15 Ways Amber Heard Likes To Spend Her Money (Including Monthly Vacations)

Just like many other actresses in Hollywood, Amber Heard likes to live a lavish lifestyle and enjoys the finer and often more expensive things in life. It is always interesting to see just where Hollywood’s elite drop their cash, and Heard’s spending is no exception. In terms of some Hollywood spending, Heard’s can be considered quite refined. But to us, mere mortals, it still seems like a high amount to be spending on certain things.

The actress’ spending records came to light back in 2016 when she was going through her bitter divorce battle from Johnny Depp. These documents, along with some other research, give a clear insight into what type of spender Heard is and just how much money an actress like her will make each year. Many were quick to notice that much of Heard’s spending cancelled out what she had made in that year.

This means that the star’s career choice can just be about keeping her living this type of lifestyle, but that after all of her regular expenses are accounted for, she will not have much of a profit left at all. It was evident during Heard’s divorce that Depp was certainly worth a lot more than she was—about $400 million more. Despite this though, the actress graciously donated all of her $7 million divorce settlement to charity. This was very noble as many would have kept the settlement for themselves, but the star had promised she would give the money to a charity of her choice and she saw it through.

15 Rent - About $120,000 A Year

Just like the rest of us, one of Amber Heard’s main expenses in life is rent. As we are all aware, celebrity accommodations do not come cheap.

Documents released during her divorce from Johnny Depp show that Heard spends around $10,000 average on her rent a month.

This works out at about $120,000 a year. So, it’s definitely one of the actress’ main expenses, and when living in lavish accommodations, it’s certainly all going to add up. It’s pretty likely that Heard also likes to drop large amounts on keeping her home looking well and decorated nicely. During her lengthy divorce battle, the actress has filed court documents showing her income and expenses, and this is how these figures first came to light. Back in 2016, Heard filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences which triggered a battle over Depp’s huge $400 million fortune.

14 Entertainment And Unnecessary Gifts (She Can't Really Afford)

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During her legal battle, Heard’s financial records also revealed that the actress spends more than $5,000 a month on entertainment and gifts. This one is certainly more excessive when you consider that she spends as much on these things as she does on her accommodation. Living somewhere is essential, whereas spending a further large amount on this type of thing really highlights why Heard has struggled with her finances at times. In fact,

when these documents were released, many claimed that the actress was losing money at an alarming rate

when one considered what was really going into her bank account and what was coming out.

13 Vacations - More Than $5,000/Month On Lavish Trips


The actress is believed to spend more than $5,000 each month on lavish vacations. This is quite surprising considering the actress spends $10,000 a month on rent. It would appear that Heard doesn’t have too much time to enjoy her luxurious home as she’s too busy jetting all over the globe dropping large amounts of cash on vacations.

This works out that Heard would be spending a whopping $60,000 on luxury vacations each year.

Heard has been spotted numerous times, living it up on various different continents. However, it’s clear that this jet-setting lifestyle certainly comes at a high price.

12 Clothes

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It is estimated that Heard spends an average of $2000 a month on clothes. This is a big sum and works out at $24,000 a year. This means Heard spends more in one month than the average woman would spend on clothes in an entire year. This addition to the list is hardly surprising though, as the actress is renowned for her good dress sense.

Heard mixes old Hollywood glamour with more current trends to give herself a sense of style and identity that really works for her.

This is a look many have tried to copy and will often rush out to buy the items they see the star wearing. Just like many famous actresses, Heard has been able to use her love of fashion and celebrity status to gain financially beneficial deals in the past. She has been an ambassador for big brands such as Guess and Nylon over the years. We also suspect that she gets sent many good freebies from clothing brands who would be happy to have the actress wear their clothes.

11 Shoes - Her Shoe Collection Doesn't Only Include Heels 

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Similarly, Heard is assumed to drop quite a large sum of money on shoes. The star has been pictured endless times modelling designer heels. Just like many other famous celebrities, it’s assumed that the star has amassed quite the collection of heels. Needless to say, these will go well in accompanying her giant wardrobe of clothes. Apart from her dressy heels, Heard is often pictured kicking back and relaxing in a more low-key pair of sneakers or boots. It’s clear that Heard is one of those girls that can work both dressed-up glamour and casual off-duty looks. The star is praised for her red carpet and street style alike.

10 Dining Out Quite Often

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The actress is believed to spend an average of $2,000 a month on dining and eating out. This is another figure that came to light during the star’s divorce battle. This is quite a large sum to spend simply on eating out in restaurants. The average household will spend $200 on groceries a week, which means that they could use $2,000 to purchase food for 10 weeks. Nevertheless,

Heard drops this amount every four weeks from her fancy taste in restaurants.

She has been spotted numerous times dining out at the most glamorous and expensive of restaurants.

9 Groceries (Nutritionally-Beneficial Brands And Products)

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Heard’s $2,000 on eating out in fancy restaurants doesn’t even take into consideration what the star spends on regular groceries. So, when this is taken into account,

it’s said that the star generally spends more than $2,000 on groceries each month.

It’s clear that the actress must only purchase very pricey food products in order to spend such a large sum in only four weeks. Also, it’s assumed that she focuses on nutritionally-beneficial brands and products in order to keep herself fit and healthy. The actress has been praised for her figure in the past, and it’s likely that her very specific diet and food choices play a pretty big factor in helping her achieve (and keep) her enviable figure.

8 Laundry - About $3,600 Each Year

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Another one of Amber Heard’s regular monthly expense is laundry. It appears that the actress is not someone who likes the option of doing their own laundry, in the comfort of her own home, but prefers to get it done professionally. This is not one of the star’s most extreme expenses,

but it is still estimated to work out at around $300 a month.

This figure is not as startling as some of the others on the list, but many would still argue that it is a bit excessive for something like laundry. When calculated up, it turns out that Heard will spend about $3,600 on laundry each year.

7 Spoils Family And Friends

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There’s no doubt that Amber Heard has lots of celebrity friends who are very wealthy. In fact, some are probably a lot more wealthy than she, herself, is when one examines her earnings when she is not part of a couple. However, not all of Heard’s friends or family members are likely to be famous actresses, so it is assumed that the star spends a certain amount of her earnings helping out someone close to her who may be a bit financially stuck. If not this specifically, it is likely that Heard likes to buy some gifts for those close to her, as she feels she has the means to do so. Treating someone to something small every now and then is another thing that really adds up over time, and it’s why it falls into another of Heard’s expenditures.

6 Auto Expenses And Transport

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Some expenses we all hate, and one that not even Heard escapes from are auto and transport expenses. The actress is known to drive a red Dodge Charger. Many eagle-eyed watchers were keen to notice that during her divorce battle with Johnny Depp, Heard’s beloved car remained parked in the garage of the apartment she shared with the fellow actor. Between paying for her car and any other transport costs that may rack up during her day-to-day life,

Heard is estimated to spend about $2,000 a month.

This works out at about $24,000 a year, which many would say could be enough to purchase a car. If you think Heard is racking up her other transport costs on the subway or on a bus, then think again. To rack up expenses of this price, it is likely that the star is spending her funds on hiring her own private drivers and cars to take her from A to B.

5 Miscellaneous Expenses (Over $10,000/Month On Agent And Publicist)

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It is also believed that the actress spends about $10,000 a month on miscellaneous costs such as paying for her publicist and agent. These are certainly expenses that are essential, as Heard does have a career in the spotlight which means that hiring and paying a publicist and agent is a vital thing, especially if she wants to ensure the longevity of her career. Publicists play a very important role in generating media attention towards the clients; this may include setting up important interviews and appearances. Agents, on the other hand, help their clients secure big roles and movie parts. It’s likely that Heard’s agent has played a big part in helping her land some of her big parts over the last number of years. So, although she drops $10,000 a month on these type of expenses, it’s worth it in the long run.

4 A Large Sum On Pet Supplies

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It is not known how much exactly Heard drops on pet supplies each month. But if it resembles any of her other spending habits, we can all assume that it’s quite excessive. In fact, pet supplies were listed as part of Heard’s list of monthly expenses in court, so it must be a sum that is quite substantial.

Heard owns two dogs, Pistol and Boo, whom she co-owned with ex-husband Johnny Depp.

You may recall the scandal that occurred with the pets after both Heard and Depp were accused of illegally importing the dogs into Australia back in 2015. At the time, it was believed that the actress could face up to ten years in prison if convicted of illegally importing her pet dogs into Australia. During this period, the star came forward to defend herself, stating, “My decision to defend these charges, as will become apparent in the appropriate forum of the court, is not intended to in any way diminish the importance of Australia’s laws.”

3 Hair And Beauty

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As a famous Hollywood actress, a main part of Amber Heard’s appeal is that she always looks flawless. It’s not just her acting talent but also her good looks that have helped her secure many of the movie deals and parts she has had so far. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to learn that the actress likely

drops a good sum of money on skincare, makeup, and hair products each month.

On top of this, the star often has to hire personal hairdressers and makeup artists when attending events. This is why she always looks picture perfect and red-carpet-ready. The actress is known to regularly appear on ‘most attractive lists,’ and she has her natural beauty to thank for that along with her beauty regimen. However, hair and beauty products do all add up though, especially when you are using more luxurious and high-end products.

2 Spends About $3,000/Month On Healthcare

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Another very mundane expense in life that not even a famous actress can escape from are healthcare bills. According to the documents released in court, the actress’ healthcare fees amount to about $3000 a month. This adds up to $36,000 each year. Yes, it's true that Healthcare is obviously something that is very important and a necessity, to say the least. Amber Heard’s healthcare is rather expensive though, but it’s something very useful. Up until this point, she has not had any big medical scares, but it is best to always be prepared for whatever life may throw at you. Especially when you have to overcome some hurdles in life, just like everyone else does.

1 Legal Fees (About $10,000/Month For The Divorce)

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Heard is believed to have spent around $10,000 a month during her legal battle and bitter divorce from husband Johnny Depp. In fact,

she is suspected of paying her attorney, Samantha Spector, $550 an hour to represent her and her case against Depp in court.

When Heard first filed for divorce from Depp, she requested that he pay her a spousal support of $50,000 a month, plus her legal costs. However, a California judge shot down Heard’s request for spousal support in court during the trial. In 2014, it’s believed that Heard’s finances were kept under control—her total income, including cash from her film work and promotions, was $250,000 while her expenditure was $209,000, leaving her a small profit. However, with her excessive spending and legal issues in 2015, it’s believed that Heard may have been living above her means, putting out more than she was earning in.

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