15Superman’s Death

When you think about it, the actors playing Superman have had some pretty bad luck in the past. Christopher Reeve fell off of his horse which led to him being paralyzed from the neck down, while another Superman actor with a similar surname, George Reeves, died

in some pretty mysterious circumstances. Reeves was a star of the series Adventures of Superman and everybody was shocked when he was found dead in his bedroom. After the investigation, the police concluded that Reeves took his life. However, there have been many people who believed that he was murdered and the name Eddie Mannix – husband of Reeves’ lover – was often mentioned in that context. There have been some physical proofs of foul play as well, for starters, Reeves’ body was bruised, the shell casings were found in different areas of the room, and although there were 4 people who heard the gunshot, it took them a suspiciously long time to call the police.

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