Button


Etonline led with "The Easter Bust!", saying the white dress was a "dangerously low-cut mini-dress". Just about legal, if you don't bend over. Remember, this was after her reduction in 2015 and only a few months after she turned 18. Months earlier, she got a lot of flack for showing her surgery scars on the red carpet at the SAG Awards. Some say she is channeling Kim Kardashian's so-called "body positivity". In fact, Kim K-W sent Ariel flowers after she went on the Kyle & Jackie O Show and praised our Kim for promoting "body positivity" when she posted (yet another) naked selfie.

10 Ariel's Triple Threat: Cleavage, Backside And Those Legs

Back to the other side of Ariel Winter. This is not just "T & A". We've got those legs thrown in for good measure. She's only 5 feet 1 inch tall, but those legs still seem to go on forever. Back last June, about the time she broke up with Laurent Claude Gaudette, "Single Pringle" Ariel went out and communed with horses for the day, sporting a stretchy, clingy almost backless cut out white bodysuit and Daisy Duke shorts that made hot pants look demure. "Might ride some today", she posted with horse and tongue-out emoji. This was in her kind of very long straight red hair phase, before she went "back to black". The horses don't seem too impressed.

9 She Loves Bra Tops And Daisy Duke Shorts


"Working what her mama gave her!", said US magazine back in April when the actress and singer-wannabe and her bra tops attended the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in desert-hot Indio, California. And the Daisy Duke shorts were back, accessorized by those double Dutch braids. This was pre-Laurent Gaudette break-up and so the two strolled hand in hand and cuddled and kissed. This lacy white bra top was for Friday. Saturday and Sunday saw yellow and black ones. The black added a bit of side-boob just to spice things up a bit. Monday was back to work day, with a Cosmopolitan Mean Girls inspired photoshoot that was a rocking success.

8 Since She Turned 18, The Sky's The Limit: Bubble Bath, Cranberry Juice And Pasties

"Ariel Winter Chills in a Bubble Bath on Set Wearing Nothing But Pasties", said etonline.  It's June and Ariel had graduated in every sense of the word. Just out of high school and a "Single Pringle", she rocked fans with her raciest post yet (we're happy to say as the year progressed, the posts got racier and racier). And the set? She was filming Dog Years with 1970s heartthrob Burt Reynolds. Just to make certain everyone got her single message, she had confirmed it only days before by posting a GIF of Kim Kardashian that says: "I'm like dropping hints that I'm single." While she legally drank beer in Cabo, she's not yet legal at home. So she added "Today's office... relax everyone it's cranberry juice and I'm wearing lady bit pasties." What we want to know is who took the picture.

7 Braless In That Little White Plunging Dress Shots

It's Monday and she's in the make-up chair listening to Beyonce. She even did a little dance mini-video that never lost sight of that cleavage. It's a tough life for some. The Saturday before, Ariel had rolled up to the celebrity tattoo mecca, Hollywood's very own Shamrock Social Club, to have tattoo artist to the stars, Dr. Woo, inked her forth tattoo. Dr. Woo (Brian Woo) is reportedly the most in-demand tattoo artist in the world and has a one year waiting list. We're betting that our Ariel and one of his other clients, one Miley Cyrus, probably have shorter waits. And the tattoo? It's on her arm in Roman numerals: "X.III.MMMXII". WTF? It is October 3, 2012, the day the then 14-year-old Ariel moved in with her sister, actress Shanelle Workman, having been legally removed from her (reportedly abusive) mother's custody. So that day was a new beginning.

6 Those Fabulous Twerking Videos


Since Miley Cyrus twerked on stage and the oh-so-hot Lexy Pantara made twerking the new and hottest exercise craze, young hot female stars have taken to twerking big time. Totally sexy fitness regime that it is. And after a spot of beaching and swimming down Mexico way in that little blue bikini, Ariel took to twerking. The video is a total must-see. "Twerk Alert!," said etonline, "Ariel Winter Dances Her Way Through Cabo in a Bikini". We bet that Levi Meaden had a great time shooting the action. Said The Daily Mail, "The Modern Family star's twerking post was a close-up of her derriere, which her scan bikini bottoms barely contained." If Miley had "free the nipple", Ariel is striking a blow for freeing the backside.

5 Tops And Shorts Just Keep Getting Shorter

She was in Nashville, Tennessee, shooting Dogs Years, a film about an aging movie star (played by aging movie star Burt Reynolds), who has to face the fact his glory days were over. Ariel played tough, street-wise, emotionally unstable Lil, a character The Daily Mail called Goth and trashy. The scorpion and spider tattoos she sported in the film were fake. And the street-wise lace up combat boots Lil wears are definitely not our Ariel's style. She and Burt apparently got on very well, as her posted up-close-and-personal pictures with the star demonstrate. In the film, Lil is hired to drive the Burt Reynold's character around. They clash, they bond and have a few laughs and more than a few tears. The picture she posted on Instagram features those Daisy Dukes and a crop top that barely covers her 34Ds was taken on a break from filming.

4 Revealing Full Length Selfies

We have had the backside view of the bonding-with-horses day. Now here's the getting ready full-length selfie. It looks as if a thing or two is about to pop out of that beyond-dangerous deep V-neck stretch bodysuit. And the shorts remind us of Coachella and Dogs Years. And the boots? Maybe just a little kinky. And what else do we learn about Ariel Winter? Like teenagers the world over, our girl is definitely not neat. But the Whole Foods bag in the background says she's into clean living. But can't a girl who reportedly makes $70,000 an episode for Modern Family, with a worth of $7 million, afford to pay somebody to tidy up the place? Maybe she likes it that way.

3 Suggestive Pictures All Over The Place: Cabo

Now for some good clean fun. Back in Cabo and a nice underwater shot. Who's who? Well, it's definitely Ariel and her little blue bikini on the right. And whoever it is on the left we can't say. The New York Daily News called the shoot "suggestive". At least we'd say. There's a sense of voyeurism. "Cheeky" said The Daily Mail, with tongue firmly in cheek. What the paper called their "peachy posteriors" were shot by a friend at their luxury villa's pool. The pool even has widows beneath the surface. She said "Windows pics with bae". Oh yeah, she added a peach emoji. Cheeky, we'd say. Hash tag year of the a** big time.

2 What's A Filter?

Ariel usually believes in post reality, without filters or special effects. But here we get purple and what looks like flower-shaped fairy lights sparkling in those now black locks. But it's okay because we also get jaw-dropping cleavage. In fact, it looks as if something is about to escape in that area. Some people have speculated that maybe she's channeling the Disney animated mermaid Ariel, after whom her parents named her in this post. Many applaud Ariel's usually clean and gimmick-free images. Now, we love Snapchat, but you can only take so many doggie faces or rainbow cascading tongues before you say enough is enough.

1 Keeps Getting More And More Daring: That Graduation Dress

By June of 2016, Ariel was six months into her 18th year and getting more and more daring as the year progressed. And that month her sister, actress Shanelle Workman, and her husband celebrated Ariel's graduation from high school with a gorgeous graduation party. No, mom was probably NOT there, as Ariel has said they haven't spoken in years. And Ariel decided to ditch subtle for smoking hot by wearing a skin tight light pink cut-out mini-dress. So we get upside-down cleavage and side-boob, together with a great rear view and legs. And we already know she got even more daring than ever in November in Cabo. Personally, we can't wait for Christmas and New Years. And her education? She plans to attend UCLA and reportedly wants to study business and law.


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