15 Washed Up Stars More Messed Up Than Amanda Bynes

When Amanda Bynes made her way onto the scene, she quickly began creating a name for herself. It probably had something to with the fact that she had the most adorkable personality or that fact that she was utterly beautiful, it's anyone's guess. But the teen actress dominated television as she starred in shows like All That and The Amanda Show. But her career quickly deteriorated shortly after her career with Nickelodeon.

Bynes had once been an admirable teen actress, until her memorable career-ending meltdown in 2012. The former actress reportedly became unhinged and was arrested a few months later for drunk driving and an alleged hit-and-run. After more legal concerns, insane Twitter posts, and troubling incidents, Amanda Bynes' parents eventually stepped in and filed for conservatorship. The actress then went on to spend some time in a psychiatric ward. And all I'm saying is, when Lindsay Lohan is calling you out on Twitter, you know you have a problem. This ex-Nickelodeon star could NOT stop crashing into cars! And at the time she was even denying her latest DUI arrest and claiming to be doing "AMAZING!" ...Okay, Amanda, who are you trying to kid, honey?

Obviously, Amanda Bynes is all kinds of messed up, or rather she was, considering she hasn't been on the scene in a while. Either way, quite a few stars ended up being just as, if not more, messed up in the head than Amanda Bynes was when her meltdown rolled around. Check out these 15 Washed Up Stars More Messed Up Than Amanda Bynes.

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15 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen's life and career were something I could only perfectly describe as a rollercoaster - with a new up, down, twist, and turn every few seconds.

Sheen was most commonly known for his successful role on the show Two and A Half Men. But his involvement in the popular show ended on a bit of nasty note, after he started a feud with the show's creator Chuck Lorre, and then challenged Lorre to a cage fight...

These days, it's easy to admit that Charlie Sheen's best days are behind him, but everyone saw it coming when we heard they'd found prostitutes in his closet and when he was attempting to create a “porn family.” Sheen isn't a stranger to controversy, and now he's nothing short of an insane washed up actor, who's drowned all his success in booze.

14 Macaulay Culkin

All I'm saying is, when this kid left the set for the day, no one should've left him "Home Alone." Because within recent years, Macaulay Culkin has been formally accused of being a heroin addict, and is now reportedly dealing with the problem by drowning his sorrows in alcohol and methadone.

I think it's safe to say that Culkin went off the rails once he left the daunting streets of Hollywood. And to think, he was the kid who played in a classic movie that everyone loves and will never grow old, only now when we watch the 1990 flick, we'll be reminded that he now defines himself as a "roadie" and is a former drug addict.

Macaulay Culkin is probably the number one child star who failed miserably and topped the list of being the biggest disappointment. No wonder him and Mila Kunis split!

13 Terry Crews

The former NFL not only made a name for himself on the field, but also on the TV screen. Although his acting wasn't astonishing, the point is Crews was still pretty well known.

However, the muscled actor opened up about his addiction to porn just last year, which he had claimed, "really, really messed up my life." He released several videos to Facebook letting his fans in on how he had to go to rehab for his addiction, which had consumed him and threatened his marriage.

I'm not saying he's messed up, I'm just saying that the fact that he had such a hardcore liking for porn is a bit insane. "Some people say, 'Hey, man ... you can't really be addicted to pornography.' But I'm gonna tell you something: If day turns into night and you are still watching, you probably have got a problem. And that was me," he said.

12 Jeremy Jackson

Baywatch may have just dropped as a film starring The Rock and Zac Efron, but back in the day it was a TV show so popular it landed itself in the Guinness Book of World Records after pulling in over 1.1 billion viewers a week at its peak. Not too shabby.

Jeremy Jackson got to play the son of the ultimate sex symbol of the late 20th century, David Hasselhoff. Nearly 20 years later, this former teen heartthrob is now serving a jail sentence for allegedly stabbing a woman in Los Angeles.

If you can believe it, this isn't the first time Jackson has gotten in trouble with the law. He also had a drug addiction in the past which landed him in rehab, and after Baywatch the only roles he was landing were in his own sex tape and on Celebrity Rehab.

11 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson once led a fearless army in defending the freedom of his land in a movie that was perhaps the peak of his entire career. Gibson nailed the main role in Braveheart and completely dominated the box office with this well-acted role.

Despite the fact that Gibson became super well known among all the weirdos of Hollywood because of his role in Braveheart, he soon became seen as a total asshole to everyone. His arrest for a DUI in Malibu made the tabloids, highlighting the explicit words he had yelled at the arresting officer: “F***ing Jews … the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world … are you a Jew?” I'm sure you'll figure out who, but we've seen something like this before... And Mel, that's seriously messed up.

10 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has got to be the most annoying celebrity in all of Hollywood, and the rest of the world too. She is a complete brat who acts like everyone owes her something. She's completely conceited and rude, and what makes people the most pissed off about Paris, is that she is famous without having any talent.

Paris is a rich heiress to a hotel chain in-name-only, receiving her fame solely by starring in reality shows, although the shows are based on anything but. Falseness appears everywhere, just like her features. She goes out and parties and spends her entire life acting like a total child and has no repercussions because she has the money to live the life she pleases, and when she finds it's no longer a perfect fit, she has the money to change it. Which sounds totally cool, but Paris Hilton makes it obvious she doesn't have any brains in her head and only cares about making all her clothing pink... and her late dog Tinkerbell, RIP.

9 Robert Blake

This man had a career that spanned for nearly 70 years, his most memorable role being in MGMs Little Rascals and later playing The Mystery Man in Lost Highway, before the murder of his wife in 2001. Bonnie Bakley had been shot in the head at point-blank range in Blake's car. The murder had taken place right around the corner from a restaurant the two had been at that same night. Blake claimed he had left his gun at the restaurant and had to return to retrieve it and that was when the tragic shooting took place.

Authorities had arrested Blake by 2002, not just because the gun had inevitably been the murder weapon, but because two stuntmen had also come forward and claimed that the actor tried to hire them both, on separate occasions, to murder his wife. I'd say that's a pretty messed up celeb...

8 Tila Tequila

Shortly after, Tequila's fame came crashing down following an insane comment she posted on her website., in an article titled: "Why I Sympathize with Hitler." It came as no shock that this post became a huge controversy and people quickly began bashing Tila Tequila.

She went on to support her claim by stating she "learned the truth about the war and what Hitler truly did," insisting that "he was not a bad person as they have made him out to be." Not only is Tequila uneducated, she's also disrespectful. She went on to post pictures of her posing in front of Auschwitz as a scandalously dressed Nazi. There's really no way to come back from that f**k up.

7 Paula Deen

Who can't forget this TV personality who took a spectacular nosedive into a black hole, which is now referred to as her "former career." The National Enquirer had printed a story on Paula Deen, reporting that the famous chef had used racial slurs in the past.

This had become a major setback in Deen's career and the story had an explosive impact, big enough to bring past racial remarks to light. A former employee of a restaurant owned by Paula filed a lawsuit and claimed she had suffered sexual assault while being the manager of the chef's establishment, also confirming that racial slurs were a common part of the work place.

Paula Deen was fired from the Food Network and also lost a string of businesses, Target, Walmart, QVC, Home Depot, J.C. Penny, and Kmart to name a few.

6 Jodie Sweetin

Another child star makes the list, and this one just so happened to be on the much-adored show that was constantly capturing hearts, Full House. In 2009, Jodie Sweetin, who was once known as Stephanie Tanner, dropped a tell-all memoir titled UnSweetined, where she opened up about her drug abuse and struggle with crystal meth.

She had been honest about her story and revealed to the world how even after her first child, she still didn't get clean. Sweetin now has two children and has been through two marriages. Finally, she has found her successful path to sobriety. Which is great!

The Full House alum started using drugs because she was "bored" and even admitted in her memoir to a two-day meth, cocaine, and ecstasy bender. Perhaps it was a messed up story in the past, but I'm glad Jodie Sweetin fought and accomplished sobriety.

5 Michael Jackson

Although Michael Jackson will always be remembered as the King of Pop, had he been alive longer, his personal life would have taken such a turn for the worse he would've wished he were dead. Once everything came rising to the surface after MJ's death in 2009, his career began deteriorating and so did his legacy. Drugs, alleged pedophilia, and mental illness had all been a part of the unresolved issues and scandal Micheal left behind.

The King Of Pop may have passed away, but any former fan of his will continue to remember his erratic behavior and unusual lifestyle just as well as they remember his iconic music. Michael Jackson had left us just as soon as his career began deteriorating and more evidence started making its way to the surface. Although let's be honest, MJ was never a stranger to controversy and these rumors had been following Michael his entire career.

4 Courtney Love

You've got it, Kurt Cobain’s widow makes the list and it shouldn't be too much of a shock considering how, around Cobain's death, rumors circled that Courtney Love was the one who killed him. ... and that's pretty messed up. However, these days the evidence is proving otherwise, but people still blame Courtney for Kurt's abrupt suicide.

Since the Nirvana singer's death in '98, Courtney Love has tried to prove she is more than just his widow, by landing roles in several movies and even doing an unexpectedly good job, as well as continuing to make music. Yet, no one can exactly shake the fact that Love is still Kurt Cobain's former lover.

Courtney continues to battle with drug addiction, mental uncertainty, and alienation from her daughter, Frances Bean. The former fans of the late 90s singer blame Love for Cobain's heroin addiction, downfall, and even his suicide. It seems as if Courtney Love is still left picking up the pieces of Kurt's memory and wallowing in his shadow.

3 Tiger Woods

Ah, yes. One of my favorite Hollywood stories of all time. Who could possibly forget about the man who had the world at his feet and went and f**ked it all up by engaging in extra-marital activities. Lucky for us, his karma eventually caught up with him and quickly erupted into a huge scandal.

In 2009, Tiger Woods admitted to being unfaithful to his wife and quickly after his confession, several women stepped forward admitting to their intimate relationship with the golfer. What was so shocking to the public was the significant amount of women that stepped forward claiming to have had a relationship with Woods.

The story first showed up in the media after Woods crashed his SUV into a fire hydrant just down the street from his house, releasing a statement that his wife, Elin Nordegren, had attempted to help him from the car. Although, many were in disbelief and speculated that Elin was actually the one who caused the crash after learning of the athlete's affairs and chasing him from their home down the road.

2 Britney Spears

You should've known this teen pop sensation was going to end up appearing on the list at some point because everyone knows Britney Spears had one of the most spectacular falls from grace ever experienced. She is a prime example of the curse of being a childhood star.

At Britney Spears' lowest point, we saw her shave her head, attack the paparazzi with an umbrella, lose custody of her children, and eventually get committed to a psych ward. Her scandal continued to grow once she locked herself in her home with her two sons and refused to hand them over to her late husband, Kevin Federline. The authorities then got involved and escorted Britney to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre. Spears displayed the same kind of destructive behavior that went on to define several other younger and coming of age stars.

1 Lindsay Lohan

I guess the rumors are true, this girl was a one-time teenage drama queen. From fame to flop, Lindsay Lohan surprised a lot of people when her life made a turn for the worst. I do find, however, that her and Amanda Bynes often go hand-in-hand. They came up on the scene around the same time, both had quite the amount of success and then disappeared from the scene around the same time.

In her prime, Lohan was considered the ultimate girl next door, until she managed to flush all her success down the drain with multiple controversial appearances and downright despicable statements. And in 2007, when she appeared on the scene with her girlfriend while jumping from one rehab to the next, everyone began to question her decisions.

Even though she had technically become a criminal, so many in the public were still rooting for Lilo to get back on track and begin conquering her acting career once more. Years later, she showed back up in the spotlight and starred as the famous actress, Elizabeth Taylor in Liz and Dick, but her performance was one that officially ended her career as an actress. Oh Lindsay, no list of celebrities who went and messed up their lives is complete without you.

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