15 Unforgettable Times Celebs Failed On Social Media

Social media is a tricky mistress that can turn on you at any moment and sent the wolves after you for even the smallest of mistakes. It's especially cruel to celebrities because they have millions of viewers and followers, so if they mess up, it's breaking news. It’s embarrassment and harassment times a million. For normal people, if you mess up, you just have to hope that the 200 friends you have on Facebook will forget about it by tomorrow.

Many people base their self-worth on how others respond to their social media presence, and that can be a very dangerous game to play. If someone doesn’t like your photos or posts on social media, that can be a crushing blow. When it comes to celebrities, however, they really don’t make things any easier on themselves. Sometimes, because of what they're posting, it feels as though they're just asking to be attacked and it’s hard to feel sorry for them. They either have no common sense or they're craving attention, good or bad. They've made mistakes on social media that make us wonder what they were thinking. We've put together our favourite celebrity social-media fails we hope you'll enjoy as much as we do.


15 Rita Ora’s “Hacked” Account

Rita Ora sent out a tweet stating she would drop new music if the post got 100,000 retweets by the next day. Sounds like a cool PR move, right? Well, embarrassingly enough, the post only got little over 1300 retweets by the next day, which means not a lot of people wanted to hear her new song. She also was ballsy enough to retweet a fan that said, "where her 3.9m followers at when you need them smh." Both tweets were eventually deleted, however, probably because Ora was embarrassed by the lack of support. She then claimed that her Twitter account had been hacked and those tweets weren’t really hers. She posted, “By the way, my Twitter got hacked, somebody is threatening to release new music I've worked really hard on. Nothing comes out until I'm ready.” Come on Ora, how stupid do you think we are?

14 Armani Blasts Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian was pretty much asking for this one. Not only did she get on Twitter and act like an entitled brat because her makeup was discontinued by Armani, but she couldn’t even spell the insanely popular designer’s name properly. Clap, clap, clap. Who doesn’t know how to spell Giorgio Armani? That would be Kim Kardashian. Armani responded to her complaint saying they would love to send her some makeup and also corrected the spelling of their name. Boom! With a tweet like that one, they took the epic win. We love when people stand up to celebrities. She must have been mortified to be blasted on Twitter by Armani. She did apologize, stating, "Thank you so much and my apologies on the spelling error, this expecting Mommy is a tad sleep deprived. ;-)" Smooth move Kim.

13 Azealia Banks’ Psycho Rants

Azealia Banks has recently made headlines for completely losing her mind and ranting on Twitter. Some of her tweets are quite shocking. She also seems to have beef with just about everyone, including Lady Gaga, Pharrell, and Iggy Azalea. She went nuts when Zayn Malik released his song, “Like I Would,” because she believed he stole her look. She actually called him a “curry scented b*tch.” That’s the problem with social media; people will say anything they want when they are hiding behind a computer screen. She didn’t get the response that she wanted from fans, however, so she tried to redeem herself by posting, “I had to remind him that we’re both in the same boat in this industry and people of colour. By reminding him that no matter what you may think of yourself, the world still sees you as ‘other,’ as they see me.” She’s actually been booted off Twitter and has lost a lot of her fans because of her behavior.

12 Little Mix Copy And Paste


We get it, celebrities have personal assistants that handle a lot of their PR work, but if you’re going to get someone else to write your posts, you should probably not copy and paste them. Little Mix saw their picture on a taxi and was dying to make a post, but instead of doing it themselves, they had someone else do it. This is what happened when Little Mix made an Instagram post but copied too much of the message. “How's this copy jade” was clearly not supposed to make it in the post, and we wonder if the PR team just shook their heads when they saw this. It wouldn’t be the first time that it happened either. It’s always best to double-check a post before you press send. It can save you a lot of embarrassment in the long run.

11 Dumb In Real Time

Not only is drinking and driving dangerous and really stupid, but Tweeting while you are drunk and driving is just on a whole new level of stupidity. That’s what happened with Bow Wow when he was out drinking with friends one night. He found himself driving home drunk in a Lamborghini and thought it was the perfect time to tweet about how hard it was to drive drunk. “I’m f*cked up!!! Ohhhh damn. Y I drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot.” It’s probably not the best idea to tweet about illegal behavior unless you want to get arrested. That’s exactly what happened to Bow Wow and Chris that night. We’re glad they had to learn a valuable lesson. They could have killed someone or killed themselves with such reckless behavior. Grow up, kids!

10 Iggy’s Racist Tweets


Iggy is another celebrity that is usually on fire on social media. She will try to take down anyone and doesn’t care how racist she sounds. She should really relinquish her account to her PR team because when she’s in control, then no one is safe. Throughout the years, she has been called out for her tweets about Asians, Mexicans, and the LGBTIQA community. She loves making stereotypical, racist jokes too; it’s usually her go-to post. Her posts have been so inappropriate that it caused her to have to cancel one of her shows at the Pittsburgh Gay Pride, a show that she was headlining. It turns out that the LGBTIQA community didn’t think she should be part of it any longer. “I am truly disappointed that I have to share this news, but I will no longer be performing at Pittsburgh Pride on June 13. This has been a difficult decision as I truly support the event and LGBTIQA communities, however, I feel my participation at this point would only serve to further distract from the true purpose of the event.”

9 Amanda Holden’s Photoshop Fail

Photoshop can be a girl’s best friend, but only if it’s used properly. In the case of Amanda Holden, she didn’t take a close enough look at her photo before posting it. She posted this photo of her in front of the ocean on Instagram and although it’s a gorgeous photo, fans noticed that the dock she was standing on and the horizon looked a little warped. One fan wrote: "Erm... Yeah... I'm sure the horizon is always that wonky..." Another fan added: "Unless there's a tsunami right in front of her, that photograph has been photoshopped." Talk about embarrassing. Holden didn’t make any comments about the authenticity of the photo; she just deleted it immediately which tells us all we needed to know about the photo. When it comes to altering yourself in a photo, it shouldn’t change so much that you look like a completely different person. People can see you in real life, so it’s kind of hard to hide your flaws.


8 The Weinergate Scandal


You really need to be careful not to post anything scandalous on social media. We all have photos on our phones that we would really rather not have on the Internet. In the case of Anthony Weiner, he clearly didn't understand how to use social media because he posted a picture that was meant to be sent as a private message. He sent pictures of him with his paratrooper sticking out and another of him in bed in his underwear, and social media ate it right up. When people realized that he was trying to sext with a woman online, it was open season, and so #Weinergate began. As they all try to do, he denied that it was him that sent the picture and claimed that he must have been hacked, but we didn't buy it. He eventually admitted to posting the photo, though, and no one was surprised one bit by that confession. He ended up resigning from Congress a month later.

7 Cringe-Worthy Tweet

Zac Efron made a huge Twitter fail when he posted about Martin Luther King in 2016. Celebrities just don’t learn that they can’t just say whatever they want. It was, of course, Martin Luther King Day and Efron made this tacky post: "I'm grateful for a couple of things today: Martin Luther King Jr & 10 million followers on IG,” he wrote, only to top it off with a little black fist emoji. It sure didn’t take long before an apology was issued by the actor. “I have nothing but the greatest admiration & respect for MLK. My last post was insensitive & I apologize to anyone who I offended. So sorry.” It was probably the fact that he talked about Martin Luther King and how great it was to have so many followers all in one sentence. Well, there is certainly one way of learning your lesson.

6 Gilbert Gottfried Makes Joke About Tsunami


Gilbert Gottfried has always been a little weird. He got his fame from his unusual voice which landed him the role of Iago in Aladdin and the duck in the Aflac commercials. He’s known as a comedian, and for some reason in 2011, he thought it would be cool to tweet offensive jokes about the tsunami that hit Japan that year. The tsunami killed more than 2,400 people, so no one could figure out why he was joking about it. It wasn’t even an hour later that Gottfried was fired from Aflac. Michael Zuna, the Senior Vice President of Aflac at the time, made a statement, “Gilbert’s recent comments about the crisis in Japan were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of anyone at Aflac…Aflac Japan — and, by extension, Japan itself — is part of the Aflac family, and there is no place for anything but compassion and concern during these difficult times.”

5 Naomi Campbell Might Have To Return Those Kicks

When posting on Instagram, you should always read it first to make sure it makes sense before posting it. This supermodel made a big no-no. Naomi Campbell failed at social media when she posted a photo on Instagram to thank Adidas for sending her some cool runners. She copied and pasted an email into her Instagram and it looks like it’s part of a conversation. The caption read: "Naomi, so nice to see you in good spirits!!! Could you put something like: Thanks to my friend @gary.aspden and all at Adidas - loving these Adidas 350 SPZL from the Adidas Spezial range. @adidasoriginals." Well, she wouldn’t be the first to do this sort of thing, and we doubt that she will be the last. If only people would read the emails before they copy and paste — it would save a whole lot of embarrassment.

4 Slick Move Robin Thicke


This was an epic fail on Robin Thicke’s part. He was on tour and married at the time to the gorgeous Paula Patton. He used to go on and on about how amazing and beautiful his wife was, so everyone assumed he was in love with her. But we suppose that love only goes so far because sh*t hit the fan when this photo was released. At first glance, it looks like Thicke is taking a photo with an overly touchy fan. No big deal, it happens all the time. Then you notice the mirror in the background that exposes what is really going on in the photo. Seriously, what are the chances? Someone actually sent this photo to Thicke’s wife who obviously lost her mind. It wasn’t long before the two were separated and Patton was serving him with divorce papers.

3 Where Did The Path Go?

There’s no doubt about it, Britney Spears looks amazing these days. She has a rocking body and is often putting her workouts on Instagram and Facebook. She has come a long way from the girl who had the emotional breakdown and shaved her head. But when she posted this gorgeous picture of herself by the pool, fans were having no part of it. Yes, the girl definitely has an amazing body, but fans were not buying the fact that her waist was that skinny. "Did Britney Spears remove some ribs for this bikini photo? No way she's this skinny,” one follower said. Another responded to the photo with, "That skinny part of your back is so photoshopped, whoever did it forgot to put the path in.” We’re not sure why she would even photoshop it, she has a great body! There was really no need for it.

2 Julianne Hough’s Black Face


When Julianne Hough went to a Halloween party, she thought she had the best costume ever. She dressed as her favorite character ‘Crazy Eyes’ from Orange is the New Black. She even painted her face black. That was where she went wrong. We don’t think she was trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it was nonetheless insensitive and ignorant. When she saw her friend Isla Fisher at the party, Isla instantly told her it was a bad idea and that she should go to the bathroom to wash her face before she was photographed. But as you can see, she was a little late for that. She did end up washing her face and she issued an apology as well. “I am a huge fan of the show Orange Is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created. It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize.”

1 Kris Jenner Caught Photoshopping

In 2014, Kris Jenner had the honor of meeting Chef Gordan Ramsay while she was promoting her own cookbook In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites. Whether she can be put in the same category with others who have cookbooks is really hard to say. We never really got the homemaking vibe from this one. Kris Jenner took a photo with the amazing Ramsay and later posted it. Kris Jenner posted the photo on the right where the two of them look fabulous. Nobody thought anything of the photo until Ramsay also posted the same photo from that day. He put his snap up and mentioned how he couldn’t wait to read her book. What people started noticing was that the pictures didn’t quite look the same. It appeared as if Jenner did some serious photoshopping on not only herself, but Ramsay as well, before she posted the photo. Epic fail.


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