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We start our list with a fairly unknown character to the wider world and a character that would fit nicely into the X-Men universe. With the X-Men movies and planned TV shows, we know that the timelines and continuity of the franchise has been a bit messed up and there

could be one man that could fix all of that and that is Bishop.

Bishop is a time traveling cop who pings back and forth through time in order to track down fugitives. Whether he could fit into today's X-Men timeline or have his own TV show set in the future, we think Bishop would be a welcome asset to team X-Men. An out and out science fiction romp would work well. Think Terminator mixed with Timecop with some mutant fun thrown in. This could go a long way to putting so much needed excitement and fun back into the X-Men franchise and they could also use his character to reset any timelines they needed.

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