15 Ugly TV Stars With Beautiful WAGS

It seems that celebrity men can be less than attractive yet still land some of the world’s most gorgeous women. We rarely, if ever, see the reverse pairing where the woman is far less attractive than the guy, but that's the way it's been for a long time and will likely continue to be for a long time to come, for better or for worse. Lucky for the fellas, not as much for the ladies, depending on how you look at it.

Of course, there's more to compatibility than looks alone, as personality and humor play a part, as does sensitivity, compassion, and friendship. And when it comes to stars, their level of fame can be as attractive as a handsome face… something these 15 men didn’t get as lucky with as did Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds, for instance.

Not only do these guys have great careers in the spotlight, but they also have gorgeous gals on their arms enjoying life in the spotlight right by their side. While these men may not have hit the jackpot in the looks department, when it comes to a romantic partner, they've struck gold.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and perhaps these women find their men to be super sexy, most would agree that the ladies are far better-looking than their mates. Sure, beauty may fade with time, but for the time being, these dudes are lucky in love with fine-looking females to call their very own.

15 Howard Stern and Beth Stern

Once Howard Stern went from radio-only to television, fans (and foes) finally got to see the outspoken man behind the mic. Love him or leave him, most would say that Stern’s looks are “interesting,” to say the least. He's tall and lean, but overall, most women wouldn't consider the host to be the “Prince Charming” type. But his gorgeous wife, Beth, surely finds him to be A-OK. While the two look like Beauty and the Beast while side by side, they seem to have a great relationship that's been going strong for some time. The blonde beauty is surely smitten with her controversial hubby, and he's certainly happy to wake up each morning to her mega-watt smile. They say “Blondes have more fun,” but it looks like Stern is having a ball as a brunette.

14 Seth Green and Clare Grant

Seth Green is a super funny actor with lots of memorable roles under his belt. The short redhead doesn't have a whole lot going for him in the looks department, but his personality and star status must make him much more attractive to women. Just take a look at his beautiful wife, actress Clare Grant. She may tower over her pint-sized hubby, but it looks like she's perfectly happy to look down at him as much as he looks up to her. These two may not appear to have much in common from the outside, but those big genuine smiles show that the two must be madly in love. Most gals look for the “tall, dark, and handsome” types, but Grant is fine with her short, light, and not-as-handsome man.

13 Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage is an A-lister with fans from across the globe. He's been a Hollywood staple for decades, and with fame come the females. While Cage is famous and sought after for roles, he's not exactly model material. Sure, some ladies may find his quirky appearance endearing, but for the most part, he's far from George Clooney-level hotness. But his super sexy wife, Alice Kim Cage, must find the seasoned actor to be hot enough for her to handle. She must be attracted to his talent and charm more than his facial features. Cage could probably land any women he wants due to his fame, so Alice Kim must be someone special. All we can tell is that she's a real beauty whom Cage is lucky to call his main squeeze.

12 Larry the Cable Guy and Cara Whitney

Larry the Cable Guy is known for his sense of humor and talent on screen, but when we think of his looks, nobody's offering him a modeling contract. That said, it takes more than looks to land a lady, and it seems like his wife, Cara Whitney, is attracted to her man’s personality rather than his not-so-pretty face. Laughter is the best medicine, so if Cara is ever feeling down, her man must be the first to cheer her up and get that pearly white smile back onto her lovely face. Larry the Cable Guy surely had the last laugh when he presented his princess to the world. Who’d have known that a man like him would hook up with such a hottie? She looks as happy as a clam, and he looks like he won the relationship jackpot.

11 Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman

Behind-the-scenes Hollywood heavyweight (both figuratively and literally), Harvey Weinstein has been in the news recently for all the wrong and worst reasons. Multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct have taken over the media outlets, and he was fired from his own company. Good riddance, many would say. Controversy aside, just look at his mesmerizing wife, the breathtakingly beautiful fashion designer Georgina Chapman. She's as gorgeous as can be, and by standing next to the worn-out Weinstein, she looks even better by comparison. Surely Weinstein’s giant level of fame and star status helped him land this lady, but will the romance last through the s#it storm he's gotten himself into? Time will be sure to tell, and we'll wait and learn about it via television and social media.

10 Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher

Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen can be super controversial, but his ravishing redhead of a wife, actress Isla Fisher, is attracted to her man despite his odd outward appearance. And she likely enjoys his comedy chops, too. The two don't look like two peas in a pod, but they've been together for a long time, so the romance is apparently real. She looks like an angel, and he often behaves in devilish ways, but the mismatch is actually a match for the pair. Perhaps, while they're alone, Cohen isn’t quite as crass, but he makes a career out of being outlandish and totally out there. Fisher thinks he’s fine, and we all know that she's fine-looking. Seems like opposites attract when it comes to this Hollywood duo.

9 Jack Black and Tanya Haden

Actor Jack Black is another funny fella with a short stature and a goofy grin. But that hasn't stopped him from finding a wonderful wife who's far more attractive than he is. Hey, if a man can make a woman laugh and smile from morning ‘till night, he's a keeper. Who needs a foxy fella when you can have a man who has a great sense of humor and a long-running career doing something he truly loves? Tanya Haden may not be married to the most handsome man on the block or in the town, for that matter, but Black must be doing something right to be able to score such a sweetie. These two seem to be as happy as can be, so who needs a supermodel when you can have a silly spouse instead?

8 William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are an A-list Hollywood couple, and both have been quite successful in their many combined years in the acting business. Neither of the two is a spring chicken, but Huffman surely looks stunning, while Macy looks, well, stunned. Both have tons of raw talent, but it seems like Huffman got the benefit of good looks in the relationship, while Macy gets to simply enjoy them. He's rather unusual-looking, but perhaps, that's part of what makes him so interesting on screen. Who knows what attracts two people? But it seems like this long-running pair has a lot of fun together. She can be the more attractive of the two, and he can consider himself lucky to be paired with such a lovely lady.

7 Ed O’Neill and Catherine Rusoff

Fans have adored actor Ed O’Neill for years, from his role on Married… with Children to his current gig on the super popular TV hit Modern Family. There's no doubt that the fella’s got tons of talent, and his comedic timing and acting abilities are top-notch. Too bad the same can’t be said for his looks. He’s just an average-looking man with a schlumpy body and a balding head. But those things are no trouble for O’Neill, who has a gorgeous wife by his side named Catherine Rusoff. She must find her man to be a gem, and even if he's not the most handsome man in Hollywood, he’s all hers. He must make her laugh as he makes the big bucks, too. Surely, she finds no fault in that!

6 Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey

Comedian and television show host Steve Harvey is one of the most famous fellas on TV today. When he’s not hosting Family Feud, he's busy doing his own talk show, along with many other endeavors the multi-talented fella has taken on over the years. While he's always well put together, he isn’t exactly the hottest man to hit the small screen. But he has charm and charisma oozing out of his pores, making him one who can land the ladies. And that he's done with his gorgeous wife, Marjorie Elaine Harvey. This isn’t his first marriage, but it seems like Steve is smitten with this sexy woman and will do all he can to make it work. She must love her man’s wit and humor, keeping the relationship hot and heavy. There’s more to a man than model-worthy looks, and Steve Harvey is the perfect example.

5 Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh

Actor Kelsey Grammer is a real winner when it comes to fame and talent, and he's rich and powerful in his field. He's been married before, but those relationships ran their courses. Here, he's pictured with his current wife, the beautiful blonde, Kayte Walsh. She's much younger and much better-looking than her husband, but it's safe to say that's just what he had in mind when seeking a life partner. The two make a very nice pair, but if the looks were reversed, this marriage would never be. Grammer’s talent is undeniable, so surely, his smitten wife adores what she can see her man do in his field. He may not look a thing like David Beckham, but he can certainly out-act him.

4 David Cross and Amber Tamblyn

Comedian and actor David Cross may have plenty of talent, but his looks aren't nearly as wow-worthy. You may know Cross from his stand-up or his roles on TV, such as his part in Arrested Development. While he's made a name for himself in the world of showbiz, when it comes to America’s hottest men, unfortunately, Cross has yet to make the list. But in the eyes of his adoring wife, Amber Tamblyn, who's acted on the small and the big screen, Cross is the man of her dreams. She must love his sense of humor and his talent, and his looks must suit her just fine. She’s a babe, and he’s far from one, but together, they make a nice pair. It’s a good thing these two crossed paths!

3 Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

Actor Dax Shepard and actress Kristen Bell are America’s sweethearts. They're fun-loving, super goofy, and seem to have a great, solid relationship. But lucky for Shepard, he found himself a real stunner in a partner, while she got a relatively strange-looking hubby in return. We all know how funny Shepard is, though, so perhaps, his crazy sense of humor was the real turn-on for the beautiful Bell. Looks can fade, but wit and comedy can last and last. She must love a tall guy, but if she was hoping for a model, she missed the mark. Certainly, Shepard thinks his wife is a fox, with her lovely blonde hair, blue eyes, and fab figure. Being a celeb sure has its perks, and Shepard cashed in on a real cutie.

2 Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde

Funnyman Jason Sudeikis is a hit on both the small and the big screen, and his talent shines through no matter the role. While he isn’t the most unattractive man on the planet, compared to his gorgeous “other half,” actress Olivia Wilde, he looks like a “3” at best. Wilde is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and Sudeikis is one of the most average. But that’s OK since he must love this fine gem by his side, and she must adore how much he cares for and adores her. Surely, Sudeikis never dreamt he’d be paired up with such a beauty, but fame will find its way to perform miracles. The two seem like a happy pair, so let her have the benefit of good looks, and he can spend time staring at her.

1 Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks

Actor Geoffrey Arend is tall and talented, but when it comes to looks, his voluptuous wife, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, takes the cake. Sure, Arend is tall and seems to be in rather good shape, but he's no match for his gorgeous wife. Hendricks stands out from any crowd thanks to her ravishing red hair, her hourglass figure, and her killer smile. Arend only stands out when he’s with his wife since the pair seems mismatched in the looks department. But she must adore her man for his talent, his personality, and whatever else it is that he brings to the table. We can all plainly see why he's smitten with Hendricks, and not only is she a timeless beauty, but she's super-talented, too. Arend is one heck of a lucky guy!

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