15 Underrated Superheroes That Deserve Their Own TV Show

It's fair to say that we are living in the age of the comic book adaptation. Although comic books, and therefore comic book movies and TV shows, have been popular for decades, none of them have been more successful or generated more money than they have today. With the explosion of the MCU on the big screen followed by the DCEU, TV has also taken a huge slice of this market.

With DC bringing some of their characters like Green Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl together on the small screen which is affectionately known as "The Arrowverse," and the MCU teaming up with Netflix to bring us Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, comic book adaptations have never been bigger business. Alongside these big movies and TV shows we also have the X-Men universe, which is also spinning off into its own TV show. With so much content out there, there may be some people that think enough is enough and that the market is well and truly saturated. However, we disagree and think it's actually time for more heroes to get their moment of glory. With this list we look at other heroes that don't often get the glory of the more famous heroes but deserve their own TV show just the same.

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15 Bishop 

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We start our list with a fairly unknown character to the wider world and a character that would fit nicely into the X-Men universe. With the X-Men movies and planned TV shows, we know that the timelines and continuity of the franchise has been a bit messed up and there could be one man that could fix all of that and that is Bishop.

Bishop is a time traveling cop who pings back and forth through time in order to track down fugitives. Whether he could fit into today's X-Men timeline or have his own TV show set in the future, we think Bishop would be a welcome asset to team X-Men. An out and out science fiction romp would work well. Think Terminator mixed with Timecop with some mutant fun thrown in. This could go a long way to putting so much needed excitement and fun back into the X-Men franchise and they could also use his character to reset any timelines they needed.

14 Zatanna 

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DC have tried a few times to get their magic side on the big and small screens. with failed attempts, like the Constantine movie and TV show and the disastrous Jonah Hex show. However, given the recent success of straight up magic from Marvel in the form of Doctor Strange, now could be the perfect time for DC to do the same and the best character to do that with is Zatanna.

Being the daughter of powerful magicians, Zatanna became an orphan at a young age when her parents were killed by magical forces, a typical DC backstory that would work in a TV show. Not only that, but she is often at odds with her own power as she has done some pretty bad things to people when she loses control, which again gives plenty of depth to a TV show. And if that wasn't enough, Zatanna interacts with pretty much every major group in DC; The Justice League, Seven Soldiers, and even The Justice League Dark on occasions, so that could lead the way for plenty of crossover events.

13 Starjammers

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Our next entry haven't had the best time within the comic books. Starting out as an independent storyline, as the mainstream Marvel universe didn't have room for them at first, they were properly introduced to The X-Men world in the infamous comic book storyline  The Phoenix Saga. Since then, they haven't really set the world alight and have been pretty inconsistent with their appearances. However, given the huge success of The Guardians of the Galaxy, we really feel Starjammers could be the next big thing.

Following a group of space pirates, Starjammers have integrated themselves within the X-Men universe and often give The X-Men scope to have more intergalactic adventures. We know what you're thinking, this could be just another science fiction space romp, a carbon copy of The Guardians of the Galaxy. Although on the surface it may look that way but considering that in the movie world, Fox owns The X-Men and in fact The Fantastic Four, Starjammers could be just the group of heroes they need in order to bring them all together in one glorious space epic.

12 Booster Gold 

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We know that a hero is selfless, humble, and always there to save the day without any thanks, after all, that's his or her job right? That's what most TV shows, movies, and comic books would have you believe but not when it comes to DC's Booster Gold. This arrogant, glory seeking time traveller is only out for himself. Being from the 25th century gives him access to future technology which gives him the power to rival most heroes and he also has the advantage of knowing what's going to happen, as it already has for him.

Often being used in the Justice League, Booster Gold befriended Blue Beetle and the two have become quite a double act. A TV show could have them both together as the next big duo. It's probably unlikely as Booster Gold isn't that well known outside the comic book community, but what a great show it would be to have a very different hero take centre stage.

11 Spider-Woman

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The MCU has been given a much needed boost with the recent inclusion of one of its most popular and much loved characters when Spider-Man joined Captain America: Civil War. The web slinger's appearance was met by cheers of joy by fans and has now set up Spider-Man within the MCU for his own solo movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming and for future movies and crossovers.

However, we think this is now the perfect time for the MCU to expand on that idea and bring some other members of the Spidey family. Unlike the clear cut and wholesome Spider-Man, Spider-Woman lives her life on the darker side of the hero line. Often being involved in more espionage and spy thriller-like story lines, Spider-Woman has also crossed over into the world of HYDRA and has played for both teams. This darkness and depth of Spider-Woman would work really well in a gritty and more down to Earth MCU TV show.

10 Steel 

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Our next entry we feel would be perfect for his own TV show, so perfect in fact that we can't believe it's not already on. In the Arrowverse, they have already given us Krypton's best duo with Supergirl and even Superman but what would make that side of the Arrowverse even better would be the inclusion of Steel.

John Henry Irons was a big time arms dealer and weapons engineer that started to become weighed down by all the bad things he had done and how much death his weapons had caused. So he built himself a super suit that could mimic the powers and abilities of Superman, without the weaknesses of course. Being introduced in the infamous Death of Superman storyline, Steel took over the role of Superman and has been a prominent hero ever since. Often teaming up with the Man of Steel, and Supergirl, Steel would fit into the Arrowverse perfectly and the potential for a more grounded and grittier angle to the Arrowverse would be a welcome thing.

9 Marvel Boy 

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It's fair to say that the mainstream MCU has been criticized for being a bit too safe and family friendly. Although the Netflix MCU has given us some grittier and darker storylines, and The X-Men franchise has given us the Deadpool movie, many fans out there still think that the MCU plays it safe a bit too often.

For our next entry, we look at how the MCU could change that and give their franchise some much needed edge. Over the years, there have seen a few heroes to use the name Marvel Boy but for this entry we are focusing on Noh-Varr. Marvel Boy is a Kree alien that goes up against the evil Hexus corporation and wages out a war on them. Marvel Boy is the epitome of an anti-hero and his teenage rebellion and angst give his character, not only edge, but a love of violence and attitude. Eventually Marvel Boy calmed down and embraced the more traditional side of being a hero when he joined The Young Avengers, but his first story line would make for a great and slightly different MCU TV show.

8 The Question 

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Next we come to the mysterious and conspiracy ridden side of the comic book universe. Born Charles Victor Szasz, later changing his name to Vic Sage, Sage would grow up to become The Question. Raised in an orphanage and routinely beaten and victimized, Sage grew up with a thirst of wanting to know the truth and a resilient personality.

As an adult, Sage became a reporter but somehow this wasn't enough for him so he put his skills to good use and became the vigilante The Question. Although he has no superpowers, The Question is probably the best detective in the entire DC universe, yes, even better than Batman! Not only that but he's a trained fighter and a master of stealth. His story lines are often shrouded in mystery, conspiracy theories, and espionage which would be perfect for a Netflix show. The grittier and murkier side of the superhero universe would fit in perfectly with the superhero shows Netflix has already done.

7 Thunderbolts 

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Next we come to a group of characters that could really add something different to the MCU. Over the years, The Thunderbolts have gone through a few changes as well as a few different lineups, starting life out as a group of villains that were pretending to be heroes in order to create mayhem. However, the villains soon saw the error of their ways and actually used The Thunderbolts to reform and do some good. Over time, The Thunderbolts would become a full blown hero team with the likes of Hawkeye joining their ranks.

The potential for some truly great storytelling is all here within the history of The Thunderbolts. The TV show could take the form of its early roots and focus on the villains, or it could have them reforming, in a much better Suicide Squad mold, or they could use The Thunderbolts to introduce a new superhero team. Whichever version or story they go for, a Thunderbolts TV show would be a very welcome sight on our TV screens.

6 Raven 

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If DC are looking to tap into the emo/teenage market, then their best option would be to feature Raven. The half demon/half human hero has everything you need to make an emotional and dramatic TV show. Raised in an alternate dimension, Raven lived away from her parents, in fact, she never knew who they were. That in itself is character and TV gold.

Then, of course, she found out, not only was her father a demon but he was the demon Trigon, which is one of the representations of the Devil in the DC universe. After learning her true nature, and what her father wanted to do to Earth (he wanted to destroy it!), she rushed to Earth and tried to join the Justice League. However, she was turned down because of her demon powers but soon joined the hero ranks with the Young Justice. Raven is by far one of the most powerful beings out there and her story, and possible crossovers with many of DC's heroes, would make great TV.

5 Silver Surfer 

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We've already mentioned on this list the huge, and surprising, success of The Guardians of the Galaxy movies within the MCU and how they've expanded Marvel's universe on screen. The same could be done within in the X-Men franchise or a Fantastic Four reboot. As Fox owns the rights to The Silver Surfer, it would be unlikely that he would be involved in the MCU but a TV show around The Silver Surfer could expand Fox's superhero franchise and push them in a new direction.

The Silver Surfer is one of the most interesting and diverse characters that Marvel comic books have; the last of his species, The Silver Surfer is forced into being the herald of the planet eating monster Galactus. His inner turmoil and guilt about serving such a monster would make for an interesting TV show. Plus his cosmic surf board could have him riding the cosmic waves in all sorts of galactic adventures.

4 Nightwing 

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Next we turn to the most famous Robin there has been, Dick Grayson. However, it's not Robin we are interested in for this entry, it's his later alter ego of Nightwing. After serving with Batman for many years as the first incarnation of Robin, Dick left his mentor, friend, and even Gotham to branch out on his own as the vigilante Nightwing. After learning everything he could from the Dark Knight, Nightwing has become a formidable vigilante and a firm fan favorite.

A dark and gritty TV show would really suit this character and could follow a similar line to the likes of MCU/Netflix's Daredevil with great action scenes and awe inspiring fight sequences. We would have one rule for a Nightwing show though, there must be NO Batman. In order for this to work, Batman would need to stay away and let Nightwing fly.

3 Robin/Damian Wayne

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We've talked a lot about Batman on our list, in which some characters are compared to him, and our previous entry was the most famous Robin before he became Nightwing. But for this entry we turn to one of the other incarnations of Robin, Damian Wayne. A lot of people out there may not see a point in Robin having his own TV show, after all, there is already so much Batman out there and with talks of Nightwing, what's the point in Robin right?

Actually, we disagree, or at least we do when it comes to Damian. Although in most of the comic books, and animated shows, Damian is seen as a child who always throws a tantrum, he's actually much more than that. Being the son of the legendary hero Batman, while his mother is the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, throws up a lot of turmoil and drama in the young boy's life. Forced to follow in his mother's and grandfather's footsteps, Damian is desperate to be the hero just like his dad. The TV show Gotham is doing something different, and enjoyable, with the Batman mythos and a similar show about Damian could be a big hit.

2 Moon Knight

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Many fans out there believe that our next entry is Marvel's answer to Batman. It's true that they do share similar traits; both battle criminals, they use night as their cover and even their costumes are similar, and both just as awesome. However, the differences between the two are big, certainly big enough to warrant Moon Knight with his own show. After all, although Marvel have had some huge success with their movies and TV shows, they've never quite had the cult status that someone like Batman has enjoyed and Moon Knight could be Marvel's chance.

After Marc Spector becomes empowered with the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, he becomes his avatar on Earth. With this new power, which is dependent on the lunar cycle, Spector starts kicking some serious criminal butt. Moon Knight could be a huge hit on the small screen, especially as he combines the low key and gritty hero of Batman, plus the magic and mythos of the likes of Doctor Strange, this could be Marvel's runaway hit.

1 Black Widow 

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The number one entry on our list of comic book heroes that deserve their own TV show is none other than Black Widow. While the character of Black Widow has enjoyed some great success on the big screen, played expertly by Scarlett Johansson, she is mainly used as a side character in the movies she appears in and often doesn't quite fit in, especially when she's fighting side by side with the likes of Thor and The Hulk.

Having her story and espionage adventures played out on the small screen over a series, would be great for the fan favorite that is Black Widow. We could also put Hawkeye in with her. The two of them have enjoyed a great time together both in comic books and on the big screen, so there is no reason why the two of them teaming up in a TV show wouldn't be a fan pleaser.

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