15 Un-Royal Images Of Kate, Pippa, And Meghan

The British Royal Family has long been a source of fascination to the general public -- or, as they may refer to us, the "common folk." There's just a sort of allure that comes with being rich, famous, and of royal blood that makes us always want to know more. This is especially true when some of the family members are, for lack of a better word, hot. When Princess Kate joined the family as Prince William's wife in 2011, for example, the world went googly-eyed over her and their wedding. Now, history is repeating itself, albeit on a much smaller scale, with the younger prince and his fiancée.

Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle are engaged to be wed, although not many details are yet known about the event. It will not be as enormous an affair as was William and Kate's wedding, but it may still be held at Westminster Abbey and will far surpass the amount of attention most celebrities receive for their nuptials.

And even though Pippa Middleton, Kate's younger sister, is not official royalty, she's very much associated with the Royal Family, too, and for obvious reasons. She, herself, was just married on May 20th of this year.

All three women are strong, successful, and famous ladies who are closely tied to the British Royal Family, and all three are ridiculously attractive. This fact, given that they all have pasts that are less than angelic, makes for some fun photos that the royals wouldn't necessarily approve of. Let's have a look at 15 of them, shall we?


15 Bikini Body

Prince Harry's fiancée, Meghan Markle, is pretty easy on the eyes, especially in her social media posts such as this one. This photo is sizzling hot, showing off her perfect body in a teeny-tiny bikini, one that the Queen would surely not approve of and thus should probably not be worn (or at least not flaunted on the internet) once Meghan marries Harry and becomes official royalty. But Meghan is famous in her own right, as an actress and model, so she may have her own ideas about what she will or will not limit when it comes to her own personal photos. I have a feeling she may be a little more difficult to "reign in" than Prince William's wife and her future sister-in-law, Kate, was.

14 Wearing Toilet Paper

Pippa has somewhat of a reputation for being a party girl, and although she's not official royalty as the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge (who, herself, only married into royalty), she's still closely associated with the Royal Family. That means that photos like this one are a no-no. In this photo, the younger Middleton sister is obviously at a house party of some sort, and house parties are for college kids and drunk teenagers, not sisters of the future Queen of England. She's surrounded by tons of booze, fellow half-naked chicks, and an all-around mess. Plus, she's wearing a barely-there swath of cloth that may or may not be a sundress (some accounts say it was toilet paper she had wrapped around her body in some kind of game).

13 Oh My!

Obviously, this must be a very old photo because nowadays, the much more conservative Duchess would never be caught dead in something so tiny. Now, she's a mother, a wife, and a royal, so this would be very inappropriate for her to wear. The bottoms of the string bikini are tied but could come loose at any second, and the top -- well, the fabric consisting of two triangles that are see-through -- doesn't even cover her entire breast. This is actually one of the tiniest bikinis I've ever seen, and it's on Kate Middleton's body! No complaints here, though -- she looks great in it!

12 Party Girl Pippa

Here's Pippa Middleton at yet another party of one kind or another. It looks to be a pool party judging by the bikini top she's wearing and the fact that they look like they're on a patio. The guy she's grinding against is not even wearing swimwear, though -- he's just chilling in his boxers! They appear quite intoxicated, which is further evidenced by the background of dozens of alcohol bottles and glasses. Looks like a good time, to be sure, but since Kate's little sister is so closely associated with the Royal Family, this is not a good look for her. Since this photo was taken, we're pretty sure she's settled down a bit. She's a married woman now, after all.

11 Kate is a Good Time!

Sadly for Kate, there are dozens of photos out there of her partying, inebriated, and showing a little too much skin. These are just a few. It's nice for the public to know that their future Queen knows how to have a good time and that she's fun, friendly, and even frisky. But I'm not so sure the Royal Family cares for the public to know all that. However, it cannot be helped that before Kate met and married Prince William, and before she fully matured into the lovely lady she is today, she had a past like the rest of us. And it looks like it was a pretty fun past! I mean, at least from the looks of these four photos, I would have loved to be her friend. She looks like a blast to hang out with!

10 Touchy-Feely

These photos are of Pippa on the Caribbean island of St. Bart's. They were thought to be in the area of St. Jean Bay, at the resort owned by the family of James Matthews, who at the time was Pippa's former boyfriend and would become her husband. In 2015, these images were snapped of Kate's sister while on vacation with her brother James and mother Carole. It is no secret that the Middleton family has had their issues with the Royal Family, and perhaps pictures like these play into that. Pippa, who is very into fitness, showed off her washboard stomach in a tiny red bikini while frolicking with her brother and some other guy. First of all, it's kind of weird to be so touchy-feely with one's brother in this way and kind of gives me the creeps. But Pippa and James are known for being "inseparable" -- and again, I say, that is weird, especially at their ages.

9 Any Old Commoner

Now that Princess Kate has been world-famous royalty for a number of years, it's a rare thing to see her out and about in something as casual as jeans and a tank top. It seems that even for the most relaxed of outings, she looks perfectly put-together in every way imaginable. That is why this image is so refreshing. It's not a "royal" kind of photo by any means, but it does make Kate seem more real. We're so accustomed to every photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge being ever so Disney princess-esque, and no one -- not even Kate Middleton -- is perfect all the time (although, if anyone came close, it would be her). There is beauty in imperfection, and though this photo is not necessarily imperfect, it's just not worthy of being labeled "royal." Here, Kate could be any old commoner. She could be any one of us, which is what I love about it.

8 Hopefully, This is Pippa...

It's up in the air whether this topless photo is of Kate or Pippa, as both sisters were on this boat the day these photos were taken, and both were wearing virtually identical white bikinis. Since they both have similar body sizes and shapes, similar long brown hair, and similar faces, it's hard to tell which Middleton we're seeing here, and varying sources differ on their opinions. Either way, one of the sisters is pretty damn near naked with this dude, whoever he is. For that reason, I'm hoping this is Pippa since that man doesn't appear to be Kate's husband, Prince William. Neither William nor the Queen of England would be pleased with this photo, but especially if it turned out to be Kate getting naked in front of a man other than her husband.

7 Not Royal OR Delicious

This photo of a young Kate Middleton is one I've never come across in all my gossip/celeb/royal photo searches, and it must be shared. Kate is obviously a queen, even without the title -- she's gracious, hardworking, kind, beautiful, gentle... the list goes on. Now, we have proof that she's a total goofball, too, which is just icing on the cake! So why is this photo on this particular list? Well, lovable goofball or not, I don't think the palace and Her Highness, the Queen, would prefer silly, foolish, childlike photos of a young Kate getting out there all over the place, as all of those adjectives are the complete opposite of regal, refined, and royal. Just saying. Love you, Kate!

6 What Happens in Vegas...

This photo was taken in Las Vegas, allegedly while she was there with Prince Harry (of course, this was way before the time of Meghan Markle). Pippa is clearly a gal that knows how to have a hell of a good time (as evidenced by this entire list), and this is the party photo to end all party photos in the sense that there are scantily-clad dancing chicks, half-naked other chicks, low lighting, booze, and tons of fun -- not exactly the royal image big sister Kate (and the other royals) would like floating around out there for all of internet eternity!

5 Meghan's Assets

In these professional shots of Meghan Markle, it's more than easy to see why she caught the eye of the redheaded Prince Harry. The gorgeous actress who lives in Toronto where Suits is filmed definitely has the right assets to be in the spotlight, as we can plainly see in these shots. A few fun facts about the future princess: she's half-African-American (on her mother's side), she's an avid foodie with her own food blog website called "The Tig," she was a "briefcase girl" on Deal or No Deal, she's the daughter of Married with Children director of photography Thomas W. Markle, she previously worked for the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, and Harry will be her second husband (she was married to Trevor Engelson for 20 months).

4 Diplomatic But Skanky

As I said before, Meghan Markle is an actress and a model, so no one is too surprised when they stumble across photos like this of the 35-year-old American. She even has her own clothing line! Many of her photos would not be deemed "royal" in the slightest, and, in fact, would probably be considered quite the opposite. Meghan (whose real name is Rachel Meghan Markle) may be the Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, may be involved in the UN campaign for gender equality, and may have traveled around the world for good causes, but something tells me the Queen would still not approve of her wardrobe (or lack thereof) in many cases. Other than that, her actions seem to be quite diplomatic and on par for what a princess should be doing with her time.

3 Improper Image

Meghan Markle looks like one of those women whom you wake up next to that appear perfect first thing in the morning, as if they've already done their hair and makeup but are still wearing their silk pajamas. That's the kind of woman every guy would love to wake up to in the morning, and if this photo is any proof, Prince Harry is one lucky dude, in that respect. But from the standpoint of his family, they might not appreciate this photo so much. It's not so revealing, but the image of his future wife in bed, wearing lingerie, laughing like she hasn't a care in the world, doesn't project a very royal image to the world. Being between the sheets in a silk nightie makes people think of sex -- not of a proper royal woman.

2 Seductive Scenes

These are scenes from the legal drama series Suits in which Meghan Markle stars. She plays Rachel Zane, a sexy paralegal who's as intelligent as she is attractive. One of the best lawyers in New York (on the show) is her lover Mike Ross played by Patrick J. Adams. The two share a lot of steamy moments throughout the series, and I'm guessing it would not just be the Royal Family who may be annoyed with these film stills -- Prince Harry probably loathes them, too! I'm sure he understands it's just her job, but still. Making out with someone while half-naked in racy, lacy lingerie doesn't scream "royal" to anyone. Suits has been on the air since 2011, and I doubt Meghan will ditch her job to please the royals, but we'll see, I suppose.

1 The Photo Scandal

Pretty much every hot Hollywood starlet has had her share of scandals of one kind or another, and usually, they include a nude photo scandal. Even Kate experienced this! Well, apparently, so did her future sister-in-law, Meghan Markle. It was called the scandal that could "break the royal romance," although it hasn't seemed to get that far as of yet. But Meghan went skinny-dipping with her ex-husband of less than two years, Trevor Engelson, during a 2012 trip to New Zealand. While swimming, some locals stole their clothing, and they were forced to run back to their camper to get dressed. Fortunately for Kate, when her nude photo scandal broke, she was already married to Prince William, so only time will tell what will happen with Prince Harry and his future bride. This Instagram selfie is just a preview of what could come out -- and it's something a lot of people would love to see.

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