15 Video Games Only Douchebags Love To Play

There are just as many douchebags in the world as there are video games. And video games happen to be provided as the perfect outlet for douchebags to unleash their douchebagery upon an entire gaming community. Not only as a means to release some pent up aggression, but as a means to justify being a nasty person. This is especially true in the realms of online gaming. Playing against an opponent without a face and no repercussions to their actions, a player is all the more likely to be a douchebag towards them. That douchebagery could include bullying, cheating, trolling, etc. Video games tend to either attract douchebags or generate douchebag behavior. Sometimes, the video game does not necessarily have to attract someone who is a douchebag at heart. Sometimes, there's just something about video games that can bring douchebags out of us. These games in particular have been known to be beloved by douchebags within the video gaming community. Perhaps its the spirit of competition or the infectious, negative energy that some video games give off, but some video games (like these) can bring out the absolute worst in people.

We're not saying that only douchebags love these video games. You can be a perfectly reasonable, sane, cool person and still find yourself enjoying some of the games on this list. However, you will attract a side eye or two from us given how so many of these games have been known to inspire douchebag behavior or at least attract douchebag players. But again, we're not here to judge. Well, we are, but only to judge the douchebags. You might be alright as long as you are not taking part of any heinous douchebag antics. Now, since we got that out of the way, without further ado, here are 15 video games which douchebags cherish and love deeply.

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15 Any Sports Game

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One of the biggest things in the world that people can get overly passionate about is sports. It does not matter what that sport is (basketball, baseball, football, hockey, etc.) but the most religious sports viewers make for the most passionate of sports gamers. Just as that excessive amount of passion has lent itself to shouting matches and physical fights in watching sports, the same can occur when the most avid sports fanatics play the games. There's something about sports that gets people overly amped up and they get even more amped up when playing the video game matches. Players have been known to take part in ball spamming (or ball hogging/passing in video game terminology). The FIFA series in particular has received reports regarding  gamers who hack into the system for higher ratings. The problem continues to persist with each entry. Each sports game has their own set of flaws and their own bad apples in their respective gaming communities.

14 World of Warcraft

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There was once a time where World of Warcraft attracted a connected, civil community of devoted gamers. In the last few years, there have been growing reports of gamers practicing douchebag behavior and doing deliberately disrespectful things. One of the most disrespectful things that have been reported in the World of Warcraft gaming community has been when players crash in-game funerals for other players. Not the characters they play, but in-game funerals held for gamers who have died in real life. World of Warcraft has a tasteful feature where if a player unfortunately passes away in real life, their online friends whom they formed a guild with can hold an in-game memorial for them. Sadly, there are some gaming opponents who see this merely as an opportunity to massacre an entire guild lumped together while their mourning and least expect the attack. Such an act goes beyond douchebagery. It's just plain uncalled for.

13 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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There is a reason why "Skyrim douchebag" happens to be a word in the dictionary. The fact that the game has spawned its very own douchebag definition and douchebag archetype towards certain gamers is what makes The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim worthy of a spot on this list. The Skyrim douchebag is defined as someone who will bash every video game under the sun for not being The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, berates anyone who doesn't enjoy the Skyrim in the same way they do, and then praise Skyrim as the greatest video game ever made. It seems like Skyrim lends itself to some kind of strange douchebag entitlement among some of its gamers. While the mostly favorable reviews from critics and diehard fans alike prove that Skyrim is worthy of being in the conversation with some of the best games ever made, no game is worth treating anyone like a douchebag over.

12 L.A. Noire

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It's important to note that the qualities of a douchebag do not always involve the douchebag doing terrible things to their fellow players or being an awful person. Douchebagery can also have a lot to do with being a pretentious gamer. Pretensions in the gaming community run deep when it comes to a game like L.A. Noire. L.A. Noire is a game defined by its wasted potential. As a noirish detective drama, the game had potential to impress with innovative gameplay and an interesting story. L.A. Noire had neither and amounted to a rather boring, critically panned disappointment. But, as the saying goes, one man's trash is another man's treasure and pretentious douchebags hail L.A. Noire as a lost gem in the gaming industry. They praise the atmosphere and graphics as if those qualities make up for lackluster gaming and then hold a sense of entitlement to being one of the few who see merit in the game.

11 Every Car Game Ever

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We all know how contemporary douchebags love their swanky vehicles. We all know the type. Many douchebags define their personalities and worth by the cars they drive. If they are unfortunate enough not to be an owner to their favorite model car, they can ride their dream car in a video game. Best of all, there is such a wide array of video games tailor made for car lovers (car racing, getaway driving games, etc.) that douchebags have a plentiful variety to choose from. Just look at the amount of video game car brand names: Gran Turismo, Need for Speed, Test Drive, Midnight Club, etc. You name it. There's a litter to choose from in the gaming community. The variety of video games for cars give douchebags several options for which video games they can place in between their Fast and the Furious movie collection and their spray on tan bottles.

10 The Sims Franchise

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The Sims franchise tends to attract douchebag players, but not just any kind of douchebag. Sure, a douchebag is a douchebag, but let's not forget that there are special types of douchebags out there in the world. In the case of The Sims series, the games tend to attract the lazy douchebag. The lazy douchebags who are too lazy to live out their own day by day routine and prefer to live their Sims lives and shirk their daily responsibilities. To add insult to injury, it's the fact that so many users have a tendency to do douchey things to the Sims characters in the game. Juvenile things like making the characters freak out, have seizures, and even break up marriages. These are the kind of douchey things that douches would love to do in real life, but since there obviously consequences to be had, they do it in the game. Sometimes, unlimited power like this is too much to give a douchebag even in a video game.

9 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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This game has been known to attract a special kind of douchebag: the hacker douchebag. This specific brand of douchebag is more than likely to hack into your computer system, steal your identity and personal information, and call you a noob in the same breath. The Counter Strike community has run into a fair share of hacking issues from its players and very few system updates have been able to fix it. In addition to the hacking, Counter Strike also has its fair share of immature players. The sole reason why Counter Strike's developers removed the function to cross voice chat during team missions is because there were numerous reports circulating of the chats turning into bonafide shout matches. Shout matches are usually to be expected with most first person shooting game chats, but when those chats start to include excessive vulgar insults and death threats, then that is when it turns into a problem.

8 League of Legends

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League of Legends has been notorious with having an overall awful online gaming community. Maybe it's because the multiplayer battle arena game is still technically in its infancy with only a few years removed from its market debut and so the moderation still isn't exactly up to snuff. Maybe it's because the game is officially the most played game in North America and with 27 million people being recorded to play every hour (67 million every hour), there is bound to be at least a few thousand douchebags waiting in the wings on a platform that continues to grow in fanbase every day. Whatever the reason may be, this game's online community has been criticized with being a general negative space to partake in. Players continue to complain about the abuse, harassment, and bullying they've received from fellow players. Who knew that such a jovial PC multiplayer game could give way to such a terrible community.

7 Duke Nukem Forever

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Duke Nukem Forever is the atypical douchebag's quintessential pipe dream. Here, the gamer plays a macho roided up quipster in Duke Nukem as he tries to save the world from an alien invasion. Duke's character and air-headed personality incorporate the very essence of what the stereotypical douchebag is. Perhaps all of the douchebag qualities of Duke and his game are meant to parody the Schwarzenegger-like hyper-masculine action heroes of classic action flicks. Even if that is the case, the parody seems to be lost on most douchebag gamers. The fist pumping bros of the gaming world idolize Duke like he was some sort of rock God and find his journey to be awe-inspiring. Douches like that digest this sort of game as their own personal holy grail or video game Bible if you will. Such religious digestion can't be healthy for certain gamers and could only feed into the ego and douchebag behavior of such gamers.

6 Street Fighter Franchise

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There aren't many things in this world that is douchier to pull off than for someone to cheat their way through a game. It seems like fighting games, more than any other genre of video games, brings out the worst in people. Street Fighter is pretty much the original fighting game that set the stage for how fighting games are to be programed and played. It also kickstarted an entire generation of fighting video gamers who play dirty behind the controller. Often the cheating involves backing an opponent into a corner and unleashing a melee of attacks. Other times the cheating is more complicated in terms of a player hacking into the online ranking system as an easy means to become the top player, which the former top player of Street Fighter V actually got caught doing recently. However it goes down, douchey cheaters seem more likely to appear in the fight game community, especially in Street Fighter games.

5 Mortal Kombat Franchise

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Tying in with the theme of douchiness in fighting video games, our next entry is Mortal Kombat. As we previously mentioned, douchebags tend to use video games as an outlet to unleash their pent up aggression and aggression tends to lend itself to douchebaggery. Especially in the case of the Mortal Kombat franchise. With Mortal Kombat being one of the earliest examples of unapologetic and bloody anarchy in video games, it is most certainly a perfect shoe-in for douchebags to use as an outlet to let out their frustrations. Only that outlet also contributes itself to the same issues that pertain to Street Fighter and every other game in the fighting genre. Cheating, corner spamming, and everything else you'd expect. It is like fighting gamers are so concerned with demoloshing their opponent that they forget that they are supposed to conduct proper video game etiquette once they start the game.

4 Minecraft

via gamespot.com

This may seem like a strange choice for a list like this. After all, Minecraft is a game targeted mainly with a young child's demographic in mind. First off, let's not pretend that little kids can't be douchebags too. Second, and to stop myself from sounding like a douchebag against children, the children aren't necessarily the issue with the game. The game's community has often been criticized for attracting older players with a knack towards bullying these children online in one way or another. Again, we're not trying to lump any groups into one box. Not every older player on Minecraft is a douchbag and not every douchebag is an older player. The point is that the douchebags who play Minecraft know who they are. The younger ones have a tendency to be rude and obnoxious while the older ones tend to share an arrogant sense of entitlement. At the end of the day, douchebagery holds no age limit.

3 Grand Theft Auto V

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We can easily categorize the entire Grand Theft Auto series here, but we're going to target the franchise's most recent entry on accounts of it being the most violent one yet. In fact, it's probably one of the more violent games to ever hit the market. We're not saying that GTA causes real life violence or that it makes gamers violent, but we are saying that the game attracts douchebags who use that in-game violence as an outlet to let out some pent up aggression. In all honesty, that's not entirely a bad thing. We would rather gamers let out their violent tendencies by means of therapeutically playing video games instead of going out to commit real life crimes. However, there comes a point where the gamer may be a little demented if their only enjoyment from the game stems from running over innocent pedestrians or shooting up a strip club. That may need some actual therapy sessions. Not only to avoid those deep desires from manifesting into real life, but because their early tell-all signs to douchebagery on account of the gamer.

2 Call of Duty Franchise

via callofduty.com

Call of Duty's community of players across its series—particularly ever since the global success of the game’s Black Ops entry—has had a history with being home to a rather nasty online gaming community. While the gameplay of each entry in the series has been praised for years, the online community has consistently received less than favorable reviews. The community has a reputation with housing campers, cheaters, quickscopers, trolls, and even slanderous bullies. As you can tell, Call of Duty attracts a various array of douchebags. The bullying among the Call of Duty gaming community has gotten enough attention that some have tried to link it as a cause for suicides among young gamers. While linking suicide to any video game is most definitely an irresponsible leap in judgement and overreacting, it says a lot about Call of Duty for the link to have originated because of their online community.

1 The Halo Franchise

via radiopressgaming.com

The original Halo can be argued as something which spawned an entire generation of douchebag gamers by being the first game to start the movement of teabagging in the online gaming community. After killing their in-game rival, the mechanics of the game encouraged players to walk over their fallen opponent's body before they re-spawned and teabag them, forcing their player to watch helplessly as their character received the biggest level of disrespect in the gaming world. Of course, it's hard to pinpoint who exactly was the first gamer to teabag their opponent nor does it matter. What matters is that it started a movement that would supersede the Halo franchise and enter the realm of first person shooters overall. If you lose a match in any first person shooting game and your opponent happens to be a douchebag behind the controller, best believe that they've got a teabag with your name on it. This kind of disrespect would continue in many different gaming communities for many years to come.

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