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One of the biggest things in the world that people can get overly passionate about is sports. It does not matter what that sport is (basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc.) but the most religious sports viewers make for the most passionate of sports gamers. Just as that excessive amount of

passion has lent itself to shouting matches and physical fights in watching sports, the same can occur when the most avid sports fanatics play the games. There's something about sports that gets people overly amped up and they get even more amped up when playing the video game matches. Players have been known to take part in ball spamming (or ball hogging/passing in video game terminology). The FIFA series in particular has received reports regarding  gamers who hack into the system for higher ratings. The problem continues to persist with each entry. Each sports game has their own set of flaws and their own bad apples in their respective gaming communities.

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