15 Washed Up 90s Stars Who Are Total D-Bags

Washed up '90s stars who are total DBags is one of those "chicken or the egg" types of things. Are they totally washed up because their time has come and gone, or are they washed up because they're complete DBags? This might seem like kind of an easy question, but the reality is much different. It happens in life, too. Some guy is acting like a total DBag for a long period of time, and he has a good job and a really nice girlfriend, and then sooner or later, you run into him down the road, and he got dumped by his girlfriend, fired from his job, and is living out of his car.

These DBag stars of the '90s are no different. At one point, all of them were super famous and on top of the world. Now, any of them would be lucky to get any sort of decent acting job at all. Some of them did awful things to make this list, others just thought they were above anyone else and didn't need to be humble or follow laws like the rest of us do, and some of them have always been DBags, and it just took the world a little bit of time to catch up to that. But once the world decides you're a DBag, you're branded for life.

Here are 15 Washed up '90s Stars Who Are Total DBags. All of these people, we would feel kind of bad for, except for the whole DBag thing.


15 David Hasselhoff

Why he was famous in the '90s: While The Hoff was already a big deal because of his starring role in Knight Rider, he is now and always will be best known for being the star and producer of Baywatch. He also had a huge musical career in the '90s in Germany. How lame is that?

Why he's a DBag: Oh come on, this is an easy one -- just look at him. While he cemented his DBag status by drunkenly eating a cheeseburger without a shirt on as he talked to his daughter, it's pretty obvious that he is and always will be a DBag. Sometimes, being one is not really what one does; it's more what one actually is. If you looked up the word "DBag" in the dictionary, you would see David Hasselhoff's face next to it.

14 Jason Mewes


Why he was famous in the '90s: Jason Mewes first became famous as the vocal half of the duo "Jay and Silent Bob" in the movie Clerks. He also was in a bunch of other movies directed by Kevin Smith, such as Mallrats.

Why he's a DBag: Oh, for a lot of reasons. First of all, the guy can't act at all. He literally was Kevin Smith's best friend when he was growing up. Smith thought he was really funny, so he put him in a bunch of movies. He isn't that funny. Trust me. Also, Jason had a rough childhood, his mom was an ex-con and a drug addict, Mewes ended up struggling with drugs later in life himself, basically every role he had as an actor was him playing himself, and he wasn't even good at it.

13 Macaulay Culkin

Why he was famous in the '90s: Everyone knows Culkin was a really famous child star who also had a creepy friendship with Michael Jackson. His biggest role was in Home Alone, but for a while, he was everywhere.

Why he's a DBag: This might be more our fault then it is his. Culkin was an enormous child star, everyone loved him, he could act, he was cute -- he had it all going on. Then, he got older, and he just seemed kind of weird, and it became pretty apparent that his career wasn't going to translate to being an adult. The weirder everyone thought he was, the weirder he seemed to look and act. Now, he could never come back to normal; he's entered the world of permanent DBag.

12 Steven Seagal


Why he was famous in the '90s: Seagal came out of nowhere in the late '80s to become a huge action star. This continued well into the '9os, but his career quickly faded, and his work started being straight-to-video. His career is done.

Why he's a DBag: Oh, for all sorts of reasons. First of all, he went from looking kind of cool to looking all puffy and freaky. I know looks aren't everything, but seriously, this dude looks awful. On top of all of that, he's been sued for sexual harassment numerous times, has tried to pass himself off as some sort of guru, and has an odd friendship with Vladamir Putin. Put all of those things and many more I haven't mentioned together, and they spell "DBag."

11 Edward Furlong

Why he was famous in the '90s: Edward Furlong is obviously best known for his role as John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but he had a few other big roles in the '90s as well.

Why he's a DBag: Are you kidding? Why isn't he? Furlong is the perfect example of someone who had pretty much everything and threw all of it away. He was addicted to cocaine and heroin and has been to numerous rehabs and also has been arrested for violating protection orders by girlfriends and for using force on them. Anyone can fall victim to addiction, but only a true DBag puts his hands on a woman. He couldn't get a role now if his life depended on it.

10 Crispin Glover


Why he was Famous in the '90s: Crispin Glover is still best known for his role in Back to the Future and for being all odd on David Letterman, which happened in the '80s, but the '90s are when he really just became a total oddball, and, in fact, became more famous for being weird than for anything he ever actually did as an actor.

Why he's a DBag: This one is trickier than most on the list as Glover is much different than the others here, but I'm still saying that he belongs on it. This is mostly because even though Glover is obviously totally weird, he's still putting it on in part to make cash. If he were as weird as he pretended to be, he wouldn't be acting all odd on Letterman; he wouldn't be on it at all.

9 Andy Dick

Why he was famous in the '90s: Believe it or not, at one point, people thought that Andy Dick was actually funny. He was a stand-up comedian who was best known for being on the television show News Radio and first became famous for being on the Ben Stiller Show.

Why he's a DBag: There are literally too many reasons to list why Andy Dick qualifies as a DBag. The guy basically has been running around California making a fool of himself for years now. At first, it seemed kind of funny, but now, the whole thing has turned kind of sad. He's been arrested for possession of drugs, indecent exposure, sexual battery, and sexual abuse, among many other things.


8 Pauly Shore


Why he was famous in the '90s: Pauly Shore was one of the biggest stars of the early '90s, which is honestly one of the most bizarre things anyone could possibly think of today. He was in numerous movies playing a version of a stoner dude that he called "The Weasel."

Why he's a DBag: Because he just is. First of all, even though his whole "The Weasel" thing was kind of amusing in a way, it was like pretty much anyone could have done it; he just got at it first. Secondly, when he started getting older and still trying to play that same role, it just looked pathetic. Shore quickly went from a guy who was cool to a middle-aged man who was trying to act that way, and there's nothing more pathetic than that, which is probably why he's washed up.

7 Andrew Keegan

Why he was famous in the '90s: Andrew Keegan was in a bunch of movies, one of which was the totally popular 10 Things I Hate About You. He also had a recurring role on the TV show 7th Heaven.

Why he's a DBag: He's another of those guys that just had "DBag" written all over him. On top of all of that, he actually has started a church in California. That might not sound so bad, but seriously, try to do some research on the Full Circle religion, and look how creepy this whole thing is. Even when trying to look like a spiritual leader, the DBag in Keegan shines through. Some people have actually dedicated their lives to following him. Let me repeat that: some people have dedicated their lives to following Andrew Keegan. You won't be seeing him in a major role ever again.

6 Devon Sawa


Why he was famous in the '90s: Devon is an actor who became famous as a teen. He's probably best known for his roles in SLC Punk and Casper, although he was in many other movies as well.

Why he's a DBag: Well, he was all set to just vanish into thin air as a guy that used to be super hot and is now just doing whatever when he tweeted, "Girls are not allowed to answer my sports questions. I'll let you know if I have fashion questions. Thanks." Uhh... yeah, Devon... that was a really smooth move. You might not be as famous as some others on this list, but you sure are a DBag. No one can take that away from you. His career is pretty much finished.

5 Brendan Fraser

Why he was famous in the '90s: Brendan was pretty huge for a while with roles in Encino Man, George of the Jungle, and of course, The Mummy. As silly as it sounds now, at one point, he was one of the biggest stars in the country.

Why he's a DBag: Well, mostly because he can't pay his child support. He says that he can't afford to pay his child support any longer, which makes some sort of sense as it's 900,000 dollars a year. Still though, man up a little bit. This guy used to be a huge star, and now, he's schlubbing around asking the courts to drop his child support payments? His ex also is saying that he's hiding money and just doesn't want to pay what he owes. His career is cooked.

4 Chris Tucker


Why he was famous in the '90s: Chris Tucker was already on his way to becoming huge before he got his role opposite Jackie Chan in Rush Hour in the late '90s. For a short time, he was a huge star; then, he vanished.

Why he's a DBag: Well, he seems okay for the most part, but there are a couple of things that just stick out a little too much to be ignored. For one thing, he was really close friends with Michael Jackson, and that's an enormous red flag as far as being a DBag goes. Who would want to hang out with Michael Jackson? For another, he, at one point, had to settle a $2.5 million debt with the IRS. Being a deadbeat and also hanging with Michael Jackson? Yeah, you are a DBag.

3 Mel Gibson

Why he was famous in the '90s: Mel Gibson was already a huge star, but his career really ramped up even more in the '90s with the movies Braveheart as well as the continuation of the Lethal Weapon series.

Why he's a DBag: Of all of the people on this list, Gibson probably fits the definition of a DBag better than any of them.  He's a raging drunk who's mean to people and also very prejudiced. Someone as popular as Mel Gibson really had to work super hard at being a jerk to ruin his career, but that's exactly what he did. Gibson is totally damaged goods at this point and has become a joke, which is too bad, considering what a big star he was at one point in his career.

2 Wesley Snipes


Why he was famous in the '90s: Wesley Snipes was incredibly popular in this decade. He was the star of New Jack City, White Men Can't Jump, and of course, he was also the star of Blade. 

Why he's a DBag: For all of his success, Snipes still ended up trying to defraud the government by not paying his taxes. Seriously? I have no sympathy for people like this. You have millions of dollars and you want more? Just pay your taxes and be glad you aren't working in a factory. Snipes ended up going to prison; he was sentenced to three years total. Snipes went from one of the world's biggest stars to a DBag locked up in federal prison. He was released a few years ago, but his career is over.

1 Hugh Grant

Why he was famous in the '90s: At one point, Hugh Grant was one of the most famous actors in the world and was thought of as the perfect leading man with his roles in Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill.

Why he's a DBag: Well, first of all, right when things were at their apex in his career, he cheated on his wife, Elizabeth Hurley, who, at that point, was arguably the most beautiful actress in the world. Worse, Grant cheated with a prostitute who wasn't even average-looking, and he was arrested for doing this. While he did handle it all with a bit of grace, it still put him firmly on the Dbag list, and this probably had a bit to do with his career going on a downhill slide ever since.


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