15 Unknown And Surprising Celebrity Friendships

Some celebrity friendships are obvious. When we hear that a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models go for cocktails together every Friday night or the cast of Girls head out for a spa day for mani-pedis once a month, it’s no big whoop. The teammates from the Dallas Cowboys probably chill at one another’s homes every Sunday and toss back a few cases of beer and munch on buckets of hot wings. Taylor Swift and one or more of her many “squad” members surely meet up in the VIP section of the trendiest L.A. club and get bottle service at a private table on the regular. There’s nothing shocking about such friendships and it’s pretty cool that celebs have other famous pals to bond with. Then again, who the hell else are they going to hang out with?

Then there are those pairings that make us do a double take. They say that opposites attract, but even so, these mismatched friendships are truly surprising. Like a cat canoodling with a mouse over a plate of cheese or Donald Trump and Meryl Streep watching The Devil Wears Prada together on Netflix at Trump Tower, these unlikely duos are as odd as seeing Kim Kardashian thrift shopping at the dollar store.

Take a look at these 15 surprising celeb friendships that will have you wondering how the two ever met, let alone became bosom buddies. Maybe these relationships will inspire you to spark a friendship with that a-hole who use to bully you in junior high.

15 Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg

The hostess with the most-ess and the rapper with the rap sheet are certainly not two people who you would ever expect to be besties. They both hilariously roasted Justin Bieber at his Comedy Central roast and now have a popular TV show together, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner on VH1. It is fun to watch these two very different types of people prove that their vast differences make them surprisingly compatible. Perhaps it is their shared love of home cooking and getting together to eat and chat or just the fact that they also find it amusing that they were somehow brought together to entertain fans from totally different walks of life. They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but who knew a Dogg would be a woman’s? These two were made for each other, but who knows if the rest of their friends get along as swimmingly.

14 Meryl Streep And 50 Cent

No, she’s not acting… acclaimed award-winning actress Meryl Streep is actually pals with rapper 50 Cent. Who knew? They seemingly met at a basketball game a few years ago when their seats were next to each another and have rooted for one another ever since. Despite their respective fame, each of these celebs seem pretty down to Earth, so it is totally understandable how they could get to chatting and cheering at the game and eventually bonding over a shared love of basketball. It is always fun to cheer for the home team with your brand new homie! The next time you are watching a Meryl Streep movie, check the popcorn line for 50 Cent getting some snacks to munch during the flick. And you know that Streep’s got some fresh Fitty music blasting from the speakers in her car. Sometimes the most unlikely people find a lot to like about one another, just like these two.

13 Kourtney Kardashian And Justin Bieber

Sure, both of these super-famous folks have lots of celeb pals in their respective circles, but the fact that they are friends with one another is kinda surprising. There is the age difference and the personality differences between reality darling, Kourtney Kardashian and pop singer, Justin Bieber that make them seem like an unlikely pair. With all the horsing around Kardashian’s baby daddy, Scott does, one would think that a fella like “The Biebs” would be the last person she would want to associate with, considering his bouts of questionable behavior. But it is indeed true, these two are actual buddies and have been for years apparently. Maybe Kourt is trying to make Scott jealous or she is just seeking some fun in her life, but whatever the case may be, she is a true “Bieliber!” Bieber is also friends with some other members of the Kardashian family too, so maybe he’s tight with Kim and Kendall too.

12 Elton John And Eminem

Their style of music could not be any different, they are quite far apart in years, and they look like polar opposites, but long-time singer Elton John and rapper Eminem are actually friends, believe it or not. They performed brilliantly at the 2001 Grammy Awards together despite the fact that Eminem has penned some homophobic lyrics in his songs in the past. Both of these famous men have some huge hits and each have their own fan base, but surely audiences of both loved seeing this unlikely pair bust out on stage and show the world that they could come together in perfect harmony. Eminem may not seem like a “Tiny Dancer” and John’s certainly a far cry from a “Rap God,” but the two are both stellar and captivating performers who rocked out and made music that was standing ovation-worthy. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” between these two unlikely friendly fellas?

11 Tyra Banks And Clay Aiken

They may not seem like a duo who’d do lunch or hang out together, but model Tyra Banks and American Idol alum, Clay Aiken aren’t fakin’ their unique friendship. Remember when Banks had her own talk show back in the early 2000s? Well Aiken was one of her guests and the two hit it off as though they were old buddies. Maybe he was smitten by her ability to “smize” or she was impressed with his vocal stylings, but whatever drew the two together resulted in a fine friendship. Just because people come from different walks of life doesn’t mean they can’t eventually cross paths and form a bond. They are both in the public eye and love the spotlight, so perhaps this is what they have in common. But one thing’s for sure, he’s no model, and from what we know, Banks can’t carry a tune – or at least she hasn’t proven she can!

10 Lindsay Lohan And Woody Allen

Well, we all know Woody Allen has a thing for younger women (ahem), but his surprising relationship with the oftentimes hot mess of an actress, Lindsay Lohan is still pretty gosh darn shocking, to say the very least. Even the visual of the two of them standing side by side in friendship is an oddity to nearly anyone. They are certainly both quite quirky and known for being over-the-top in a variety of ways, so perhaps their tendencies to be out-of-the-box personalities is what connects them in their weird friendship. While she has not been featured in any of Allen’s movies, the filmmaker has stood up for Lohan when she has been down and out and has given her major props for her acting chops. You had better watch your back, Soon-Yi; there is a new gal pal in the house and she’s not afraid to buddy up to your hubby.

9 Nicki Minaj And Anna Wintour

One look at these two women and you would never guess they were friends, let alone even have a one-on-one conversation with one another. What would they even talk about? Rapper and singer Nicki Minaj is bold, bodacious, and brassy, with a style sense that you would think would cause the seemingly uptight and always sensibly-styled Vogue fashion editor, Anna Wintour, fall out of her well-upholstered seat. But apparently, these two broads get on just fine and despite their opposite styles and tastes, they have found something in common. What this is, we may never know, but as long as they are happy with their gal-pal connection, then who are we to judge? For all we know, Wintour blasts “Anaconda” during fashion shoots to get the models in the mood to look sexy for the camera. Stranger things have happened.

8 Bette Midler And 50 Cent

It looks like 50 Cent is quite the popular fella. Not only is he surprisingly friends with actress Meryl Streep, but he has also found a close connection with the iconic Bette Midler as well. The two celebs met at a charity event in New York and have been chums ever since. The brassy Broadway diva has even declared that she would be interested in recording a tune with her pal 50! Perhaps it is he who is the wind beneath Bette’s wings. It is nice that the two met over a shared interest in giving back to the community and hopefully the pair continue to do charitable work for those less fortunate. But if they do record a song together, that would be quite a feat. His rapping paired with her singing voice is not something you hear every day. And we are not sure we really want to.

7 Brad Pitt And Jonah Hill

OK, these two are both actors, but looking in from the outside, that seems like all Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill have in common. If these two were in high school together, Pitt would be quarterback of the football team and Hill would be president of the AV squad. No offense to Hill, but these two are like night and day. Hill is known for his wild and silly humor and Pitt is known for his model-quality hot looks. Both are great actors and met on the set of the film Moneyball. Apparently, that was where the two hit it off and became close pals. Hopefully Pitt’s relationship with Hill lasts longer than the one he had with Angelina. She may be better looking than Hill, but he can make Pitt laugh on cue. Maybe Hill and Pitt were the opposites who were meant to attract one another. Platonically, of course.

6 Britney Spears And Mel Gibson

If there were ever a friendship that seemed “Toxic,” it would be one between pop singing sensation, Britney Spears and the polarizing actor, Mel Gibson. Apparently, their families are friends and Spears and Gibson have been out to eat together on occasion. This relationship seems “Crazy,” but stranger things have been seen in Hollywood – some from Gibson himself. And Brit Brit has gone off the deep end too. If Gibson’s role in What Women Want has rubbed off on the actor personally, he would know to take Spears out for a sugar-laden blended coffee drink and a family-size bag of Cheetos. Not only are these two one of the oddest pair of pals imaginable, but they seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Then again, both have been caught in the public eye doing some super-whack things, so perhaps when they are together they don’t feel judged. Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?

5 Paris Hilton And Kathy Griffin

The tall, blonde, and beautiful socialite and the no-holds-barred, red headed (and much shorter) funny woman are not only passing acquaintances, but friends, and good ones at that, reportedly. Paris Hilton met Kathy Griffin when she appeared on Griffin’s reality show years ago and they have been bosom buds since. The highfalutin behavior and lifestyle of Hilton paired with the more down-to-Earth and comical personality of Griffin makes this dynamic duo a real shocker. Griffin has probably made fun of Hilton in her standup routines in the past and Hilton usually hangs around and travels the globe with more of the rich and fabulous types – not that Griffin is broke or anything. Well, good for these two famous gals for finding a friend in an unlikely someone special. Wonder if Hilton’s ex-BFF, Nicole Richie, is jealous or if Griffin’s other close buddy, Anderson Cooper is also chummy with the hotel heiress?

4 Russell Brand And Helen Mirren

Aside from the decades in age difference between them, crazy comedian and actor Russell Brand and acclaimed actress Helen Mirren seem like two of the most different people there could be in the weird world of Hollywood. He has been known to be rude and crude and she seems like a woman of great etiquette and class. But despite how these two talented stars appear to be to us outsiders, they actually found a common connection and formed a bond while filming the remake of the movie Arthur together. Perhaps Brand’s unusual boyish charm allowed Mirren to cut loose a bit or he appreciated her wealth of wisdom and years of acting under her fashionable belt. Opposites on the outside, something inside the hearts and minds of these two seemingly different celebs brought them together. Now if a romance sparks between these two unlikely pals… that will be the real mind-bender!

3 David Beckham And Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is another celeb fella who has got lots of A-list buddies, adding soccer sensation, David Beckham to the long list. This odd pairing met when Snoop was interested in investing in European soccer back in 2012. The two became more than business associates, but good friends, and Beckham has even helped Snoop’s kids learn a thing or two about kicking the ball around the field from the best in the biz. It is really hard to picture the marijuana-loving rapper having anything to do with sports whatsoever or the ball player digging rap music, but you never know what celebs are like in private. For all we know, Beckham and his fashion designer wife, Victoria, whip up a pan of pot brownies when the kids are at grandma’s and let loose every so often. Now if Beckham tries to dabble in a rap career, that’s when the former Spice Girl better get his head on straight!

2 Taylor Swift And Lena Dunham

We all know about singer Taylor Swift’s “squad” by now, but who woulda thunk that HBO’s Girls star, Lena Dunham would be part of the in-crowd posse? Considering most of Swift’s besties are models and model-types, Dunham does not exactly fit the mold of what we have become accustomed to expecting. Apparently the two ladies “met” on Twitter and have been close pals ever since. Both are undeniably talented and young, so they’ve got that in common, but it is a wonder what else makes this odd friendship tick. Maybe Swift is looking for a cameo role on Girls or Dunham is seeking to be part of the “cool girls” clique. They seem totally different, but you can never really know what makes two people connect. Hopefully the celeb friendship lasts though or else you know Swift will write a hit song about their “breakup.” And of course, Dunham will be the one to blame.

1 Kim Kardashian And Mel B.

Kim Kardashian loves to chill with her extended family (on screen, at least), and has some well-known A-list pals, but who knew that she is into “Sporty Spice?” Yep, the over-exposed reality TV darling is pretty close pals with Mel B. despite their seemingly very different personalities. Mel was even invited to Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries and went to Kim’s baby shower when she was preggers with baby North. These two seem totally different and an unlikely duo, but you never know what draws two people together. Heck, their friendship surely lasted longer than the train wreck of a marriage to Kris. Then again, mostly anything could last longer than that! But the question is, does Mel get along with Kim’s current main man, Kanye West? He could be a hard shell to crack. But Kim should remind him, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends…”

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