15 Unexpected Things Accidentally Caught In Selfies

People love taking photos of themselves, which is why selfies have become such a big thing. People take selfies at the gym, eating dinner, at work, and even in the bathroom. There are really no limits as to where and when a selfie can be taken and people have become somewhat obsessed with themselves. Although, what is funny is that most of the time, people are so focused on checking out how they look in the photo that they do not even realize what is going on around them in the background. People should really go over their pictures before posting them on the internet because once something is published online it is pretty much going to be there forever.

Lots of these people shared things they were not prepared to show the entirety of the internet because of their lack of awareness. Some of these photos even went viral because of how ridiculous they were, attracting more attention to the silly mistakes people made or hilarious mishaps caught on camera.

Whether they were caught in a blatant lie, or in a compromising position, or they exposed too much of their body or even someone else’s, these people probably wish they would have checked their selfies twice over before sharing them with the world.

These 15 photos definitely reveal some unexpected things that people just so happened to snap over the years. The people in the photos may not be glad they took them but we can be thankful that they have provided us with such great entertainment.

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selfie reveals pregnancy test
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15 The Real Reason He Proposed

selfie reveals pregnancy test
via: oddee.com

Sometimes, it is best to crop a photo that may include something you were not ready to share with the world, but it appears that this couple did not realize what they were doing. This young woman took to Facebook to share with her friends and family that her boyfriend had proposed, saying how “truly blessed” she was to have found the one. She showed off her new diamond engagement ring while her fiancé sat next to her on the couch.

Shortly after posting, they started getting comments and messages and they quickly noticed what was in the corner of the photo. On the side of the couch was a pregnancy test. The post went viral with people commenting things like “I guess what’s on ‘the inside’ really does matter” and “Is that what I think it is in the corner?” One family member, who appeared to be the woman’s father, suggested that she call her “confused” mother and explain what was going on.

14 This Celebrity’s Joke That Went Too Far

jason biggs wife exposes him online in accidental selfie
via: instagram.com

Jason Bigg’s wife, Jenny Mollen, took a mirror selfie in the bathroom while her husband was sitting on the toilet in the buff. She knew that the photo would be humorous for fans and she was getting quite a kick out of messing with him as well.

However, what she did not realize was that despite Jason’s attempts to hide himself underneath the magazine that he was reading, he was fully exposed in the photo. By the time she had posted the photo to Instagram, people had let her know that she may have shown off a bit more of her husband’s body than she intended. She immediately deleted the photo off of social media. Although, once something is on the internet, it never really disappears.

13 This Man Wearing Ridiculously Small Underwear

man in underwear selfie trying to rent out apartment
via: gumtree.com

This man should have taken a little more time to go over the photographs he used to rent out a room in his apartment. This Australian decided to post some ads for a roommate on a popular classifieds website. Not only is the photograph of his kitchen poorly lit, his kitchen counters were covered with clutter, but those were not the reasons his photo ended up on this list.

Upon taking a closer look, the man can actually be seen in the photo in a mirror reflection. He is dressed from the waist up, but is wearing super small brief underwear on the bottom. People online immediately began noticing the hilarious mishap. One person blatantly called him out saying, “Can you see what I see?” He might have some difficulty finding a normal guy to be his roommate now.

12 This Blatant Lie

lying about traffic snapchat
via: collegehumor.com

Everyone tells little white lies here and there; it is just human nature. If you are late driving somewhere, a common excuse is that you are stuck in traffic. This is a pretty believable excuse because traffic is sometimes unexpected and could have been caused by an accident or construction work. However, if you take a photo of the so-called “traffic” that you’re sitting in, make sure it does not reveal that you are a blatant liar.

This guy took a photo while he was driving, which he should definitely not be doing. On top of that, he complained that he was stuck in traffic, when it is clear that he was not. The man’s sunglass reflection reveals that he was, in fact, driving on an open road with no other cars in front of him.

11 This Unfortunate Third Wheel

third wheel fail
via: someecards.com

No one likes to be the third wheel with a couple that will not stop kissing and touching in public; it can be uncomfortable. These teenagers were having a fun night when this young girl decided to take a selfie with her boyfriend kissing her on the cheek. What the two did not realize was that their buddy had snuck up behind them and got in on their romantic shot.

What is even better is that it is dark outside, so their friend is slightly hidden by the shadows. These people could have had this photo pinned up to their wall for years before realizing he had crashed their photo. You have to take a second look before spotting his raised eyebrow underneath his pal’s pouty face.

10 This Kid Being Hung By His Diaper

kid hanging from diaper
via: someecards.com

This mother and her daughter took a sweet selfie together while visiting an old navy battleground. What they did not realize was that just behind them and down by the water, some children were hanging their baby brother from his diaper on an old war canon.

The person who posted it did not see the kids in the background before posting it, but of course, once it hit the internet, people began zooming in and pointing out what was going on. An entire thread was started on Reddit with people commenting things like “I’m sure that baby had a blast,” and another joked, “Is that what baby powder is used for?!” One person issued what was perhaps the most outstanding comment, saying, “Talk about a photobomb.”

9 This Man’s Wandering Eye

sunglasses store selfie gone wrong
via: someecards.com

It is not unusual for a man to ogle a beautiful woman, but most people with decent manners try to do it without being too noticeable. Apparently, this guy did not get that memo. This woman was trying on a pair of goofy blue glasses that flipped to sunglasses inside of an eyewear store. She had a friend take a picture of her to see if she liked the shades, but she ended up seeing a lot more in the photo.

There are tons of mirrors inside of sunglasses stores, and the guy that was behind her was caught in one of the mirror reflections with his head cocked to the side, staring at her backside. On the bright side, it could very well be her boyfriend. However, it could also be the salesman at the store, in which case it would be extremely creepy.

8 This Girl Caught Mid-Squat

caught on the toilet selfie
via: someecards.com

It is reasonable to look at yourself after taking a selfie and making sure you look good. You have to check your hair to see if it is sitting flat, if your makeup is smudged, or your outfit is wrinkled. What is not reasonable is to completely ignore your surroundings while you are taking said photo.

This girl took a mirror selfie before a fun night out with her girlfriends. Sure, she was satisfied with the way she looked, but she did not think to check if her friend would mind being snapped mid-squat on the toilet. All the while, this girl is smiling pretty for the camera and apparently did not notice because she posted the photo online. Her friend was probably not too happy with her the next morning.

7 This Kid Taking A Whiz

via: someecards.com

Do people even look what is behind them before taking their photos? This one will make you wonder. This precious photograph of a father and daughter on a fishing trip was completely ruined by another child taking a whiz off of the back of the boat just behind them.

Wouldn’t the person taking this picture be able to see that this would not be the best backdrop for a family photo? Perhaps they could have waited until the child had finished relieving his bladder before capturing the moment for a lifetime? Nevertheless, the girl stood next to her father with a big smile on her face while her dad was putting a big fish into the net on the boat. Too bad they cannot frame this and hang it in their living room.

6 This Guy Who Was Just Trying To Use The Bathroom

profile photo gone wrong
via: lamebook.com

It is pretty annoying when teenagers and young adults have their phones out to take selfies at all times, especially if you are in the bathroom. There are just some places that photos should not be taken and a public restroom is one of them.

A man named Joshua changed his profile picture to a selfie he had taken in a poorly lit bathroom with sunglasses on. There are a lot of things wrong with this photo, but the one that stands out the most is this old man in the background who is staring into the mirror at the guy taking the selfie while he is trying to use the urinal. Not only is this an invasion of privacy, it is just a bad profile picture!

5 A Tiny Man Riding On This Woman’s Back

little man riding a womans back on a ferry
via: lamebook.com

These ladies were just trying to get a group photo while they took a ferry ride one bright and sunny day. What they did not expect was for it to wind up being one of the funniest photos they would ever take together. It looked like a tiny man behind them was riding on the one woman’s back.

The outcome of the photo looked hilarious and immediately went viral when it was posted online. At a closer glance, it is more obvious that a dark portion of the woman’s skirt looks like the man’s pants sitting behind her. Internet users still could not get enough of this little man who appeared to be staring off into the distance while sitting on this woman on a ferry.

4 A Private Health Matter

revealing medical crisis by accident online
via: solutionsirb.com

This should be a lesson to all that you should always clear your search history, especially if you have been looking up something embarrassing. This woman learned the hard way when she posted a photo of her Facebook timeline, intending to show off that she had 147 notifications waiting for her, captioning the photo: “Little busy this morning.” What she didn’t realize was that she had just exposed herself for having done a little of her own medical research for a problem she was having.

However, a friend quickly notified her that she should “consider clearing your search bar” before posting next time, because the photo also revealed that she had been searching online for information regarding “a growth" in her private areas. Next time, she will be more careful not to accidentally reveal such a private health matter online.

3 This Tough Guy’s Grandma

tough guy with grandma
via: someecards.com

There are a lot of men who are guilty of taking a shirtless mirror photo to show off their abs to a potential love interest or just to brag about their body in general. These gym rats take their body building hobby very seriously and this guy just wanted to prove that his hard work paid off. Unfortunately, his “tough guy” image was immediately washed away as soon as onlookers realized his sweet old grandmother had actually been taking the photo for him in the bathroom.

As the man stood in front of a mirror, flexing his arm muscles and wearing a beanie with a stern look on his face, the woman stood in front of him and steadied her hand to make sure she got a good shot. When you think about the fact that this guy probably had to go ask his grandma to come take this photo of his body with a digital camera in the bathroom, it kind of distracts you from the muscles he is so desperately trying to show off.

2 This Celebrity Who Got Caught Red-Handed

robin thicke fan photo
via: nydailynews.com

In 2013, Robin Thicke took a selfie with a fan after the MTV Video Music Awards that would end up haunting him for years to come. The pop star was caught red-handed with his hand up the young woman’s skirt. The photograph showed his hand groping her backside in the reflection of the mirror, which the woman did not realize before she had posted it online.

The photo went viral, mostly because Thicke was still married to his wife Paula Patton at the time. People were outraged to see that the singer had been so disrespectful. The two later divorced and people have theorized that this photo was the straw that broke the camel’s back in their relationship. The “Blurred Lines” songwriter has not made another hit record since.

1 The Boots Gave It Away

mens boots in photo exposed cheating
via: gumtree.com

This woman was up to no good when she sent her husband a photo of her in some lingerie in a hotel room. Fortunately for this guy, he quickly realized that his wife had been lying to him after seeing one dead giveaway in the photo. The woman had been standing by a pair of men’s boots that were not his!

When he tried to call her out because the photo looked like someone else had taken it, she said that she put her camera on a “timer” but once he saw the shoes in the room, he was done with her. The man told his wife he was calling their lawyer because he could not “go through this” again with her. It sounds like that may not have been the first time he caught her doing something she shouldn’t have been doing!

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