15 Video Game Secrets And Easter Eggs That Creeped Fans Out

Video gaming is one of the best wonders of the world and it has provided both kids and adults alike with countless hours of entertainment. On the other end of video games are countless programmers, animators, editors and voice actors who are hard-pressed on developing the games that we get our hands on.

Video games provide us with some fun, thrills, happiness and a whole bunch of emotions through their little cartridges or discs. It’s always fun getting our hands on a game and then exploring all of the things that the developer had in store for us and sometimes, we can’t help but scan every nook and cranny of our favorite games.

Aside from the story and all the upfront content, developers often tend to sneak in a few secrets and Easter Eggs for the deeply devoted to discover. The secrets and Easter Eggs range from the cute and awesome, to the bizarre and downright creepy. When developers plan on scaring players, they do so in subtle but often really creepy ways.

There have been a ton of creepy secrets hidden throughout the countless games we’ve played but there are a few that stand out among the rest. Here are the best 15 video gaming secrets that creeped out players. Be forewarned though, there are a few nightmare fuels up ahead.

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15 Pokemon X And Y: That Ghost Girl

Let’s start off this list with something light from a light game. Game Freak’s Pokemon series is one of the most popular RPGs to date and it’s a game made for kids and adult alike. Seeing as the series is always on the lookout for a young audience, we rarely get to see some creepy content but that all changed when Pokemon X and Y launched.

If players head to the second floor of a specific building in Lumiose City, they’ll bear witness to a creepy cutscene. Once the players drop off at the second floor, the lights will begin to flicker. Shortly after, a girl suddenly appears behind the player and she says “No, you’re not the one…” and then disappears. Moreover, if players head to the fourth floor of the same building, they can talk to an NPC with the same model as the ghost. The creepy part is that she’ll ask the player to keep quiet because she can’t hear the elevator.

14 Xbox: The Dashboard Of Horror

The ancestor of the Xbox 360 and Xbox One is home to one particularly creepy secret that started out as an urban legend but was then brought to life by a few curious players. Long before the content filled dashboards of Microsoft’s recent consoles, players have probably sat through hours in the Xbox’s dashboard.

The legend is that if the player stayed too long in the dashboard, mysterious sounds will begin playing. The creepy sounds are distorted and hard to decipher. We’re sure many teens have had nightmares regarding this. What’s worse is that the sounds become more frequent and louder the longer the player lingers.

However, Microsoft later clarified what the sounds were. The sounds were apparently public domain NASA transmissions that were tweaked. Microsoft shouldn’t have inserted these sounds in the first place in our opinion.

13 The Witcher 3: Weeping Angels

CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3 is hailed as 2015’s best title and it could even be considered as one of the best games ever. The huge explorable world in the game is filled with secrets to explore and Easter Eggs to point out and one of which could delight the fans of Doctor Who.

After completing a mission in Velen, players can go back to a particular area and surprise, surprise, there are angel statues there now. While this isn’t entirely creepy, things take a turn for the worst when the player turns the camera away from the statues. If Geralt faces away from the statues and the player can’t see them, they'll move very quickly and be suddenly behind Geralt.

For Doctor Who fans, this is obviously a reference to the Weeping Angels in the series. These creatures move very rapidly and they could transport poor victims into another dimension in the blink of an eye.

12 Silent Hill: Robbie The Rabbit

When it comes to psychological horror, there’s no other series that does it better than Silent Hill. Throughout the years, this horror series has paved the way for psychological horrors out there and it has introduced quite a few creepy characters including Pyramid Head and the nightmare of both young and old, Robbie the Rabbit.

This pink stuffed toy played a big role in Silent Hill 3 but in most of the games, he has a cameo that’s just waiting to be discovered. Robbie is a pink rabbit with blood all over, we have no idea what kind of player would want to discover his cameos and we're sorry for the poor souls that found him in Silent Hill 4.

If players look through a specific peephole in an apartment, they’ll be able to sneak a peak at a female neighbor that’s walking around. If players linger around for too long, the female neighbor will be out of view but the Robbie doll at the bed would move to look and point at us directly with its dead eyes.

11 Grand Theft Auto V: Mount Gordo’s Ghost

The Grand Theft Auto series has always provided us with huge and sprawling open worlds to explore and more often than not, destroy. Each of the landmasses introduced in the series are home to quite a few exciting Easter Eggs and secrets that we all love uncovering.

However, Rockstar placed a particularly creepy little secret hidden in Grand Theft Auto V. If players hang around at Mount Gordo between 11 PM and midnight (in the in-game clock), they’ll be able to spot a ghost floating around. The ghost can only be seen from afar and through the scope of a gun. If players get to close, the ghost disappears. Those with enough guts can go to where the ghost was standing to see a message written in blood. The word is JOCK and it could be referring to a character in the game whose wife Jolene died in a mysterious “accident” in Mount Gordo.

10 Just Cause 2: The Island From Lost

The worlds in the Just Cause series are huge and teeming with secrets. For Just Cause 2’s world, players got a chance to see the island from Lost. YES, that Lost from the TV show. The island in the game stayed true to its origins as it had some pretty creepy secrets hidden within.

If players head to the isolated island, their plane with burn and crash, which is similar to the events in the series. The island is teeming with creepy references from the TV show including the remains of Oceanic Flight 815, Bernard’s S.O.S. and a mysterious hatch. Perhaps the creepiest secret could be a seemingly unkillable soldier inside the island. The soldier's surrounded by a thick, black veil of smoke so we’re betting that it’s the smoke monster from the TV show. Other players have even heard eerie sounds on the island.

9 No More Heroes – The Villain’s Sad Past

No More Heroes is a pretty eerie title on its own. For starters, it’s a NINTENDO Wii title that’s pretty gruesome and brutal. Second, it stars Travis Touchdown who’s an anime fan that purchased a Lightsaber online to join a tournament that awards the world’s best assassin. In the end of this cluster of a story, Travis Touchdown has to fight his half-sister, Jeane.

In the scenes prior to the last battle, Jeane went on to tell a story. The story was then fast-forwarded to a point where we can’t tell whatever it is she’s saying. Some curious fans decided to put the scene in slow-mo and apparently, Jeane had a pretty tragic childhood.

Jeane lived an impoverished childhood and she was forced to become a prostitute for money and to pay for her fighting lessons. The lessons are for her preparation to kill her father which she managed to do. Oh, she also killed Travis Touchdown’s mom.

8 Grand Theft Auto IV: The Statue Of Liberty

There are a ton of creepy secrets in the Grand Theft Auto series but this one from the fourth main entry takes the cake. Players don’t need to look around much to figure out that there’s a Statue of Liberty in the game’s map. It shouldn’t be too surprising though as the game’s map is based off of New York.

Players can use a scope to look at the face of the statue and to their surprise, the statue is grinning eerily. It gets worse from there on. You can reach the statue by swimming, though it's a long distance, a boat, or a helicopter. If players get to the statue, they’ll be able to see a grim secret.

If players manage to climb to the top of the statue, there’ll be a door with a sign that says “No Hidden Content This Way.” This means that there is hidden content, of course. Once inside, players will see the giant beating heart of the statue. There’s not much to do with the statue’s heart but it’s a pretty creepy sight to behold.

7 Batman Arkham Knight: Joker’s Surprise

Batman Arkham City ends with the death of Batman’s most terrorizing foe, the Joker. The third main entry and the sequel of Arkham City, titled Arkham Knight starts with an eerie scene featuring the cremation of Joker. The scene was accompanied by Frank Sinatra’s "Under My Skin" so it kind of changes the tone of the scene.

During the first time around, the scene isn’t all that special. If players chose to do the New Game Plus, they’ll be shocked with a secret intro sequence. Everything else plays similarly from the regular intro but when the Joker is about to be cremated, players will have to press a button to initiate the process.

A few seconds after processing, a screamer featuring the Joker’s corpse quickly rising and laughing probably caught a ton of players off guard. The creepiest part is that it seems like the guys at the crematorium disintegrated a living breathing Joker instead of a dead one.

6 Far Cry 3: The Definition Of Insanity

Far Cry 3 is an amazing game and it could be one of the best titles the previous gen of consoles had to offer. Aside from some pretty solid gameplay mechanics, the game is supplemented with a few memorable villains. One of those villains is the ever popular, Vaas Montenegro. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the guy that told us what the definition of insanity is.

Prior to the launch of Far Cry 3, Ubisoft released a series of videos called the Vaas Montenegro Experience. These showed the events that happened before the game began. Vass; played by Michael Mando was seen torturing Christopher Mintz Plasse until he died.

When the game launched, Christopher Mintz Plasse was still on the island but was in the form of a corpse, just like how he was left in the video series. If players look hard enough, they’ll encounter the actor's body buried neck deep and lifeless.

5 Splatoon: The Sounds

We don’t know why, but it seems like developers LOVE placing creepy stuff in games geared for a younger audience. One of these titles is Splatoon. This third-person shooter from Nintendo pits a ton of squid/human hybrids called Inklings in a turf war with each other. It’s a pretty simple and innocent premise.

The creepiness inches in whenever a player defeats a boss in the game’s single-player mode. If players linger around the area long enough, the game would suddenly play creepy sounds and eerie noises. What’s worse is that the developers of the game didn’t even know that the sounds existed.

Speaking of Splatoon, the game’s setting isn’t so innocent. If players unlocked all scrolls, they’ll know that the world in Splatoon is actually our own world but in the future. What happened to the humans, you ask? Well, they died because of rising sea levels.

4 Harvest Moon: The Number 4

The Harvest Moon series are a selection of games that focus on farming. Literally. It’s a game about farming crops, taking care of farm animals and interacting with people. It’s a pretty innocent set-up and the game doesn’t shy away from flaunting its childish themes. However, in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, players figured out that the game isn’t all the innocent.

Every Harvest Moon follows the time in our world. If the gaming systems clock is set at 6:00 AM, then it’ll be 6:00 AM in the game. Players are really living the life of a farmer but if they stay up too late, or wake up too early, they could witness quite the horrific secret.

If players turn on the TV at exactly 4:44 AM, players will see tons of gibberish across the screen and there will be countless 4s as well. This is in the Japanese version. In Japan, 4 is the word “Shi” and it doubles as death. Basically, players get treated to countless death words on screen. In the American version of the game, it crashes when the player opens the TV at 4:44 AM.

3 Animal Crossing: The Living Breathing Gyroid

Let’s go to another light-hearted game from Nintendo’s library of exclusives. This time around, let’s take a look at one creepy secret in Animal Crossing. This game is creepy enough in itself. You, the player, are placed in a town filled with animals that function like humans. It gets creepier than that though.

In the game, players get scolded by an NPC named Mr. Resseti if they don’t save before quitting. This is a big deal as some players don’t save to cheat the game. Another thing to know is that the villages are riddled with hydrant-shaped monstrosities with deformed faces called Gyroids.

The creepy part seeps in when the player goes into another player’s village and doesn’t save, he’ll be in for a big surprise the next time he plays. The face of his character will be replaced with that of a Gyroid's and it looks way too creepy to even think about. Oh and by the way, Gyroids are based off of Haniwas which are vessels used to contain souls in Japan.

2 Fable II: Terry Cotter Army

The Fable series of games are neat fantasy RPG games that will satisfy the likes of Tolkien fans. In Fable II, players are greeted with a few creepy secrets aside from the fact that the game is riddled with false promises from the developer. In the game are objects called Demon Doors and if players do decide to explore the area beyond these doors, they’ll know why “DEMON” is in the name.

The Demon Doors open players to worlds of horror, some more horrific than the others. For example, if players head inside the Terry Cotter’s Demon Door, they’ll be able to discover a pretty creepy story. Terry Cotter is a man that discovered a lot of armor, which he then referred to as friends. Terry Cotter then says that the armor always looks at him and “they never leave.”

If players dig a little deeper and go behind the house, they’ll be able to discover yet another set of armors standing around.

1 Kanye Quest 3030: The Cult

Oddly enough, a few programmers decided to create a game starring Kanye West called Kanye Quest 3030. The story of the game is simple, Kanye West went out to take out the trash. On the way to his chore, he got sucked up by a portal that brought him to the future. If players talk to a specific NPC and type in the word ASCEND, they’ll be sent to an odd place as a butterfly. The creepiness seeps in at the message that plays really fast once the players input ASCEND. If slowed down, it reads:

“Congratulations! You have proven yourself to be an open-minded and curious thinker. We must apologise for deceiving you, but we can reveal that the game you were playing until this point was a 'front' constructed to protect what you are currently accessing. We must ask that you do not reveal this area to the public. If you believe that you may be prone to revealing information, or do not wish to participate, please close this program immediately by pressing ALT-F4 or selecting the NO option when it appears. By selecting the YES option, you agree to participate and not reveal information.”

Yep. Players can get into a cult in Kanye Quest 3030.

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